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Custom F.A.Q. byPowerAMP (if you want to ask something, pokereference ;) )
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Program Brief
Developer: MaxMP
Homepage: http://powerampapp.com/
Technical Support: poweramp.maxmpz gmail.com
Topic of discussion: PowerAMP
Android Market: market: // details? id = com.maxmpz.audioplayer
Android Market Web: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.maxmpz.audioplayer

***** F.A.Q. *****

Why did the moderator / curator / administrator delete my question in the FAQ?

1. Interface and control
  1. What kind of menu crashes when you tap on the cover and how to remove it? And why some elements do not disappear, even if there is no this menu?

  2. Strains every time to press "more" in each menu?

  3. I want the queue to always play in order, even if there is a shuffle in the playlist. How to do it?

  4. Why when I click on the widget either the main player window or the current playlist is launched?

  5. How to make the player search and download covers not only with a WiFi connection?

  6. In the settings there are ticks to hide the repeat, shuffle and rating buttons, but for some reason he does not hide these buttons.

  7. I don’t like that you can unlock a screen from the player’s lock screen ... There have already been many random unlocks.

  8. When I enter the player or unlock the phone and see the player lock screen widget, I don’t see the status bar with time, battery and other things. I want it to be always visible.

  9. I use the equalizer, but I shift the sliders just a little bit to correct the sound. It is not convenient for me to do this for such small distances. How can you improve the accuracy of the equalizer to shift the sliders more, but the sound changed more smoothly by the same amount? Is it possible to reduce the maximum / minimum value of the bands?

  10. Is it possible to make the player display the name of the song / audiobook not from the tags, but from the file name?

  11. Where to get new themes for the player?

  12. I want to know what awaits me ahead! : D How to make the player show the next track?

  13. I want the player to sort the music by albums / artists / titles / etc, but he doesn't do that! Why? I gave money for it!

  14. How to disable the color background of the covers?

  15. How to make the playback of the next folder automatically start after the last song in the folder has been played? And then in 2.0 it writes "The end of the list of tracks".

  16. Strains stalling of music in a bunch, called a list. I want a normal folder structure as it is.

  17. After upgrading to Android 5+ in the notification bar (curtain), the text color of the widget merges with the background. How to fix?

2. Application Settings

3. Problems and solutions
  1. Solving problems with curved tags (when hieroglyphs are displayed instead of Russian letters)

  2. What can cause the error "Poweramp could not load one of the native libraries"?

  3. When the phone is locked, it starts to terribly slow down the * .ape format. What can it be connected with?

  4. What if after adding tracks to the USB flash drive, Poweramp does not see them?

  5. I have an alternative lock screen and the player lock screen does not work correctly with it (does not appear, appears with a delay, sometimes appears and sometimes not, etc.). How to overcome it?

  6. Widget from PowerAMP 2.0 (from the set of widgets) turns white / does not work after rebooting the phone.

  7. PowerAMP 2.0 stutters when playing on Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich, ICS).

  8. I do not immediately appear the lock screen of the player, but with a delay, the standard lock screen first appears. Why it happens? I do not use third-party lock screens.

  9. My sound stutters during playback. How to overcome?

  10. Why doesn't Replay Gain work for me, although all the settings are worth it?

  11. Why the program does not work on the new modified test firmware?

  12. I have a bug with duplicate folders.

  13. I unlock the player from the lock screen on the standard lock screen, and I want to go straight to the desktop.

  14. Do not disappear songs from the list of artists (artists / genres, etc.) that are deleted, which are no longer present, rescanning does not help ... What to do?

  15. After rebooting the phone, the widget does not show the name of the current song, and during the work it does not update the information in a timely manner. How to be?

  16. Albums covers far from everything, and there are corresponding pictures in the folders.

  17. Bliiin, tell me how to shuffle all removed? Enjoyed the player for a while normally, the music folders lost. And yesterday decided to play around with the settings, went to the library and press the "Shuffle", now I like to shuffle out of all the songs on the SD-card. As a result, now, even if I did go to the "folder" and choose the music to play it anyway after the first song climbs to other albums .... Like this bloody shuffle are disabled to as the first to play music by folder, and strictly on order? :( A tick in the settings "ignore mixing" (from the FAQ) did not get anywhere.

  18. Have a problem with playing data file formats - MP3, MP4 / M4A (including loseless ALAC), FLAC, OGG, WAV, TTA, WMA, APE / WV (some wma pro files may require NEON support)?

  19. After the phone is restarted, all playlists of the player self-clean (the number of songs becomes zero).

  20. The program displays the message "too many non-playable files", although all the files are exactly working. How to be?

  21. When installing the program, a message appears that there is not enough free space, but there is just more of it than necessary. What to do?

  22. I turned off the Action Bar and now I can’t get into the settings. How to be?

  23. The control buttons on the headset suddenly stopped working. In the settings, the headset key processing is enabled, the service is also not unloaded. What to do?

  24. The player seems to work, but when entering the menu crashes. What is the problem?

  25. How to solve the problem of switching tracks on HTC One X after upgrading to the official JB 4.1 firmware?

  26. I have problems with the progress bar in the player on the MIUI firmware, how to fix it?

4. Buying and activation issues
  1. How to buy the program and how you can pay?

  2. How many times is the license checked and will it have to buy again if you change the phone?

  3. Will I have to buy new versions of the player if I have already bought a player?

  4. I do not have Google account, I do not use the market, and in general there is no Internet on the phone. How do I get the full version of the player?

  5. When I bought from the site, I received a letter saying "You are granted 15 automated full version activations, what does this mean?

  6. I have problems checking my license after purchase. What will advise you to do?, addition

  7. Changed google account. Previously, a license was purchased through the site. How to transfer a purchase to another account?

  8. I bought the program on the site, put the unlocker, but the license check does not occur. Why can this be?

  9. I’m using the trial version somewhere for 2 months, after a couple of weeks, the tablet with the notification started to fly out and the offer to buy, but when I clicked "cancel", the player continued to work ...
    Since yesterday, it has started to close, and it does not start from the widget. complete demolition, and installing other versions did not change anything. what can be done?

  10. I am having trouble recovering a purchased unlock. He offers to buy, then he writes it, but he doesn’t allow it to be installed because of various errors: 403, 431, 491. A backup of the license file was not made by stupidity, although it was him who bought it. What should I do now?

  11. I bought the program on the official website, sent the unlocker to the post office, installed it, everything works, but still offers to buy it on the market. Why?

  12. What to do if you bought the player and why did you remove the unlock everywhere, and from the device and from the mail and now it needs to be restored?

  13. I bought PowerAMP in Play. Now I put the firmware, and did not put Play, so that I did not sit in my memory.
    How do I activate the player?

5. General information

6. Miscellaneous questions

Sound settings - User FAQ on Poweramp (Post avonder # 48238715)

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Message template

Q: Who is the developer of the program PowerAMP?
A: The developer is Maxim Petrov, also known as MaxMP

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Q: How to install or replace the cover?
A: Long tap on the old cover (or on the Poweramp logo) and choose from the options.

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Q: How to buy a program and what can I pay for?
A: The program can be purchased throughGoogle Play Market, throughYandex.Storeor atofficial website.
How to make purchases on the market is written in detail in the topicBuying paid programs in the Market
To buy a player on the site, you need to go to the site.http://powerampapp.com/, click on the "Buy" button and follow the link "Buy Now, Directly (.apk)"
You get to the order formhttps://secure.payproglobal.com/orderpage.a...?products=47845
There you need to fill in all the fields and choose how you want to pay.
Payment methods available:
  • Credit / Debit Card - Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, Discover, JCB
  • Purchase order
  • Webmoney
  • Yandex money
  • Order by phone
  • Fax order
  • Check / Cash
  • Paypal
  • Bank transfer

When buying through the Market, the program checks the license TWO times:
1st time - immediately upon purchase,
2nd time - 48 hours after purchase, or later.
At these moments, the program connects to the Internet. If after 48 hours the Internet is not available, the program tries to connect to the Internet each time it starts up, until it succeeds in checking the license.
After successfully re-checking the license, the program no longer checks it.
This method is not a whim of the author, but is a requirement of Google, so it is not negotiable.

Starting with version 2.0.9-build-5xx when buying fromthe siteNo unlocker required.

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Q: How to assign an equalizer preset to a track / folder / artist, etc.
A: You can assign either a newly created preset or an existing one. Let us analyze the situation from scratch by the example of preset assignment to a folder. Appointment to the artist / genre / track / album / headphones / speakers, etc. are done similarly.
In the main player window, click the menu, then the folder / library. Go to the folder. Select the desired folder and long click on it. In the pop-up menu, click to play.
While playing tracks from the folder, go to the equalizer, set up it as we need (in the PM is not only the sliders, but also the tone, etc.) and click save. Fall save menus in which you must enter the name and the inscription is below - "is automatically applied to:" and there put the check next to "Folder". Everything. For tracks that were in that folder will be automatically apply these settings. Be careful, until such appointment is only for subfolders, the whole root folder so designate fail. For sections of the library (artist / genre / album, etc.) difficulties with the appointment no.

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Q: How to make the player not to scan unnecessary folders with music (for example, music from games)? The variant with the .nomedia file does not help.
A: Menu ->Settings (Settings) ->Folders with music (Music Folders) ->We put \ remove daws from the necessary folders.

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Q: How to teach a player to search for lyrics on the Internet?
A: The player can independently extract the lyrics from tags. If there is no text, then you can use the plugin MusiXmatch (https://market.android.com/details?id=com.m....android.lyrify)
The priority of the places to search for texts is selected in the settings (Settings / Interface settings / Words).

Popular English-language songs are looking great, but problems may arise with Russians.

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Q: How to make the player automatically start / stop playing when connecting / disconnecting a wired headset or BT headset?
A: It is necessary to press the menu in the main player window, then click "more", find the "settings" and click on them. In the player settings, scroll to the bottom and find the "Headset" item, all the necessary settings there.

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Q: What formats does the player play?
A: Poweramp plays MP3, MP4 / M4A (including lossless ALAC), FLAC, OGG, WAV, TTA, WMA, APE / WV (some wma pro files may require NEON support)

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Q: When the phone is locked, it starts to terribly slow down the * .ape format. What can it be connected with?
A: * .ape heavy format. To play it, significantly more phone resources are required than to play, for example, mp3 or flac.
When the phone cannot provide the necessary amount of resources (for example, when the screen is locked) * .ape begins to stutter. The appearance of the problem is most likely on non-fast machines.
To solve the problem, there are several ways, for example, to make a root and raise the frequency of the processor in the background, but this will adversely affect the battery life of the phone.
The easiest way to solve the problem is to convert * .ape to another format. This can be done, for example, using xrecode II or similar programs.

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Q: What kind of menu crashes when you tap on the cover and how to remove it? And why some elements do not disappear, even if there is no this menu?
A: This is a quick access menu for presets, equalizer, tone, repeat and shuffle settings and rating. To open / close it you need to tap on the cover.
In the interface settings (menu->Settings->interface settings) you can set different behavior for the buttons - you can hide them, make them visible always, but not pushable, you can see and click, etc.
A short tapa on the equalizer / tone / preset will take you to the corresponding windows, a short tapa on the equalizer / tone will turn them on / off, a long tap on the presets will take you to the equalizer.
At the bottom of the tapu for mixing / repeating, the available options will change. For a long tapa on repeat / shuffle, a menu will appear with all possible repeat / shuffle options.
Below in the middle you can tap and set the rating of the current composition.

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Q: Does the player support third-party playlists?
A: Yes, the player supports playlist formats: m3u / m3u8, pls, wpl. Record additions / changes back to the playlist file.
In order to import / export playlists, go to the menu->Settings->additional settings->import / export playlists

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Q: Is it possible to somehow customize the behavior of the player when you click on a track in the playlist?
A: Yes. You can make it so that when you click on a track on the list, the track starts playing and you stay on the list or go to the player. There is also a function that by clicking on the track, the track will be added to the queue and you will remain in the list.
To customize the desired behavior you need to go to the menu->Settings->additional settings->lists->click on the list

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Q: What if after adding tracks to the USB flash drive, Poweramp does not see them?
A: In the player, click settings->rescan

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Q: What is the difference between trial and trial from the full version of the player?
A: In terms of functionality, nothing. The only time limit is 2 weeks.

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Q: How many times is the license checked and will I have to buy again if I change the phone?
A: When buying from the market, the license is checked 2 times, first with the purchase, and then after 48 hours.This is not a whim of the author, it is the requirements of the market! (from a site, 1 time, results of check are cached).
You buy the player 1 time to your Google account, and even when you replace the phone, if the same Google account remains, the player remains purchased.

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Q: Will I have to buy new versions of the player if I have already bought a player?
A: If you bought a player, then you get all new versions for free.

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Q: I have an alternative lock screen and the player lock screen does not work correctly with it (does not appear, appears with a delay, sometimes appears and sometimes not, etc.). How to overcome it?
A: It is difficult to overcome this if only the developers of the specific lock screen and the author of the player make special support. Different lock screens are very bad friends, but as an option, you can just hang the player widget on an alternative lock screen, if of course it supports widgets.

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Q: Strains every time to press "more" in each menu?
A: You will be helped by the menu settings->Settings->interface settings->open menu - menus will always be full.

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Q: Why is the player playing quieter than others? And what is DVC?
A: All normal tracks are normally normalized, i.e. dynamic range is almost completely used. If you amplify any frequencies with an equalizer, you need a range, depending on the selected gain level. The player has overload protection. When you turn on the equalizer, the preamp (the leftmost slider) moves down, and the overall volume goes down to get the necessary dynamic range.
To make the sound louder in versions 1.x and 2.x (on devices without Direct Volume Control), you need to raise the preamp up to reach the desired volume.
Be careful, too high pre-amplification can lead to overloading and the sound can start wheezing, farting and having other distortions associated with going beyond the dynamic range. At 2.x, the "Limit" button can help get rid of these distortions.
If, for example, you do not need to strengthen anything, or you need to weaken something on the contrary, the preamp can be unscrewed to max, thereby using the full dynamic range.
On devices with Direct Volume Control, the sound volume should be similar to the volume of the stock player (provided that the preamp is set to 0). If the volume / sound is very different and / or you hear by ear that the player is playing quieter / worse, then it is the fault of the firmware developers who could not properly implement Direct Volume Control. I advise you to disable it in the player.

Direct Volume Control - direct volume control. Thanks to him, the player has a greater dynamic range equalizer for 2.3 devices, which allows for example to set the bass to max. without a hint of distortion and without reducing the volume compared with the stock player (in the middle position of the preamp).

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Q: The widget from PowerAMP 2.0 (from the set of widgets) turns white / does not work after the phone is rebooted.
A: This can occur if something blocks the launch of PowerAMP on reboot or update the widget - task managers, tweaks of autostart. If you use these applications / tweaks, you must add PowerAMP (and / or a set of widgets) to the exclusion list.

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