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The theme was created not to flood the main topic of the VideoReg program.

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The main page of the program

Download VideoReg on Android Market I Buy VideoReg on the Android Market

And, let's agree on the pictures to hide under the spoiler, otherwise not the topic, but the gallery will turn out ...
Remember those who look through the forums mobile

Test video recorded by VideoReg on various phone models

What, I still need to finish or I would like to finish in the DVR

Optimal DVR settings (in the process of filling)
Important! How to download, export / import settings BP. From Grand1
Download settings file :
To download a specific Settings.txt file, hover your mouse over the file you are interested in and click the right mouse button, select "save object as ..." in the pop-up menu and specify the location where you want to save the settings file.
The BP settings are exported as follows. :
Run BP ->Press the Phone Menu button ->Select Settings ->Press the Phone Menu button ->Select Export Settings.
The exported Settings.txt file will be located in / mnt / sdcard / VideoReg / ... The debug.log is also located here (this is where debugging information about the operation of BP is written).
Import Settings is performed in the same way, only you first need to copy the imported Settings.txt file to the Root BP folder ...
If the root folder of the BP is on an external flash card (SD), then the path will be / mnt / sdcard / External_SD / VideoReg, respectively ...

Here you can find the optimal DVR settings for certain models of devices from the forum participants.

Samsung Galaxy S2 from Grand1 option 1 - VideoReg - Third Party Discussion Topics
Samsung Galaxy S2 from Grand1 option 2 - VideoReg - Third Party Discussion Topics
Samsung Galaxy S2 from mol-nick - VideoReg - Third-party discussion topics (Post # 23181475)
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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 from sidoy2271 - VideoReg - Third-party discussion topics (Post # 17122453)
Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505 from advasa - VideoReg - Third-party discussion topics (Post # 24533504)
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Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY from villismall - VideoReg - Third-party discussion topics (Post # 26840504)

Other models

Forced air cooling system

Fastening options in the car and completion holders

Option for attaching an expansion lens

Why you should not record the speed with GPS on video
A small article from Dear GrAnd1 "About expediency of fixing speed from GPS to video"

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Yes, I have already writtenAbout expediency of fixing speed from GPS to video.
Sokrost GPS accuracy is not guaranteed in any shirpotrebovsky device, and the fact that used in military production, inaccessible to us ...

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I was thinking in the 6.4 to implement access via blyupup to an external GPS receiver.

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Son21 @ 07.06.2013, 13:36*
Why lug around, shoot them if you can stick a camera tightly to the windshield - as an element of decor to make

Campaign needs a new topic ...
Also consider that the cameras should be placed permanently in the interior, and e-filling with display, removable or masquerading - on the torpedo (tablet, for example). Nothing like this has not yet found (thanks Uchenik48). : Happy:;)

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RubberBigPepper @ 11.06.2013, 21:02*
I was thinking in the 6.4 to implement access via blyupup to an external GPS receiver.
For the marketing and promotion of BP well of course. ;)
In practice enough to get the coordinates and the built-in GPS, but what about the GPS speed my opinion known ...

But first make friends with BP fully Tasker
And it turns out one-sided friendship.
Incidentally, this is also a good marketing ... It will be possible to say: Full support for Tasker.

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RubberBigPepper @ 11.06.2013, 21:02*
I was thinking in the 6.4 to implement access via blyupup to an external GPS receiver.

hereVolandZel, threw a little idea, I thought it was basically really do BP.
Fitch would poluchilast killing, competitors can not dream ...;)
reversing camera with your phone (Post # 20556021)

In short, it is necessary to stir up support for the rear view camera bluetooth BP, while competitors are not intercepted.
Engage reverse gear, BP switched to a rear view camera is super easy ..!
What do you think really do?

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Share a link to at least one such camera. So I can buy it

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Not exactly what we need, but still ... -
Miniature Wi-Fi video camera -http: //www.xn--b1aedjabyjo.xn--p1ai/index....cherez-internet

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RubberBigPepper @ 12.06.2013, 15:44*
Share a link to at least one such camera. So I can buy it

Wireless Rear View Camera
Wireless Car Rear View Camera with Nightvision for GPS Navigator
Wireless Rear View Car Camera 170 Degree Wide Viewing Angle
Wireless Rear View Camera
Kit for the wireless transmission of the signal from the rear view camera

on ibeeOnly sets yet found

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About vayfay camera that I know, and that's where blutusnye

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RubberBigPepper @ 12.06.2013, 16:18*
About vayfay camera that I know, and that's where blutusnye

And on the wafer can not stir up?
And bandwidth and greater range, and as it turned out, and the cameras ...

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I made for your notesystem of forced air cooling As phone running Megakombayna from GrAnd1 in conjunction with DVR VideoReg + navigation (using Yandex Navigator, and he is a power-intensive programs) + MapcamDroid + hot weather + sun + charging - phone very quickly overheated above 65 degrees and android cut off the charging , there were failures ...
All this cost me 300 rubles (purchase price of 2 fans) and an evening time.
Now, after tests carried out by me at full load: Megakombayn + VideoReg (recording in background, preview window on the screen) + Yandex Navigator + MapcamDroid + translucent hours + charger connected - phone temperature in clear weather but no direct sun on the phone - 46- 48 degrees, with direct sun on the back of the holder - temperature 48-51 grudusov in direct sun on your phone screen - the temperature 54-55 degrees, longer increase was not observed temperature. True car with climate control, but the cold air, for the purity of experimentation on the holder did not direct.
What is needed: two case fans (size 40x40x10 mm and 25h25h10 mm, 12 volt, the turnover and the volume of pumped air not paying attention, I do tend to think that the most hilenkie), micro-switch (required for supplying power to the fan when the phone is inserted into the holder) slightly shrinking (go and duct tape), a piece of plastic for the bottom under the fans, screws, soldering iron, side cutters, drill, broach, I still have the engraver the Dremel, but without it you can do (I have them do a large-diameter holes), from the old cable broken charging (in the photo, he twisted, you need to supply 12 volts to the fans, I soldered it to the board Auto Chargers after the fuse).
On the part of the whole system does not refer to "farm", I say this honestly was afraid to understand that it is necessary to look closely to the car, with a meter at all like a normal holder ...
On the note can be increased if the fan size to 50h50h10 mm and put additional 25h25h10 mm, if everything is still overheating, just make a reservation - I have a car with air conditioning ...

Fans and microswitch
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Shot view of the rear holder
Attached Image

At the bottom of the holder is mounted in the center of the micro-switch
Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

For other phones, I think this also can be done, you need only to fans on the size should. About the noise when the machine is plugged - that fans heard, and when riding them did not hear.
Then I plan to paint the cap screws in black ...

Curators - can add a post in the hat?

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VolandZel @ 12.06.2013, 21:55*
Curators - can add a post in the hat?

Thank you already added.

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And on the wafer can muddy the rearview camera?
After all, these cameras on it and work.
Already ordered some rear view camera?
I think, to move in this direction is still not ...

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GrAnd1 @ 13.06.2013, 11:43*
And on the wafer can muddy the rearview camera?

Well, maybe you can, but for this purpose in the machine needs to keep still and WiFi router.
On the one hand the advantages are many-USB 3G modem into the router and here is in the car an Internet phone as through vayfay will take (to save battery).
But the disadvantages: need another device to the power source and that the type bespereboynik.
Also, these cameras give an already compressed H.264 stream, that is, to impose subtitles will not work, you have to decompress.

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RubberBigPepper @ 13.06.2013, 09:56*
Only for this purpose in the machine needs to keep still and WiFi router.
I do not understand why a router? We do not need to distribute video content to multiple devices.
Wafer phone can find and connect your camera as a client on its network parameters, IP, MAC address, and so on, through Wi-Fi Direct directly.
And about the subtitle then I thought, on clamping the flow should be a lot of resources and time, so long as a good thing that the thread is clamped.
For starters, you can switch the video recording in the VR for the rear view camera to "write without imposing subtitle", do not worry ...

You try to connect 2 phone via Wi-Fi Direct, will anything?
To generate thoughts you can readHow to upload a file (s) via Wi-Fi without the Internet.

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GrAnd1 @ 13.06.2013, 13:23*
You try to connect 2 phone via Wi-Fi Direct, will anything?

I tried only if both support it connects, respectively camera is not connected

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RubberBigPepper @ 13.06.2013, 12:25*
respectively, the camera does not connect

Trying it is necessary to examine, IP-cameras are connected on the same Wi-Fi ...
TinyCam Monitor
DroidCamX Wireless Webcam
And what Wireless rear view camera is different from IP-cameras?
I think the protocol used is the same ...

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You yourself then read it spread?
The first - the usual viewer IP cameras connected over IP (respectively, or the camera in the same home sub-mesh as a phone, but it implies a minimum router or white IP somewhere in the internet).
The second link, turning the phone into a kind of webcams for the company. On the client computer and phone control program is placed.

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Clearly, we seek blyupup rearview camera, they are there, but so far only in conjunction with "monitors" find ...

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no, you all still have to buy some "Wireless rear camera Bluetooth Night Vision" and deal with it on the spot.
I think there is enough putannitsa descriptions / titles and no one really does not specify what protocol it works.
If we translate "Wireless rear camera Bluetooth Night Vision", it's "Wireless Rear View Camera Night Vision Bluetooth".
Most likely, most of these cameras have a rear view and blyupup or radio for Wireless LAN slozhnovat to connect and interface transmitter and receiver ...
Wireless And they all have a view of the wireless, I think so ...

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