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Conspirator | Hide your sms from prying eyes!

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version: 1.2

Last update of the program in the header:11.05.2011

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The conspirator is a small and simple but very useful application for those who want to protect their privacy. The conspirator keeps a list of private contacts and hides the SMS coming from them. You will learn about the arrival of a message from a private contact by receiving an SMS with a code text that you can set in the program settings. You can reply to a message to a private contact directly from the application - no trace will be left on the phone.

After installation, the application is not displayed in the list of programs, so as not to cause suspicion.

To start the program, dial the number 111 in the standard dialer and press "Call". In the program settings, you can specify your number to run the application.

Homepage: http://conspirator.mobi/
Android Market Web: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.s...konspiratorlite

Additional Information
Russian interface: Yes

version: 1.2 http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/958306/ConspiratorLite_1.2.apk

Past versions
version: 1.0 Attached fileConspirator_lite.apk (218.38 KB)

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Rep: (64)
Sony Ericsson x8 2.1 apdate1 kernel 2.6.29 / assembly 2.0.1.a.0.47 / communication module M76XX-TSNCJOLYM-53404006

Rep: (64)
of sms do not respond to the conspirator :(

Rep: (8)
in the second you need to disable SMS notification also as in handsent sms wrote above that you want to disable. Try to do so, and if all the same will please unsubscribe. Thank you in advance!

Rep: (64)
Th ... uh, I do not understand ... that I turn off all notification SMS only to clandestine working normally ??? where is the logic ??? Well, I will tomorrow probyvat differently ... I'll write what turns

Rep: (8)
Notifications should be, we just disable them in other programs, and they will be included in the conspirators.

Rep: (64)
The result: when all notifications are enabled - the status bar shows 3 SMS - native sms, sms and konspirativ of SMS. click on the native SMS - opens a dialog with a contact, but the text of correspondence not only the name (number). click on the first SMS - 2 times in different ways. the first time as well as above. simply open the second list which already included this message is not (I think it depends on the time after which everything is done). click on the SMS konspirat simply removes the message from the bar. further disable notifications in the home and go sms, fake enabled. result - comes sms fake bar, click on it and it just disappeared from the bar. if the numbers are not in the list, it's coming to the bar with normal SMS text, but clicking on it just removes it from the bar, and then have to leave the current program, enter the sms and read ... :( not very convenient but only every It works more or less stable 'further - turn off sMS notifications on raised and put on the native (the same with the second), the result of the country -. sMS is coming, immediately disappeared from his home, then removed after you have read it first ... appears fake sms, and then after a while the original is deleted even -. the program keeps sMS dialogue was first 3 sMS memory, then they were gone, and then there are new 2, after these 2 disappeared and appeared the following ...?

Posted 26-05-2011, 12:21:

another - to delete the number from the conspirator, and he was still after 2 SMS hid. Missed calls from the list simply disappear and you can not view who called.

Rep: (64)
3 posts came from the room after I add this number to the conspirator, nothing is removed from the first SMS and SMS from their native retired only dialogue, but the name remained.

Rep: (64)
notifications are enabled in the first SMS and conspirators. 2 comes notice. click on clandestine sms, she disappeared from the bar, click on the first, and gets to write a message. but the notice does not disappear. in the first SMS is not the original, there is a fake.

Rep: (64)
If you turn on SMS notifications native and secret SMS, then - at first comes SMS in the original bar, then there is a notification from a conspirator. Click on the original message and only revealed the name of the contact to the phone without correspondence. at the bar, after reading this, there is a fake SMS. click on it and read the pattern given.

Rep: (64)
If the native SMS enable notifications, you will appear in the message bar, and when it klikaesh, jumps out the window - you finalize the action "SMS" or "SMS of" (and checked by default). if conspiratorial cliques in SMS notification, did the same, it would be good, and was pointed to the inbox ....

Posted 26-05-2011, 14:41:

more precisely to your inbox by default

Rep: (8)
About missed calls, be sure it will be in the next version. With notifications understand, but in any case, if there is a conspirator, the notice in other programs should be turned off. Now we are actively working on the development of new features in the program.
Thank you for testing.

Rep: (64)
Another . I missed call list. the bar hung with a name badge. Click Open Call, but already there is empty ...

Rep: (8)
Calls while not blocking the program.

Rep: (64)
block is not necessary, but to remove traces of the call is to ... cleans both incoming and outgoing wonderful ... everything depends on the bar :(

Rep: (19)
Another pitfall ... the opportunity to set a password in Russian there, but the opportunity to choose the Russian keyboard layout when you start the program no. The benefit is a function of copy - paste.

Rep: (8)
Thank you so much. Fix this problem in the next version.

Rep: (64)
weekend update the firmware, today comes from the SMS list ... in peace hangs in the bar. I am waiting for a few minutes. through the bar went into the SMS - the sender's name, there is no text. and only when there was a fake sms ...
2.1 update1 / communication module M76XXTSNCJOLM53404015 / kernel 2.6.29 / assembly 2.1.1.a.0.6

Rep: (64)
I now have a test version, but I think in total as well - you can clear all your SMS messages, but no clear features separate dialogue and the more separate sms ...

Rep: (64)
another pale. open the file manager in the folder there - conspirator in it ... another folder - contact ... my wife, though a fool, but immediately understand that here so it is not necessary ... you need to make a hidden folder, and give another name! such as a folder - .KSP

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Rep: (19)
another wish ... add a function to copy / paste text to / from SMS-ki, is the need to cite and sometimes simply copy the message

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