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Genplusdroid | sega genesis emulator

Rep: (77)
version: 1.9.3

Last update of the game in the header:16.04.2012
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Sega genesis emulator for android 2.2+.
Cravnenie c gensoid
Yes, Gensoid really fast and frisky, but it uses 8-bit rendering, so it is impossible to play some masterpieces such as Warlock, Mortal Kombat and triologiya t.d.Poprobuyte run Warlock and understand what ya.Knopki in gensoid hardly adjusted for except for the size and the two positions.
The same emulator uses 16 bit rendering, and run correctly all the games that are rendered incorrectly in Gensiod.Knopki individually in real time, you can move / resize according ekranu.Eto sooo udobno.No has a large spoon dogtya.Emulyatoru need at least a 1 GHz processor and even at 1 GHz podlagivaet sound.
In general, it Gensoid-speed, Genplusdroid-this quality for high-end devices.
thankANDRON781 for comparison
Swing games here www.emu-land.net
Russian game

full romsety

Additional Information
Russian interface: Unknown

Developer: Halsafar
Other emulators

version: 1.9.3 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/1631606/GENPlusDroid_v.1.9.3..apk
Version: 1.9.3 RUS Genplusdroid (Post # 21453098)
Filters (shaders): Genplusdroid (Post # 21627017)
Before installing, please read the topicInstalling games with cache [FAQ]

Past versions
version: 1.8 Attached fileGENPlusDroid1.8.apk (1.05 MB)

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all games are going to cheer Desire HD

Rep: (4)
Network game is not here, or I'm just nenashel?

Rep: (89)
Segou recently sold two hundred

Rep: (96)
What if when you start the game there is a red screen and all game Beyond Oasis.

Rep: (2)
JuMpeRBS43 @ 24.02.2012, 19:55*
What if when you start the game there is a red screen and all game Beyond Oasis.

If the red screen, it is likely that the rum clumsy. Download other.
I checked on another emulsion. Everything is going fine, even Russified.

Rep: (96)
Yes indeed rum was a curve download other and all is well. While on a computer, both start)

Rep: (36)
Launched Mortal Kombat Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 - simply indescribable joy: clap :. By the way, how to increase the key, but it is not very udobenko

Rep: (-2)
any extension should be Roma? .gen mnu not see

Rep: (36)
I know that one of them - smd

Rep: (3)
Mk3 revelation on it and launched a trilogy) happy as an elephant)

Rep: (3)
Che, he eats so much resources? no shit myself 1gg. and higher!

Rep: (12)
Lag is not noticed, se XPERIA Play
A pile of Roma:http://bit16.ru/
Gen sees and reads.

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Rep: (19)
HTC Incredible S All work and sound like the rules.

About the increase of buttons: Start the emulator, then Settings->Configure Touch Input. The buttons can be moved. Long tap on the button until the green strokes. Then pull to the side.

Rep: (6)
Prompt can exist gen emulator with analog touch joystick instead of the arrow block?

Rep: (89)
The new version 1.9.3
The changes are not known but it seems emulation speed increased slightly.

Attached files

Attached fileGENPlusDroid_v.1.9.3..apk(2.19 MB)

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Rep: (13)
Ahh !!! F15 Strike Eagle 2 - Up, Up and Away !!! I listen and trudge ...

Rep: (268)
ManhattanMD @ 22.03.2012, 16:07*
Mk3 revelation it launched

Something little hard to believe that you ran MK Revelations, since more than 10 MB of emulsion not osilivaet Roma size. And what about Ultimate Mortal Kombat Trilogy agree, started with a bang, as the size<= 10 MB.

Rep: (-1)
gensoid liked me more

Rep: (24)
The buttons do not adjust, not playable, the only plus, Joy fulfills pressing 2, down-forward, for example

Rep: (10)
Do joystick size adjusted? on the tab are not comfortable playing with a small joystick control, I would like this setting.

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