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VCE Mobile | mobile examiner

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VCE Mobile
Version: 8.0.5

Last update of the program in the header:16.11.2013

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Short description:
Passing tests format * .vce.

The program for the passage of professional tests in the format * .vce for your Android device.
With it you can prepare and pass the Microsoft exams, Cisco, Oracle, IMB, HP, etc.
Sami dumps exams can swing on the free sites, such ashttp://www.examcollection.com/

Additional Information
Russian interface: Not

Developer: Avanset, Corp.
Homepage: http://www.visualcertexam.com/vce-mobile-android.html
Android Market Web: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.a...ZWFuZHJvaWQiXQ ..

Version: 8.0.5 http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/3718729/VCE+Mobile+v8.0.5.apk
VCE Exam Simulator 2.2 VCE Mobile (Post # 34436476)

Past versions

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Attached fileVCE_v1.3.apk(2.62 MB)

Rep: (4)
screamer333 @ 20.05.2014, 12:39*

Attached files

VCE_v1.3.apk (2,62 MB)

Working version of the latest dump opens quietly.

Lift the cap at anyone.

Rep: (25)
1.3.1 do not spread, the list of changes in the subscription toklko error is corrected, it is not critical.

Rep: (295)
Hello, I would like to ask whether the program has a similar functionality, but free?

Rep: (25)
1.3.1 Root needed!
I did not check more

1. add to the HOSTS file the following entry: avanset.com

2. restart device

3. To establish the ARC

version 2.1 there too, but there's much more difficult to install, and also needs Root may later lay out the instruction.

Attached files

Attached filevce1.3.1_signed.apk(2.62 MB)

Rep: (25)
in connection with a program to enhance the protection, the chances that the new version will work without Ruta small.

whose root is not present, the only solution is probably a +

Rep: (25)
archived version 2.1,need root!
instruction and the patch applied to any version since 2.1.
the program itself can be downloaded from the Market or install from the archive and then apply the patches.

installation of complex English instruction until no time to translate,
if anyone has a desire / possibility to make a transfer, we will be happy.

Attached files

Attached fileVCE_Exam_Sim_v2.1_Outcast.zip(12.54 MB)

Rep: (4)

thank you for your hard work

Rep: (25)
Version 1.3 does not require Root,
All newer versions require and are likely to require.

Rep: (1)
1.3 and opens the last dumps?

Rep: (1)
* luckystarr,
there does not open

Rep: (25)
try to convert them to a format vcem
http://upload.avanset.com/1.3 can open

Rep: (0)
People, and have someone else VCE Exam Simulator 2.1? I can not find the 2.2 still does not break ...

Rep: (0)
Version 2.1 is in the archive a few posts above, together with instructions.
VCE Mobile (Post # 33461955)

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There's only a crack, and instructions. Please let the program itself?

Rep: (21)
Xeimer @ 21.09.2014, 10:16*
There's only a crack, and instructions. Please let the program itself?

A further look?
VCE_Exam_Sim_v2.1_Outcast \ Patch \ Optional Files \ VCE 2.1

Attached fileVCE.2.1.apk(11.06 MB)

Rep: (21)
The new version of VCE Exam Simulator Android v2.2.x - Cracked by Hoe & Outcast.
Installation is similar to the previous version. In short, then:
ROOT required
1. C Play Store Download and installVCE Exam Simulator.
2. C Play Store Download and installHosts Editor.
3. Start Hosts Editor and add the hostname: avanset.com
4. Restart the phone!
5. Unzip and copy the data downloaded archive into the phone.
6. Set de.robv.android.xposed.installer_v33_36570c.apk from the downloaded archive
7. StartXposed Installer - Framework - Install / Update Framework and agree to a device reboot.
8. Install VCE.Xposed.Module.v2.2.by.Hoe.n.Outcast.apk from the downloaded archive
9. StartXposed Installer - Modules - tick VCEeatshit .
10. Restart the phone!
11. Start the installed VCE Exam Simulator - Sign in to your account - and enter any data.

Original and more detailed instructions in the archive.

Attached fileVCE_Exam_Sim_v2.2_Outcast.zip(14.19 MB)

Rep: (0)
Forgive me, then did not have to dig your head. The manual does not say about it)
2.1 mine dump can not see, and 2.2 starts to handle questions, and an error that broken or incorrectly formatted file to the second. Nothing is added. The prog logged. Dump alive. The exploit works - the program tupit ((

Rep: (0)
Agree withXeimer , The situation is similar, probably put in the dump?

Rep: (0)
asokol @ 25.09.2014, 17:11*
Agree withXeimer , The situation is similar, probably put in the dump?

Dumps standards. Tried 3. One and the same. On compensation opening.

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