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Call Recorder - SKVALEX | program to record conversations with the line

Rep: (1549)
Call Recorder - SKVALEX
Version: 3.3.9

Last update of the program in the header:15.05.2020

Tags: llllCall record

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Version 1.x
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Version 2.x
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version 3.x
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Short description:
A program for recording telephone conversations.

The program is designed to automatically record telephone conversations from the line, on devices with appropriate support. The function of recording conversations is highly dependent on a specific device, because manufacturers quite often do not implement the required functionality at the system level.

FAQ - required reading : Call Recorder (Post skvalex # 81940591)

Developer: skvalex
Homepage: https://callrecorder.skvalex.com/get
Google Play (lite): org.skvalex.cr
Google Play (key): org.skvalex.cr.unlock
Google Play (old): com.skvalex.callrecorder (old version)
Reference: https://skvalex.org/help
Android required: 4.0 and higher
Cost: $ 9.95 (information about purchase )

Additional Information
Russian interface: Yes
Buying paid programs on Google Play

If you are interested in information on a specific model - use the search on the topic!

Where did the program go? UPDATE 04/29/2017: CallRecorder (Post skvalex # 60931640)

License recovery for those who bought the program until April 29, 2017: Call Recorder (Post skvalex # 75761093)

Record calls from the moment you start a call without root: Call Recorder (Post skvalex # 73410633)

Concerning microphone issues on Samsung : Call Recorder (Post skvalex # 81832223)

In case of stability issues: https://callrecorder.skvalex.com/info/best-practices?hl=en
Write a review if the program works on your phone. : CallRecorder (Post # 12181794)

List of changes
version3.3.9 :
- error correction

version3.3.8 :
- error correction

version3.3.7 :
- Improvements related to the audio player
- Support the system default theme
- Option to ignore VoIP calls in the event of conflict (Nastrokyi>three dots>Debugging)
- Drag and drop buttons to mark time for the call. Also now to drag a long press is not necessary.
- In the template file name, you can specify the sim-card which was a challenge
- Bug fixes and other minor changes

version3.3.6 :
- to keep the attribute was last modified file after conversion, if possible
- Support future integration with True Phone
- error correction

version3.3.5 :
- error correction

version3.3.4 :
- recording sources of ROOT method (CAF / ALSA / MSM) added to the standard method of API. If you are using ROOT method, try the same source in the method of recording the standard API. ROOT method will be removed in the future, and Standard API renamed.
- Adaptive icon
- Improved external memory
- error correction

version3.3.3 :
- Fix for Android devices rutovanyh 10 (may require reboot)
- Fixed a problem with decryption
- correction of other errors

version3.3.2 :
- the option "delete short recordings" in the Settings в†’ Folders and files
- error correction

version3.3.1 :
- error correction

version3.3.0 :
- Improved button "add a note" in the time of the call
- the ability to change the shelf life of a basket of records in settings
- Added option to "leave marked" in the confirmation dialog delete records
- with swipe from the bottom up, the playback speed will not change
- error correction

version3.2.9 :
- error correction

version3.2.8 :
- improving the work with an external memory card
- Improved file name pattern
- the option to "pull down list to rescan folders" setting в†’ interface and appearance
- error correction

version3.2.7 :
- improved import of files from the system recorder
- quick action menu in the navigation pane
- Fixed bug with loading on Android 4.x update
- error correction

version3.2.6 :
- from a microphone 10 on Android without root

version3.2.5 :
- Fixed problem with disappearing recorder system on devices with Android OnePlus 10
- error correction

version3.2.4 :
- when this version will receive the update notification will have the option to view the list of changes
- this version will remove the old cache of apk
- Fixed a problem with WebDAV

version3.2.3 :
- error correction

version3.2.2 :
- support for Android 10 (root required)
- improved import of files from the system recorder
- fixed a bug when the action bar did not respond to touch
- error correction

version3.2.1 :
- improved display of notifications
- option "normalize stereo channels independently" in Settings в†’ Audio player
- rename a file when changing a contact
- error correction

version3.2.0 :
- error correction

version3.1.9 :
- the option "play stereo as mono" in the settings в†’ audio player
- exception by call type
- the option "action for incoming / outgoing calls" is removed, because they can now be set through exceptions
- error correction

version3.1.8 :
- unlocking the system voice recorder on OnePlus devices via ADB (jOnePlus Tools is no longer needed)
- option "copy to clipboard" in the menu by clicking on the avatar of an unknown contact
- optimization of the load on the cloud
- fixed bugs

version3.1.7 :
- Option "Skip beeps, if possible" in Settings>Audio player (recordings must be made with this version)
- Help to install the system voice recorder on Huawei with Android 9
- The setting for device selection has been transferred to the settings of the ROOT method
- Conversion after the call for the System voice recorder method (Settings>Record>System voice recorder)
- Options for converting to different formats combined into one in the context menu
- If there is an error uploading a record to the cloud, the program will not try to reload it indefinitely
- If there is a note, the program will add it to the data added when exporting the record using the "share"

version3.1.6 :
- fixed issue with OneDrive
- fixed issue with audio player

version3.1.5 :
- moved root functions from add-on'a: do not forget to give root-rights to the main program after the upgrade, if you use the ROOT-method
- import files from the system voice recorder (can be used to import recordings from other programs)
- error correction

version3.1.3 :
- improved program update mechanism (button "check for updates" in the settings>About the program, if there are updates, a list of changes will be shown)
- Fixed a problem with the loss of the WebDAV synchronization status for files in the path which contain non-Roman characters
- Fixed the problem with the unchanged speed of AMR files made by the system voice recorder
- encryption works now for .m4a files
- Fixed the problem with the inability to rename the file
- fixed crashes when using the "Change ALSA parameters" option
- restart recording when connecting / disconnecting a Bluetooth headset during a conversation with the option "When BT is connected ..." в†’ "Switch recording source"
- default stereo mode for Standard APIs

version3.1.1 :
- error correction

version3.1.0 :
- prevents auto-update from the Play Store
- self-update mechanism
- improved playback of stereo files
- error correction

version3.0.9 :
- fixed problem with identifying numbers

version3.0.8 :
- improved call detection for the "system voice recorder" method (for more information about the method on the help page)
- edit the number by clicking on the avatar for unknown calls and in the action dialog after the call
- other minor improvements and bug fixes

version3.0.7 :
- fixed issue with recording to a memory card on devices up to Android 9

version3.0.6 :
- system voice recorder method (more details in the help section)
- other minor improvements and bug fixes.

version3.0.5 :
- basket function (can be disabled in the settings)

version3.0.4 :
- error correction

version3.0.3 :
- error correction

version3.0.2 :
- Change playback speed
- Fixed a problem with the permission request dialog on small screens (the buttons did not fit on the screen)
- Improved WebDAV dialog, now it shows an error if it failed to log in; slight improvement in appearance
- Password entry dialog: long press on the password entry field to paste data from the clipboard
- Delete dialog: use long press to delete the marked entry
- Fixed problem with sending entries via Samsung Messages
- Other bug fixes

version2.4.1 alpha02 :
- CAF / ALSA / MSM write methods are now sources of the Root method record.

version2.4.0 :
- the option "Stop playback when the screen is turned on by the proximity sensor" in Settings в†’ Audio Player.
- support 12/24 time format
- the back button shows "All entries" instead of closing the application, if you are not on this screen
- minor interface improvements in record selection mode
- Dropbox API update
- empty folders are deleted during automatic deletion
- fixed bug with automatic deletion when records are stored on external memory

version2.3.9.4 :
- error correction

version2.3.9.3 :
- error correction

version2.3.9.2 :
- error correction

version2.3.9.1 :
- error correction

version2.3.9 :
- error correction

version2.3.8.1 :
- OPUS support
- optimized work with external memory
- error correction

version2.3.7.2 :
- error correction

version2.3.7.1 :
- fixed error -504

version2.3.7 :
- FLAC Converter
- error correction

version2.3.6 :
- Nougat support on Huawei (HiSIlicon)
- added FLAC support
- error correction

version2.3.5 :
- error correction

version2.3.4 :
- added support for Galaxy S7 with Nougat firmware
- error correction

version2.3.3 :
- Added support for Pixel / Pixel XL (requires root)
- fixed the problem with not stopping the recording at the end of the conversation
- Added support for fingerprint scanner in Galaxy S5 / Note 4
- option for backup / restore settings
- error correction

version2.3.2 :
- support Huawei devices with EMUI 4.1
- error correction

version2.3.1 :
- the option "rename all files" in the settings>folders and files
- error correction

version2.3.0.1 :
- Fixed a problem with the microphone on the root Galaxy Note 3 (Exynos)
- write "label: uploaded" to filter files uploaded to the cloud, "label:! uploaded" - not downloaded.

version2.2.9.1 :
- improved support for external memory on Samsung with Android 6
- error correction

version2.2.8 :
- ability to connect to WebDAV with self-signed certificate
- fixed problem with shearing

version2.2.7 :
- any format can be encrypted now
- improved support for Android N
- error correction

version2.2.6 :
- WebDAV support
- AMR support for devices where only WAV / MP3 work (enable the option "do not use AMR driver" and select AMR)
- error correction

version2.2.5 :
- error correction

version2.2.4 :
- added support for Yandex.Disk
- fixed issue with OneDrive
- error correction

version2.2.3 :
- Cloud Box support
- error correction

version2.2.2 (relative to 2.2.1):
- Auto-encrypt immediately after the call (Settings в†’ Security)
- Show phone numbers in the list (Settings в†’ Interface and appearance)
- Login to the program by fingerprint (put your finger on the scanner on the password entry dialog)
- Auto delete only downloaded files (Settings в†’ Folders and files)
- Download files only when the phone is charging (Settings в†’ Cloud)
- Fixed problem with not recording calls from unknown numbers on Samsung devices
- Error correction

version2.2.2 beta03 :
- Fixed problem with not recording calls from unknown numbers on Samsung devices

version2.2.2 beta02 :
- error correction

version2.2.2 beta01 :
- Auto-encrypt immediately after the call (Settings в†’ Security)
- Show phone numbers in the list (Settings в†’ Interface and appearance)
- Fingerprint entry into the program (attach your finger to the scanner on the password entry dialog), you still need to enter the password when encrypting
- Auto delete only downloaded files (Settings в†’ Folders and files)
- Download files only when the phone is charging (Settings в†’ Cloud)
- Error correction

version2.2.1 :
- Added support for Sony Xperia Z5 (Use WAV or MP3)

version2.2.0.3 :
- fixed getting root-rights in trial version

version2.2.0.2 :
- fixed crash on devices with write method - MSM

version2.2.0.1 :
- OneDrive support
- CAF works on HiSilicon devices (requires root)
- error correction

version 2.1.9 :
- error correction

version2.1.8 (relative to 2.1.7):
- improved call detection
- Fixed a problem with the choice of an external memory card on Marshmallow
- required to provide access to Marshmallow
- Fixed the definition of the beginning of the conversation for outgoing calls
- error correction

version2.1.8 beta05 :
- error correction

version2.1.8 beta04 :
- Fixed the definition of the beginning of the conversation for outgoing calls

version2.1.8 beta03 :
- error correction

version2.1.8 beta02 :
- error correction

version2.1.8 beta01 :
- improved call detection
- Fixed a problem with the choice of an external memory card on Marshmallow
- required to provide access to Marshmallow

version2.1.7 :
- new action in exceptions: "mark"
- button to mark the recording during the call (see Settings>Interface and appearance)

version2.1.6.1 :
- Busybox is no longer required

version2.1.6 :
- Root module is no longer needed
- support for LG Nexus 5X (requires root)

version2.1.5 :
- Root module is required for CAF, ALSA and MSM methods

version2.1.4 :
- Option: delete the record after loading in Settings в†’ Cloud
- option: automatic unlocking immediately after entering the correct password without pressing the 'OK' button in Settings в†’ Security
- error correction

version2.1.3.1 :
- fixed bug after call

version2.1.3 :
- fixed a problem with getting root on Marshmallow, requiredSuperSUnot lower than 2.52

version2.1.2 :
- fix minor bugs

version2.1.1 :
- error correction

version2.1.0 :
- Added option to communicate with contacts in settings в†’ interface and appearance (this function requires new permissions)
- Android M Preview 3 support
- hides a screenshot in recent applications, if a password is required to enter the program (settings в†’ security)
- fixed problem with proximity sensor
- error correction

version2.0.9 :
- amr files can be manually encrypted
- minor interface improvements
- error correction

version2.0.8.3 :
- error correction

version2.0.8.2 :
- fixed issue with displaying contact names on some devices

version2.0.8.1 :
- error correction

version2.0.8 :
- Google Drive support
- error correction

version2.0.7 :
- error correction

version2.0.6 :
- external memory support for device without root on lollipop
- error correction

version2.0.5 :
- improved support for non-armed HTC One M9 and HTC One M8
- error correction

version2.0.4 :
- error correction

version2.0.3 :
- the way of setting the time template has been changed: now it is configured directly in the file name template
- increased hit area to add entries to favorites
- fixed issue with recording outgoing on some devices
- fixed crashes on devices before lollipop when trying to change the file name pattern
- when records are filtered by contact: a long press on an avatar will display all records
- correction of other minor errors

version2.0.2 :
- the play / pause button is moved to the right
- option to turn off autoplay in Settings в†’ Audio Player
- play button in context menu in select mode
- convert AMR records to WAV
- improved detection of outgoing calls
- fixed problem with not displaying description of file name and time template settings in Settings в†’ Folders and files
- minor interface improvements
- error correction

version2.0.1 :
- fast scrolling enabled
- option to hide all notifications
- error correction

version2.0 :
- Added support for the built-in superuser in CyanogenMod
- error correction

version2.0 beta009 :
- compatibility with SELinux (use SuperSU in case of problems with other Superuser)

version2.0 beta008 :
- Galaxy S6 support
- error correction

version2.0 beta007 :
- recording from the line via Bluetooth to Note 4 with Exynos chipset (requires root)

version2.0 beta006.01 :
- error correction

version2.0 beta005 :
- added warning about running out of memory
- Fixed problem with auto delete files

version2.0 beta004 :
- dark theme
- error correction

version2.0 beta003 :
- error correction

version2.0 beta002 :
- long press on avatar will filter the contact's calls
- error correction

version1.6.8 :
- recording from the line via Bluetooth to Note 4 with Exynos chipset (requires root)

version1.6.7 :
- fixed bug on HTC One (m7)

version1.6.6 :
- Support for non-powered HTC One (M8), check each recording source for Standard APIs

version1.6.5 :
- Added support for HTC Desire X and other devices on Qualcomm 200 (root required)
- error correction

version1.6.4 :
- added support for Nexus 6 and other devices on Qualcomm 805 (root required)
- error correction

version1.6.4 beta02 :
- experimental support for Nexus 6
- error correction

version1.6.4 beta01 :
- error correction

version1.6.3 :
- improved support for Android 5.0 (SELinux should be in permissive mode)
- error correction

version1.6.2 :
- added the "Send" button to the action dialog after the call
- translations updated
- improved license check when LuckyPatcher is installed

version1.6.1.1 :
- Fixed bug

version1.6.1 :
- improved support for HTC One Dual Sim
- added presets for some devices
- error correction

version1.6 :
- Android L support (SELinux must be in permissive mode)
- update translations
- error correction

version1.5.9 :
- volume control for Tx and Rx separately (if the phone and the core support stereo recording)
- error correction

version1.5.8 :
- support SGS5, Sony Xperia Z2 and HTC Desire V
- MP3 recording for all recording methods
- change password from key
- ask password when opening the program
- the program will not ask for a password every time you want to listen to an encrypted recording, if you entered it earlier
- setting the sample rate for CAF
- support for recording in stereo for CAF, if the kernel supports this feature (only for msm8974)
- error correction

version1.5.8 beta04 :
- error correction

version1.5.8 beta03 :
- setting the sample rate for the caf
- error correction

version1.5.8 beta02 :
- change password from key
- ask password when opening the program
- the program will not ask for a password every time you want to listen to an encrypted recording, if you entered it earlier
- error correction

version1.5.8 beta01 :
- added mp3 format for all recording methods

version1.5.7 :
- added support for HTC One (M8), LG G Flex and Xiaomi MI 3W
- fixed bugs

version1.5.6 :
- there are no restrictions on the number of slashes in the file name pattern
- fixed bugs

version1.5.5 :
- fixed issues on MSM8255

version1.5.4 :
- fixed bug with AMR on devices with Qualcomm MSM8255
- fixed bug with entering password for encryption

version1.5.3.2 :
- Fixed bug

version1.5.3.1 :
- fixed problem with license verification

version1.5.3 :
- new recording method - CAF (Like ALSA, but does not require installation of ALSA, ROOT is required)
- Record from the line on the LG Nexus 4, HTC One, HTC One mini, SGS4 GE, SG Note 3 LTE, Moto G, LG G2 D802, etc.
- volume control for CAF and standard API (WAV)
- change the sampling rate for recording via standard API (WAV)
- error correction

version1.5.2 :
- Nexus 5 support

version1.5.1 :
- option for dual-purpose devices (settings ->debugging)
- Fixed a problem with Superuser on Android 4.3.x

version1.5 :
- support for recording from the line to Nexus 4 (requires root and patch installation:http: // invalid link / Rwrz6V)
- the program does not ignore calls from the second SIM card on HTC phones
- error correction

version1.4.9 :
- fixed problem: on some devices, the screen was blocked using the proximity sensor while listening to records
- Added indicator upload records to Dropbox
- error correction

version1.4.8 :
- added option to context menu - "filter this number"
- fixed FC at system startup
- Fixed a problem with playing through the phone speaker
- other minor fixes

version1.4.7 :
- Fixed a problem with the action dialog after the call on Android 2.x
- fixed problem with proximity sensor and audio output (Settings ->Audio player)

version1.4.6 :
- Fixed a problem with the delay before starting recording on Android 4.3
- new action dialog after the call
- the action dialog asks for each record made (not only the last one, as it was before)

version1.4.5 :
- upload to Dropbox when adding to favorites
- error correction

version1.4.4 :
- error correction

version1.4.3 :
- upload to Dropbox
- update translations
- error correction

version1.4.2 :
- error correction
- update translations

version1.4.1 :
- error correction
- update translations

version1.4 :
- update contact name when rescanning
- clicking on the right area (where the date and duration) will open a dialog with information about the recording, a long press to change it
- adding .nomedia to folders
- Danish translation
- error correction

version1.3.9 :
- Sony Xperia T support
- update translations
- error correction

version1.3.8 :
- Motorola RAZR M support (requires root)
- HTC One (recording from the top microphone, requires root)
- display of notes in the list
- edit the information from the record (contact name, phone number, file name and note)
- error correction

version1.3.7 :
- Motorola RAZR HD support
- error correction
- new call confirmation dialog

version1.3.6 :
- error correction

version1.3.5 :
- increased recording stability through ALSA
- Record in AMR through ALSA (conversion takes place immediately during recording)
- fixed AMR rewind bug

version1.3.4 :
- error correction
- Sony Xperia V support

version1.3.3 :
- fixed bugs
- support HTC EVO 4G LTE

version1.3.2 :
- New UI for settings
- LG Nexus 4 support (requires root even for recording via api)
- Ability to add a single "/" to the file name pattern
- Minor improvements

version1.3.1 :
- error correction

version1.3 :
- auto-convert wav to amr (experimental features)
- new tab "Tasks" for the conversion queue
- record information
- spaces and type of call in the file name (experimental features ->file name pattern)

version1.2.9 :
- Convert to amr
- Improved ui search
- Ability to rename files
- Other improvements and bug fixes

version1.2.8 :
- Support Jelly Bean
- Removed MP3 recording format (I'm working to get it back)
- Convert recordings from wav (mono) to mp3
- Set the file name pattern (experimentally)
- AMR support for devices on MSM7227
- Minor UI changes
- Fixed a lot of minor bugs

version1.2.7 :
- Fixed bug

version1.2.6 :
- the favorites screen is now to the left of the screen with all entries
- Fixed a problem with the microphone gain on the Galaxy Nexus

version1.2.5 :
- Fixed bug
- Turkish translation

version1.2.4 :
- Fixed bug

version1.2.3 :
- the ability to hide favorites from the list with all entries (Settings->Appearance)
- the ability to add a warning about the ending place
- management of the recording from the notification panel for Android 4 ICS
- fixed (I hope) FC when trying to select all records
- added button "Scan folder" in the menu
- rewrote the code responsible for determining the presence of a connected headset BT
- Serbian translation
- translation to Dutch

version1.2.2 :
- error correction
- option to select the old icon in the notification panel (in the "Appearance" settings)

version1.2.1 :
- error correction

version1.2 :
- added information about the record in the dialog to confirm its deletion
- added delay before recording for incoming (perhaps for Acer Liquid mt will help)
- Galaxy Nexus support
- Samsung Galaxy R support (Chinese core required)
- the ability to hide the record control button if the record is already in progress
- added Swedish translation (Johannes Sjölund)
- the ability to use the built-in decoder to play WAV in the program
- view the count of free space by clicking on ActionBar
- select the device in the settings to set the correct settings for recording
- installation of system lib for writing to ICS for SGS2
- new icon
- error correction

version1.1.9 :
- error correction
- interface improvement

version1.1.8 :
- vibration on raising / hanging up the tube
- error correction

version1.1.7 :
- adding notes to records (in encrypted records they are stored in unencrypted form)
- experimentally: recording through the core for LG Optimus 3D (Alsa must be installed)
- fixed problem with not falling asleep after unsuccessful write attempt

version1.1.6 :
- encryption for .WAV format (experimentally)

version1.1.5 :
- Fixed bug

version1.1.4 :
- fixed bugs
- use the proximity sensor to turn off the display while listening to the recording through the telephone speaker (ROOT required)

version1.1.3 :
- Fixed a bug with not deleting from the list of records that were deleted immediately after a conversation through a dialog for deletion.
- Added .WAV format for standard API
- Fixed a problem with showing the version of the patch (previously, the version was shown only after the application was restarted)
- added Ukrainian translation
- new icon in the notification bar

version1.1.2 :
- fixed bug with outgoing on CDMA phones

version1.1.1 :
- Fixed bug

version1.1 :
- Changed the appearance of the recording control button during a call
- Added new formats for standard APIs (now AAC is the default)
- You can rescan the folder in the settings
- Information about the patch version of the kernel and the presence of root rights in the settings
- Improved log
- Bugs fixed

version1.0.45 alpha
- error correction
- show / add contact from context menu

version1.0.44 alpha :
- information about the record is now stored in the record itself
- completely redesigned interface
- choice of language in settings

version1.0.43 alpha :
- fixed not recording incoming calls after a USSD request (thanksSergental 'y)
- automatic change of the recording source when the BT headset is connected (relevant for SGSII)
- small changes in the interface

version1.0.42 alpha :
- the ability to change the location of the recording control button

version1.0.41 alpha :
- error correction
- added Persian translation

version1.0.40 alpha :
- translation to spanish
- error correction

version1.0.39 alpha :
- fixed bug with groups in exceptions
- new options in the settings for debugging the program

version1.0.38 alpha :
- selection of all files
- the ability to disable the display of icons during a call
- the ability to disable wake lock during the conversation
- Added Italian and Slovak translation

version1.0.37 alpha :
- fixed error with auto deletion of files

version1.0.36 alpha :
- fixed bug with increased power consumption

version1.0.35 alpha :
- Fixed a bug with not writing through the standard Android API

version1.0.34 alpha :
- Error correction

version1.0.33 alpha :
- Select recording source (for SGS II, select "Output Channel")
- Bug fixes (FC on SGS + after conversation)

version1.0.32 alpha :
- Fixed FC when pressing the menu button on RCMix v.2.1 firmware, filtering still causes this error, since problem in the firmware itself

version1.0.31 alpha :
- Fixed some bugs
- increase the volume on phones like HTC Wildfire

version1.0.30 alpha :
- Fixed some bugs
- Now phones like HTC Wildfire are supported (experimentally)

version1.0.29 alpha :
- Exceptions
- Automatic deletion of records
- Record via standard Android'a API

version1.0.28 alpha :
- call confirmation
- default action for outgoing / incoming
- recording management during a call
- sending logs to the developer directly from the program
- the ability to call the contact directly from the program
- the ability to play recordings through a telephone speaker
- the program will run until September 1, 2011 (the full version will appear on the market as soon as the program is translated into German and Polish)
- CDMA support

version1.0.27 alpha :
- changed the color of the icon while recording
- added the ability to select multiple files and perform actions on them - delete, send

version1.0.26 alpha :
- added translation into Polish (thanks to roboprint)
- on Desire HD you can now choose: use delay or not

version1.0.25 alpha :
- added contact name to file name
- changed the icon in the notification panel, which is shown during recording
- added German translation (to hawkeyexp)
- on Desire HD added the possibility of a delay before recording starts, like on Desire
- ability to send entries

version1.0.24 alpha :
- translated the program into Russian
- during recording an icon should be displayed in the notification panel
- now after deleting the record, the program does not return to the top of the list

version1.0.23 alpha :
- added a dialog to delete the record immediately after the conversation (must be enabled in the settings)
- calls to numbers containing an asterisk should now be recorded

version1.0.22 alpha :
- added support for AMR - if you do not see in the list, then your amr core does not support
- fixed bug with incoming calls from hidden numbers
- in the settings added the ability to increase the delay to 3 seconds before recording
- fixed a small bug with UI when deleting a file
- added link to Lame

version1.0.21 alpha :
- icon in the notification bar
- increased delay to 2 seconds

version1.0.20 alpha :
- recording from the first second on Desire HD

version1.0.19 alpha :
- Desire HD support

version1.0.18 alpha :
- delay before recording
- published on the market

version1.0 build17 :
- error correction

version1.0 build16 :
- error correction

version1.0 build15 :
- added audio player

version1.0 build14 :
- root-request when starting the service

version1.0 build13 :
- autostart service at system start

version1.0 build11 :
- error correction

version1.0 build10 :
- error correction
- select recording format

version1.0 build09 :
- error correction

version1.0 build08 :
- the ability to delete a record by long tap

version1.0 build06 :
- changed icon

version1.0 build05 :
- added filtering

version1.0 build04 :
- changed UI, viewing records in the program
- in the settings you can disable recording

version1.0 build03 :
- error correction

version1.0 build02 :
- error correction

version1.0 (16.03.2011):
- Record outgoing on HTC Desire. Entries should appear in the / sdcard / voix folder.

Version: 3.3.9 Attached fileCallRecorder_v.3.3.9.apk (13 MB)
md5: 14f10b82a9bae0461c041ac39e124f36

In the subject author of the application, please refrain from Varese!

Past versions

Topics Curatorsclever_man,can apply throughQMS

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Reason for editing: Past versions

Rep: (11)
Such a question: For citizens from the "Open list of donations for the development, testing and improvement of recording from the line" (of course for those who paid the stated amount) - will the full version of CallRecorder? Personally, I don’t regret giving $ 4.99 for a good and necessary product, but there are some difficulties with paying on the market, and I don’t want to stay without recording calls after 10/01/2011.

Rep: (25)
Something tight sense of description comes. Will the line write on the galaxy from the darkness 10.2 (2.3.4)?

Rep: (1549)
lq1 @ 08/30/2011, 13:42*
Such a question: For citizens from the "Open list of donations for the development, testing and improvement of recording from the line" (of course for those who paid the stated amount) - will the full version of CallRecorder? Personally, I don’t regret giving $ 4.99 for a good and necessary product, but there are some difficulties with paying on the market, and I don’t want to stay without recording calls after 10/01/2011.

Of course, write me a mail.

Posted on 08/30/2011, 13:14:

Roman-11235 @ 08/30/2011, 14:01*
Something tight sense of description comes. Will the line write on the galaxy from the darkness 10.2 (2.3.4)?

Hardly, but you can check and unsubscribe, and I will add to the header that your device is not supported / supported.

Rep: (578)
I sent you a report today that on my device with RCMix v.2.1 firmware with the UNITY v9 kernel, the program crashes out when I try to enter its settings. He writes conversations, but the interlocutor seems to write from a microphone. Will you jump something?

Post has been editedR0iZ - 31.08.11, 06:16

Rep: (28)
Speech, firmware in the signature.
Does not work, i.e. not even trying to write.
Ruth prog gave.

Rep: (106)
I have an optimus, everything works 2.3
just quiet a little but it is not critical

Rep: (572)
Cool! Works on OSF with CM7, although analogs that worked on 2.2 do not plow)
Added support for AMR - if you do not see in the list, then your amr kernel does not support

I see it in the list, but it only pretends to write what it does. For what it "wrote" then does not play. With wav and mp3 everything is ok.

Post has been editedGanster41 - 31.08.11, 00:39
Reason for editing: Added & quot; bug reporter & quot;

Rep: (5)
On the GT540 Ski, it works correctly, until everything is OK, I take it up to the trial period, if I don’t notice any glitches, we’ll buy)

Rep: (247)
Updated in the market.
Liked the new opportunity to add exceptions.
The only request to do is to add one by one contact, not groups. It will be more convenient this way - I opened the program and added / deleted the required contacts. Otherwise, unnecessary and unnecessary actions with groups should be done.
In general, I historically have only one group - favorites, exclusively for the widget. I see no reason to create other different groups (it was relevant at the time, because a special melody could only be assigned to a group)

Rep: (1549)
magicm3n @ 08/31/2011, 11:55*
The only request to do is to add one by one contact, not groups.

The fact is that it is easier to create, say, two groups: "Always write" and "Never write" and add contacts to them, then when changing the phone / firmware it is enough to add only these two groups.

Rep: (304)
For owners of Desire HD / Z and analogs: in the new core frommdeejay (posted here ) the opportunity to write to the AMR. At 1.0.30 it works perfectly.

Rep: (260)
Question: Can the recording quality be improved? In principle, for its task, and so normal, but you never know.
A couple of wishes: make it possible to remove the program icon from the top bar, and at the end of the conversation display a notification of what is recorded.

Otherwise, everything is fine :)

Rep: (5)
Kollapsik @ 09/01/2011, 05:13*
make it possible to remove the program icon from the top bar

There is such a function, in the settings, remove the check mark from the "Show icon in the alarm panel"

Rep: (1212)
if you remove the icon, the process priority will decrease and the program can be automatically closed by the system during the load.

Rep: (108)
Bought in the market.
the question is - how does the prog bind? Because there are 2 devices H1 and GHS, I bought on H1 - does the GHS not see a program in the market at all ... or is the GHS not supported at all?

Rep: (135)
skvalex On HTC Sensation with the core v.9 from mdeejay, your voice records much louder than yourself and with distortions, something like when you listen to the full volume of the speech on the speakers and they do not stand up. Is it possible to equalize the volume or can change the volume so that the interlocutor can be heard louder than himself? Well, respectively, somehow remove the distortion. What is most interesting on the 8 core distortion was not.

Rep: (247)
The principle is also an option.

Still very much would not prevent the possibility in the list of records to mark the ones you need as readonly for example.
Ie prog writes everything, for a day a bunch of records accumulates. Hand picking with them manually is very expensive and, accordingly, auto-deletion is enabled after N days.
But sometimes some record needs to be saved and in order not to climb the conductor and poking around in the files, dragging the necessary one somewhere, it would be much easier just to mark it in the callreader as not deleted.

Rep: (45)
Desire, MIUI firmware - works fine! Now I will think if I need this prog ...: rolleyes:

Rep: (100)
On samsung and 9000, an error emerges when it starts to call Slow until the next update I have the official firmware 2.3.4 :-)

Rep: (86)
Moto Milestone: Doesn’t write anything at all :(

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