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Discussion and selection of SSD drive
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Huge base of SSD reviews
Information required to select SSD
    To select SSD you need to know:
  • Motherboard and processor model
  • Desired Drive Size
  • Desired Drive Form Factor
  • Purchase budget
  • The operating system to be installed on the SSD
  • Shop \ city for orientation in prices and assortment

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Topics on the choice of components
Test flash memory SSD program H2testw
H2testw- a tool for the detection of faulty memory cells of removable data storage module, which has become the standard for verification of the real volume USB-flash drives and SD-card. Is also used to check the broken sectors on the hard drive, but with a twist, which is told below. Test flash drives or HDD can be carried out in an environment of any modern operating system from the software giant.
Instructions and description of the program H2testw
H2testw - it is a small but very useful program to test the 'quality' and speed characteristics of any type of flash drives. H2testw essence of the program of work is to ensure that she is able to write a test file to Your flash drive, and then read it. At the same time recorded writing and reading with this drive. In addition, if in the process of writing or reading data loss is detected or an error, the program will notify you about it. This utility can provide information about what is the volume of the test drive, how much MB is damaged and how much is in working condition. About the algorithm work, I write below, as well as give transcript to the test results.

How to work with the English version of the program:
Download the archive and run the h2testw.exe file, then select the language “English” (or “Russian” if you downloaded the Russian version, but more about it later).
Next, select the test drive “Select target” and go to the “Data volume” item.
Here we select “all available space” - in order to test the entire drive in whole or “endless veryfy” and indicate the size of the recorded file in order to test the drive partially.
Then press “Write + Verify” to start the test of writing and reading, and if the flash drive has already been tested and there is a file, only “Verify” will be lit, which will perform the read operation and verify the integrity of the previously recorded file.
Next, an information window appears, in which we see general information about how to test the drive. We are shown the average write / read speed, the time until the end of the operation, and the overall progress bar.
At the end of the operation, we can get the following results:
Test finished without errors.
You can now delete the test files * .h2w or verify again.
Writing speed: 5.05 MByte / s
Reading speed: 11.4 MByte / s
H2testw v1.4
This result indicates that the test was successful. The average write speed to disk = 5.05 MByte / s, average read speed = 11.4 MByte / s.

Bad test result:
The media is likely to be defective.
1.8 GByte OK (3954734 sectors)
5.8 GByte DATA LOST (12240850 sectors)
Details: 2.9 GByte overwritten (6240208 sectors)
0 KByte slightly changed (2.8 GByte corrupted (6000642 sectors)
8 KByte aliased memory (16 sectors)
First error at offset: 0? 0000000000003830
Expected: 0? 358d089906064530
Found: 0? 158d089906064530
H2testw version 1.3
Writing speed: 2.53 MByte / s
Reading speed: 6.51 MByte / s
H2testw v1.4
Now we see that when testing a drive with a capacity of 8 GB, errors were found, of which only 1.8 GB is available for normal recording (1.8 GByte OK), and the remaining 5.8 GB (5.8 GByte DATA LOST) cannot be used, since memory is corrupted. The average speed for this storage medium = 2.53 MByte / s, the average read speed = 6.51 MByte / s

Another bad test result:
The media is likely to be defective.
0 KByte OK (0 sectors)
3.8 GByte DATA LOST (8030208 sectors)
Details: 327.7 MByte overwritten (671296 sectors)
0 KByte slightly changed (<8 bit / sector, 0 sectors)
3.5 GByte corrupted (7358912 sectors)
327.7 MByte aliased memory (671296 sectors)
First error at offset: 0x0000000000000000
Expected: 0x0000000000000000
Found: 0x000000000ffff000
H2testw version 1.3
Writing speed: 3.19 MByte / s
Reading speed: 0.99 MByte / s
H2testw v1.4
In this test result, it is written that this flash drive is not suitable for use, since it has an O KB of “living space” (0 KByte OK (0 sectors)) from a volume of 3.8 Gb.

There is no curator in the subject. For questions about filling the caps, please contact the section moderators via the buttonPictureunder the messages. How to do it right, what would you understand the first time, well describedhere.

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Reason for editing: SSD. How to work, why break? SLC, MLC, TLC, QLC Video Channel "This Computer"

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OldRampant @ 31.05.20, 15:25*
much ?!)) is how much ?!)

On average, 100 c
Depending on the material body, mounts to the housing.

This is clearly not 8gr like pci-e drive from Samsung

Rep: (72)
diamond23 @ 31.05.20, 15:04*

What's the point if they pay attention to?
diamond23 @ 31.05.20, 15:04*
Because here and asked questions.

I said, But you seem to have chosen.
diamond23 @ 31.05.20, 15:09*
So trim the team at Evo Plus and WD is one, too?

The team is standard. What to do after you have received each store decides for himself.
diamond23 @ 31.05.20, 15:09*
prices in this volume are similar.

I did not see it similar prices. But you know better.
diamond23 @ 31.05.20, 15:09*
Here no one I could not answer.

What answer? You better answer how you will use the speed of the specifications? Where / how will you copy data to those types of speeds 3500/2500, if a quick drive in one system?

Rep: (186)
diamond23 @ 31.05.20, 20:34*
On average, 100 c

2.5 "SSD drive weighs about 30gramm, in a plastic housing. Metal around 40g.

Rep: (22)
ls340 @ 31.05.20, 15:39*
What's the point if they pay attention to?

If properly understood, line-speed is not the main indicator.
More important than the size and speed of drive cache. And the speed when it's full.
And WD 550 just cache the weak link

IOPS for smaller files. Well not always 20-50-100 GB record.

If wrong, please correct

Rep: (22)
ls340 @ 31.05.20, 15:39*
prices in this volume are similar.

the cheapest SATA 8600rub in Citylink.
Far from 9800 for nvme?

SATA than better? Why is it to drown them?

ls340 @ 31.05.20, 15:39*
What answer? You better answer how you will use the speed of the specifications? Where / how will you copy data to those types of speeds 3500/2500, if a quick drive in one system?

the maximum permissible speed of the drive in Lenovo notebook system on Ryzen5 with win10 (indicated earlier specifications)

ls340 @ 31.05.20, 14:59*
Because when your tasks and handle Satan.
Possess drive is not for a year. I plan for at least 5 years.
Tasks can expand. And children grow up. Maybe they'll give a game. I can rearranging disk to another system.

ls340 @ 31.05.20, 15:39*
I said, But you seem to have chosen.
I am chosen for promotion.
Doubts remain.
I consult the forum))

Posted on 31/05/2020, 16:08:

tommynok @ 31.05.20, 15:45*
2.5 "SSD drive weighs about 30gramm, in a plastic housing. Metal around 40g.

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Rep: (49)
diamond23 @ 31.05.20, 19:34*
On average, 100 c
No comments)

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Good day. Installed in the laptop hp probook 450 ssd WDS500G2B0A instead dvd-drive, put it on the windows (decided not to transfer, but at zero)
In tests such as CrystalDiskMark all is well, but in fact if such a flash drive to flip the information minimum speed, maximum a few mb, windows and loaded as before, in the bios put priority on ssd
I understand though windows installed on it runs with ssd hdd, but why?

Rep: (3030)
FC1488SM @ 31.05.20, 16:34*
ssd WDS500G2B0A instead dvd-drive

Well, this is extremely wrong. SSD should be put on the hard drive space, and the old drive instead of drive

Posted on 31/05/2020, 16:40:

FC1488SM @ 31.05.20, 16:34*
but why?

Maybe you strangled SSD installation in optibey instead of drive. There can be very cut rate

Rep: (22)
OldRampant @ 31.05.20, 16:14*
No comments)

Well seen arguments ended about SATA))

Manufacturers are switching to M2 NVME.
If next Toshiba will simply not take place under the 2.5 "on a cord to hang it o_O
I do not need a 2.5 ".

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That's customized discs on drive C ssd, it is wrong?

Rep: (46)
* FC1488SM Physically need to change the disk space, and the letters do not change anything in this case.

Rep: (0)
* AmateurS,
and if both sata 6gb?

Rep: (5)
* diamond23, good evening!
Thanks for the tip on this model - despite the fact that over the past month slowly pick terabyte SSD with operating support in the form factor M.2 NVME 2280 about the existence of this model learned only from your posts (research began with H. Market, and it is Monitors of the filters, and it's just a joke - in SSD section that appears to Pestryaev advertising, paid for the WD, model WD Blue SN550 WDS100T2B0CNo products cards - they only have to 250GB and 500GB options: fool :). Here the planned use case and a summary of my research on potential candidates, perhaps they will prove useful to you and will help to answer your question -
Prompt whether the correct choice made? Adequate price for 9800 1Tb?

There ultrabook Lenovo Ideapad 720s 13 "with 128Gb SSD NVME Samsung MZVLW 128HEGR-000L2 (as I understand it, this OEM name for the Samsung PM961 line), which, to put it mildly, on the recording speed (which is almost at the level of modern SATA-making) stars the sky is not enough, but it has in fact 3 years. but I especially do not have enough volume, which is why we have to use an external USB HDD WD my Passport Ultra on 1Tb (even older and much slower). in general, this I have a bunch of tired (external hard wire inconvenient and annoying buzz), has decided to replace the internal tverdotelnik 1 terabyte. to complete a 128 GB SSD is not lost already bought for him with Ali outer case SSK Aluminum M.2 NVME SSD Enclosure Adapter ( Moscow I have not found, and what is on sale, to put it mildly, disappointing, even though the bottleneck in the controller even when you connect with Type-C port with Thunderbolt).

Tverdotelniki looked, of course, immediately appeared in the top line of Samsung 970 Evo Plus, but terabaytnik was (and still is) off-budget in the 10k, ie, or would have had to compromise with a toad, or buy a 500GB version, which does not suit both the volume and performance compared with older terabyte brother (all manufacturers is terabyte SSD are both the best performance and value otnostitelno smaller volumes, and usually stated number of write cycles, i.e., durability). In the segment of +/- 10k terabaytnikov M.2 NVME cat laugh - actually just been retired Intel SSDPEKNW010T8X1, wildly overpraysnuty due to the poor state of the economy, and Crucial CT1000P1SSD8 on QLC-in memory (about which many reviews, including in reviews, of its imperfection and fragility). In this segment there is a drive from the ADATA, but this brand is not one I skeptical, here are a couple of adjacent views of the same topic -SSD - drives based on flash memory (Post Speed_29 # 86994080)andSSD - drives based on flash memory (Post silver dream # 86995880).

Now directly on WDS100T2B0C, here's what I found useful about it in the network (in relation to most other SSD is very little - perhaps due to the fact that it is at the moment rather fresh model):
- an interesting comparison of 3 WDshek from different lines (after reading themselves will be able to answer the question of what to choose - the SATA, or NVME);
- https: //www.notebookch...chmarked.448092.0.html- "personal" review of the SSD, the key thought - "The Blue SN550 is at its weakest when reading and writing very small block sizes of 4 KB or smaller. If your work involves moving gigabytes of these small files, then the SN550 might not be the best choice. Fortunately, most applications like gaming or editing involve much larger files where the WD SSD is at its best. "Honestly, I can not even imagine who in modern times even purely theoretically could drive tens of gigabytes of hundreds of thousands of files size with 4K or less: huh:
Nowhere I could not find information about your controller, only the official website -https: //shop.westerndi...0-nvme-ssd#WDS250G2B0C- there is a reference to - "Developed by Western DigitalВ® and controller firmware, as well as the latest technology of 3D NAND deliver optimized stable performance."Well, at least not Phison: D

And a few of my conclusions about the modern SSD, which I finally came:
- Speed ​​has grown so much over the last year or two, that in the real normal use, the difference between them is not actually there, because no one will now sane sit with a stopwatch to measure the difference literally in milliseconds when booting the operating system, games, or layout / design in the graphics / video editor, it all loaded quickly.
- The only case in my opinion, when you can feel the difference objectively Budget and top-end modern SSD in terms of speed - only once in the first cloning system and copy data from your previous carrier. And for very large data volumes in a choke point without exception SSD - from a buffer overflow from throttling, or by both.
- Pay attention should be on the price / volume / quality, by quality I mean first of all durability, which is defined (in my subjective opinion) such factors as the type of memory used, the controller, and of the brand (at least in terms of percentage marriage to the total production volume). And so, as far as I saw, 5 years warranty (albeit limited) - in this market is a kind of rule (the only question in the performance of warranty on the territory of the Russian Federation).
- The budget SSD segment, as well as in any other market categories - whether processors, video cards, smartphones, cars - always have to compromise, at least to himself from the feeling that you have at the moment is not the very best, what has proved to be capable of human genius ...

In short, a terabyte - that's good, and fast terabytes - even better. This terabytes of line WD Blue, judging by the specs and The above tests - though not the fastest (ie not comparable to synthetic indicators with the Samsung 970 Evo Plus), but it is fast enough for most usage scenarios of classical (home / office use graphic / video / audio creation and gaming). Especially for the price in the area 10k rubles in today's economic realities. After reading your post I myself ordered this, came a little more expensive, because in Moscow Citylink they dismantled another May 27 ...

P.S. I do not understand only your thesis that "SATA weight far more" - agree, is incorrect to compare the technology and form factor. And the SATA and NVME drives is, in the form factor of 2280 under M.2 connector, and weigh the plus / minus the same (the main difference may be due to the presence of the factory radiator, but in this way they become practically unusable for mobile use - into a modern thin ultrabook with a radiator, they just do not vlezut). The main difference between the SATA and NVME tverdotelnikami M.2 2280 is in terms of a read / write speed energy (average NVME consumes three times more energy - in the middle, because this figure varies depending on the load at times) and, as a consequence , heat (at peak loads ALL NVME SSD is very heated, and in these situations by throttling them could theoretically protect only the presence of an additional passive cooling + good ventilation will that none of that, none of the other items are not feasible in ultra-compact packages ultrabook).

Rep: (46)
FC1488SM @ 31.05.20, 20:27*
sata 6gb
here I do not understand what it means.

Rep: (439)
AmateurS @ 1.06.20, 0:17*
here I do not understand what it means

And what is there to understand?
Specification SATA Revision 3.0 (SATA III or SATA 3.0) is presented in July 2008 and provides bandwidth to 6 Gbit / s

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There SSD OCZ Vertex 450
He stood in the Lenovo laptop to Windows 10. At some point, the laptop can not boot, requesting the password for the HDD in the BIOS. No action failed to take, and there was no time.
Put another SSD in a notebook, freewheeling Windows 10 and gave back to the parents. But the SSD remains. Now there was little thought to use it again.
Houses have Macbook with Catalina and Tablet with Win10 64bit. The disc is seen everywhere, but it is impossible to initialize it. Data from it are not needed. Is there any hope for him revive like that? (Laptop where it was before is currently not available). There are all sorts of adapters SATA to USB. With them and connect as a poppy, and in the PC.
The problem is compounded by the fact that the house is no keyboard for Windows devices and all sorts of DOS utilities can not run.

Say, I have a chance to initialize and re-use my SSD?

Rep: (72)
* 3ller,
Try to do it Secure Erase.

Rep: (12)
about sata / nvme. on a computer sata terabytes wd blue.
on the laptop Samsung nvme 250 GB. So on a computer more bright and responsive. It may of course there are different platforms and so on. I still do not understand why in the home PC nvme advise :)))

Rep: (154)
Good evening!
I want to buy to replace your old SSD PLEXTOR PX-128M6S new. Chosen here such:
https: //www.citilink.r...ks/hdd/ssd_in/1199794/
https: //www.citilink.r...ks/hdd/ssd_in/1160147/
Which one is better to take?

Rep: (3030)
* Bad04,
Both great. You can not go wrong with any of

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