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Nova Launcher | The original and customizable launcher for modern Android

Rep: (373)
Nova Launcher
Version: 6.1.11

Last update of the program in the header:15.06.19

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Tags: llll launcher

Short description:
The original and customizable launcher for modern Android.

Main features
  • Customizable grid on the desktop (from 2x2 to 12x12)
  • Create folders on the desktop and application menu by dragging a shortcut to a shortcut
  • Grouping in the application panel (by folder and as tabs)
  • Scrolling dock bar, adjustable number of panels and number of icons in one panel (from 1 to 5)
  • Tweaking launcher color scheme
  • Resizing Widgets
  • The ability to put a widget / shortcut in the dock bar
  • Using ikonpak supported by Nova Launcher
  • Wallpaper scrolling
  • Backup and restore launcher settings
  • Import settings from another launcher
  • A large number of high-quality and smooth effects.

Benefits of Nova Launcher Prime
  • Support for gestures on the desktop
  • Counter of unread messages in Hangouts, SMS, Gmail, WhatsApp and others when using TeslaUnread plugin
  • Flexible customization of the application menu: Custom tabs, vertical or horizontal scrolling
  • Hiding applications
  • Additional gestures on icons
  • Additional scrolling effects
Additional Information
Nova Launcher v6:Android 5.0+
Nova Launcher v4, v5:Android 4.1+
Nova Launcher< 3.3: Android 4.0.1+

Developer: TeslaCoil Software
Homepage: http://teslacoilsw.com/
E-mail: [email protected]
Russian interface: Yes
Google Play: https://play.google.com/com.teslacoilsw.launcher
Google Play (Prime Key): https://play.google.com/com.teslacoilsw.launcher.prime
Assistance in translating to crowdin . Just go link register and help the application to be better
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List of changes caps
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[2019-07-22] //
Nova Launcher Prime v6.1.11 Fininal lite-mod by DS

[2019-06-13] //
Nova Launcher Prime Lite Mod 6.1.10 [ Leyzymoy ]

[2019-06-07] //
[+] Nova Launcher 6.1.10 beta (Google Play Store)
Nova Launcher 6.1.10 beta (Prime by Balatan)

Version: 6.1.11 [Final] Prime by Balatan (Alex0047)
Version: 6.1.6 Prime Nova Launcher 6.1.6 (Prime by Balatan)

Beta versions:
Version: 6.1.11 From Google Play (uropek7337)

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Rep: (801)
Last updated: 08/13/2018


General issues

  1. # How to report a problem / contact the developer?
    Nova Settings>Support

  2. The difference builds Nova Launcher:
    Nova Launcher (Official Website) ->The application is downloaded from the official distribution source of the application; it has a limited functionality.
    Nova Launcher (Google Play Store) ->the main application has a functional restriction. Available for download on the Google Play page.
    Nova Launcher Prime (Google Play Store) ->The key for Nova Launcher, unlocking the restriction of the functions of the application. The application is available for download on the Google Play page.
    Nova Launcher (Prime by Balatan) + modifications ->The app unlocked Prime features. Key installation is not required.
    Nova Google Companion - integration with the Google Now service on the desktop (see interface section) .

  3. Comparison of Nova Launcher versions and Prime key:
    Nova Launcher v3 ->C key
    Nova Launcher v4 ->Key D
    Nova Launcher v5 ->Key 2017

  4. How to update the program without Google Play (for example, to install the beta version)?
    Nova Settings >Section " NOVA " >Nova Launcher ( Check for updates ... ) >Select update channel (button on the top right). If a new version of Nova Launcher is detected, the application will automatically offer to update.

  5. If you lack some functions / items / switches, then your firmware does not support these options. Discussion in the subject is not subject.

  6. The weather does not work on broken Prime versions (that is, not installed from Google Play) and does not work correctly on versions below Android 6.

  7. Comparison of Nova Launcher 3.x and Nova Launcher 4.x

Settings / Interface / Personalization


  1. How to add to the desktop another screen?

  2. How to delete a page (and not just an empty one) from the desktop?
    Hold your finger in an empty area of ​​the desktop - then select the table that you want to delete - hold your finger on it and pull up until the table turns red.

  3. Is it possible to lock the desktop from changes?
    Yes. Settings Nova - Desktop - Advanced - Lock the desktop.

  4. Can I hide the clock from the status bar on the desktop?
    Yes. With root and support for this feature. If you do not have this item, it means that your device does not support this functionality.
    Settings Nova - Appearance - Notification panel - Hide the clock.

  5. Does Nova Launcher have a built-in screen lock (a so-called lockscreen)?
    NO and not planned!

  6. How to remove previously installed wallpaper?
    Long tap on the wallpaper - select unnecessary and click the basket icon in the upper right corner. (A source:Question / Answer)

  7. How to remove the application from the desktop?
    Long tap on the icon - Click "Delete".

  8. How to completely remove the application?
    Long tap on the icon - Hold on "About application" - Confirm deletion "OK".

  9. Is it possible to bring the contents of the application menu to the desktop (MIUI / IPhone style)?
    Can. See also clause 1 of sectionDesktop / Application Menu / Favorites Bar (formerly Dock Bar)
    1. Remove the icon "Application Menu" from the dock bar;
    2. Nova Settings>Desktop>New applications>Add icon to home screen>ON;
    3. Move all applications to the desktop (Widgets>Nova Launcher>Applications or shortcuts>select applications (the quantity is limited by the free grid);
    4. In the settings of Google Play also enable the automatic addition of shortcuts to the desktop.

>Application menu

  1. Accidentally deleted the application menu icon from the desktop, how to recover?
    <= 3.3: long tap on the desktop>Actions>Application menu.
    >= 4.0: long tap on the desktop>Widgets>Icon with the nameAction nova transfer to desktop>A window will open Action nova " > " Application menu ".
    Long tap on the icon in the application menu, as soon as the desktops appear, place it in any convenient place.

  2. How to open the application menu like in Pixel Launcher?
    Nova Settings>Application menu>Open the application menu with a swipe up.

  3. There is no user sorting in the application menu.
    Create folders, tabs.

  4. How to create / delete a folder?
    Create: Nova Settings - Applications Menu - Groups in the Applications List - Folders Tab - a long tap by the name of the folder you want to delete.
    Delete: Nova settings - Application menu - Groups in the application list - "Folders" tab - Press "+", enter a title and select additional options.

  5. How to change the color of the search bar applications?(for Nova Launcher v5.4 and higher)
    Nova Settings>Appearance>Search>The background color of the search bar.(screenshot)

  6. How to change the background of the application menu (card / solid background)? + How to make the look like a Pixel Launcher?

  7. How to create folders and bookmarks (pages) in the application menu?
    Nova Settings>Application menu>Tab Bar (On)>Groups in the application list (on)>Select the desired item, press [+].
    >># Example of creating a folder

  8. How to make a menu of applications in the form of a card?
    Nova Settings>Application menu>Background (include). For the opposite effect off.

>Favorites Bar (formerly Dock Bar)

  1. How to change the background of the Favorites panel (formerly Doc Bar)?
    Nova Settings>Favorites Bar (formerly Dock Bar)>ENABLE>Background panel.
    >># A package of backgrounds for the dock bar (525 backgrounds)
    >># Another package of backgrounds for the dock bar

  2. How to add tags in the Favorites bar?
    Settings Nova - Favorites Bar - Icon Settings - Tag (enable).

  3. The horizontal arrangement of the Favorites panel on the desktop is only available on tablets.


  1. How do shortcuts work? |Section on Sesame Shortcuts
    Hold for a long tap on the application icon, function buttons appear. Choose an action. Shortcuts work fully with Google applications and only with those applications that have this function.
    Also, these functions must be supported by developers of other applications. (screenshot 1, screenshot 2)
    It works starting with Android 5 (not officially) and exactly on Android 7 (N) - with the advent of support for ShortcutsAPI.
    Analogue 3D Touch for iOS devices.

  2. Google Pixel Launcher branded shell - on any smartphone
    Instructions for customizing the look like in Pixel Launcher
    1. Desktop → Desktop grid → 5x5 (maximum 12x12).
    2. Desktop → Icon settings → Icon size 115%.
    3. Applications menu → Grid application menu → 5x5.
    4. Applications menu → Scroll accent color - blue.
    5. Favorites panel → Panel background → shape - rectangle, color - white, transparency - 40%.
    6. Folders → Folder Appearance - Grid, Folder Background - Pixel Launcher.
    7. Gestures and input → include the phrase “OK, google!”

  3. Google Now (traveling to the right of the screen), as in the Google Pixel Launcher can be done, starting with the version of Nova Launcher 5.3 using Nova Google Companion.
    You can also assign the appearance of Google Now to any gesture available in Nova Launcher.
    Instructions for Google Now Companion in Nova Launcher

  4. # How to change color design (instruction)

  5. In previous versions, it was so that if you hold down the icon and pull up on the curtain with a cross, it was deleted, now there is no such thing, only you can delete it from the submenu. How to return?

  6. If you do not change the icon "Application Menu", turn off Night mode in Nova Settings.
    Settings Nova - Appearance - Drop Targets (enable).

  7. How to activate the weather in the application?
    You must have installedGoogle app. After that, go to the Laboratory (see "Knowledge Base") and activate the item "Allow weather in search bar". Then go to the settings menu Nova>"Desktop">Search Bar Style>"Weather">"ON".

  8. How often is the weather updated in the widget?
    It is updated once per hour if the temperature changes by more than 3-5 degrees.

  9. Tablet UI can not be activated yet.
    It turns on itself, depending on the DPI. About changing DPI through build.prop read in the themes of your devices.

  10. In Nova white and orange design, how to change?(outdated. See.# How to change the color design.)
    You can change bythisinstructions or install modifications Nova.

  11. How to change the size of the icons?
    For<= 3: Design>The size of the icons.
    For>= 4: Nova Settings>Desktop / Application Menu / Favorites Bar (Formerly Doc Bar) / Folders>Icon Options>The size of the icon.

  12. # Desktop with frequent grid. (Similar to the desktop worktable.)

  13. How to put a folder background icon?
    Nova Settings>Folders>Folder background>Custom>choose from the gallery.
    >># FolderOrganizer-like folder background icon
    >># Pack of folder backgrounds icons

  14. Are there themes like in Apex?
    There are none. From the theme are taken only icons.
    The easiest way to apply them: Nova Settings>Registration>Theme icons.
    >>Icons and backgrounds for launchers

  15. How to make the search thicker on 4.0+ and the mdpi / hdpi screen

  16. # Blur wallpaper for Nova Launcher

    >>FiveWallpapers (an application that allows you to set different wallpapers on each desktop of your phone): savagemessiahzine.com or Google Play Store


  1. Does the program have a double-lock function (tap)?
    There is. Nova Settings>Gestures and inputs>Double tap>Turn off the screen. You can also assign any application to lock the screen, or set the Greenify shortcut (hibernation + screen lock).

  2. # With the swipe (gesture) down, a notification appears: "Error in Android Marhmallow causes slow animation of disclosure.". What to do - Android 6?

  3. Is there a double-tap unlock function in the program?
    Not. This feature should be supported at the kernel level of your device. Unlocking the device by double-tapu in this topic is not discussed.

  4. There is a phone with a fingerprint scanner and Nova launcher installed. I installed a phone lock on a double tap, but you cannot unlock it with a fingerprint, only a pincode, can you tell me if this can be fixed? I would like, after locking with double tap, unlock with a fingerprint.
    # Nova Launcher (Post Sigaripus # 50180171)

  5. Swipe down on versions up to 3.3 does not work .
    Swipe down does not work on the stock 5.0.x from Samsung. This is the problem of their builds, relevant for many launchers. On versions>= 4.0 fixed, consequenceshere.

  6. How does the Double Tap Swipe Up / Down function work? .
    The principle of operation is the same as with the gesture "Double tap", but during the second tap, without lifting your finger from the screen, slide up / down.

  7. When the "Open application menu with a swipe up" gesture is enabled, the context applications in the dock bar are launched.
    # Follow the link to find out how to do it

  8. How to make gestures work from under any application?
    This functionality is not provided by the launcher. Pay attention to the application® GMD GestureControl ★ root

Questions about Prime

Discussing how to patch an application using the Lucky Pathcer in this topic is not allowed. There is a topic for this.® LuckyPatcher by ChelpuS.

  1. Installation and Opening InstructionsPrimefunctions

  2. How do I know if Prime is worth it or not?
    Nova Settings>The last item is Nova Launcher Prime. It is pressed, but nothing happens, because is a link to the free version. You can also try to use any Prime function, in recent versions, there is no blue ribbon above Prime functions.

    #Patch for Lucky Patcher (performance is not guaranteed)

  3. What is the difference from the usual version of Prime?
    When installing the free version, Prime features are marked with a blue ribbon (these are gestures, groups in the application menu (folders, pages, hiding applications), unread counters, etc.).
  4. How to getPrimeversion?
    1. # Buy key on Google Play ;
    2. Install the Prime version from the forum (links in the header).
      There are downsides:
      • There will be no automatic update of the application from Google Play;
      • Tesla notifications installed from Google Play will not work (you need to download Tesla with the signature of the hacked Prime);
      • The signature of the new package must match the signature of the installed package, say, if it is Balatan, then the update must be from it.
    3. Set the key "Prime key "from the cap. For his work is required modified google play . If the installation process seems complicated to you, you can use the help LuckyPatcher by ChelpuS . Required rights [Root] . You install the Nova Launcher by the link from market . The main advantage of this method is the ability to automatically update the application, without losing Prime;
    4. Install patchedUnlocker, instruction from the author;
    5. To installNova LaunchersetLuckyPatcher by ChelpuS. Required rights[Root]. Next, go to the LuckyPatcher program, select Nova from the "Patch menu" list.>In the yes dialog box>"Custom patch">"Apply". The main disadvantage of this method is that the license will fly with each update of Nova Launcher, you will have to patch every time after the update.Detailed instructions.
    6. Another way to get Prime, viaLuckyPatcher by ChelpuS

Notifications / TeslaUnread Plugin

Attention! Since version Nova Launcher 6, TeslaUnread support has been discontinued! The numeric counter is now built into the launcher. Tesla removed from Google Play.

  1. What is TeslaUnread Plugin?
    This is a notification plugin or so-called unread message counter.
  2. # Instructions for use TeslaUnread

  3. What are Dynamic Badges?
    This is a built-in notification plugin for Nova Launcher. When a notification from an application appears on the application icon, an additional icon of the image / type of notification appears.
    Activated in Settings Nova - Notification Counters - Badge Type - Dynamic Counters.
    Works without installed TeslaUnread.

  4. Dynamic badges and TeslaUnread - two different types of notifications.
    Dynamic badges does not show the counter, but displays the last notification from the application. It works with the built-in Nova Launcher tools, that is: you do not need to install additional applications.
    TeslaUnread shows the counter, the number of messages, etc., but the application must be installed (links to cap threads - item "Additions").

  5. Constantly appears the message "TeslaUnread rejecting unofficial 'Nova Launcher'. Please.
    Most likely you are using one of the following combinations:
    Hacked Nova - TeslaUnread from Google Play
    Nova from Google Play - Hacked TeslaUnread
    Hacked Nova#Signature_1 - Hacked TeslaUnread #Signature_2

    The following combination is required for normal plug-in operation:
    Nova from Google Play - TeslaUnread from Google Play
    Hacked Nova#Signature_1 - Hacked TeslaUnread #Signature_1
    * under# signature_'number ' the electronic signature of the application from different modders (Alex0047, Balatan, etc.) is understood.

  6. In settingsTeslaUnread Pluginno sectionNotification bar Watcherhow to be?
    Notification bar warcher is supported with 4.3+.

  7. # Notifications after installing the new version of Nova stopped working, what should I do?

  8. TeslaUnread does not show the counter in the mail.ru application due to the fact that mail.ru does not want to correct this problem.

Sesame shortcuts

Sesame is available for download starting with Android 4.4, however it works ONLY starting with Android 5 and up.
  1. # What is Sesame Shortcuts? (A source) // In English
  2. # How does Sesame Shortcuts

Solving various problems

  1. Transparent bar status works on Android 4.4 and some other devices.
    If your device supports it, then: Nova Settings>Registration>Transparent notification bar. If not, then this can be done through xposed: put the module tintedstatusbar and do it here -® Xposed (Post # 32899645). Or through the module Flat Style Colored Bars.

  2. How to get to the hidden menu "Laboratory"?
    In the Nova settings, hold down the volume button [-] (minus) for a couple of seconds. To hide back - hold [+] (plus).

  3. I installed Nova and lost all system widgets (calendar from Touchwiz, music player from Walkman, something from Motoblur, all from Sence), what should I do?
    Standard widgets from the launchers of companies (Sony, Samsung, htc, and others) workonly on their own shells.
    No third-party launcher can not transfer them.

  4. # Reset screen lock method

  5. After installing the wallpaper, they increase / become cloudy, how to fix it?
    Use the gallery or another application that performs this function.

  6. After viewing the gallery / using the browser / launching heavy applications or games, when you exit to the desktop, widgets and application icons disappear
    The fact is that Nova Launcher closes, due to lack of RAM, or when the limit of background processes is exceeded. You should not despair, one is enough to make Nova Launcher a system application (Android puts priority on system applications), the second is to put a checkbox in Settings New>Advanced>Aggressive desktop. Option for users with root-access is also possible: add the line: / ro.HOME_APP_ADJ = 1 без without quotes to the file /system/build.prop.

  7. Nova Launcher began to consume a lot of RAM, how to fix it?

  8. Nova Launcher version 5.4 and higher results in a cyclic reboot on Cyanogen! Starting with version NL 5.5-beta5, the problem is fixed.
    (!!!) The amount of memory consumed by the launcher depends on the number of desktops, shortcuts and installed widgets.
    The amount of RAM occupied by the application at a particular moment is not constant and constant, this figure depends on the state of the system at the moment.
    If the device has a stock of RAM and there are no additional tasks, then a specific application can be allocated more memory, and this means that it is comfortable for the system to distribute the resource in this way.
    As soon as a critical situation arises or a new task, the allocated memory is automatically taken away from the application to the level of normal operation or the application closes completely. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with Tesla, or something else will take 200-300-400 MB, if the resources allow it.
    It is more important for the user that the automatic regulation of the amount of allocated memory would work correctly, which in principle happens 99% of the time if there is no special intervention from outside or a malfunction. You need to pay attention to the manifestations of this kind of failure, if it occurs, but in such cases, the erroneous behavior of the application is noticeable to numerous users and visually quickly detectable.

    A source:Nova Launcher (Post Teo Flo # 59050860)

    ViaВ® My Android Tools(Lucky Patcher, etc.) and similar applications for managing activations (dependencies) disable ...
    com.google.firebase.iid.FirebaseInstanceIdService (FirebaseInstanceIdService)
    com.google.android.gms.measurement.AppMeasurementService (AppMeasurementService)

  9. After rebooting the phone, icons disappear from the desktop, how to fix it?
    Two solutions: we make Nova a system application or programs whose icons disappear, we transfer them to the phone’s memory.

  10. # Increased after reloading one shortcut!

  11. After downloading the update Nova Launcher through the update menu and trying to install, it displays the message "Unable to open"
    Locate the file manually on the path /data/data/com.android.providers.downloads/cache and install.Fast

  12. Stitching Nova Launcher via TWRP

  13. Does the Nova Launcher have any advantages if you make it systemic?
    NOT! However, if you do not have enough RAM, then transferring to the system partition will allow the OS not to unload the Nova process.

  14. Widgets are no longer pressed on MIUI - solution

  15. Widgets are no longer clicked on MIUI - a solution to the problem in pictures

  16. How to make Nova Launcher system?
    File Nova Launcher.apk copy to / system / app /, then restart the phone. Need[Root]what file browser to do it - choose for yourself. Can use
    LuckyPatcher, Titanium backupand others.

  17. What about energy consumption?
    The overwhelming majority are fine, some Nova Launcher still fall into the statistics of battery usage, about 1-2.5%. For rare users, Nova Launcher really influenced battery consumption.

  18. Why does the program need Root?
    To widgets in the application menu scrolled the same way as the program - for v3.

  19. I can not put a new version writes: "The application is not installed. A package with this name is already installed and has a conflicting signature." How to fix?
    I would advise to buy, and in the future not to use lucky patcher. Either buy or use the normal broken version. And you can fix it only by removing the previous one. I also recommend that you make a backup and restore it in a new version, so you will not lose anything.

  20. I am trying to install a new version, and they write to me that there is not enough space for installation, although there is plenty of it.
    To install® LuckyPatcher.
    The reason for this can be the "Commitment of Changes" applied to the application, it prevents it from finally being established. To solve this problem, you need to open Luckypatcher to tap on the application with which the problems and select "Commit changes ->Remove commit (to update the application) ". If the application has long been removed and there is no possibility to tap it, then the" Problem solving ->Cleaning all fixes and res. copies "- all commits and all backups for all applications will be deleted, which will lead to a complete loss of changes for all applications, but will help to solve the problem of installing a new version. To avoid this global method, you can also delete the change image file manually. Go to the folder where previously there was a * .apk file of the remote application (by default it is / data / app /) and look there for a file with the name of this application and with the extension odex, deleting it, the problem will be solved, but in no case do not delete such files in the / folder system / app /, the consequences can be fatal nye.

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[2018-03-01] >Desktop - Can I hide the clock from the status bar on the desktop?
[2018-03-01] >Desktop - How to remove the application from the desktop?
[2018-03-01] >Desktop - How to completely remove the application?
[2018-03-01] >Application menu - How to create / delete a folder?
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Nova Launcher v6 / Requires Android 5 and up
Nova Launcher v5
Nova Launcher v4
Nova Launcher 4.3.1 (Google Play Store)
Nova Launcher 4.3.1 (Prime by Balatan)
Nova Launcher 4.3.1 Prime Color Mod by balatan
Version: 4.3 Prime Color Mod Nova Launcher (Post Alex0047 # 49344962)
Version: 4.3 Original + Prime Nova Launcher (Post Alex0047 # 49344153)
Version: 4.2.2 Final Prime Nova launcher (Post Alex0047 # 45990869)
Version 4.2.2 Final Prime by Balatan with a modified color palette
Version 4.2.0 Final Primeby Nakvas
Version 4.2.0 Final Primefrom Balatan with a modified color palette
Version 4.2.0 Nova launcher (Post Vitalk031 # 45122472)
Version 4.2.0 Final Primeby balatan
Version 4.1.0 Final Primefrom Balatan with a modified color palette
Version 4.1.0 Final Primeby balatan
Version 4.1.0 Final Version 4.1.0 Beta3 Primeby balatan
Version 4.0.2 Final
Version 4.0.2 Final Primeby balatan
Version 4.0.2 Final Primerecovery from Balatan
Version 4.0.2 Final Primefrom Balatan in other colors
Version 4.0.2 Final PrimeMod Lite from Alex0047
Version 4.0.2 Finalwith modified search string
Version 4.0.2 Final Primefrom n.gowda
Version 4.0.1
Version 4.0.1 Primeby infinity
Version 4.0.1 Primefrom infinity with augmented noskojv
Version 4.0.1 Primeby RetRen
Version 4.0.1 Primewith a modified color palette and translation
Version 4.0.1 Final Primefrom n.gowda
Version 4.0.1 Final Primefrom n.gowda with updated noskojv translation
Version 4.0 Final Primeby infinity
Version 4.0 Final Primeby Jasi2169
Version 4.0 Final Primefrom infinity with augmented noskojv
Version 4.0 Final and 4.0 Final Primewith the changed color in the settings menu from andro1d and the added translation noskojv
Nova Launcher v3
Nova Launcher v2
Nova Launcher v1


[b] TeslaUnread 5.0.8:Google Play Store
TeslaUnread 5.0.7:Google Play Store | Balatan (Cracked)
TeslaUnread 5.0.6 (Google Play):Attached fileTeslaUnread_for_Nova_Launcher_5.0.6.apk(1.29 MB)


Nova Google Companion

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Last updated: 02.02.2018
This post contains user backups.

Accommodation Rules
In order for your application setup to get here, you must arrange the post using the following template:
[size = 5] [b] [color = royalblue] Backup settings for Nova Launcher [/ color] [/ b] [/ size]

[b] Tags: [/ b] [url = "//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.

[LIST] [*] Nova Launcher [specify source] (indicate the version of the application from which the backup was made)
[*] Ikonpak name (link is clickable)
[*] Grid size: [Desktop] | [Application menu]
[*] Screenshots (desktop, application menu) [/ LIST]

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Technical post

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Rep: (544)
Fix Prime not being detected in some cases
Fix Hide Apps and Gesture Setting FC
Fix dock swipes on folders
Fix Folder background preference not always updating
Hardware menu button now works in changelog
Updated translations

Attached files

Attached filecom.teslacoilsw.launcher_2000.apk(1.52 MB)

Rep: (290)
Nova Launcher Prime 1.0.2
What's in this version:
☆ Dock Swipe is more responsive.
☆ Fix apps out of order in drawer.
☆ Fix blank app drawer.
☆ Improved wallpaper scrolling with infinite scroll.
☆ Height margins, especially for tablets.
☆ Tablet / Honeycomb style scroll effect (Prime).
☆ Option to hide shadow on dock (and top of screen). Settings>Dock>Show Shadow.
☆ Scroll effect optimizations.
☆ Fix infinite scroll / overscroll on tablet with single page.
☆ Fix dock not centering on Home press.
☆ Fix FC with contact shortcuts in dock.
☆ Fixed tablet margin tap to switch pages.

Attached fileNova_Launcher_Prime_1.0.2.apk(1.53 MB)

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License bypass

We will need the root and the program lucky pather, let's go:

1. Set Nova_Launcher_Prime.apk;

2. Set and run the launcher itself;

3. Go to lucky pather;

4. Long tap on the nova launcher icon (not Nova_Launcher_Prime.apk, but you need the main launcher file);

5. Select "Delete license check";

6.All now after reboots the prime status is not lost. : happy:

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Rep: (221)
Attached ImageNova Launcher v1.1.1

What's new in this version:
1. (v1.1.1 fixes a startup FC and other minor issues)
2. Custom app drawer tabs and folders (Prime)
3. Vertical scroll in app drawer
4. Configurable drawer transparency
5. Bulk add to desktop or folder
6. 1x1 widgets in dock
7. Tablet optimizations (Dock, full screen app drawer)
8. System shortcuts for app drawer (Works with AOKP Navbar)
9. Activities shortcut
10. Many optimizations and fixes

Download: Attached fileNova_Launcher_v1.1.1.apk (1.66 MB)

Rep: (290)
Nova Launcher Prime 1.1.1

What's in this version:
☆ Fixes a startup FC and other minor issues).
☆ Custom app drawer tabs and folders (Prime).
☆ Vertical scroll in app drawer.
☆ Configurable drawer transparency.
☆ Bulk add to desktop or folder.
☆ 1x1 widgets in dock.
☆ Tablet optimizations (Dock, full screen app drawer).
☆ System shortcuts for app drawer (Works with AOKP Navbar).
☆ Activities shortcut.
☆ Many optimizations and bug fixes.
If your ROM came with Nova Launcher

Attached fileNova_Launcher_Prime_1.1.1.apk(1.66 MB)

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Rep: (221)
Attached ImageNova Launcher 1.1.2 (04/26/2012)

What's new in this version:
1. Fix folder custom icon scaling
2. Fix FCs
3. Updated Translations

Download: Attached fileNova_Launcher_1.1.2.apk (1.66 MB)

Rep: (311)
Attached ImageA new version: v1.1.3
Attached fileNova_Launcher_v1.1.3.apk(1.58 MB)

May 15, 2012
What's new in this version:
Counters unread messages through TeslaUnread (Prime)
New gestures: clockwise rotation, counterclockwise rotation and double tap (Prime)
Support for selecting icons from go icon start packs
Set the default screen by dragging a tick on the preview screen
Hide scrolling indicator
"Reverse" wallpaper scroll mode
Speed ​​Preference Animation / Scroll
Show latest applications nova actions
Support CyanogenMod nightlies "Launcher" setting
Various fixes

Rep: (311)
Attached ImageA new version: v1.1.4 [ Final ]
Attached fileNova_Launcher_v1.1.4.apk(1.59 MB)

May 22, 2012
What's new in this version:
Fixed blank screen on some devices
Corrections unread count
Fixed availability of feedback icons in the dock bar
Fix No, edge heights on some hdpi devices
Fixed FCs

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Rep: (614)
Version 1.2 prime final

What's in this version:
Color themes, change the blue highlight
Icon Themes for all apps (ADW and Go Icon Packs)
Widget overlapping w / send-to-back / bring-to-front
Lock desktop w / temp unlock
Faster widget loading
SGS3 / TouchWiz workarounds and fixes
Fix FCs
Performance improvements
Updated translations

If your ROM came with Nova Launcher

Attached files

Attached filenl12.apk(1.7 MB)
Attached fileTeslaUnread.apk(28.84 KB)

Rep: (474)
Nova Launcher Prime_v1.2.1 (Final)

What's in this version:
Nova Action for your desktop pages (supports Tasker's "Go home" action) Work around wallpaper zooming on touchscreen devices Widget fixes Misc fixes and optimizations Updated translations

Attached fileNova_Launcher_Prime_v1.2.1.apk(1.77 MB)

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Rep: (111)
Made a folder icon icon like aFolderorganizer, now it will not be necessary to add FO widget every time when reflashing :) I am satisfied! Who needs -take away.
Official ICS Color:
Dropboxor from under the spoiler
Attached Image

Looks like that:
Attached Image

This weather widget isWeather, Barometer, Earthquake

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Rep: (484)
Nova Launcher Prime v1.2.2 Final

Added "Large" Dock Height setting
App Animation settings (System, ICS, JB, Slide)
Fix widget ghosting
Misc fixes and optimizations

Attached files

Attached fileNova_Launcher_Prime_v1.2.2.apk(2.19 MB)
Attached fileTeslaUnread.apk(28.84 KB)

Rep: (1371)
Nova Launcher Prime 1.3 Final

What's in this version:
[size = 16] [/ size]Fix blank or partially scrolled desktop.
[size = 16] [/ size]Fix large drawer grid on xlarge devices.
[size = 16] [/ size]Reduce memory usage on screen previews.
[size = 16] [/ size]Fix keyboard focus in vertical app drawer.
[size = 16] [/ size]Fix scroll indicator showing during overscrol.
[size = 16] [/ size]Misc fixes.

Attached fileNova Launcher Prime 1.3 Final.zip(1.5 MB)

Rep: (474)
Nova Launcher Prime v1.3.1 Final
Attached Image
What's new in this version:
* Fix preview screen
* Misc minor fixes

Attached fileNova_Launcher_Prime_1.3.1.apk(2.06 MB)

Attached ImageAttached Image
Attached ImageAttached Image

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Rep: (474)
Nova Launcher Prime v1.3.2 Final
Attached Image

What's new in this version:
* Unread counts for Email, Reader, GVoice and more via
* TeslaUnread 2.0 (Prime)
* Include Android 4.1.2 changes
* Fix Transparency on Samsung Jellybean
* Fix blank desktop when leaving drawer
* Fix icon pack crash on some HTC devices
* Fix drawer not correct remembering position Miscellaneous fixes
* Note: The setting for auto rotate remains at Nova Settings>Look & Feel>Screen orientation>Auto-rotate

Attached fileNova_Launcher_Prime_v1.3.2final.apk(2.11 MB)

Attached fileTeslaUnread_2.0.apk(59.22 KB)

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I saw someone here laying out the substrate for the folders. Recently pulled out for myself from those for GO Launcher, so I decided to share. Take someone to come in handy.

Part 1. Examples
Attached ImageAttached ImageAttached ImageAttached ImageAttached ImageAttached Image

Total topics: 25pcs.
Icons: 67pcs.

Download: Attached fileFolder.icons.zip (255.27 KB)

Part 2. Examples
Attached ImageAttached ImageAttached ImageAttached Image

Total topics: 10pcs.
Icons: 10pcs.

Download: Attached fileFolder.icons.part.2.zip (36.12 KB)

Installation (for Nova 1.3.4, for more recent ones by analogy):
  1. we unpack archive in any convenient place on phone or the SD card;
  2. go to Settings Nova =>Clearance =>Folder background =>Custom =>Then in any convenient way we find and select the desired picture.;
  3. do not exit the settings, in the main branch we find "Restart Nova Launcher" =>tapa;
  4. rejoice ^^)

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