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The theme was created not to flood the main topic of the VideoReg program.

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The main page of the program

Download VideoReg on Android Market I Buy VideoReg on the Android Market

And, let's agree on the pictures to hide under the spoiler, otherwise not the topic, but the gallery will turn out ...
Remember those who look through the forums mobile

Test video recorded by VideoReg on various phone models

What, I still need to finish or I would like to finish in the DVR

Optimal DVR settings (in the process of filling)
Important! How to download, export / import settings BP. From Grand1
Download settings file :
To download a specific Settings.txt file, hover your mouse over the file you are interested in and click the right mouse button, select "save object as ..." in the pop-up menu and specify the location where you want to save the settings file.
The BP settings are exported as follows. :
Run BP ->Press the Phone Menu button ->Select Settings ->Press the Phone Menu button ->Select Export Settings.
The exported Settings.txt file will be located in / mnt / sdcard / VideoReg / ... The debug.log is also located here (this is where debugging information about the operation of BP is written).
Import Settings is performed in the same way, only you first need to copy the imported Settings.txt file to the Root BP folder ...
If the root folder of the BP is on an external flash card (SD), then the path will be / mnt / sdcard / External_SD / VideoReg, respectively ...

Here you can find the optimal DVR settings for certain models of devices from the forum participants.

Samsung Galaxy S2 from Grand1 option 1 - VideoReg - Third Party Discussion Topics
Samsung Galaxy S2 from Grand1 option 2 - VideoReg - Third Party Discussion Topics
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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 from sidoy2271 - VideoReg - Third-party discussion topics (Post # 17122453)
Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505 from advasa - VideoReg - Third-party discussion topics (Post # 24533504)
Samsung Galaxy S4 from iqz - VideoReg - Third-party discussion topics (Post # 25657207)


Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY from villismall - VideoReg - Third-party discussion topics (Post # 26840504)

Other models

Forced air cooling system

Fastening options in the car and completion holders

Option for attaching an expansion lens

Why you should not record the speed with GPS on video
A small article from Dear GrAnd1 "About expediency of fixing speed from GPS to video"

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GrAnd1 @ 06.12.2011, 00:15*
Now the DVR industry is only gaining momentum, by the way, DVRs with tolerable recording quality in FullHD (except for the night of course) have begun to appear on sale, for example, at xDevice, the BB-5 and BB-12 models seem to write nothing, but the spoon of tar is present. Those. if it writes well, then something is missing, for example, the function of recording start by motion in a frame (motion sensor), etc.

For example, do in St. Petersburg:

DVR-600FHD Car DVR is a hi-end device in its class. Video shooting is carried out in FullHD 1080p format at 30 frames per second. Wide viewing angle recorder is 120 degrees, which allows to capture multiple lanes. High-performance processor recorder compresses the video without any quality loss using a codec MPEG-4 / AVC h.264. Also, there are such necessary functions asMotion Sensor Recording video in a loop, recording switch during engine start . Menu behavior and shooting settings makes it possible to set the DVR completely "by itself", to include delay before recording, activate the auto-shutdown device, set the length of video clips and much more. The latest version of the software eliminates missed seconds between tracks. Etc.
All this at a price of 5 thousand. R. a third-party seller (tyk), And the firm has a shop (Address: Peter Street Marshal Govorov, etc. 8A (812.). 784-87-42), which, I think, even cheaper.


Here on thisDVR-100HDNow the discount, it costs only 1499 rubles.

there (tyk), several Yet.

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qxbutch @ 08.12.2011, 09:07*
give a link where ECS-V1A2BEGSTD to 36. It is unreal !!!

A mistake in the translation course;) is $ 36 - $ 33 :)

p.s. About ended ... :( more recently.
But the stores are on 320 UAH. / 8 = $ 40

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How do you like this machine?

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Duc, who knows about and buy raskazhet us;) only wait for a long time

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sidoy2271 @ 08.12.2011, 19:38*
to you this machine?

The characteristics of the device is good, although if you need to AUTO is the solution?
But what if he will die in a week? In the trash? There is a Russian service centers for its services?

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Today was going to work (just do a thought of the dark to try, but went in before) and tried instead SGS2 plug the camera into the cradle "Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-WX5"(1080i at 50 frames / sec).
But fear of problems with the computation in the Internet, has exposed recording format not 1920h1080i 50 K / s, with MTS container 1440h1080r 25 K / s, with the MP4 container.
After viewing the house, the lens angle pleasantly surprised, already lined semicircular torpedo as in truck food :). And of course, as you might expect, there is no loss of focus, although shaking nepodetski ... But it should be noted that the camera has optical image stabilization (I really did not notice it).
5 minute file will be 500MB,Here is a video on Youtube ...
Format: MPEG-4
Profile format: Sony PSP
codec identifier: MSNV
File size: 482 MB
Duration: 5 m. 34 p.
total bit rate mode: Variable
The total flow of 12.1 Mbit / s

ID: 1
Format: AVC
Format / Info: Advanced Video Codec
Profile format: [email protected]
CABAC parameter format: Yes
Parameter ReFrames format: 2 frames
GOP parameter format: M = 1, N = 6
codec identifier: avc1
Codec ID / Info: Advanced Video Coding
Duration: 5 m. 34 p.
Kind of the bit rate: Variable
Bitrate: 12.0 Mbit / s
The maximum bit rate: 16.0 Mbps / sec
Width: 1440 pixels
Height: 1080
Aspect ratio: 16: 9
Frame rate mode: Permanent
Frame Rate: 25,000 frames / sec
Color Space: YUV
Downsampling saturation: 4: 2: 0
The bit depth of 8 bits
Development type: Progressive
Bit / (pixels * Frame): 0.308
flow Size: 477 MB (99%)

Identifier: 2
Format: AAC
Format / Info: Advanced Audio Codec
Profile format: LC
codec identifier: 40
Duration: 5 m. 34 p.
Bitrate Type: Permanent
Bitrate: 128 Kbit / s
Channels: 2 channel
Location channels: Front: L R
Frequency: 48.0 KHz
Compression Method: Lossy
flow Size: 5.10 MB (1%)

sidoy2271 @ 08.12.2011, 19:38*
How do you like this machine?
Damn, all HD DVR for one person ... It seems that all of them are buying in China, in bulk, constructors, and gather in the garage ...
A real, honest 1080p Full HD video, both in SGS2 not met yet in any iron HD DVR ... or interpolated from 720p, or stretched out 800h640 ...

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how strange herein write 120 degree angle, on a device 180 ...
And why for FullHD 12-megapixel sensor? there file size I will repent crazy

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GrAnd1 @ 08.12.2011, 20:45*
Today was going to work (just do a thought of the dark to try, but went in before) and tried instead SGS2 stick holder camera "Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-WX5" (1080i at 50 frames / sec).

Here, recorded telephone:
Good weather (47 meters).
Bad weather, dark (54 meters).

I apologize in advance for the "shmygane" nose, runny nose = Peter! : D

To less shaking, put taped on the dashboard, "drag" on the glass and strengthened, ie shefixedly lies.

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vdsen @ 08.12.2011, 21:19*
Here, recorded telephone: good weather (47 meters) .Plohaya weather darkens (54 meters).
Well, the good weather is, and where the bad? o.O
The weather is good, and the video is not very much, IMHO ...

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SergeyGavrilenko @ 08.12.2011, 18:31*
Made a mistake in the translation rate is not $ 36 - $ 33

a great option. good for you.
Strange why ebae expensive.

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It may question a bit out of topic, but you can trim your video files to .mp4? VirtualDub does not accept the format.

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Someone discussed how to get rid of the vibration of the car holder, I also got a car holder flimsy.
I did so. Sawed off the leg and connected the two parts with the help of a stud.

Thanks for the tip) I have now also normal Holder)

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Serum @ 08.12.2011, 20:32*
It may question a bit out of topic, but you can trim your video files to .mp4? VirtualDub does not accept the format.

VideoSplitter - clean cut.
qxbutch @ 08.12.2011, 19:57*
A great option. good for you. Strange why ebae expensive.

I was surprised when I saw in the store price.
They said that this unit was brought to Ukraine in large quantities, almost all home accessories.

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Attached file2011_12_08__20_06_09.mp4(26.01 MB)

scene-mode = auto
focus-mode = infinity
iso = night

phone itself moved to 15kadrov / s mode
picture clarity due to so-so naturally 480p
But the frame is illuminated properly.

Attached file2011_12_08__09_19_19.mp4(41.68 MB)

800x480 in day mode
scene-mode = auto
focus-mode = continuous-video
iso = auto

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GrAnd1 @ 08.12.2011, 10:25*
A, respectively, bit rate and other variable parameters, entirely (but not only) depend on the exposure, the greater the light in a scene, the more bitrate ...

Thank you for a clarification. : Thank_you:
I have thought that so much falls bitrate night. The cap is not found (not noted), but read carefully.

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qxbutch @ 09.12.2011, 00:35*
800x480 in day mode
Che that I do not understand why you're in some lower resolutions eksperimentiruesh?

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Alex112 @ 08.12.2011, 20:57*
And why for FullHD 12-megapixel sensor? there file size I will repent crazy
BUT16 megapixelsyou do not want?
Everything to attract customers (photo + video camera + video recorder) ... and the file size, you can always reduce the codecs.
Generally, if the DVR is not used iron chipAmbarella iOneorA7Then on the honest FullHD 1080p at 30 / s, you can not count ...
More will wait and fair 60 / s at 1080., And the type of application matricesExmor R :)

In the DVR, the link above, just use Ambarella chip, but the picture in it, just sgovnyali codec (pinched too), but segodyashny day, best video (picture quality) among the iron DVR, I have not seen ... And as always, there is a fly in the ointment, there is a cyclic record ... And did not see another example of the night video on it: umnik:.

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GrAnd1 @ 09.12.2011, 00:19*
Quote (qxbutch @ 09.12.2011, 00:35)
800x480 in day mode Che that I do not understand why you're in some lower resolutions eksperimentiruesh?

I mean that in this mode, night mode settings are working honestly.
and in the afternoon it is certainly better 720p +

Alternatively I think the night to do 480p, and 720p in the afternoon.
Only it is necessary that the program allows you to select the resolution setting and the bit rate separately for night and day.

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deadadmin @ 09.12.2011, 10:46*
RubberBigPepper, there are no possibilities to the large speed indicator option to add an option large clock? All the same, I have the speed -15km \ h shows, but the hours are very necessary)

I was then scored all the brains for hours, but it cleans the moderators ...
I useWatches by the same author.
View their work at the photos and video, in real time, you cansdes under spoiler...

RubberBigPepper, once again, I beg you add to BP's very necessary feature,your watch. Very much gemorno each time to run them, to go ... In addition, we have put in, otherwise far to climb to turn off the checkbox of them, to them by tap setting appears, and this is impeding poke the screen BP or something more ... every time they expect when they disappear from the screen ...
TranslucentClock just a godsend for people like me ... Even if the machine has a full-time hours, I like, it is necessary to change driving glasses to look at them in a while ...
I think that users of BP is not wholly impaired enough, and their number will only increase ... :)

I tried to useTaskermany times, something really nothing is impossible ...
Objective: Tasker launch of BP monitors and runs together with him a watch. Then follows the closing of BP and closes together with him a watch.
I do not understand how to do it?
If someone suggested, as Tasker to do ... I would be eternally grateful ...
Especially in Tasker, you can upload and download profiles ...

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qxbutch @ 09.12.2011, 12:18*
Only it is necessary that the program allows you to select the resolution setting and the bit rate separately for night and day.
And I'm talking about too much ... It just did not write ...
+ You a turnip :).

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