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Qtek 8500 / i-mate Smartflip / Dopod S300 / Dopod 710 / Orange SPV F600 / Cingular 3100 / Cingular 3125
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Hello! I am looking for a back cover for qtek 8500, if anyone has an unnecessary one or you know where to get it, I will be very grateful)

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Buy on Ali a reinforced battery with a cover.

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Lord owners, who still remained the owner) and sometimes peeks, I have a question for you. InstalledWindows Mobile 6.1 AKU 1.6.0 (ENG / RUS) V9cbut never figured out the sdhc driver, downloadedfrom here, but this driver does not work correctly, incorrectly identifies the card. In the FAQ link to the driver nepoymiwheredirects. Can someone post or specify which particular WM WM works exactly?

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Are there any more owners? I sorted out the balcony - I found a box with a corpse 8500, from bonuses: 2 charges, a USB cable, a wired headset, everything is original.
If anyone needs to - write in HP
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Phone left forumchaninu.

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Good people, if anyone has a cover from Qtek 8500, write, ready to buy) I needed a second phone, I really want to revive this one, only the cover is missing)

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I do not have the Camera item in the menu. Where to look, how to make a shortcut?

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