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ForPDA | Informal client for the sitesavagemessiahzine.com
Users 1-3 versions
What version are you using?
1x [ 42 ] ** [6,5%]
2x [ 20 ] ** [3,1%]
3x [ 498 ] ** [77,09%]
other [ 91 ] ** [14,09%]
Total votes: 646

Rep: (11133)
Version: / 1.60 / 2.7.8

Last update of the program in the header:17.06.2020

Styles and modifications for ForPDA | ForPDA User Club

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more screenshots
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Short description:
Unofficial client site and forumsavagemessiahzine.com.

All features of the mobile version of the site:
Reading news, sending comments to them, chatting on the forum, including sending personal messages
Some features of the full version (which do not need to be parsed):
Increase / decrease the rating of the message, multi-mode to help curators, avatrki.
Additional features:
Three themes and the ability to use up to three types of built-in and connect your own styles (css) of the topic design, news and QMS, scripts, attach images in QMS and much, much more.

Russian interface: Yes

Author and developer (1.x - 3.x):slartus
Developer (3.x):radiation15
Developer (3.x):iSanechek
Developer (WEB-parts):Morphine
Video review fromensign - https://youtu.be/Jhihoc2-xsw
F-Droid: org.softeg.slartus.forpdaplus

If you changed your nickname and it now contains unicode / emoji and you now have difficulty with authorization, then readhereand below.

If the program worked for you and suddenly stopped, then there could be two reasons:
* not working (or not fully working) forum
* admins once again changed the markup of the forum.
In any case, DO NOT immediately write to the topic, first check the operation of the forum via the browser in the MOBILE skin.

Versions 3.x / 3.x beta / 2.7.x / 1.5x are different programs (different package names), develop independently and can be installed side by side on the same device and work completely independently too.

Application support v3.x is in the state of "only critical errors and changes on the forum". New features are not planned..
The sad news from 06/30/18

>>FAQ <<

Version release: ForPDA (Post slartus # 97474351)
Version 3.5.6 beta:ForPDA (Post slartus # 94101046)
for Android 4.0.3+ (for 4.1 performance issues)

version 1x and 2x
For supportthe versions listed belowall versions contactslartusin QMS. Why is that.

Version 1.60 : ForPDA (Post slartus # 78078871) - for Android 2.1+
Post with a description of errors, requests and suggestions>>>here<<<.
Version 2.7.8: ForPDA (Post slartus # 97474351) - for Android 4.0.3+
The version is based on version 2.5.7.
Post with a description of errors, requests and suggestions>>>here<<<.

Sources: savagemessiahzine.com3.x
Past versions
Version ForPDA (Post slartus # 90143292)
Version ForPDA (Post slartus # 88816816)
Version 3.5.4: ForPDA (Post slartus # 88163936)
Version ForPDA (Post slartus # 87680082)
Version ForPDA (Post slartus # 87680082)
Version ForPDA (Post iSanechek # 72209591)
Version 3.5.2: ForPDA (Post iSanechek # 69689207)
Version 1.59: ForPDA (Post slartus # 78004715)

The full archive of versions is not conducted due to the senselessness of this event. Reason: periodic changes on the site, they make the application partially or completely not workable.
If you still have a reason to use an outdated version, here are some ways to find them:
  1. Take advantage of the archive from the developer -ForPDA (Post radiation15 # 40949296)
  2. Use the topic search with the tagapk - //savagemessiahzine.com/ forum / i ... & result = posts & noform = 1
  3. Pick up withGithub. There and source codes are.
  4. Search in theme attachments (search \ filter is missing in this list)
  5. App & Gamesavagemessiahzine.com

Polls - archive

Important information!!!

Chrome and webview version 66 can triggerProblemswith the definition of the touch point of the screen.

The "My Applications" and "Directory .." functions do not work. About the reason>here<. Since version, these tabs have been removed.

The "Mark all read" function currently does not work. About the reason>here<.Fixed on the forum 07/01/19

For some time now, a client can be used only after passing successful authorization in your account onsavagemessiahzine.comthrough the program. About the reason>here<.

The source material is the mobile skin of the forum. The client can not show what is not in the mobile skin (signature, rating of the post, etc.)

Do not disable javascript in the settings

In this topic, it is recommended to discuss the experience of using and problems of a program nature!
Ideas about new functionality, on change of design, controversial issues, etc. It is better to discuss in a topic specially created for this -ForPDA User Club

If you find a bug (error), you want to leave a request or a suggestion, first read:
1. Task List - Developer Organizer
2. FAQ and Mini-FAQ for update 3.1.4 and higher .
3. How to correctly report an error
And only if you did not find the answer to your question, write in the subject. Otherwise, messages will be deleted.

Similar and related forum programs

Backup Caps>>here<<

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Reason for editing:, 2.7.8

Rep: (299)
* Morphine,
I think so, no "comment" button ...

Rep: (1918)
* Redbuster
Perhaps it is in the form of pencil in action in this case, the bar, the opportunity to leave a comment via the "comment" button appears if there are no comments ...

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Rep: (1383)
Baphomet666 @ 17.09.2014, 17:32*
a customer does not come to the forum

Probably one. Can opsos?

Rep: (468)
* Baphomet666,
Yes like everything is OK
Attached Image

Rep: (1160)
tufi, Yuri Z, strange but I go to the opera because somehow also a phone ... By the way in case of error says that there is no way to verify QMS ... with Opera too Koumiss not get

Post has been editedBaphomet666 - 17.09.14, 17:42

Rep: (1383)
Baphomet666 I'm with two devices (signature) even with 3G, WiFi Domashov even with no problems. Just I tried.

Rep: (1160)
Yuri Z, Come on, check it at home with a computer. Sorry to bother you, thank you for your support.

Rep: (2641)
Baphomet666 @ 17.09.2014, 18:32*
I have one with the customer does not come to the forum or to confirm?

Baphomet666 ,
I have a house. Wi-Fi (local lokalku) everything works fine. ;)

Rep: (407)
dva974 @ 16.09.2014, 09:16*
Long Tapia on link->View ..->savagemessiahzine.com
Even if the link from the post to pass also on another link, each press of the "back" brings us under the open spoilers.

Beautiful solution))+

Rep: (86)
Baphomet666 @ 17.09.2014, 18:40*
strange but I go to the opera because somehow and also from the phone ..
I, too, once a month, roughly, within two or three days with a client can not go home via wifi. In these days I can not go in and through the built-chrome, as these days can not go for another site. At the same time free I go to the same wifi all through the opera (she had a server through its all traffic chases), or by switching on the mobile Internet, although home and mobile from one of Beeline. Or stepping on another point wifi. Something like that...

Rep: (2231)
If there is no memory card, selecting Styles program writes the memory card is plugged in and does not even choose from standard styles. Please do so that you can select at least of the standard styles.

Rep: (513)
2.3 was a crash after a long writing the post, but the record is sent. 2.4b2 at all gud. This is a plus!) But the frequency proca not happy still. After the publication of the application settings Stop shake as usual. Viber client is not eating, but to stop it obtained in the same, or after exit button again goes to the start. There is something in common. Perhaps programmers both customers could get in touch? .. Although Belarusians sold vayber Japanese, but can last people than can help with the codes.

Rep: (645)
* Worms Armageddon,
Unofficial clientsavagemessiahzine.com(Post # 28724490)

Rep: (2231)
* RidgeA,
There was a view about the load in the background, I think.

Rep: (645)
* ilya-fedin Well I am not a fortune teller. He said he understood. K t, for sure, the cause is the same -. The lack of an API at the site and the need to continually parse the page.

Rep: (480)
And please tell me how and where to add the file to download in the topic?

Rep: (2231)
* vicious.dima
hold the airplane

Post has been editedilya-fedin - 18.09.14, 16:32

Rep: (2280)
vicious.dima @ 18.09.2014, 15:51*
And please tell me how and where to add the file to download in the topic?

Unofficial clientsavagemessiahzine.com(Post # 27529493) /// We try to upload files and images to the forum.

Rep: (2231)
And yet, the annoying thing is that>160dpi smiley buttons are clear

Rep: (1918)
How to add images and files under spoiler

1. To enter the extended form, press and hold the icon send a message
Attached Image

2. To add upload files and images, and press the clip to "add"
Attached Image

3. Next, choose what we want to load
Attached Image

4. After everything that we wanted to be uploaded to the forum, adding downloaded in the post.
Click again on the clip and see the list of downloaded files
Attached Image

5. Next, it's simple. If you press the "+/-" on the left of the file, it will be added in the post just below the spoiler. If tapnut in the file itself, it will be added without spoiler. If you click next to the cross - is removed from the list file.

several ways to hide more than one image at one spoiler
1. Add the first picture directly in the spoiler. Put the cursor before the closing tag
[/ spoiler]
and add the following, tapnuv directly on the file in the list.

2. Press the plus to the left of a paper clip
Attached Image
. Open Smilie panel and BB-codes. The first press of the "+/-"
Attached Image
open a dialog with an offer to give the name of a spoiler. If you do not want - presses В«OKВ» with an empty field and in the post appears the opening tag. Then add all the images by clicking on the file itself in the list of loaded, and close the spoiler by pressing the "+/-" in the code pane.

3. Add all the images you want by clicking on the file itself in the list of loaded. Select all added files through a long tap, and hit the tag "+/-" in BB-Codes panel.

If you insert a dot between the images ... the images do not look like a continuous tape

6. If you want to hide the already posted pictures, press "Menu" at number of fasting, "edit" and enter immediately into an extended form response. There, we press the button opening panel smiles and bb-codes.
Attached Image
We move the smiley to the left and see a range of bb-codes. Select the previously attached picture
Attached Image
and click on the button "sprylera" in the code pane.
Attached Image
If you want to give the name of the spoiler, enter it in the window that appears. If not - we press "OK".

You can practice in the subjectWe try to upload files and images to the forum.

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