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VCE Mobile | mobile examiner

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VCE Mobile
Version: 8.0.5

Last update of the program in the header:16.11.2013

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Short description:
Passing tests format * .vce.

The program for the passage of professional tests in the format * .vce for your Android device.
With it you can prepare and pass the Microsoft exams, Cisco, Oracle, IMB, HP, etc.
Sami dumps exams can swing on the free sites, such ashttp://www.examcollection.com/

Additional Information
Russian interface: Not

Developer: Avanset, Corp.
Homepage: http://www.visualcertexam.com/vce-mobile-android.html
Android Market Web: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.a...ZWFuZHJvaWQiXQ ..

Version: 8.0.5 http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/3718729/VCE+Mobile+v8.0.5.apk
VCE Exam Simulator 2.2 VCE Mobile (Post # 34436476)

Past versions

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trrriger try attached to the message.
Dunno if it will work on the latest versions.

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Attached filevce_converter_setup.exe(634.44 KB)

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Hmm, that he was faced with the problem of conversion: when you try to convert Converter swears that the software is out of date and should be updated. A refresh-and not, as VCEMobile latest work with the format * .vce directly, without converting to * .vcem.

I found the last available version 7.0.1, which works with * .vce directly. Although the version and Lite, ie limited to the first 5 issues the file from this limitation spared. Go on here, I think, a lot of it is useful. Serviceability checked on the device in the signature for the rest I can not vouch.

Forgot to add: The program has the Russian language.

Attached fileVCE Mobile 7.0.1.apk(2.2 MB)

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asus transformer 300tg not work. restrictions there.

Rep: (16)
Noticed such "features" on the version laid out by me:
1. If the program to deny access to the Internet, for example, DroidWall, and run it with the included WiFi - the program will take off with the error application.
2. If the program does not prohibit the Internet, when you start breaking it in the internet, and instead displays the issues I "can not be loaded!", But that's because I have everything fayrollom blocked, I think those who do not have a firewall, you will see something something like "Your version is not bought," or else something bad.
3. If the program run is turned off WiFi - everything works well.

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probity, thank! Works on HTC Desire S, there are no restrictions.

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On kindle fire hd 8'9 works perfectly. Will try to buy, it is not easy with no access to hold store :)

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Good evening.

I'm on PocketBook A10 (Android 2.3.7) VCE-Mobile application opens, but does not allow to open any file with the exam. Vce on your local disk files, vcem does not see. Through Web Upload write error "Invalid or broken exam file".
On the Windows-based version still works.
Exams took withhttp://www.examcollection.com/

Wrote in support, have not yet responded.
Has anyone encountered a similar problem? And then paid 200 r. sorry ...

Rep: (2)
Favor honestly I bought the latest version. After a couple of months I can say that for this money you can not pay. Recent dumps on actual exams from Microsoft are not full. Honestly and happily displays a message that some issues are not supported by the system, and this despite the fact that there is no alternative. Frankly a disgrace.

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7.0.1 installed on samsung note 10.1, there are no restrictions, but apart from Multiple Choict does not reflect other issues such as Select and Place, Hot Area.

Rep: (2)
The software has been updated to version 7.1 which did finally realized unsupported response (drag'n'drop, point'n'shoot, etc.) are now the software can be used without fear of dump that you have lost 10-15% of the questions.

Rep: (1)
An updated version of someone spit out?

Rep: (62)
luckystarr @ 14.05.2013, 22:58*
An updated version of someone spit out?

I downloaded, but still has not had time to check. Unsubscribe about health

Posted on 15.05.2013, 21:24:


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Attached fileVCEMobile_7.1.apk(2.82 MB)

Rep: (1)
Put 7.1 .. From greed healed, drag and drop and other pleasures seem to work. IMHO, it is possible to update the cap.

Rep: (1)
And there is no hurry .. .. I do not know how anyone, but personally I have to note 10.1 when trying to see incorrect answers after the test application crash .. Reinstalling data cleaning does not help.

Rep: (0)
csco @ 15.05.2013, 21:24*
Unsubscribe about health

On the Acer A510 is running. Problems with unanswered questions as to the above, there is no message. Thank.

Rep: (2)
Thank you for 7.1. Excellent eats vce files (vcem 10% of the questions are not supported). Perfeo on 1006-IPS there are no problems.

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Thank you for 7.1 !!

Rep: (7)
Do not light version. How to pass the test:
1. WithLuckyPatcherremove the license verification (Remove License Verification - Auto modes), (needroot )
2. run vce
3. Press the activation, the application will take off with an error
4. varnishes patcher restore (Remove ODEX with Changes)
5. Start and enjoy
Attached filecom.avanset.vcemobileandroid-1.apk(2.79 MB)

Rep: (12011)
VCE Mobile v8.0.1 Full

Recent changes:
Fixed: Mode random questions.
Fixed: setting random questions.
Fixed: font size setting.

-all premium features available. all application limitations disabled.

All premium features available, all restrictions have been lifted.

Attached files

Attached fileVCE_Mobile_Apk_8.0.1_Full.apk(3.58 MB)

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Rep: (62)
I have laid out your startup 8.0.1 - it is impossible to pass on the button "Activate".
I understand that the program is not compromised?

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