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The theme was created not to flood the main topic of the VideoReg program.

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The main page of the program

Download VideoReg on Android Market I Buy VideoReg on the Android Market

And, let's agree on the pictures to hide under the spoiler, otherwise not the topic, but the gallery will turn out ...
Remember those who look through the forums mobile

Test video recorded by VideoReg on various phone models

What, I still need to finish or I would like to finish in the DVR

Optimal DVR settings (in the process of filling)
Important! How to download, export / import settings BP. From Grand1
Download settings file :
To download a specific Settings.txt file, hover your mouse over the file you are interested in and click the right mouse button, select "save object as ..." in the pop-up menu and specify the location where you want to save the settings file.
The BP settings are exported as follows. :
Run BP ->Press the Phone Menu button ->Select Settings ->Press the Phone Menu button ->Select Export Settings.
The exported Settings.txt file will be located in / mnt / sdcard / VideoReg / ... The debug.log is also located here (this is where debugging information about the operation of BP is written).
Import Settings is performed in the same way, only you first need to copy the imported Settings.txt file to the Root BP folder ...
If the root folder of the BP is on an external flash card (SD), then the path will be / mnt / sdcard / External_SD / VideoReg, respectively ...

Here you can find the optimal DVR settings for certain models of devices from the forum participants.

Samsung Galaxy S2 from Grand1 option 1 - VideoReg - Third Party Discussion Topics
Samsung Galaxy S2 from Grand1 option 2 - VideoReg - Third Party Discussion Topics
Samsung Galaxy S2 from mol-nick - VideoReg - Third-party discussion topics (Post # 23181475)
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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 from sidoy2271 - VideoReg - Third-party discussion topics (Post # 17122453)
Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505 from advasa - VideoReg - Third-party discussion topics (Post # 24533504)
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Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY from villismall - VideoReg - Third-party discussion topics (Post # 26840504)

Other models

Forced air cooling system

Fastening options in the car and completion holders

Option for attaching an expansion lens

Why you should not record the speed with GPS on video
A small article from Dear GrAnd1 "About expediency of fixing speed from GPS to video"

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Maniac82 @ 05/08/2013, 18:58*
From the above Sulk, it seemed the most adequate it:

I had a DHD on HTC"native"The same design is in principle a good holder, pretty hard, with a good suction cup and high-quality plastic.

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Rubberbigpepper @ 05/08/2013, 14:20*
Wait, I think about the holder

Here are the great holders:[/ url]!/search?where...amp ;Text=Clingo.Hands Free Mount & P = 2 & Filmid = uipy3z1_uxi

PS. If I had no holder, I would definitely buy CLINGO, Nenua Cho? : D.

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For a long time I useUniversal Holder for Sony PS Vita / PSP / iPhone / PDA
Bought for 395 rubles, has several swivel planes and powerful mount.
There are practically no vibration, only on a very bad road or large bumps / pits.
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Also use the tablet in the car, but very rare.
For its attachment I use the holders of aquarium heaters.
Keep just perfectly.
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Attached ImageAttached Image

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Colombo007 @ 05/09/2013, 20:58*
PS. If I had no holder, I would definitely buy CLINGO, Nenua Cho?

There was something similar. This soft gel substance is certainly lipnet, but transfers a strong vibration to the entire holder. In a fixed car or if you put such a thing to the wall - it is normal, and it is also not bad on the glass, but if you use this fastening for the registrar, the vibration is very noticeable when shooting.

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Holder. Nothing is trembling, standing like inserted
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and here he ismyself, took in the corporate store Samsung for 980 rubles
Examples of video, bitrate 8 Mbps

Bitrate 20 Mbps

File settings, day and night coincides, until it was played. Who will try not forget to change the path of saving files to your.
Attached filesettings.txt(2.72 KB)

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My HTC Desire S is charging on the side, and I also stick it through the minijack (which is from above) in the radio.
What do the holders advise?

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Degrease @ 05.24.2013, 21:58*
What do the holders advise?

I bought the cheapest rubles in the car in the car.

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Not half a year ... :)
Updated firmwareDVR-570FHD.from 05/13/13
Attached MB)

Bug with motion sensorcorrected.
Now the registrar does not turn off when there is no movement in the frame, but simply stops writing a minute later, renewing the entry at the slightest movement in the frame (on the foliage of trees, fluff and small birds does not react) ...
The cat turned on instantly as soon as she appeared in the frame.
A little improved the menu.
The year in the file name never added.
So far, everything that noticed ...

Maniac82 @ 08.03.2013, 12:33*
Holder will try to compare SGS3 and under the same conditions.
Well, how did you compare? ;)
Sweat DVR-570FHD with a new firmware at night, if there is an opportunity.

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IQZ @ 05/17/2013, 23:46*
Holder. Nothing is trembling, standing like inserted

I bought the same yesterday .. it stands like the inspected yes ... more convenient than my previous one, yes ... Wire Charging Samsung Praise and Honor to turn it out of five times probably, but ... I get into my foot "Leg" Fastening .. - (
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Grand1 @ 06/02/2013, 12:16*
Well, how did you compare?

The registrar is already a teteh - bought a test on dr. So the comparison is just what was :)

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Has anyone tried to put an application for ama 821?
Share the settings ...
I get a trace. result:
All settings in the car, video 1280 * 720 - when leaving against the sun in clear weather ..... Norte what is not visible .. (
When changing autofocus on - "Continues Video" - Lords are normal, but the feeling when viewing that the camera continuously focuses that it is not good IMHO.

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Borvv @ 06.06.2013, 09:01*
All settings in the car, video 1280 * 720 - when leaving against the sun in clear weather ..... Northus is not visible ..
Read hereVideoreg (post # 16693814)

Try to import my settingsVideoReg - Third Party Discussion Topics

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In the header, link to the settings for HTC Sensation is not working. Maybe there is a good set for the latest versions?

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UChenik48 @ 02.12.2012, 12:11*
INTEGO VX-85 ... tied to the tablet

Colleague, did you manage to find the driver for this gadget for Androyda?
I also smoke this idea. My wife gave Intego VX-85, I had to look for use.
PS. If you update the firmware, the camera can be attached to the upload connector (the picture is turned 180).

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OFTOP or NOT OFTPOP PUBLIC - I know .. but I'll write it all.

Tell me, who created somebody or not the registrar car from several cameras (for example, one in front, the other behind, the third to the salon), and how would it do everything so that only the cameras were outside - the rest did everything go away somewhere in the depths of the cabin, What would not attract attention. Accordingly, it did not require removal from the attachment of the cameras and the registrar .. but only by the need to remove the flakes.
Requests I have standard -
Everything writes, until I am and while I am. From three cameras. Perhaps on the movement detector, the sound writes in the cabin, the night shooting, the season I do not think what is needed.
So much time they already develop and have not yet found anything like that (why wear them, to shoot them if you can stick to the windshield to the windshield - as an element of decor to do). : blush:

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SON21 @ 06/07/2013, 12:36*
Created someone or not the registrar car from several cameras (for example, one in front, another behind, third in the cabin),

VideoReg - third-party discussion topics (post # 17413874)

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Grand1 @ 07.06.2013, 13:29*
(Post # 17413874)

Yes, I saw .. Yes, it just gets that the cameras are not better than quality video.

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Throw away your settings for the roig, and then in the header from the 12th year.

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Viktuk @ 06/10/2013, 16:43*
Throw away your settings for the roig, and then in the header from the 12th year.
BP settings for SGS2:Attached filesettings.txt(2.7 KB)

RubberBigPepper, Flush shot :)
Bitrate in the night mode In the settings, for example, you put 10 Mbps, in settings.txt Bitrate Night = 13000000
You put 13 Mbit, in settings.txt Bitrate Night = 15000000
Main 15 Mbit, in settings.txt Bitrate Night = 20000000
In the video, the bit rate installed in settings.txt is actually written, and not in the BP settings.

And the daw apply subtitles on the fly you need to add in the night mode.
For example, I would have included for the night only because of normal compensation for exposure on focus Fixed ...

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With the purchase of the radar detector, there was one idea on the GPS functionality.
It all started with the fact that I saw how the GPS receiver was fully operated on the radar detector in plasters with the phone. The delay in the testimony is practically lack. 0.5-1 seconds maximum.

Near the phone testimony, and radar detector: Antiradar clearly holds speed as teeth, the phone is despite the fact that it catches 8-9 satellites with a uniform speed jump plus minus 5 kilometers per hour at best.

So I thought - if anyone needs speed in the credits, then it should be only objective, otherwise it is better at all without it.
So here the GPS data of the receiver has such a parameter as accuracy. HDOP seems to be called. So my proposal is if this HDOP exceeds any threshold (the accuracy of the juice is not guaranteed), then in the credits instead of the speed to put foursers, leave only the coordinates. It can get rid of some problems.

And in this form, as now, the speed has to be turned off, as non-informative.

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