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VCE Mobile | mobile examiner

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VCE Mobile
Version: 8.0.5

Last update of the program in the header:16.11.2013

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Short description:
Passing tests format * .vce.

The program for the passage of professional tests in the format * .vce for your Android device.
With it you can prepare and pass the Microsoft exams, Cisco, Oracle, IMB, HP, etc.
Sami dumps exams can swing on the free sites, such ashttp://www.examcollection.com/

Additional Information
Russian interface: Not

Developer: Avanset, Corp.
Homepage: http://www.visualcertexam.com/vce-mobile-android.html
Android Market Web: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.a...ZWFuZHJvaWQiXQ ..

Version: 8.0.5 http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/3718729/VCE+Mobile+v8.0.5.apk
VCE Exam Simulator 2.2 VCE Mobile (Post # 34436476)

Past versions

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Reason for editing: new version

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will soon release version 2.3, the situation is as follows, that the new version is not particularly open old dumps, and is likelyStarting with version 2.3, will generally open only the freshest, One solution, to put together the different versions below 2.0 or above 2.0 (as long as I really like xs) or to download the latest dumps or through BB to open the old dump and store in a new format (not tried)

check that the version of "complete" in the menu, you can:
there will be a (cracked by .....)

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So the fact that the old dumps version 2.2 opens, but with the addition of new pops up an error that the file is broken.

Rep: (25)
asokol @ 27.09.2014, 14:21*
but when you add new pops up an error that the file is broken.

if it is a brand new dump, it is likely that he was already in the new format, you need to wait for the next. version.

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Tovarisch64 @ 22/09/2014, 20:36*
The new version of VCE Exam Simulator Android v2.2.x - Cracked by Hoe & Outcast.
Installation is similar to the previous version. In short, then:
ROOT required
1. C Play Store Download and installVCE Exam Simulator.
2. C Play Store Download and installHosts Editor.
3. Start Hosts Editor and add the hostname: avanset.com
4. Restart the phone!
5. Unzip and copy the data downloaded archive into the phone.
6. Set de.robv.android.xposed.installer_v33_36570c.apk from the downloaded archive
7. StartXposed Installer - Framework - Install / Update Framework and agree to a device reboot.
8. Install VCE.Xposed.Module.v2.2.by.Hoe.n.Outcast.apk from the downloaded archive
9. StartXposed Installer - Modules - tick VCEeatshit .
10. Restart the phone!
11. Start the installed VCE Exam Simulator - Sign in to your account - and enter any data.

Original and more detailed instructions in the archive.

[Attachment = "5126486: VCE_Exam ..._ Outcast.zip"]

Put. The program works, but the new dump will not open, as opposed to demos A + vce player :(
Swears that the wrong or damaged file ...

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Good day!
You do not tell a lot of time yuzal VCE mobile 4/0/7 on android. Accordingly downloaded VCE format and then the envelope in VCEM. Now online converter does VCEM, VCE again offers skacht why that. Something has changed hands or curves?

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And now that new formats can not be converted into VCEM?

Rep: (25)
VCEM will soon disappear altogether

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After updating to version 2.3.1 version is still full, but dumps still does not open: "Not all parametrs given".
A + VCE Player opens. Maybe someone knows where to find the latest full version?

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The fact is that a lot of tests on examcollection - just perekonverchenye old tests for the new prog.
I want to advise effective solution (in any case perfect for microsoft test):
find the most suitable for the test reviews, then google it by name and download the old version.

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A ++ VCE + Silver-FULL-5.7.4.apk not open the files, he writes that it is necessary skonektitsya their servers to open the file. someone that will advise?

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Joss_55 @ 02.09.16, 19:04*
He writes that it is necessary skonektitsya their servers to open the file. someone that will advise?

The same situation! If prikonnektitsya give him, he will say that the version of the old! Dump will not open. Sadness.

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No version no revision VCE Mobile can not see vce files.
Wrong patch?

Rep: (39)
If someone is simply a PDF-ok enough with the questions, answers and the correct answer:
A + VCE Player (Post zaxx2 # 86657136)

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