Samsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S - Flash and modding | Part 2.

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Samsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S - Firmware and Modding
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Samsung GT-i9000 - Firmware and Modding | (Archive) The modified firmware 2.2,2.3 | All about the three-button mode [3KR]
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Basic minimum useful for beginners

[Color = royalblue] Catalog firmware / mods / cores to i9000

nuclear hotbed

collections modems

Recommended Reading
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How to go from 2.2 to 2.3, or just ask
1. You need a firmware 2.3.4 , Which has a bootloader. (With any archiver Total Commander or look in the firmware file (* .tar or * tar.md5 - PDA part), if there is a file sbl.bin, then this is the bootloader). Here three flow file , *** deodeks here with Ruth from PaWill (in the archive with the firmware is all you need)
2. You will needOdin and Pete .
3. Also, you will needdrivers for computer.
And so, we go furtherby this linkandCAREFULLY We read everything about the firmware.
We hope that you will succeed and you will not need to learn how to return your machine to "life."
We wish you an easy firmware in the future smooth operation of the machine !!!

How to go from 2.2; 2.3 to 4.0, or just ask
Hyde fromDancer-skInstallation Onecosmic ICS

Installing Photo

1. To do this, you will need to drain from the root, and cwm. They can takehere in this threadfor the current firmware. How to flash cwm and root -in the same topic.
2. Fill in the internal ROM memory card. (Important: Take the rum for your phone! )
3. Reboot into cwm recovery
4. Select install zip from sd card - select the firmware file and sews.
5. Wait until the kernel is being installed and Roma.
6. Your phone restarts and squares begin to fly. We look to them for 2-3 minutes, then pull the battery.
7. Go to cwm recovery (button Vol Up + Home + Power, when the boot logo nucleus (for glitch-trollfeys) - release the Power)
8. We doWipe cache and Wipe Data / Factory reset .
9. Reboot, look at the boxes a couple of minutes, after which the body needs to boot.

Installing from CM \-based CM Roma \ previous Onecosmic'a assemblies

1. Fill in the ROM internal memory.
2. From the install cwm recovery ROM.
3. Here wipes are at your discretion, but I would have done before the insertion, in order to avoid the old glitches and bugs.

When flashing you can lose all your data.Therefore, use the special programe for backups.
Contacts - Google account.
For SMS - SMS Backup & Restore.
For applications - Titanium backup.

After the transition to ICS, you can not synchronize with KIES as it is not the official version of the firmware.

Keep in mind that everything you do with your phone - you do at your own risk

Taken from

Detailed instructions fromsweemer2008on Android 4.0 firmware from Onecosmic for beginners.

(Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich RC4.2 ICSSGS from the development team)

A WARNING! Think before flashing a few times, if you need it, and whether it's worth it. It RC4.2, ie Release Candidate, and not the final final version, it can be for you buggy compared to the well-functioning Android 2.3 Gingerbread. it is also an informal, ie I guarantee you will lose too. Also, in the case of an unsuccessful firmware, you can get off the phone, and it will be your responsibility. Personally, I am on this instruction sewn phone many times, and I have works. In my opinion, the firmware is already quite suitable for everyday use.

So, you have read the warning and decided to flash the currently Android 4.0.
Start over.
We believe that you have a common Stock firmware, do not touch anything.
(Note: to download any files from the sitesavagemessiahzine.comregistration required)

Section 1 GETTING firmware
1) It is necessary to make sure whether you have 3KR (three-button mode). If you sew without it - you can get a brick. As, however, and when it is received (this is very unlikely)
Checking:Samsung GT-i9000 - Purchase
If not - do:Samsung GT-i9000 - Restore the three-button mode (3KR)
All 3KR we have)

2) Put the core, giving root-rights and CWM (custom rekaveri).
For example this:;d=1326620228
Install it using Odinhttp: // :
-sets drivers on the PChttp: // any case, restart your computer.
-Translation body in flashing mode on OFF body consistently stifle GROMK_MENSHE + HOME button (center) and the last ON. Hold until you see the picture - a yellow triangle, the robot with a shovel and a handful of something.
-Podklyuchaem cable to the PC, the driver determines. The string below the first cell should be yellow.http: //
-Nazhimaem PDA button, point to our kernel. The remaining lines available. We reserve the jackdaws only Auto Reboot, F. Reset Time and in front of our core.
-Nazhimaem Start. We wait. Phone is switched on.
We now have a kernel with Root and CWM)

3) Make backups:
-papka / efs (imei not to lose) via program RootExplorerhttp: //,those. stupidly copy this folder to / sdcard, ie on a flash card or phone, in principle, anywhere. To do this, open RootExplorer, long tap on the / efs folder ->Copy ->go / sdcard ->Paste somewhere out there.
-Nandroid backup (full system backup). Go to the CWM (OFF on the body we press the button consecutively GROMK_BOLSHE + HOME (center) and the last ON. We hold until you see the list of the top line is written, the CWM). Controls: Navigation - Volume keys, the choice - the power key. Choose "backup and restore" line ->"Backup" ->Waiting for completion of the operation. ->+++++ Go Back +++++ ->reboot system now.
Now we have backups)

Section 2. Actually, firmware
Throws on the phone (ie, / sdcard, non-removable internal memory 8-16Gb) files that will be sewn into the phone.

1) The firmware itself RS4.2;can=2&q=

2) (Optional, as there is a built-core)
Script cleaning before piercing the nucleus:http: //
The very core of Semaphore 0.8.0:http: //

3) (Optionally) Battery percent

4) (Optional) Prohibition scrolling cache (to be more smoothly scrolling lists improves the speed and responsiveness interface)

5) Go to the CWM (OFF on the body consistently stifle GROMK_BOLSHE + HOME button (center) and the last ON. Hold on, the top line until a list appears which says the CWM). Controls: Navigation - Volume keys, the choice - the power key.

6) Make a full system reset the phone: press the "wipe data / factory reset" ->We confirm the selection. (An operation system takes less than 5 seconds)

7) sewn items 1-4 (2-4 optional, on request, they are not mandatory), to do this: press "install zip from sdcard" ->"Choose zip from sdcard" ->* Select the file, confirm selection * ->Run line, and a progress bar will appear. We look forward to, is being installed. (An operation system takes less than 2 minutes)

8) Make a full system reset the phone: press the "wipe data / factory reset" ->We confirm the selection ->Reboot option "reboot system now"

9) Wait until the device is loaded. For a long time, because the cache is completely created virtual machine Dalvik. (An operation system takes less than 2 minutes)

10) If, during the firmware get any problem, whether butlup (cyclic loading for a few seconds), or anything else at any stage of the firmware - it's okay to distort the battery and re-produce the action described in paragraphs 5-8.

11) Rejoice!) Now you have a brand new operating system Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich RC4.2 from the development team ICSSGS!)

Section 3. NOTES
Before flashing izvlekile external flash card - a precedent with butlupom.
1) If you have installed the kernel Semaphore 0.8.0, in its Script Manager (appears in the system itself) are putting maximum frequency of 1100 MHz.
This core is better for energy consumption, customization and speed, but the advantage of a standard core, which in firmware, is that after flashing the left instead of the native nucleus, lost speed recording on a flash card phone via cable. Drop from 10Mb / s to 3,5MB / s (in the case Semaphore 0.8.0, with other, possibly even lower rate).
Also, if you have installed the kernel Semaphore 0.8.0, then set the checkbox in front of Netfilter in the Script manager. It nebhodimo for MobileAP (phone becomes WiFi hotspots) and Tethering (via cable modem to the phone becomes a computer). Initially, these modules off, apparently for reasons of speed and power consumption. By the way, if you do not like full-time Auto Adjust brightness of the screen, you can turn Auto-Brightness from the kernel using the appropriate function Semaphore Auto Brightness in his script manager. It works great.

2) If you want the radio - set Spirit FM App

3) Turn on hardware acceleration for 2d graphics: Settings ->For developers ->GPU to accelerate the work.

4) advise the application:
-Video playerMX Video Player (MX video player)
-Audio PlayerMortPlayer Music(From krakozyabry settings put all the tags to open in the win-1251)
-Izbavlenie advertising in appsВ® AdFree Android
-File managerВ® Root Explorer(With the help of it you can delete unnecessary system applications. They are in the / system / app. Since firmware Odex, remove the need to not only * .apk but also of the same name * .odex-files. Do not get carried away)

5) If the (suddenly) will podlagivaet camera when shooting HD video (although such complaints is long gone), try to increase the size of the heap-size, say, the camera becomes more smooth.

6) Since this firmware - a relative of the CyanogenMod, external flash card is not installed in the / external_sd and / emmc (need to climb to a higher level / sdcard)

7) If you interfere with Japanese IME among keyboards: it is necessary to / system / app openwnn.apk remove or disable it in the settings of the application, and restart the device.

We get an excellent, stable, fast and energy-efficient firmware)

Everything that you do in this manual, do at your own risk, do not pull me in every detail. If you do everything according to instructions, then everything will be fine. If you still something does not work, before asking questions on the forum, repeat steps 5-8 from Section 2.

Hyde fromDancer-skInstallation TeamHackSung BUILD.

Installing Photo

1. You must have a working Root and cwm
2. Reboot your device and using 3-Button Mode go to cwm (Volume Up + Home + Power). Or go to cwm and click on Reboot in CWM Recovery mode.
3. Make a Nandroid backup.
4. Making wipe (wipe data / factory reset + wipe cache partition)
5. After a set ClockworkMod Recovery ROM with internal flash memory.
6. Set up Google Apps.
7. Do again wipe otherwiseCalendar Sync will not work! .

Installation with CM7

1. Go to the Cwm Recovery
2. Make a Nandroid backup.
3. Making wipe (wipe data / factory reset + wipe cache partition)
4. A ClockworkMod Recovery ROM to establish the internal flash memory.
5. Install Google Apps.

Setting a build Onecosmic

1. Make a Nandroid backup.
2. Through ClockworkMod Recovery set with internal flash ROM memory.
3. Set up Google Apps.
4. Reboot Revovery and in doing wipe (wipe data / factory reset + wipe cache partition)
5. If the modem does not work, return to the run-off and then re-sewn BUILD.

Transition to the new build version of an earlier

1. Make a Nandroid backup.
2. Through ClockworkMod Recovery set with internal flash ROM memory.
3. Set up Google Apps.

When flashing you can lose all your data.Therefore, use the special programe for backups.
Contacts - Google account.
For SMS - SMS Backup & Restore.
For applications - Titanium backup.

After the transition to ICS, you can not synchronize with KIES as it is not the official version of the firmware.

Keep in mind that everything you do with your phone - you do at your own risk

Taken fromxda developers

PS: If you are stitched with the drain firmware (.. Android 2 *, not to be confused with Onecosmic stockplus), it is desirable to do before flashing ICS format the internal memory card as can get butlup after flashing.

Instruction fromchdimanInstallation TeamHackSung BUILD.

On what firmware you can install CyanogenMod 9?
- CM9 can be installed on any firmware version 2.2 or later using CWM rekaveri.Recommended settings to 2.3.x due to the likely lower power consumption.
- verified through installation CWM rekaveri core speedmod.
Installation if installed firmware with CWM recovery.
- make a backup of the current firmware, save all the files from your smartphone to your computer.
- disable lagfiksy if used.
- download on the links of the cap needed files: the very firmware package from Google Pack (Google apps - includes market and other components to work with service from Google is not required..), The package to include support to unlock the face (Face unlock - for SGS . Not required.).
- reboot in rekaveri
- to makewipe data / factory reset + wipe cache partition + wipe dalvik cache
- format the internal memory byMount and storage - format sdcard
- mount USB storage
- copy the necessary firmware files to the internal memory of the smartphone
- install the firmware throughinstall zipfrom SDcard
- reboot system now.
- Smart will continue to install the firmware. The result is loaded into the system.
- if it starts to constantly reboot - again we come into rekaveri (distort the battery or just hold down the button) - one more reset wipe data / factory reset + wipe cache partition + wipe dalvik cache - newly installed firmware
- through rekaveri install Google apps (if needed) and Face unlock (if needed)
- once again make WIPE (wipe data / factory reset + wipe cache partition)
- reboot the system.
Complete step by step guide for the firmware
Step I. Preparing to install CM9
1. Decide on the necessary result, the necessary steps to study and download the necessary files (listed in the first paragraphs of the steps):
Installation is possible on any firmware, but it is recommended to have a bootloader from 2.3 to extend the battery life of the smartphone on a single charge.
- full installation on any firmware -Steps II, IV .
- on the drain firmware without CWM rekaveri -Steps III and IV .
- on the drain firmware with CWM rekaveri -step IV . Be sure to turn off all lagfix before flashing !! Do not know how to turn off - do a full install.

2. Remove KIES, if installed.
You no longer need.
3. Fully charge the smartphone.
4. Synchronize contacts with your Google Account (or any other convenient way)
5. Reserve and save the desired files from your smartphone to your PC (backup, SMS. Files, etc.).

Step II. Installing firmware with CWM recovery
1. Download the required files:
- full firmware
i9000 with kernel Speedmod + driver and flasher
- JVR in three parts each 62Mb):fullROM.part1.exe, fullROM.part2.rar, fullROM.part3.rar.
download all three parts, run "fullROM.part1.exe" to unpack the archive
- orJVU one file ( download and run the file to unzip
- if you unpack unpacking change the way - see that all has been called the Latin alphabet
- as a result, after unpacking get 3 files: fullROM.tar.gz, driver.exe and flasher.exe - in fullROM folder on drive C.
i897 UCKF1 with kernel cog5-beta2 + driver and flasher
- in three parts each 62Mb):
fullROM_cap.part1.exe, fullROM_cap.part2.rar, fullROM_cap.part3.rar download all three parts, run "fullROM_cap.part1.exe" to unpack the archive
- orone file ( download and run the file to unzip
- if you unpack unpacking change the way - see that all has been called the Latin alphabet
- as a result, after unpacking get 3 files: fullROM.tar.gz, driver.exe and flasher.exe - in fullROM folder on drive C.
2. Connect your smartphone to firmware mode:
- turn off the smartphone.
- Connect the microUSB cable to the computer, but not to the smartphone.
- for i9000: hold down the Volume Down + Home and microUSB to connect to your phone.
- for the i897: clamp + Volume down Volume up and connect to the smartphone microUSB.
- on screen should appear Robot with shovel (flashing mode).
3. Driver Installation:
- run driver.exe
- in the menu, select Options В»List All Devices.
- from the drop-down list to select Samsung USB Composite Device or Gadget Serial.
- press the Install Driver button. If a window asking you to install an unsigned driver - allow installation.
- you may need to restart your computer - turn off the microUSB cable, and then restart it. After booting reconnect the microUSB cable.
4. Start flasher.exe
If you throw an error "... MSVCP100.DLL was not found" to download and installvcredist_x86.exe(4.84 MB)
5. Press the buttonBrowse and select the firmware file fullROM.tar.gz . Wait for archive processing.
6. Press the buttonLoad / Customise
7. Then clickStart
8. Wait until the firmware - the smart phone will reboot into CWM recovery
9. SelectWipe data / Factory reset(Choose the power button, scroll - volume buttons), then chooseReboot system now.
10. The firmware 2.3.x with the bootloader and CWM recovery is stitched.
11. To proceed to the installation CyanogenModstep IV.

Step III.Firmware nucleus with the drain firmware for CWM
1. Download:
- flasher Heimdallheimdall.exe
- Repackage core
for i9000
speedmod.tar.gz Archive is ready to flash!
for i897
cog5-beta2kernel_i897_UCKF1_cog5_beta2.tar.exe Download and run the file to unpack the kernel.
2. Sew on the instructions ofstep II.
- in paragraph 5, instead of instructions fullROM.tar.gz choose repacked core file.
3. After flashing the phone will reboot with the new kernel and suitable for installing CWM rekaveri.
4. To install the CyanogenMod turn tostep IV.

Step IV.CyanogenMod firmware
1. Download Links of caps required files:
- the required version of CyanogenMod firmware
- a package of applications from Google - Google Apps
- an additional package to enable unlock the face - Face Unlock
2. Reboot into CWM recovery:
- for i9000 pinch simultaneously the Volume Up + Home + Power, as soon as the Samsung logo appears release the power button and continue holding the Volume Up and Home rekaveri to download.
- i897 to clamp the Volume Up + Volume Down + Power, as soon as the logo At & T / TMobile release the Power button and continue holding the Volume buttons to rekaveri download.
3. SelectWipe data / Factory reset - Yes
4. SelectMount and storage - format sdcard(The internal memory the phone!) -mount USB storage
5. Connect to your computer and copy the internal memory of the smartphone firmware CyanogenMod (and application package by Google), or MIUI.
If the computer does not recognize the smartphone as a drive - to install the driver [attachment = "1389620: Samsung _... v1_4_6_0.exe"]6. Go back - Go back - install zip from sdcard - choose zip from sdcard- to select the firmware file -Yes
7. Wait for unpacking the firmware.
8. Go back - Reboot system now
9. The smartphone will continue to install the firmware. The result is loaded in or starts to reboot. Hold the button to download rekaveri (item 2) - Download CWM-based recovery CyanogenMod.
10. install zip from sdcard - choose zip from sdcard- to select the firmware file -Yes
11. Wait EEPROM settings.
12. Install the application from Google (optional):install zip from sdcard - choose zip from sdcard- Select a file from Google apps package.
13. Install the Face Unlock package (optional):install zip from sdcard - choose zip from sdcard- select the file Face Unlock package.
14. SelectWipe data / Factory reset - Yes
15. Selectreboot system now.
16. Welcome to the world of CyanogenMod.

Step V.Subsequent CyanogenMod firmware update
1. Download the latest firmware and related application files copied to the internal memory of the smartphone.
2. Reload smarfon into CWM recovery.
3. Selectbackup and restore - Backup. Wait for the creation of the backup.
4. Then, throughinstall zip from sdcard - choose zip from sdcard- install the new firmware version.
5. Wait for unpacking the firmware.
6. Similarly, install the updated files related applications.
6. Press the power button - selectreboot system now
7. The firmware is updated.
8. If the new version is not loaded or just a lot of mistakes - to restore the previous version:
- Reboot in CWM recovery
- Selectbackup and restore - Restoreand wait for recovery
- SelectReboot system nowand reading the forum to solve the problem.
9. In the event of problems in the updated version that emerged after the download - follow the steps in the spoiler, "Solving problems, not described in F.A.Q.'e."
Transition from CyanogenMod, MIUI or Onecosmic ICS
- Make a full backup and save all the files from your smartphone to your computer
- download on the links of the cap needed files: the very firmware package from Google Pack (Google apps - includes market and other components to work with service from Google is not required..), The package to include support to unlock the face (Face unlock - for SGS . Not required.).
- reboot in rekaveri
- to makewipe data / factory reset + wipe cache partition + wipe dalvik cache
- format the internal memory byMount and storage - format sdcard
- mount USB storage
- copy the necessary firmware files to the internal memory of the smartphone
- install the firmware throughinstall zipfrom SDcard
- install Google apps (if needed)
- set the Face unlock (if needed)
- once again make WIPE (wipe data / factory reset + wipe cache partition)
- reboot the system.
Upgrading to a new version
- download the latest firmware version from the Google software package, the package to include support to unlock the face of a cap on the links. Copy them to the phone memory.
- reboot in rekaveri
- Make a full backup
- install the firmware throughinstall zipfrom SDcard
- install Google apps (if needed)
- set the Face unlock (if needed)
- reboot the system.
Solution of possible problems with the firmware
Q: After the installation I can not go to rekaveri.
A: Sew kernel with CWM rekaveri through Heimdall (Walkthrough - Step III).
A: Sew throughOdinPDA-like part of the kernel with CWM rekaveri: [attachment = "1402163: FixRecovery.tar.tar"] or [attachment = "1402165: cm7_gala ... l_kernel.tar"] then re-install the firmware through rekaveri appeared.

The usefulness of our members of the forum

Cap updates
updated kernel portion firmware added modems

Review and catalog firmware / mods

Help make the branch cleaner and more useful! Use the buttons under the messageAttached Imagefor posting evaluation. So much easier and more convenient to keep the branch clean and tidy. Thank you very much.

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Separate modems from different firmware:

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View Poll Results "What is blocking you use most?
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Subject moderated cynically!

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And so, guide insertion Ficeto Deodexed JVP
If you have firmwareNOT JVH or JVP (or you just decided to do a clean install), then everything is simple
Shakethis archive
It already has the required pit one, and the firmware itself (to a folder__MACOSX do not pay attention, we do not need)
  1. For earlier can be installed from the Market Darky ROM Configurator and tune into it that you need than the default (optional item)
  2. open one
  3. Choosing the pit from the archive (use of pit 512)
  4. Select the firmware from the archive
  5. We put the check on repartishen (in order to have flied various lagfiksy, otherwise all you need to manually disable lagfiksy)
  6. Sew

Video on a bourgeoisInstallation video

If you already have firmware JVH or JVP (including Ficeto_JVP, Ficeto_JVH, Darky v10.1 EE, Darky v10.1 RE), it is possible to flash through CWM
  1. Start Darky ROM Configurator and set up for themselves (or if you want all programs remain, remove Wipe daw)
  2. Disconnect all lagfiksy (only if youNOT Dark core 2.x)
  3. downloadthis archiveand put it on SD-card
  4. Reboot in rekaveri and install (install zip from sdcard ->choose zip from sdcard -> file name, you can have more)
  5. Including the need lagfiksy (optional)

Video on a bourgeoisInstallation video

First run can be long (up to 5 minutes, sometimes longer)

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Samsungovsky calculator for ICS (800 * 480)
TouchWiz 4.0 for ICS
Battery with interest a la loza100 and color. Traffic lights for ICS build16
Battery, tsv.signal traffic, ext. menu 5 Lock JW1 / Z
Trebuchet-launcher from build13 russified settings
Battery percent Г  la loza100 for ICS build13
Battery percent Г  la loza100 for ICS RC2.h
For ICS samsungovsky clock widget and transparent widget News & Weather
For JVS / T / U / C (firmware with a new signature Samsung) both 2 launcher: TouchWiz3 (only portrait) and TouchWiz4 (portrait and landscape).

13.11.2011, I9000XXJVT_v3_ext4multiCSC. Graphics standard. Work on the 2.3.x branch is finished and will not continue.

11.11.2011, I9000XXJVT_v2_ext4multiCSC (BVJVC). Graphics standard.

15.10.2011, I9000XXJVT_ext4multiCSC. Graphics standard.

28.09.2011, I9000XXJVS_ext4multiCSC. Graphics standard.

23.08.2011, I9000XXJVR_ext4multiCSC. Graphics standard.

17.07.2011, I9000XXJVP_v2_ext4multiCSC. Graphics standard.

19.06.2011, I9000XXJVP deodex_Paranoia_ext4multiCSC. Only for testing. Graphics standard.

18.06.2011, I9000XXJVP deodex_ext4multiCSC. Graphics standard.

18.06.2011, I9000XXJVP deodex_TW4_ext4multiCSC. Graphics standard.

10.06.2011, I9000XXJVP deodex multiCSC. Graphics standard.

Archive .

If you have the desire to thank the author of the material presented, it can be donehere.

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BLN Configurator for firmware 2.3.4 + extra bend to avoid the installation of the nuclei, with the same new features requested by mir01
Folders to throw in the way that the file is signed. I do not try, because I sit on the 2.2.1. Try.
The idea must fit on any version BLN starting from version 0.98. Throw, reboot the machine.
He added prog. Please do not beat their feet, he did not try, because they do not put more 2.3.4
And further; a program license, so it may swear.
PS: tested, works!
Under spoiler settings as I have. Most ticks nowhere. BLN time off. put yourself time.
screenshots BLN
[Attachment = "1022085: SC20110620_113622.png"] [attachment = "1022086: SC2011062 \ r \ n0_113626.png"] [attachment = "1022087: SC20110620_113643.png"] [attachment = "1022089: SC201 \ r \ n1 \ r \ n0620_113654.png "] [attachment =" 1022091: SC20110620_113720.png "]

By the way even for the BLN; 4 screenshot I placed at all the zeros, the program itself has chosen 750 micro-seconds, it also affects and depends on the firmware. Another time, if you put, can not work. Try different times.
For those who plugging appears, you can share a program below. It plays a sound when you have missed calls and SMS. Usually placed.
[Attachment = "1022103: Easy_Rem ... er_1.2.2.apk"]

prog BLN
[Attachment = "1021949:"] [attachment = "1021950: dbdata.databases \ r \ nzip."] [Attachment = "1021951: BLN_cont ... 26_alpha.apk"]

Here's the file with a program, who need awesome, smooth animation, without having to install kernels and application lagfiksov. The program performs a number of items that are in any core and even more where that place, put screens. Other items are not touched and nothing to install. Seen irreversible bugs after installing third-party programs from Galaxy 2 But see for yourself.
screenshots nitrality
[Attachment = "1022219: SC20110620_1 \ r \ n23007.png"] [attachment = "1022221: SC20110620_125131.png"]

prog Nitrality
[Attachment = "1022216: nitralit \ r \"] The archive prog APK, usually placed. And ready config for animation. Config to apply if you do not work on their own.

We strongly recommend that before installing Nitrality program, reboot the machine. And after installation. Prog will complain that there is no Internet, no trouble

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Rep: (818)
Great news for all fans of Auto Brightness: on xda guys - do not miss and they did findAuto Brightness decision problems .
Xda thread .
I posted a fix Auto Brightness for its assemblyGingerCriskeloV71 - 9LockScr - Reload by 333vs333.
Explain why only for its assembly:
Fixed firmware is built for each separately, and because it replaced the file framework-res.apk, I advise you not to put the fix on another firmware.

Rep: (124)
FIX for normal light-sensora on firmware 2.3.4 JVP

For those who put this addon AddonPack V2 -software modification and embellishment for Samsung Galaxy S (Post # 7969655)
Light Sensor Fix (with blue battery)Attached MB)

AddonPack V2 with a green battery Attached ImageAttached MB)

a fix for the expansion with a green batteryAttached MB)

Install from klokvork rekaveri addon is compatible with the firmware and deodeksirovannymi modes JVP 2.3.4

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Rep: (2)
Hello. A small report on the
Simply Honey, a variant of 333vs333

Puts on pavillovskuyu TW3, proekspluatirovat day in a river (ie hrenovenko communication).
+ Very fast, I have never seen such a rapid exit from the lock on the desktop
+ Like the set of the dialer, no diagonal black and work svayp calls from a magazine (as is not always the case).
+ GPS: I suspect that the problems about which they write, growing from a test window: in the position of the window gpstest satellites catches bad, but maps of the program believe the accuracy is too small and there is no lock. On a normal open air lock is not more than 5 seconds, it is very smart and normal accuracy.
+ No application hangs there: in the lock with the battery is not eaten at all the data switched off)
+ Auto-Brightness works, although the transition effect is not so afloat, as in 2.2.1.

- during operation ZHROTSYA battery, probably due to the rapid kernel and ext4. Zhrotsya very seriously, even without the games will fly for 8 hours.
- gets very hot in poor and even the middle connection modem (I understand that this is the same xxjvp, I have no idea why worse behaved than pavillovsky). When attempting to download from Market birds battery sensor has warmed up to 50 degrees (typically 32).
- On the river periodically tore dialer connection. There were no bugs, just fell konnekshn, despite the fact that the sound - excellent.
- Modified market not zadruzhil with titanium backup, at a level such that the net operating normally birds and birds with recovered data fall on the desktop.

So it goes.

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because for my fashion a new version of the kernel, and firmware is not out myself to give only referencenew kernel,
added sched_autogroup patch
added configurable gpu oc (for future use)
fix BLN not working for some users
compile wifi as Os instead of O2
set wlan power on delay back to 80ms
use samsung bootanim when no custom zip found

Install from the CWM, and if we did not put my mod, then let down the core directly into the firmware and install all together (described in my instructions on how to do this)
Still produces two types of cameras, unnecessarily. with that, I suddenly have a problem.
First of GHS 2 with the best sound recording, the second is the original, but it works with a 3% charge and fotkaet on key blokirovki.Zamenyat through Root Explorer, I have not tested it in other modes.
Link to myMaud,if anything)

Thank the children for the cons)

Attached files

Attached MB)
Attached fileCamera_mod_v2.rar(1.87 MB)

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Rep: (1144)
[KERNEL] SpeedMod Gingerbread [K15H-T15 EXT4 CWM STABLE JVP / JVH / JVO]

K15H-T15: SYSTEM conversion to ext4 / rfs, adjustments to read ahead tweak

DownloadHere ;)

Rep: (40)
You make hasty conclusions !!! The kernel itself is never formats the file system !!!! It makes no manually with the help of additional tools that are supported by the kernel or by using the menu rekaveri if such possibility is included in the rekaveri menu. Just as a rule many ROMOdely adapted for a specific kernel its firmware, but it does not mean that those with other nuclei firmware will not work! Selection of the core, depends on many factors and needs, someone needs the speed of the 3D work, someone hardware support for video, someone, etc. Everyone decides for itself and by an experimental picks him right kernel. I should: Fashionby j-a-c-k v18core:talon 0.2.2R2quadrants: 3350 ... (increased frequency of up to 1440 per cent.)

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Reason for editing: added a transcript from a number of quadrants ...

Rep: (17)
chiron @ 27.06.2011, 11:24*
The kernel itself is never formats the file system !!!!

I was not wrong whenHe said formatting fs after the kernel install. Core, of course, by itself, does nothing.

chiron @ 27.06.2011, 11:24*
Many ROMOdely adapted for a specific kernel its firmware, but it does not mean that the firmware will not work with other nuclei! Selection of the core, depends on many factors and needs

Here this implies a request to modders and advanced partition editor to collect in a summary table of compatibility \ incompatibility cores, firmware and mods.
To not have to painfully long bakap \ set, experiment, and then roll back all back after an unsuccessful installation of one of the nuclei with one of the mods.
All options certainly do not consider, but the core of the fashion and hats during limited hoursbut... can be

Rep: (822)
Recalling its old message about selecting the core and overclockedSamsung GT-i9000 - Flash and modding (Post # 8017294)Continuing the theme.
Today came update I liked the nucleus.
Now I will tell you details about the setting
And so, download the kernel
Attached MB)

Sew it needs throughCWM3 . First launch may be long, because at the core firmware to clean the cache and dalvik.
This core supports to disperse1440MHZ (You can also download a version of 1400MHz, 1200MHz, and no acceleration at all on the developer's website) for the stable operation of the machine it is enough
After flashing install the program
Attached filecontrol_freak_0.5b.apk(63.3 KB)

The author recommends it up.
You run the program.
We expose the following parameters:
Max CPU Frequency - 1440MHZ
Now in turn open all the bookmarks and configure only mV, MHZnot touched as overclocking of the GPU core in just introduced and work is likely to be no, and maybe even burn unit
1440MHZ - 25mV
1000MHZ - 50mV
800MHZ - 75mV
400MHZ - 100mV
200MHZ - 125mV
100MHZ - 150mV

Then press the menu button and click on theApply For Now
But remember, the lower the voltage settings very personal for each device, so it is not necessary that the settings you earn perfect. So if the machine hangs and reboots, then try to figure out what frequency it occurs and increase the voltage on it
And only then, when you are sure that you have these settings are working properly, Then go back into the program, press the menuSave as boot settings . This applies the settings even after a reboot of the system
There is such an interesting program that shows time and share all the frequencies at which the unit operates
Attached fileCPU_Spy.apk(30.22 KB)

And judging by the quadrant on a completely identical settings, a new kernel version or optimized in general or specifically for quadrant
Attached Image

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Rep: (822)
And so, as I wrote in the first post about overclocking, I wanted to put the firmware Simply Honey 3.8 by 333vs333. Today I put it, immediately put me to the core and love.
After launch thereof, I found a bunch of unnecessary I programs. In general, after the heap deletions, optimizations, extra emission processes I have achieved, so that the system ate just 128 meters from the 340. But it is at rest. With programs of course a bit more. Accordingly configured as acceleration, etc. Well, as usual checked quadrant
Attached Image

Firmware, in principle, sympathetic. All in neon-blue colors, interesting application icons. No glamor. While I will test this link. Reacts quicker and smarter Ficeto JVP, but as long as it's clean, let's see what will happen in a week.

In conclusion, I would advise to use this proshivochku with TalonDEV kernel

Rep: (788)

Rep: (34)
Now there are a lot of issues across multiple cores, so I decided to write a post dedicated cores, so to speak from a to z.

1.Nachnom with the fact that such a core.
Kernel, kernel - the operating system kernel is in the form of * .tar and / or * .md5 for odin, as well as in the form of zip for Recovery. Affects the work of the entire apparatus in the most that is the fullest!
This core-operating system component that performs important functions such as memory management, process, interaction between processes, access to devices. All this is happening at a low level.

2. how to stitch
Can sew through odin or Recovery (morecore firmware)
Before insertion of any desirable to perform the nucleus ( "set") script purification

3. How to choose and compatible cores
In the description of the kernel is usually indicated for any firmware is used. Each core is endowed with its own advantages and disadvantages and the choice of the kernel depends on what you want to get a single core for games and one for CPU overclocking, and the third to "stable" performance and chu bit more economical in power consumption. All kernelone Firmware interchangeably. I was unable to get to a certain firmware for installation on it of different nuclei are not office phone, most importantly do everything according to instructionsI used to sew through one core.

An exemplary description of nuclei with personal experience.
1. Speedmod simple yet stable kernel. The latest version added a lot of interesting things, which was not in the previous. There are complaints that the latest version has increased power consumption, but the versions come out often so I think I have nothing wrong with it.
2.CF-Root as root with the standard kernel, and small changes.
3.GTO for fans of games in the latest versions removed support for video codecs and all of the power given to 3D! But in my experience a battery consumption more than other nuclei.
4.Darky very good stable core for everyday use, and with good power. Version 2.7.3 for the JVP, Version 2.8 for JVQNO CHANGES!
Now there is already a newer version, but the quality and stability of the cores are the same.
5.Talon now stands I have this nucleus. Of all chose it with acceleration up to 1200, and as a tuning voltage at 1000 (see below).For me this is the most stable and bright enough core perfect for my needs.
6.galaxian so often updated version of the kernel that does not have time to write the pros and cons. New versions every day so I advise to put only fans of the experiments, as every day to update the kernel and look for mistakes in him not everyone wants to. We are waiting for the final version ...

I tried to describe the most common core, well, as you can imagine they are developing rapidly and go out often new versions so everything about each core, I can not write. Who has any opinion on the cores send me a PM, I'll edit the post and add something or remove.

4.IMAGE EDITING nucleus.
Setting one of the core described SW..//Hack Example of setting card core
I will write my experience, so to speak, can someone come in handy.
Part one
When you install the core system is usually converted to ext4, you can check it out in SMW. When we go there once or write any file system or check in Voodoo, it should be written lagfix enabled.
I have to configure the kernel Voltage Control Utility enough. Now many kernels support this function. You can see in the description of the core should be a lineOC / UV support.
In this program, there is such a setting as the I / O Scheduler will tell you not to bother if there is a placesio or cfq
for fans of the information description under a spoiler below.

Complete Fair Queuing (CFQ) I / O Scheduler

The CFQ Planner uses a different approach to achieve the same goals. In cfq everyone
The process is assigned its own queue, and a time slice is assigned to each queue.
(timeslice). The I / O Scheduler rounds each queue and serves requests.
from the queue until the time limit is reached (timeslice) or remains
requests in this queue. In the latter case, the CFQ scheduler will wait by default.
10-ms, new request from the queue. If the wait was in vain, then the scheduler goes to
the next turn.

Within each process queue, synchronized requests (such as reading)
take precedence over unsynchronized requests. Thus, CFQ promotes reading
and prevents the problem of writes-starving-reads.

The CFQ scheduler works well for most tasks, making it a great first.
by choice.

Noop I / O Scheduler

The NOOP Scheduler is the most basic scheduler available. He does not perform what
sorting, only major mergers. It is used for specialized devices,
which do not require sorting their queries.

Deadline I / O Scheduler

Deadline I / O Scheduler stores a queue sorted (as described above, comment), and
introduces two additional queues: a FIFO queue for reading and a FIFO queue for writing. Records
in each of these queues are sorted by arrival time (in fact, the first one entered is
first came out). Each request in the FIFO queue is assigned an end time. For the queue
read requests are 500 milliseconds. For a write request queue, this is five seconds. With
receipt of a new I / O request, it is inserted-sorted into the standard queue and
placed at the end of the corresponding (read or write) FIFO queue.

As a rule, I / O requests from the standard head are sent to the hard disk.
sorted queue. This maximizes overall throughput while minimizing
search operations and installation of heads on the disk, since the normal queue is sorted by
block number (as with Linus Elevator).
When an entry at the beginning of the list of one of the additional FIFO queues has an assigned
time, the I / O scheduler stops processing I / O requests from the standard queue, and
starts servicing requests from this FIFO queue. I / O scheduler checks and processes
requests only from the head of the queue where the oldest requests are located.

Thus, Deadline I / O Scheduler supports efficient overall throughput.
without fasting any single request is unacceptable for a long time. Problem
writes-starving-reads is reduced to a minimum.

Simple I / O scheduler (SIO)
SIO is based on the deadline, but it looks more like a mix
between noop and deadline. In other words, SIO looks like a lightweight deadline version, but it
does not perform sorting, so it is designed mainly for random access
to disk (such as SSD hard drives), where a sorting request is not necessary (since
any sector can be available at any time, regardless of its
physical location).

Part two settings Continued
The settingCPU Governor specify what you want from your phone. I should Mode conservative . Battery mode with long lives, and brake, I never noticed (as quadrant numbers less only). Standard mode is Ondemand
Description regimes under spoiler below

This information was provided by fears. Its veracity and accuracy is not guaranteed.
* Conservative - works at the lowest possible CPU frequency and increases step by step, if necessary.
* Userspace - allows you to change the frequency of the CPU, either in manual mode or dynamically, at the discretion of the software.
* Powersave - lowers the frequency of the CPU to the lowest possible level.
* Ondemand - runs at the lowest possible CPU frequency and increases to the maximum when the CPU load reaches 100%.
* Performance - sets the maximum frequency of the CPU, prohibiting changing the frequency value downwards.

Setting the core voltage
it is necessary to produce as it is written herecore voltage setting

I attach screenshots Program
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

P.S.vse your wishes opinions and criticism about my post in a PM asking. Prompt what to add or remove. I will be glad for any help. If you are experienced and made comparisons cores that also please write I will lay a small statistics and results. All that is written above is my personal experience and my opinion, so it might be a mistake and someone not happy, I will be glad to criticism.

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Reason for edit: corrected description of nuclei

Rep: (66)
I want to recommend a few days after yuzaniya, fashionGingerCriskeloV71 - 9LockScr - Reload by 333vs333 , Only changed the kernel to spidmod ...
1) Lagov not.
2) The interface does not slow down.
3) The battery is generally just unbelievable, I used advice from other firmware, when immediately after the installation, cut down the phone, charge completely, and includes net dalvik beteri, zagruzhaemsya..itog, permanently turned on vayfay, ICQ, music is about 4 hours day, and from 20do 25 calls on average every 5 minutes, the phone was enough for 1 full day and 17 hours! This happens for the first time. Yes.
installed 89 applications, it is forbidden in many startup, run applications on demand so skazat.kvadrant 1916 parrots.

And yes changed the launcher entirely on product developers "GO" sms from them the same phonebook and dialer, too, configuration flexibility, beauty, lots of plug-ins, free of charge.

In short, my gratitudeGingerCriskelo and 333vs333 has no boundaries, phone me from the moment of its appearance and the appearance of the Ukraine, in all that time more stable and better not to meet fashion - firmware.
except that the cyan, but it has 20% of the functionality does not plow.

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Here isinteresting little article about memory and taskmenedzherov. It is designed to improve Android-literacy users. : Yes2:

Rep: (114)
Int5800 @ 28.06.2011, 12:53*
By the way - has set itself a new ROM - [ROM] [F1 Galaxy S2 V6] [Look & Feel Of Galaxy S2] [Rock Stable!] Link:
Is it possible to put somewhere closer? And then there are restrictions on hotfaylz and resume there, and I have weak Net hurt.
And if you can addon 9 lokskrinami (link in the same place on your page above).

[ROM] [F1 Galaxy S2 V6] [Look & Feel Of Galaxy S2] [Rock Stable!] On the people

9 lokskrinov to this rum in the nation:F1 9 Lockscreen Addon

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Rep: (9)
karoch sorry for the spam but damn PPC :( just died and my GHS pahodu on a core stable of Toledo in 1200, his mother) that's just fucking me all arranged and firmware GingerCriskeloV71 JVP -! 9LockScr - Reload by 333vs333 and the core (after long pereproshyvok) karoch, zashol in rekaveri and create one wipe all:
cache dalvika, I reset the core included lagfiks, reboot, everything is OK - I go to the control_freak_0.5b.apk, install and there is nothing special voltage:
1200MHZ - 50mV
1000MHZ - 50mV
800MHZ - 75mV
400MHZ - 100mV
200MHZ - 125mV
100MHZ - 150mV
Save, install in startup, and then to call me (at the time the battery is heavily discharged and he was connected to a computer), but to answer the phone, I could not, he hung and went on to rebut with who did not return, karoch is now on the beliefs voopshe no reaction, three-button rezhym etc = 0, but the connected charging time of 30 seconds, is presented icon (round) and then download, the standard battery charging (as at off when he zaryazhaetsya) but the charge does not go, and immediately disappears, and so every 30 seconds, the same thing .....: hysterics:: russian_garmoshka:
PS to charge after etogo was 30 minutes ... psole what already posted here (

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