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The theme was created not to flood the main topic of the VideoReg program.

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The main page of the program

Download VideoReg on Android Market I Buy VideoReg on the Android Market

And, let's agree on the pictures to hide under the spoiler, otherwise not the topic, but the gallery will turn out ...
Remember those who look through the forums mobile

Test video recorded by VideoReg on various phone models

What, I still need to finish or I would like to finish in the DVR

Optimal DVR settings (in the process of filling)
Important! How to download, export / import settings BP. From Grand1
Download settings file :
To download a specific Settings.txt file, hover your mouse over the file you are interested in and click the right mouse button, select "save object as ..." in the pop-up menu and specify the location where you want to save the settings file.
The BP settings are exported as follows. :
Run BP ->Press the Phone Menu button ->Select Settings ->Press the Phone Menu button ->Select Export Settings.
The exported Settings.txt file will be located in / mnt / sdcard / VideoReg / ... The debug.log is also located here (this is where debugging information about the operation of BP is written).
Import Settings is performed in the same way, only you first need to copy the imported Settings.txt file to the Root BP folder ...
If the root folder of the BP is on an external flash card (SD), then the path will be / mnt / sdcard / External_SD / VideoReg, respectively ...

Here you can find the optimal DVR settings for certain models of devices from the forum participants.

Samsung Galaxy S2 from Grand1 option 1 - VideoReg - Third Party Discussion Topics
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Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY from villismall - VideoReg - Third-party discussion topics (Post # 26840504)

Other models

Forced air cooling system

Fastening options in the car and completion holders

Option for attaching an expansion lens

Why you should not record the speed with GPS on video
A small article from Dear GrAnd1 "About expediency of fixing speed from GPS to video"

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LG Google Nexus4
Rechargeable SGS2 native 700mA.
He writes with subtitles 1280 by 720 at 30 frames, with Yandex cards and the screen almost to maximum brightness is charged and almost not heated (in the sun 37 degrees maximum).
Telefonchik very decently behaved, surprisingly, for LGOG (soplatformennika) is still the same oven.
Cons: no memory card and OTG.

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Optimal settings videoreg 6.4 (Pro) for Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505.

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advasa @ 25.08.2013, 20:45*
Optimal settings videoreg 6.4 (Pro) for Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505.

Added to the header, thanks.

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degrease @ 24.08.2013, 02:49*
Yes, 180 honest, but 260.Vot Applications with the video in motion. At the junction, in the middle, like the loss of sharpness there. The stop number is read with difficulty in neighboring polosah.PICT0056.AVI (125.34 MB) Max Downloaded 2A's back together with video kameroy.PICT0067.AVI (103.8 MB) Max downloads 3

Eeeee. And what the camera shoots the mirror ??? I do not quite get!

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subtitles you also do not impose on the fly?

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Please tell me what can be probleta with LG Optimus G (e975, JB 4.1.2) - launch VideoReg and often the image on the pre-view is not focused - much eroded, but after clicking on ekranu as if focusing (this can not be done while recording, so it by tap sohranyaet rescue video). Also, when driving, if the picture recording initially clear, in 3 - 5 minutes the impression that he was "dis-being focused", the picture becomes very blurred and writes to stop the video. I tried different ways to focus - auto, infinity, normal, continuous video, but it's still the same problem. Settings: 1280x720, 5 mbit / sec, 30 fps.

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Maniac82 @ 25.08.2013, 23:15*
Eeeee. And what the camera shoots the mirror ??? I do not quite get!

Well, how would you look in the rearview mirror: rolleyes:

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degrease @ 27.08.2013, 11:23*
Well, how would you look in the rearview mirror

And it helps when parking it back camera? As I understand it in the cabin costs.

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degrease @ 23.08.2013, 23:49*
Yes, 180 honest, but Applications with the 260.
Here's a video on the move. At the junction, in the middle, like the loss of sharpness there. The emphasis rooms with hard to read in the adjacent bands.
Generally course concept regs right, the registrar has to be that way 360 degrees, but only for the good and the right hardware ...
Well, we will again wait for the manufacturer to make a normal recorder to a good stuffing with real FullHD on a circle ...
I think it will be a recorder on the processor Ambarella A7.
Although, to be honest, and so it seems indecent angle (rather unusual) great, especially with the rear camera ... :)

degrease, if you're not going to return, I would be dismantled and sfotkal toppings, chips, etc. (if not scary of course) ... B)

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Good day...

under version 6.4 for SGSII no good settings will not share?

I'll be very thankful...

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polkoffnik @ 01.09.2013, 19:41*
under version 6.4 for SGSII no good not to share settings

The cap has threads.

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Owners of Sony ZL, tell me what the holders of use?

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Caged for smartphones

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mol-nick @ 04.09.2013, 23:55*

Expensive for the money easier to buy a full-fledged video recorder with excellent quality ... unfortunately.

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Guys, I understand that the issue with the selection of "sick" of the holder in this thread, but I refused to buy the DVR (hidden way, and the others have to carry with them further - I do not wear barsetok :)) in favor videoreg, and therefore looking for suitable phone hardware into the vehicle.

Rustled here all topics and tips, as well as what we have in Kiev in the market focused on the three options. 2 in a flexible and a rigid leg 1 (afraid that the shot does not leak sucker on glass).

As I understand it in the flex-rigid leg higher vibration?
Here is: latter was already in my other purposes, manually difficult to adjust, but the vibration has not been canceled).

Here on a rigid same: similar to highscreen'ovsky, who immediately laid.

Velcro and magnets do not want to - not mine.

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1ndig0 @ 07.09.2013, 21:17*
Velcro and magnets do not want to - not mine

But this option is not considered:

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1ndig0 @ 07.09.2013, 18:17*
Seeking suitable for your phone in the car mount.
On a flexible stalk swept aside immediately.
Leg must be very thick and strong. Find this hard ...
More depends on the inclination angle of the windshield.
Earlier in 2110 I enjoyedHighscreen<VOB3>
Now Hyundai Solaris this one, bought on ebay for 65r. At ten inclination angle of the windshield more and sucker was strongly visible.
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at the same timepolarizing filtershow.
That's how it works:
Turn the ring filter is removed torpedo reflection on the windshield. But it obscures the picture and so the counter number smeared ...
Sucker, too little seen, but keep it quite acceptable, clearly visible when driving tramways:

I must say that all Suction cup mount is not that sucker in the heat begins to hang out at the base, and in the winter may not stick to the glass.
Double-sided tape on the most ...

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1ndig0 @ 07.09.2013, 18:17*
Here on a rigid same:

I like installed on Solaris, but only 5mm from the torpedo to thrust every time I insert an eraser, so as not shaking, and instead of the eraser fyuzhine raise the upper lid of the glove compartment that much udobney.Glavnoe that support was used.

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If you need very rigid base, here I found such holder. it gets interesting in the video recording, or not ...

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1ndig0 @ 08.09.2013, 02:58*
If you need very rigid base, here I found such holder. it gets interesting in the video recording, or not ...

I think that in this holder you definitely get something from it into the frame.
Here is my holder, it is made up of two things: one took a substrate for the phone and on the other leg.
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As you can see in the photo, with his leg up as much as possible. If you write in FullHD - there is nothing in the picture does not get, if in HD - the joint gets his feet in the frame, but not much, in the upper right-hand corner, where the 5 mm.
Fans on the side of the photo holder - this is the phone for cooling in the heat in the sun, it helps me a lot in the summer - there was no overheating even at full load and full sun.

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