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Choice-comparison and discussion of laptops of various brands, as well as their capabilities and disadvantages
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Some people think that a cheap laptop is a bad and not reliable laptop, and an expensive laptop is a good and good thing. And accordingly: the more expensive the laptop, the better it is. In fact, it is not. “Bad” can be an expensive device. Much depends on the manufacturer. And within the framework of one manufacturer, only its functionality, prestige, power will depend on the cost of the machine.

When choosing a laptop, you need to understand for what purpose you need it.

Sample request template for assistance in choosing a laptop
1. Maximum price of a laptop: (for example, 20 000 rubles)
2. City, which will be made buying a laptop (for example, Moscow / St. Petersburg / Samara / Kiev)
3 Screen Size in inches: 15.4 ", 10.1", 13.1 "...
3.1. Whether embedded devices need: DVD / BR, bluetooth, SIM (GSM-modem) and so forth.
3.2. Is there a preference for the type of screen: (gloss or matte)
4. What is important in the first place: performance, weight, portability, long battery life and so on.
5. Does the laptop will be used for games. If yes, what: Solitaire or GTA and tanks ...
6. What additional ports are needed: eSata, USB-C and so on.
7. Other preferences (for example, only pink)

F.A.Q.-Frequently Asked Questions
AT: What is a laptop?
ABOUT: Notebook (English notebook - notebook, notepad PC) - a portable personal computer, in the case of which typical components of a PC are combined, including a display, keyboard and pointing device (usually a touch panel or touchpad), a handheld computer, and rechargeable batteries. Laptops are small in size and weight, the battery life of laptops varies from 1 to 15 hours.
AT: Can I charge my laptop in the car?
ABOUT: Sure you may! The car cigarette lighter power is enough to feed almost any, even the most voracious laptop. But the voltage in it is not 210-240V as in the outlet, but 10-19V (depending on the model). To fix this, use the standard car converter "12V DC - 220V AC". With it, an ordinary socket appears in your car, which you can use to charge the laptop battery. And the network block of the laptop takes from 100 to 240V and "extinguishes" the destructive jumps of the voltage.
AT: What is "standby"?
ABOUT: Standby in a laptop is almost the same as shutdown. Only when switching to the standby mode, all open windows and programs will not be closed. When you "wake up" a laptop, you will start working from the place where you left off.
AT: How are Apple laptops (MacBooks) different?
ABOUT: First of all, a completely different operating system: not Windows, but Mac OS X. This entails differences in technical capabilities. Apple computers are most often used when working with multimedia applications, graphics, and design developments.
AT: What are PCMCIA and CardBus cards?
ABOUT: Expansion cards of the laptop, with their help, you can connect a TV tuner, card reader, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules.
AT: What is the S / PDIF output, why is it needed?
ABOUT: S / PDIF - English Sony / Philips Digital Interface Format is a standard for transmitting digital audio between various audio components. Allows several types of cable and types of jacks 3.5 mm jack (standard plug from headphones), and RCA jack, popularly referred to as "Tulip". Another type of S / PDIF is called "optical", or TOSLINK - a light guide is used for data transmission. The advantage of the S / PDIF optical type is excellent electrical noise immunity.
AT: What is a “glass matrix”?
ABOUT: Special manufacturing technology of matrices - provides high brightness of liquid crystal displays, saturation of colors, more lively and colorful image. Colors in laptops with such a matrix seem fresh, juicy, because a special glossy coating is applied to the laptop matrix instead of the usual matte. Visually reducing the distance between adjacent pixels, this coating thereby significantly increases the contrast and brightness of the image. A significant drawback of glossy matrices is that they seem to serve as a mirror for you and the objects around you (therefore such matrices are sometimes called mirrored). In addition, the laptop screen with such a matrix is ​​very glare, and the more intensive lighting in your room, the worse you can see the image on the laptop screen.
AT: What to look for in the design of the case?
ABOUT: Hole for ventilation. If the radiator hole is located at the bottom, then you need a hard surface for comfortable notebook operation, so that the legs of the laptop create a small distance from the surface, since by placing it on some soft surface, you close the cooling holes.
USB ports. It is desirable that the USB ports are not grouped in one place, but were scattered on the sides. Since when you connect one large USB device, such as a flash drive, you can block other ports.
AT: What is the use of a widescreen screen?
ABOUT: The widescreen display has an aspect ratio of 16: 9, rather than 4: 3, like a normal display. On a laptop with such a screen, it is more convenient to work on the Internet and with text documents, since the basic information is located in the center of the screen, and the side space can be used at your discretion. On the widescreen display is much more pleasant to watch a movie, since the black bars above and below disappear.
AT: How much RAM is enough for comfortable work?
ABOUT: 512 MB of RAM will be enough for comfortable work on the Internet, in Word and Excel, as well as for watching movies. Ideal volume - 2 GB and more, you can work with comfort in Windows Vista and Windows 7.
AT: How to quickly charge a laptop battery?
ABOUT: In order to charge the battery faster, you need to turn off the laptop and connect it via a mains adapter to a 220V outlet. The fact is that when the laptop is turned on, the energy that comes from the mains adapter is consumed by the operation of the laptop systems and its battery charge. But when the laptop is turned off, all the energy goes to the battery, so its charge is faster than when the laptop is turned on.
AT: I have a very hot laptop, is this some kind of malfunction?
ABOUT: It all depends on how long the laptop began to warm up. If you bought it quite recently and from the very first day, it heats up approximately the same, you can not worry. Heating the lower surface of the laptop in the process of operation is a common phenomenon, to reduce the temperature you can use the special fan stand. But if the laptop began to warm when it took some time after the purchase, you should first clean it from dust with the help of a special vacuum cleaner (perhaps the vent holes were simply clogged). If it does not help, contact the service center.

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* Resstart, Thanks for the answer!
Strange price variation and equipment. I forgot to mention that the OS is not needed in principle, and this is immediately 10-5k to the price. And it turns out you can squeeze in 4000 risen.

I looked after another, it turns out a fresher model proposed, it is very confused that the capabilities of the upgrade are very limited, although for such a price.
https: //www.dns-shop.r...eapad-3-15are05-seryj/

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* lergvot. , hmm, you went beyond the budget: 3
Of course, 4500U will be much better than 3500U, but the video is still not worth counting on the game.

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Vcreatyv @ 08.21.20, 00:16*
Zenbukov or Lenovo Yoga S model, type S940, S740

Thank you! And what about Latitude 7410 or 9410, do not tell me?

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Good day.
I ask for advice, I will take next week, I choose a laptop for parents, Criteria 3:

1) price up to 50000
2) Diagonal - 17
3) IPS.

So I came across 2 models: advise that it is better to choose? Or do you advise your own?

1) https: //www.citilink.r...ile/notebooks/1153582/

Lenovo IdeaPad L340-17API laptop, 81ly002frk, black in Citylinka for 40,000

Code: 1153582; Screen: 17.3 "; screen resolution: 1920 Г— 1080; Matrix type: IPS; Processor: AMD Ryzen 3 3200U; Frequency: 2.6 GHz (3.5 GHz, in TURBO mode); Memory: 8192 MB, DDR4, 2400 MHz; HDD: 1000 GB,; AMD Radeon Vega 3;



Lenovo IdeaPad 3 17.3 "FHD IPS / I3-10110U / 8GB / 256GB SSD / UMA / W10 / 256GB SSD / UMA / W10 / PLATINUM GREY 81WC003YR for 50,000

I plan to buy Libov DNS, Sitilink, MVIDEO or local store there is a matrix.

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* mmaxtt , Hello!
Mmaxtt @ 08.21.20, 18:00*
what's better

The difference is not significant, but if you are ready to suffer HDD in 2020
https: //www.citilink.r...ile/notebooks/1153582/

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Hello! Need help in choosing a laptop, I looked at 2 models, mostly
For programming.

1)https: //

2)https: //

What will be better? Taking into account the fact that I plan to give a bar in MSI.

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Hello! Wear a plane, is it worth taking modern laptops at the moment? After reading, as I understood, after a socket G3 began to make a shipped proq, AMD has the same situation! That's just with RAM it is not clear, somewhere in Vpyana, that again is not an option, somewhere there is no! What is better to take?
The laptop will be taken for long-term use of 5 years, because There is no extra money to change the beech like gloves! Of course, the soess of the PGA socket, so that at a convenient case would change not only HDD (SSD), but percentage and RAM! Used will be used for the Internet, print (Word, Exel), light video editors.

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Good day! Help with the choice.
A small background: I noticed that a large number of documents, looking at the phone, I make a note on it. Began to look at the tablets with a stylus. SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 7+ came out. Very entered, but still it is an android with its advantages and minuses. Therefore, I decided to look towards the laptop with the touch screen.
1. Maximum laptop price up to 60 000 r.
2. City of Orenburg
3 Screen Size in inches: 13-14
3.1. Whether embedded devices need: bluetooth, wifi
3.2. Are there any preferences on the type of screen - not fundamentally
4. What is important first: low weight, mobility, touch screen.
5. Will the laptop be used for games - no.
6. What additional ports are needed: ESATA, USB-C
7. Other preferences: No.

And the question to those who used:
Conveniently, whether to work on the touch screen (highlight, copy, Word, Excel, PDF)
While looked
Lenovo IdeaPad C340 on Intel Core i5 10210U - 53 TR.
ASUS ZenBook Flip UM462DA-AI003T on AMD Ryzen 5 3500u 2.1 GHz -57 TP.

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* digma19, If there is money for a good beech - take. If there is no, then for everyday tasks there is enough and B.U., because for a small budget to take something accumulated difficult or impossible. IMHO

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Advise poz, options for such parameters:
1. Maximum price: 70 thousand rubles.
2. City: St. Petersburg
3. Screen size: 15 ", IPS, matte
3.1. SD-reader is desirable
4. What is important first: quiet, cold, with a good screen, for home office and watching amateur photos.

Looking for a laptop for the work of the house (replacement desktop), mainly work with text and data + browser. Video calls: Skype, zoom. A good keyboard for entering text is important: Standard keys, "pleasant" tactile sensations, a digital block.

I don't play games, I don't listen to the music, you need a quiet laptop, so that in the usual working mode there was no cooler, or that the sound from him was at a minimum + so that the laptop was getting grainbed (there was a sad experience, when it was impossible to touch the hot keyboard, Not that to work).

Preferably a good screen, because I spend 10 hours a day. I am doing a little amateur photo (I look at the + screen + sometimes I want to twist something in the editor, just for myself).

Previously, he used office latters of the average price segment. I was already ready to choose something from the same with classic design: HP ProBook 450/455 or Lenovo ThinkPad E15 / Thinkbook 15. But now I want a better screen, and then on my old laptop (in comparison with iPad mini) All photos - what Well, Sultina, I do not want to look.

They write, in gaming laptops, the quality of screens is better, but I think they warm more, or the cooling system is respectively more noisy.

What are the options for 70 thousand now for those who do not play games at all?

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* peligroso So what about new sockets? Does all the bga go?

Rep: (877)
* digma19, Yes, almost everything on BGA for a very rare exception (it seems, on some gaming platforms and workstations, you can stick with dexte percents).

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So my Legion came to me 5. The first impression after the old ASUS is a cultural shock. All damn perfectly. I will say correctly - the appraiser and his permanent user - my matches of 13 years. He is shocked. Here I barely in his games pulled at 20 fps -Hex for 150 and this is not the limit. Well, it's all from his words. I took without W10. Ryzen 5 4600 on 16/512 1650 Ti for 71t. Put the Windows, activated., Zadarma received an exile about. Well, it is particular. For three days I did not even understand when damn it turns on. Quiet pancake. Also SSD after HDD on the old one. Klava - a dream. The only one did not enjoy when you need to include or not include Fn + Q mode. Video Card Performance Switch. And so on white works clearly. In Bios, not even climb. Matrix ....... I first thought I had something with my eyes. But Malaya denied. Jumping from high-quality pictures. We are not bald, but here in real life. Well, as if first impressions. Appearance ? I braided me a little. Some kind of incomplete one. Alya 90s. But two days of use showed: a grip, comfortable, thoughtful, damn how to say? Sticky to the hands of anything. How you can't take - it's convenient. If you are interested in or there is a live photo - ask.

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Hi guys, please advise.
1. Maximum price notebook: 200-400 $ is preferably cheaper.
2. City, which will be made buying a laptop:
Buying will be in the US, eBay most likely or Amazon.
3 Screen Size in inches:
13-14 needed compact.
3.1. Do I need built-in devices:
WiFi must, bluetooth if it is excellent, no, no.
3.2. Is there a preference of screen type:
4. What is important in the first place:
Weight, mobility, long battery life.
5. Will the laptop be used for games:
6. What additional ports are needed:
No preferences, USB 2, USB 3, will be enough.
7. Other preferences:
The laptop is needed compact, long-lived not old and cheap, it is possible.

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Lexis_Spb @ 21.08.20, 13:49*
And what about Latitude 7410 or 9410, do not tell me?

I will not say, I just don't know anything about them, look in profile branches, I think you will find answers

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Lexis_Spb @ 21.08.20, 13:49*
Latitude 7410 or 9410, do not tell me?

There are reviewshttps: //www.notebookch...ude-7410.487505.0.html

There is also a Dell 9410.
And of course see forum

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Advise the laptop from the hands, from AliqPress, from retail to 40 thousand rubles. Chief Criteria - 15.6 "FHD IPS Matrix. City - Naberezhnye Chelny. PS There is a thought to take IdeaPad 3 15are05 with 4500U for 37500 in Corporation Center, Hasee K670D-G4E7 with G5420 + 1050 4GB for 38000 or Maibenben Xiaomai 6 Pro with 6405U + MX350 For 31000 with AliCPress.

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* digma19,
You need to take just the same this Hasee with G5420. There are two slots of RAM without a charged, the processor changes easily in the future on the cold I5, there are 2 M.2 and one SATA 2.5

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Who has specifically hp pavilion gaming 15-dk1015ur?
Display like 72% NTSC on the office.
As well as his brotherhttps: //www.notebookch...ookCheck.435510.0.htmlScored a good rating. 19th place among laptops with the best displays.

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I welcome everyone. I plan to buy a gaming laptop to 60,000, the city of Surgut. Now I choose between two laptops:
1) ASUS TUF Gaming FX505DT-AL087 [1920x1080, IPS, AMD Ryzen 5 3550h, 4 x 2.1 GHz, RAM 8 GB, SSD 512 GB, GeForce GTX 1650 4 GB, Wi-Fi, DOS, 120 Hz]
2) Lenovo IdeaPad 3 Gaming 15imH05 [1920x1080, IPS, Intel Core i5 10300H, 4 x 2.5 GHz, RAM 8 GB, SSD 256 GB, GeForce GTX 1650 4 GB, Wi-Fi, DOS, 60 Hz]
At the moment, I'm more inclined to Lenovo because of the processor, but I am afraid for heating, I found little reviews on this laptop. But judging by the tests in Games, Asus is also warm. Play I plan mainly on weekends in the Witcher, GTA and TD. Autonomy is not very important, I plan to use a laptop at home. I love to open a bunch of tabs in the browser and in parallel several programs, so I would like to do without lags (on the previous laptop Acer Aspire V3 had problems with this).
I will be glad if someone gives advice :) especially from laptop data owners

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