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PdaNet Tablet | Internet on your tablet with another Android smartphone via Bluetooth.

Rep: (2807)
PdaNet Tablet (beta)
version: 1.06

Last update of the program in the header:23.01.2012

Attached Image
Attached Image

Short description:
The program allows you to get online on your tablet via Bluetooth to other smartphones on the Android platform.

Relevant to tablets without the GSM-module.

Application advantages:
  • You do not need a route-rights;
  • not need ad-hoc connection;
  • as the "Deal" is used on any phone Android'e

  • Install the application on the plate, and telephone number (before launch, the two devices should be paired);
  • On the tablet press run and Run as Client (Tablet), and the phone Run as Server (Phohe);
  • In the tablet put this proxy as tells the program and port 1234;
  • Next, press the phone Enable PdaNet Server.

Most importantly: do not forget to turn off (reset) Proxy of the program on the plate after the connection.

Tested on ACER Icona TAB A500 (firmware flow 3.1) together with HTC Legend. It runs only the third time, but the Internet is acceptable. View page can be without any problems. I checked, even YouTube operate, Gmail and maps.

Additional Information
Russian interface: Not

Developer: June Fabrics Tech
Homepage: http://junefabrics.com/android/
Android Market Web: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.pdanet.tablet

Download: version: 1.06
Attached filePdaNet_Tablet_1.06.apk(296.18 KB)

Past versions

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Rep: (8)
Relevant to tablets without the GSM-module.

Is there such bratish?

Rep: (2807)
ACER Icona TAB A500. It only WiFi (Simcoe can be fastened by only using 3G-modem)

Rep: (107)
compound is, there is no internet ((

Rep: (2807)
Once upon a time is not necessary. I run for the third time. In conjunction with other devices is not possible to check, but looking at the reviews online, some also turned zakonnektitsya.

Rep: (1)
Similarly, a connection is established, but not Internet rabotaet.Testiroval on devices in the signature.

Rep: (0)
RENA3 tablet without an Internet + Lg optimus one (p500)
Works, but there is only an Internet standard browser (in opera mobile not) gmail either, not to mention the convenience store

Rep: (0)
great program, tests on the A500 with the GT540, runs like clockwork!

Rep: (6)
Why not distribute Internet standard Android means of Wi-Fi? Why dance with the programs?

Rep: (1)
What is your firmware on lg?

Rep: (0)
Frosty2101 @ 01.02.2012, 23:08*
What is your firmware on lg?

Firmware Cyanogenmod 7.2-RC0 with xpda

Damn, fool with updated pdanet tablet to 1.17 in the Market, so now in the mobile phone must be updated to 3.25 and in Windows, but I tench. Hemorrhoids some invented. Updated yet. But it does not become better - Inet only STD browser.

We'll have to probably juzat wi-fi to charge a mobile phone several times a day.

Rep: (0)
I apologize. Is there a program like this, but just to make the connection was not Bluetooth, and via cable?

Rep: (0)
My Hero CDMA phone droid 2.1. Dicra droid tablet 4

Rep: (5)
valkar24 @ 01.02.2012, 21:08*
Why not distribute Internet standard Android means of Wi-Fi? Why dance with the programs?

In fact, why do extra prog and headache with it!

Rep: (44)
Why Why, where are you live? You have Unlimited LTE less than 500 rubles.? And we've got Yota circle, which cuts the rate of up to 1 Mbps to 60 Mbps, if you distribute by standard methods: sveta:

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