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Catalog of popular Android programs

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There is a main directory and Google Play, why do we need another one?
Catalog of this theme does not contain all of the programs, but only the most discussed and popular of them in the correct category. All applications are sorted and filtered. You want to find a good file archiver, or player, now for this you do not need to learn the basic large catalog in search of a suitable software. In addition, in the editing of the catalog can take part of any user of the forum. You can create, add, and edit an existing application category. No applications inaccurate description, fix it!

Recommendations for use
If you know the name of the application, use the search by topic, if you are looking for an application by type, it is most convenient to do this in the content. The most popular applications are at the top of the list. To search the page, you can use the browser’s built-in search by pressing ctrl + f on the keyboard. To avoid problems when installing applications and reading descriptions to them, please read the following topics:Android OS FAQ, Android - Glossary, Terms and jargon

Important information on finding software for GPS - navigation!
Software for GPS - navigation should be found in the profile sectionGPS Programs, Maps
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  1. Any user can create a category (message) of applications.
  2. The category should consist of at least 5 programs.
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    - Brief description with pronounced features
  4. In the collections are prohibited:
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    - QR codes
    - Any pictures - increase the volume of messages and hinder page load is allowed only one picture in the header of the category, a maximum size of 400 pixels wide by 200 high. Pictures are not necessary because there is no sense of them in a shared directory, a person chooses functional and fluent as this program looks like it does not matter. If he found something sensible, it can always open a topic and see all the necessary information including the appearance of the program. In addition, the appearance of applications is constantly changing and in the directory to maintain the relevance of the program's appearance is almost impossible.
    - Screenshots (screenshot) - periodically updated, not needed in the directory, as they are present in the subject.
    - Different types and colors of fonts, with the exception of the selection of important or common links
  5. All non-thematic messages will be deleted, be careful.
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How to add a new category of applications?
If you want to add a new category of applications, read the rules below and use the template. Rules for creating a new category:
  1. When creating or editing a category, use the templates below. Observe uniformity in design.
  2. Select an application category. Examples:
    - Instant Messaging Clients
    - GO Developer
    - Transfer applications to the memory card
    The name of the category should be stated very clearly. Attempts to create a selection of "10 best applications according to my favorite," and indeed any personal build is prohibited. If you doubt the uniqueness of your category, ask in the topic of discussion.
  3. The initial number of applications in the created category is at least 5. Try to have the new category cover as many applications posted on the forum as possible. Try to identify the main applications that have their own features that are popular on the forum, are often updated and have a large number of settings, or they are simply convenient to use.
  4. No need to copy the application description from the topic header! Take the initiative It will be much more valuable if you yourself write a couple of lines, highlighting the main functions,distinguishing program from analogs. We work for the convenience of all users. The description should be brief, maximum a couple of lines (about 40 words).
  5. Try to make a message correctly, strictly competently.
  6. At the top of the list, locate the most popular (for example, the number of pages in the topic), customizable and advanced programs.
How to edit an existing application category?
If you want to add an application to an existing category:
Create a new message in the subject of the template, click the "complaint" and specify a link to the category that you want to add.

The message should contain only new applications and only on one category subject, do not write a title, it is easier to distinguish a new category from an old one. If you want to add applications for different categories, create a separate message for each category.
Category Template
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[LIST = 1] [*] [url = "//""The name of the first program [/ url] - Description of the first program
[*] [url = "//""The name of the second program [/ url] - Description of the second program [/ LIST]

The capabilities of applications indicated in the catalog and their appearance are valid as of the date the message was created (edited). Changes are possible in new versions, follow the link, check for a new version. If the description, name or appearance of the application is different from what is in the message, please click the complaint button and let us know what exactly is wrong.

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Notes / Reminders

  1. Evernote for Android- Notes, audio and photo recordings, upload to network storage
  2. Remember Everything- The application can work with reminders. Just tell him in a voice what and when you need to be reminded, for example: "Wake me up tomorrow at 10," "Train today at 5 pm, warn for half an hour."
  3. Wiz note- Multi-platform notes, a copy of Evernote, but with offline notebooks!
  4. Colornote- Functional notebook for notes.
  5. Note Everythink Lite- Create audio, graphic and text recordings. The program is distinguished primarily by a set of appearance settings, editors, etc.
  6. Gnotes- notes with online synchronization (Gmail)
  7. To Do Task Manager- Text notes, several options for sorting and filtering, a handy widget displaying all notes for the desktop.
  8. Mobisle Notes 1.0.3- Easy notepad, synchronization with GDocs.
  9. Extensive Notes Pro.- A powerful program for creating various types of notes.

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Attached ImageBrowsers (Internet browsers)

  1. Dolphin:
    Dolphin Browser- version of the famous browser. Support for skins, additional plug-ins, a lot of settings, convenient tabs. Support for gestures, there is Russian.
    Dolphin Browser Mini- younger brother HD version. Fewer functions, but it works faster and more stable. Plus requires the version of android only 1.6.
  2. Opera:
    Opera Mobile Classic- Opera Mini with increased functionality (flash, scripts). For the sake of increasing functionality, we had to sacrifice savings - even with the turbo mode turned on, compression would be much worse than Opera Mini.
    Opera Browser- Fully updated browser on the webkit engine.
    Opera Mini- Maximum traffic savings with minimal functionality. On some pages, the savings can be tenfold or even more. Also due to the compression of pages and images can greatly increase the speed of loading pages.
  3. UC Browser- Browser with the ability to compress traffic through its own server.
  4. Google chrome
  5. Firefox- port of the famous browser. There are a small number of plug-ins, it is interesting to work with tabs.
  6. Boat browser- fast, smart and simply cool browser.
  7. Habit Browser- Lightweight browser with great functionality.
  8. Puffin web browser- This is a fast browser to view the full version of websites with the ability to display millions of videos on your smartphones and tablets.
  9. Maxthon Mobile- browser port from PC. In terms of functionality and appearance, it resembles a mixture of Opera and Chrome. Supports skins.
  10. Lime: WEB Browser- Fast and convenient browser with a simple interface. Undemanding to resources.
  11. Next Browser
  12. Offline browser- A handy utility for offline viewing HTML pages.
  13. Floating Browser Flux!- "Floating" browser on top of all windows.

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Attached ImageSchedule, schedule

  1. WorkOrg- The program allows you to make schedules of any complexity, set a sound reminder before the shift.
  2. Shifty- A program for building and viewing shift work.
  3. A + TimeTable- Easy program for scheduling lessons, lectures, etc.
  4. HomeWork (D / C)- Free schedule with the ability to add a task.
  5. Grades: Student Organizer- Allows you to track your school assignments, homework, exams, semesters and more.
  6. Class buddy pro- Task manager, scheduler for the school (apparently overseas).
  7. TimeTable (for Student)- Very easy to use program for scheduling lectures (place, time, teacher). There is a field for notes, change of week.

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Attached ImageSort applications

  1. Folderorganizer- Organize applications / contacts / bookmarks via tags.
  2. All Apps Organizer- You can sort labels by category, frequency of use or something else. The number of categories is not limited, and their order is configured in the menu.
  3. Apps Organizer- Organization of installed applications through tags. Ability to create labels tags on the desktop.
  4. App Mate- Application Management. Neat home screen. Category definition applications for different folders, run and manage quickly and easily.
  5. Android Mate- Android Mate = App Organizer + SU File manager + Task manager + APK Installer.
  6. Advanced app drawer- The program allows you to create groups of applications, combine them and display a shortcut to the group on the desktop. Labels are assigned quite elegant icons. You can mark the application with different tags, relating each of them to several groups at once.
  7. Auto App Organizer- Features: Mass selection of applications and operations, automatic backup, automatic categorization, controls and shows you unused applications, transfer of new applications to a separate folder, quick, easy search for T9 applications.

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Attached ImageRecipes

  1. Cook- Search for a recipe of interest with a brief description and a list of ingredients.
  2. Ban Galushka- Quick and tasty culinary recipes. Including appetizers, main dishes, salads, soups, picnic dishes, vegetarian cuisine, beer dishes, baby food, diet cuisine, holiday recipes, fitness, feng shui, exotic cuisine, lean recipes, 50 kinds of borscht, search by ingredients.
  3. Caucasian kitchen- The most delicious recipes Caucasian cuisine. Many meat dishes, salads, drinks.
  4. Buy Food- Recipes + shopping list. Add the dish to the menu and in the shopping list all the necessary products for cooking will appear.
  5. Recipes- The application allows you to get a list of recipes by category, view them and save your favorites. The beta version of the program is currently available.
  6. 50+ recipes: Pancakes, Maslenitsa- The annex contains a little over 50 recipes for Shrovetide: classic pancakes, spring rolls, pancakes. All recipes in Russian.
  7. Recipes for every day- The program catalog contains a large number of sections: from soups and snacks to desserts and vegetarian dishes.
  8. Recipe Search- Quick and easy way to find recipes from all over the world! In English!
  9. My recipes- is an application that allows you to store, organize and transfer your personal recipes.

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Attached ImageVideo players

  1. MX Video Player (MX video player)- There is support for subtitles. You can scroll through the subtitles and select a background for them.
  2. RockPlayer Base- There is support for subtitles and their settings (color and font).
  3. Diceplayer
  4. Vplayer- Subtitle support ssa / ass, smi, sub, srt, txt. Streaming: http, rtsp, mms and m3u (apple http stream, m3u8). Remembers the last URL.
  5. Moboplayer- Based on optimized version of FFmpeg.
  6. QQplayer- Support for subtitle files SRT, SMI, as well as subtitles from MKV files.

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Attached ImageTV programs

  1. Tv program- I think the best program for watching TV programs.
  2. Tv control- A TV program is available on 283 TV channels. A TV program can be updated at the end of the week and you will receive a program schedule for today and for the week on all channels. When downloading a TV program for a week on one channel, the traffic will be used 0.5 - 5.0 kBytes (if without announcements).
  3. TV program- With this program you will always know what is now on TV, designed for offline viewing of the TV program.
  4. - Personal TeleRadioGid- This is a “smart” service for mobile devices, which itself determines which TV channel or radio station you are watching or listening to at the moment, and provides related information: an annotation for the current program, a program for several hours in advance, announcements of interesting programs, and much more.
  5. TV programme- The program allows you in your android: watch a television program on almost all channels available in Russia; search for programs of interest to you by name; watch a brief description of the program or movie; set a reminder to not forget about the program you wanted to watch.
  6. Tv box- An application for viewing the program of digital TV programs for OC Android versions 2.1, 2.2, 2.3. Implemented support for a large number of Russian channels (about 120 channels).
  7. VseTV- TV program for more than 400 channels in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other CIS countries.

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Learning languages

  1. Polyglot- study of English by the method of Dmitry Petrov. Transfer "Polyglot" on the channel "Culture".
  2. Rousseau tourist- A multilingual illustrated phrasebook from Russian into 29 foreign languages.
  3. SlovoUch- With it, you can learn the most popular English, French, Italian and German words.
  4. LearnWords- A good word learning program!
  5. Generals of language- A program for learning foreign languages ​​for the Android platform. Allows you to upload lessons created by you in any language and test your knowledge in 6 game modes with 5 levels of difficulty.
  6. WordSteps Mobile for Android- Ready base of 40,000 dictionaries, effective exercises, downloading dictionary entries from the Internet, word dubbing, 25 languages, transcription, reminder system.
  7. Wordoholic- 5 types of exercises, 6 repetitions, creating your own dictionaries, on-line swapping of voice acting (only English and Spanish), the ability to add voice acting yourself.
  8. Lingo quiz- The program of teaching foreign languages ​​with the help of cards, designed for advanced users who want to destroy the boundaries of fixed dictionaries, but do not want to fill words and translations manually.
  9. Langcards- Langcards will help you to train: you need to give the correct translations to foreign words and expressions.
  10. Anymemo- A program to memorize words / expressions / anything on cards.
  11. AnkiDroid- cards for memorizing words, expressions and other information.
  12. Project 50 Languages:50 languages ​​- 50 languages, English 50 languages, German 50 languages, French 50 languages, Spanish 50 languages, Russian 50 languages
    There are 100 lessons in 50 languages ​​( that allow beginners to learn basic vocabulary. The free app contains 30 lessons. Even without sufficient knowledge at the moment, you will very quickly learn to speak fluently in short sentences in real life situations.
  13. LinguaLeo- Learning English using the LinguaLeo service requires an internet connection and an account on the website
  14. Wordmemo- The program allows you to read and listen to books, view translations of words, save unfamiliar words, their meanings and contexts, and further memorize them.

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Attached ImageAudio players

  1. PowerAMP- Audio player with good support, the developer sits on the forum, accepts any suggestions, there are a huge number of opportunities. There is a Russian localization.
  2. JetAudio- one of the most popular players with support for BBE / BBE ViVA / Wide / Reverb / X-Bass and 10-band equalizer.
  3. Ttpod- A powerful player familiar to users of Symbian OS, now for Android.
  4. PlayerPro Music Player- equalizer, scrobbling music for service, quick installation
  5. Neutron Music Player- Audio player with professional sound quality.
    playing a song as a ringtone, play control by shaking the phone or scrolling through the screen and much more
  6. Astro player- Key features: Equalizer, listening to audio books and podcasts, working with Cyrillic tags and file names, variable playback speed, playing by folders, support for system playlists, a unique system of bookmarks for tracks and playlists.
  7. NRG Player- A simple music player for playing music files. Key features: an equalizer, support for 4shared cloud service, rating assignment to compositions, support for service, setting ringtones for a call, quick deletion of files from the playlist and much more.
  8. AIMP for Android- port of a popular player with a PC, based on the famous BASS engine. Russian developer.
  9. DeaDBeeF Player- 10-band equalizer, support for Internet radio, scrobbling, output of album covers, support for playlists, FLAC playback, WavePack (including .iso.wv), APE, TTA, ogg vorbis, wav and aac / mp4 and others formats, can work with stream files.
  10. GoneMAD Music Player- a multifunctional music player on its own engine (GoneMAD Audio Engine) with excellent sound quality.
  11. HikiPlayer- player for conservatives with a minimum of ryushechek, but with all the necessary options - there is a file manager, customizable appearance, automatic color scheme for the color of the track cover, equalizer, text viewing, timer.
  12. Dream player- player- "combine" with tag editor, search for covers, texts, automatic saving of pauses for all files, scrobbling, support for Yandex.Disk, Internet radio, themes - and that's not all.
  13. n7player music player- original player with tag clouds. There is an equalizer, editor, loading covers, etc.

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Attached ImageAudiobook players

  1. Listen Audiobook Player- Player for audio books with advanced functionality.
  2. Astro player- Powerful media player that supports listening to audio books and podcasts.
  3. Smart AudioBook Player- program for playing audiobooks. I really like the ability to specify a separate folder for audio books (to exclude music files) and the fact that after a pause or a call, an automatic rollback takes place for a couple of seconds. You can create bookmarks, a list of characters.
  4. MortPlayer Audio Books- Special version for audio books. Save positions for each track, bookmarks and so on.
  5. Akimbo Audiobook Player- Perhaps one of the best players: supports all major audio formats of books: M4A, M4B (recognizes chapters), MP4, MP3, ogg vorbis, WMA and FLAC; remembers the last position and the last volume level for each book; easy to use and much more.
  6. Ambling BookPlayer- A good audiobook player. In principle - in this program there is almost everything that should be.

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Flash Player (SWF)

  1. Adobe Flash Player- Flash Player for Android from Adobe Systems.
  2. SWF Player- Player .swf files. Key features: buttons of games on the screen, change of screen orientation, change in quality and performance, zoom, multitouch.
  3. Smart flash player- Player flash-files (. SWF), which are stored locally on the device (including memory card). Key features: playback control and support for full-screen mode.
  4. SWF Gamer (FlashBox)- Game player for swf flash-games. Key features: you can put on the screen a virtual stick-joystick, key emulation, which allows you to play games where you need a full keyboard.
  5. Flash game player- Game player for swf flash-games. Key features: control keys with the possibility of their appointment, multitouch, vibration, offline / online database, no zoom.
  6. SWF Viewer- Player .swf files. Key features: change the screen orientation, history and search, zoom, view information about the file.

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Attached ImageDrawing

  1. Sketcher- A worthy drawing tool, which feature in a very interesting graphic effects.
  2. Drawing pad- Drawing Pad is a mobile art studio! Create your own masterpieces using photo-realistic colored pencils, markers, brushes, colored pencils, stickers, ballpoint pens, crayons and much more!
  3. Pencil box free- The program will be of interest to children as well as adults who love to draw. Drawings in the program can be simple and complex, multi-layered and with a resolution larger than the display size.
  4. Magic Doodle Premium- The program is a graphic editor, in the arsenal of about 40 different brushes and effects. Supported multitouch.
  5. Anrawling- One of the best programs for drawing. There is a kaleidoscope, zoom function, Christmas cliparts, various effects, drawing on photos and much more.
  6. Paint- Good old paint.
  7. Draw and Share- With this program you can draw / erase, insert clipart objects or text labels. Supports drawing on blank canvas and on photos stored on the SD card. Brush settings are offered: color, transparency, thickness, effects.
  8. Magicmarker- MagicMarker is a neon-style drawing tool. You can draw on the background, as well as in the pictures.
  9. Send phiz- this app includes several dozen funny faces, which can be painted to your liking and saved to your smartphone’s memory card or sent via MMS.
  10. Tripping fest- Draw like you have never painted before! Literally a couple of movements and you, as in a kaleidoscope, have unique patterns and drawings.

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Recognition of bar, QR and matrix codes

  1. QR barcode scaner pro- convenient QR code scaner, QR code generator, barcode scanner.
  2. Barcode Scanner / Barcode Scanner +- scans any codes, does not require an Internet connection.
  3. QR Droid Private- QR code generator and recognizer, can output code for location, SMS, calendar events and much more.
  4. Quickmark- a simple scanner with the ability to scan business cards.
  5. I-nigma- i-nigma reader decodes 1D and 2D codes such as QR, DataMatrix, EAN 13 and UPC, uses the Internet.
  6. NeoReader- nominally stands on some Sony Ericsson, of the functions only search for information on the Internet.
  7. BeeTagg Multicode ReaderThe program for recognition of bar codes such as QR-code, DataMatrix, BeeTagg Code.
  8. Obsqr- Zbar QR decoder is used. It has an intuitive minimal interface - it starts scanning after launching the application. If a QR code is detected, it offers to perform actions related to this type of content.
  9. QR.BIZ scanner and generator- Simple, convenient QR scanner

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Attached ImageEqualizers and sound effects

  1. В® ViPER4Android (V4A)- many settings
  2. В® DSP Manager- Nice EQ pulled from cyanogenmod firmware. Adjust the sound in headphones, speaker, headset.

  3. Equalizer- Equalizer will allow you to flexibly adjust the levels of sound effects, so that you can get the maximum pleasure from listening to music on your phone! Apply an equalizer preset that matches the music genre, or quickly create your own preset with a 5-band equalizer. Additional effects are available: bass boost, reverb, virtualizer.
  4. Audio DSP & EQ plugin- 10 band graphic equalizer, Stereo audio effects, cross-fighting, unusual equalizer and sound effects.
  5. Audiofx widget- The program is workable through the widget. Tuning frequencies, stereo effects and more.
  6. Beats audio- 10 band equalizer and interface decorations in the same style

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Attached ImageTaxi call

  1. Taxido- Quick call a taxi from a mobile phone. After launching, the application will determine the current taxi numbers automatically and all you have to do is press the call button. Countries: Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia.
  2. ECT: Taxi call- Himself taxi dispatcher. Order a taxi with one button.
  3. Taxolly (Taxofly)- TaxoFly - a mobile application for ordering a taxi. We do not show you a list of available services, we deliver a comfortable car to you faster than you can type “I am going”. Leave the usual taxi past!
  4. Yandex.Taxi- Yandex.Taxi allows you to find an official taxi near you. About a thousand cars are constantly in touch with Yandex. While the application allows you to call a taxi only in Moscow. You do not need to call taxi services - the order is sent immediately to all our partners: Taxi @ SMS, XXL-TAXI, City Mobil, GLOBUS TAXI, Taxi Pilot, Millenium Taxi,, Taxi and Rhythm- Taxi".
  5. Taxi Teleport- The application allows you to call a taxi and get the best service at the right price.
  6. inTaxi- The program allows you to order a car anytime, anywhere (Moscow and St. Petersburg) directly from your smartphone. All you need to do is to specify the points of departure and destination (stations, airports and recent addresses are displayed), travel time (as soon as possible or a specific hour) and, if desired, additional trip parameters.

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Attached ImageTraffic accounting

  1. 3G watchdog- The program is useful for tariffs with prepaid Internet packages. The program sets the amount of data that can be received during the day / week / month and the critical level of consumption when the program notifies that the traffic ends. The program also allows you to display a report on traffic for the day / week / month and allows you to export this report to cvs.
  2. Call meter 3G- The program takes into account 2G / 3G / 4G traffic, talk time, the number of SMS and MMS. There is no accounting for WiFi traffic. The presence of many options allows very fine settings for your personal needs / tariff plans, for example, you can create and account for free contingents for calls / sms / mms, rules for (not) accounting for certain numbers. There are widgets.
  3. SPB Wireless Monitor- Detailed reports on the consumption of traffic specific applications or for a certain period of time. Creation of daily, monthly and annual reports, as well as the provision of useful information for an arbitrarily specified period of time. Supports all leading wireless technologies, including CDMA, GPRS, 3G and Wi-Fi. Use a compact onscreen widget to display important information.
  4. Traffic monitor- The RadioOpt Traffic Monitor shows the amount of traffic consumed by your Wi-Fi and cellular networks. Download and upload speeds can be measured using the built-in speed test. To use monitor traffic, you need to add a widget to your desktop.
  5. Internet speed meter- A program to monitor Internet traffic 2G / 3G / Wi-Fi from the notification line. Displays internet speed right on the status bar. Traffic logs from the past 30 days.
  6. Network monitor- Utility for Android-communicators, which counts incoming and outgoing traffic with 2G / 3G and WI-FI-connection. When a certain value is reached, it gives a warning, draws a convenient graph.
  7. Data Counter Widget- A small widget that displays information about the total traffic 2G / 3G and WiFi. It is possible to select the background (including transparent) and the text color, the update frequency of the widget, as well as the time period of displayed traffic.

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Operating System Emulators

  1. QEMU- Runs any OS in the image of * .img and * .iso
  2. BOCHS- Pentium PC emulator. Running OS for x86.
  3. MS-DOS- With this emulator, you can play old, favorite games, as well as run various software designed to run under MS-DOS.

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Attached ImageStopwatches, timers

  1. StopWatch & Timer plus- Stopwatch and timer.
  2. Hybrid Stopwatch and Timer- Stylish timer and stopwatch for Android.
  3. Interval Training Timer AD- Timer with workout intervals.
  4. Ultimate Stopwatch & Timer- Stopwatch / Timer.
  5. Final countdown- Excellent timer with widget.
  6. Space timer- Stylish timer with custom presets.
  7. TwoTouch Timer Full- Countdown timers, alarm clocks, stopwatches, etc.
  8. Oi countdown- Just a timer.

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Attached Image"Cloud" data storage and synchronization services

  1. Dropbox- Well-known dropbox. A program to synchronize your files online for all your computers.
  2. Yandex.Disk- program for working with Yandex disk
  3. Official client to access file online storage. 5 GB of free space - free; file management, two-way download; preview function; Direct links to shared files.
  4. Sugarsync- In the proposed storage, users can post documents, personal collections of digital images, audio and video data, and any other files. SugarSync client software is completely free and comes bundled with 5 gigabytes of server space. If necessary, customers can increase the storage capacity for a fairly modest monthly fee.
  5. GSAnywhere [/ b]- File storage on Google Storage.
  6. Cloud Mail.Ru- A convenient application for storing documents, photos, videos and other files with
    opportunity in one click to send them to your friends.

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Attached ImageUtilities

  1. В® Multi Mount SD Card- Mount SD with access to both PC and phone. Convenient widget. If you have a working ext-partition on SD, this program will greatly simplify your life.
  2. В® Link2SD- Allows you to selectively transfer installed applications to a memory card, as well as manage installed applications - freeze, delete, reinstall, clean the cache, etc.
  3. Home switcher- an application for switching between the launchers installed in the phone.
  4. В® StickMount- automatically mounts usb-drive if your device supports USB-otg function
  5. В® Full! Screen- the program allows you to hide the notification panel
  6. В® SetCPU- control of frequency, voltage, modes of auto mashstabirovaniya frequency processor.
  7. Tasker- performing actions on events
  8. В® Directory Bind- transferring any directories to a memory card will help those users who run out of memory in the built-in data storage of the phone.
  9. JScreenFix - Fix stuck pixels- eliminates hot pixels
  10. В® SystemApp Remover- removal of system applications.
  11. В® LMT Launcher В®- device management gestures. The program is suitable for those who want to get rid of the onscreen software buttons at the bottom of the screen, or for those who want more device management features.
  12. Timeriffic- change of profiles on a schedule, for example, can turn on airplane mode for the night automatically.
  13. В® Titanium Backup- create backup copies of any applications and their data, and much more.
  14. В® GMD Hide Soft Keys- a program to hide the onscreen software buttons at the bottom of the screen

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