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Club lovers overseas shopping
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Tracking parcels by track numbers
If after purchase the cashback from EPN is not charged
If your cache does not pop up in the statistics:
1. In the order there is one type of goods (one piece, two, three, etc.), if there, for example, an iron and a hairdryer, then the actions are slightly different (see below), since the order numbers will be different.
a) We fill in the order number in the search form on EPN.
b) Copy the link to the product in the form.
c) We hammer in the price in dollars, it can be viewed by clicking on the inscription "Screenshot of the order" under the image of your goods in Ali's profile.
d) Click search and it will surely be found if information about the cache is really in the system, otherwise even epn will have nothing from it.
d) We write in those support, politely and without complaints describe the problem, and throw off your order number. As a result, we add the cache to the statistics.
2. When there are several items in the order:
The fact is that the order is split into positions and the cache passes through each of them separately and the epn does not take the number of our order into the system, which we see in Ali’s profile, but takes a separate number for each product. You can find out by going to Ali "Order screenshot" under the goods from our lot.
Then there will be a transition to another page, now we need to look for the browser Id in the line (in the example highlighted in red) the numbers and will be the number of the order that fights in the system. &orderId = 70346354982163& productId = 32857110622
Repeat point 1.d
Information taken from the post.Sweetcreate Club of fans overseas shopping (Post SweetCreate # 78943134)
List of AliExpress stores without cashback and a reduced rate
If after the purchase does not accrue cashback from Letishop
If your cashback does not pop up in the statistics:
a) Go to the page of your orders, look at the time.
b) Go to the page of transitions to Letishop, see if there were any transitions before ordering.Calculation of time = time on the order page of aliexpress (Pacific Standard Time (PST)) + difference between MSK (11 hours).
c) Go to the "Orders and Finance" page, see if there were any credits.Calculation of time = time on the order page of aliexpress (Pacific Standard Time (PST)) + difference between MSK (11 hours).
d) Everything is beautifully screenshoted, like this:
Attached Image
Attached Image

e) We write an appeal to the support on the website and attach screenshots.
Information taken from the post.IroNick_nv Club of fans overseas shopping (Post IroNick_nv # 79147063)
Useful links and FAQ:
Other sites
post office
  • Algorithm for processing an application to receive tracked items, in a simplified form, in your branch of the Russian Post
  • Logistics and international transportation - how does it all work?
  • Official group of Russian Post
  • Appeal to the Director General of FSUE Russian Post
  • Rules on the service of the shipment link of Ukraine
  • Parcels without middle name do not give, or the new rules of postal Russia ==>Absence of a middle name is not a reason for returning the parcel.
  • Calculation of the cost of a parcel on the website Belpochta (Belarus)
  • About YANWEN Logistics
  • Contacts and phone numbers of Russian Post
    Useful phone numbers
    Information on the quality of services (around the clock, a call from anywhere in Russia is free):
    Reference service of FSUE “Russian Post”: 8-800-2005-888
    “EMS Russian Post” reference service: 8-800-2005-055

    8-495-956-20-67 ext. 24-29 is the customs post office of Russia;
    PCI-3 (sorting after customs. Workshop.)
    +7 (495) 303-81-01
    +7 (495) 303-81-01 ext. 3194 - shift supervisor
    +7 (495) 303-81-01 ext. 3202 - section head
    +7 (495) 956-20-67 ext. 2269 - tracing service
    +7 (495) 956-20-67 ext. 1464 - warehouse of detainees IGOs
    +7 (499) 611-23-13 (customs office)
    an additional one is entered using an asterisk *

    The main center of the main transportation of Russian Post.
    +7 (495) 223-4444)) additional 347
    Contact for SME-3 tel.8-495-918-55-11 (ext. 59-50), call the tracking number, they will tell you the bag number, the post office and the date of shipment, go to the post office with this data and ask for your package.
    (495) 956-20-67, additional 2553 - PCI-1 sorting. You can call after the status of IMPORT and before the status of LEAVE MPMO.

    Consideration of claims of PR for international mail:
    Division of operational information interaction of the Department of claim work of the Directorate for quality management [email protected]; [email protected]
    +7 (495) 232-09-96 988-68-58 ext. 6024, 6062, 6116
    +7 (495) 956-20-67, ext. 2266, 2267, 2269
    Fax: +7 (495) 232-67-44

    Claims Service
    +7 (495) 623-72-58
    +7 (495) 628-72-06

    24-hour Federal Customs Service Hotline
    +7 (495) 740-18-18 (Customs HOOOT LINE)))))

    PCI-1 (sorting. Not customs. Workshop.)
    +7 (495) 628-72-06
    PCI-2 (sorting. Not customs. Shop.)
    +7 (495) 918-55-11
    +7 (812) 314-88-58 - Workshop. (or UFPS of St. Petersburg (Department of Federal Postal Communication))
    +7 (812) 312-91-53 - Unknown (most likely workshop)
    +7 (812) 312-52-33 - Complaints and Claims Service Russian Post, St. Petersburg
    +7 (812) 312-75-66 - Complaints and Claims Service Russian Post, St. Petersburg.

    E-mail: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] - requests for searching for EMS shipments

    MinkomSVYAZ -
    Rossvyaz -

    Post of Russia:
    Head - Vakulenko Alexander Leonidovich
    Tel .: 8 (495) 607-09-75
    Fax: 8 (499) 975-30-83
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Deputy Head - Demina Olga Anatolyevna
    Tel: 8 (495) 607-60-70
    Fax: 8 (499) 607-60-62
    Tel .: 8 (495) 607-09-46
    Fax: 8 (499) 975-30-83
    Mail transportation in the following directions: Barnaul, Izhevsk, Kazan, Samara, Orenburg, Surgut, Ufa, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Kemerovo, Novokuznetsk, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Tyumen, Nizhnevartovsk, Vladivostok, Arkhangelsk, Syktyvkar, Khabarovsk, Krasnoyarsk, Perm, Vladmostok, Arkhangelsk, Syktyvkar, Khabarovsk, Krasnoyarsk, Perm, Vladivostok, Arkhangelsk, Syktyvkar, Khabarovsk, Krasnoyarsk, Perm , Vorkuta, Neryungri, Irkutsk, St. Petersburg, Murmansk, Vladimir, Kirov, Yaroslavl, Vologda,
    Ivanovo, Kostroma.
    Railway station at the Paveletsky railway station, Head - Em Lev Ivanovich
    Tel .: (499) 235-85-00
    Fax: (499) 235-59-30
    E-mail: [email protected]

  • Contacts and phone numbers of the Post of Ukraine
    0-800-501-007 Information Department
    0-800-500-440 information support services
    0 (44) 245-62-20 - for MPOs sent via EMS
    0 (44) 235-33-81 - Ukrainian branch EMS
    0 (44) 289-02-07 - for other IGOs ​​(for Ukrposhta packages)
    0 (44) 247-27-19 - hotline of state. Customs Service of Ukraine (around the clock)
    0 (44) 522-81-69 - reference customs
    0 (44) 247-88-10 - reference Directorate of processing and transportation of mail (Kiev DOOP)
    0 (44) 227-99-76 - information line of Ukrposhta
    0 (44) 227-99-42 - the customs office at Urpochta
    0 (44) 489-02-07 - the post office of the Kiev Customs
    0 (44) 289-04-55 - Kiev customs reference

  • How long will the parcel be stored in the post office
    30 days.

  • If there is an opportunity to trust someone from friends
    A power of attorney is written with his passport data and yours and must be certified by the stamp of some organization and the signature of the manager (the PI will do). If there is a track, then it is also better to specify it in the power of attorney. And that's it - you come with your passport and get it.Power of attorney


Discount coupons for online stores
Marketplaces and online stores, applications for Android and iOS
USPS delivery types:
Delivery time: 20-40 days.

Insurance: absent, cannot be issued for a fee.

Restriction in size and weight: weight not more than 30 kg, length not more than 90 cm., Length and girth (girth is calculated as: length + 2 widths + 2 heights) in the total not more than 200 cm.

Delivery is carried out: to the post office of the addressee.

Assigned identifier: begins with the letter "L".

For example :

LN ********* US
LРЎ ********* US
LJ ********* US

Online tracking: not available. When checking the status on the USPS website, you can find out the date and time of sending "Your item was accepted", as well as the address and postal code of the post office where it was produced.

Duty free limit (per month, to an individual): 1,000 euros and 51 kg for the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan, 200 euros and 50 kg for Ukraine, 120 euros for Belarus, $ 1,000 for Uzbekistan.

Summary: Inexpensive and extremely long delivery method that does not provide for online tracking. Due to the lack of insurance (it is impossible to buy in addition) it is not recommended to send them valuable and expensive things.
Delivery time: 15-35 days.

Insurance: there is no compulsory mail insurance; if necessary, insurance is purchased separately. The cost is determined by a special table. The limit of coverage up to $ 50 will cost $ 2.50, up to $ 100 at $ 3.40, etc.

Restriction in size and weight: the maximum weight for Russia and Ukraine is no more than 44 pounds (20 kg), length not more than 91 cm, length and girth (girth is calculated as: length + 2 width + 2 height) in total no more than 200 cm

Delivery is carried out: to the post office of the addressee.

Assigned identifier: begins with the letter "C" or "R".

For example :

CP ********* US
CT ********* US
CQ ********* US
CJ ********* US
RR ********* US

Online tracking capability: depends on the shipping option that is used. You can track the delivery progress both on the USPS website and on the websites of national postal operators after crossing the border of the destination country.

Priority MailВ® International: Tracked
Priority MailВ® International Large Flat-Rate Box: Tracked
Priority MailВ® International Regular / Medium Flat-Rate Boxes: Tracked
Priority MailВ® International Small Flat-Rate Box: Not Tracked
Priority MailВ® International Small Flat-Rate Envelope: Not Tracked

Duty free limit (per month, to an individual): 1,000 euros and 51 kg for the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan, 200 euros and 50 kg for Ukraine, 120 euros for Belarus, $ 1,000 for Uzbekistan.

Summary: this type of delivery has its advantages: low cost and disadvantages: relatively long delivery time, lack of compulsory insurance, the possibility of online tracking is not available for all delivery options. When using Priority MailВ® International - remember that if there is a choice (and it is sometimes provided), then it is advisable to insure the parcel and send it in a way that provides online tracking.
Delivery time: 15-25 days.

Insurance: All mailings are insured for an amount equivalent to $ 100, insurance is included in the cost of delivery. If you wish, you can insure a postal item for a large amount. The cost is determined by a special table. The limit of coverage up to $ 200 will cost $ 0.75, up to $ 500 at $ 2.15, etc. The maximum insured amount is $ 5000.

Size and Weight Limit: Depends on country of destination.


Weight is no more than 31.75 kg (70 pounds), length no more than 152 cm (60 inches), length and girth (girth is calculated as: length + 2 widths + 2 heights) in total not more than 274 cm (108 inches).


Weight not more than 20 kg (44 pounds), length not more than 91 cm (36 inches), length and girth (girth is calculated as: length + 2 widths + 2 heights) in total not more than 200 cm (79 inches).


Weight not more than 30 kg (66 pounds), length not more than 91 cm (36 inches), length and girth (girth is calculated as: length + 2 widths + 2 heights) in the total not more than 200 cm (79 inches).

Delivery is carried out: to the door by courier.

Assigned identifier: begins with letter "E".

For example :

EM ********* US
EG ********* US
EV ********* US
EV ********* US
EH ********* US
EC ********* US

Possibility of online tracking: provided. Immediately after sending this can be done on the USPS website (case does not matter), and after crossing the border of the country of destination on the websites of national postal operators: Russian Post, Ukrposhta. Also online - tracking is available in 2-3 days after shipping, at regional sites EMS: EMS Russian Post, EMS Ukraine - they identifier must be entered in all capital letters. In Russia, there is a special toll-free information line from EMC, where you can get any information: 8-800-2005-055. In Ukraine, the information relating to shipments of EMC, you can call (044) 235-33-81, and in Kazakhstan: +7 (727) 261- 03- 59.

Duty free limit (per month, to an individual): 1,000 euros and 51 kg for the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan, 200 euros and 50 kg for Ukraine, 120 euros for Belarus, $ 1,000 for Uzbekistan.

Summary: in terms of price, reliability and speed, this delivery option is one of the most optimal.
Delivery time: 3-5 days.

Insurance: all mailings are insured for an amount equivalent to $ 100, insurance is included in the cost of delivery. There is the possibility of insurance for a large amount. The cost is determined by a special table. The limit of coverage up to $ 200 will cost $ 1, up to $ 300 at $ 2, etc. The maximum insured amount is $ 2499.

Size and weight restrictions: weight not more than 31.5 kg (70 pounds), length not more than 116 cm (46 inches), length and girth (girth is calculated as: length + 2 widths + 2 heights) in total not more than 274 cm .

Delivery is carried out: to the door by courier.

Assigned ID: ten-digit, no letters.

Online tracking capability: provided. You can track the package on the USPS website. On the sites of regional postal operators tracking is not carried out.

Duty free limit (per month, to an individual): 1000 euros and 51 kg per month for the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan, 200 euros and 50 kg per month for Ukraine, 10 euros for Belarus, $ 1000 for Uzbekistan.

Summary: The most expensive and fast of the proposed USPS types of delivery. The only negative: the price is quite high. If the mailing is not delivered to the recipient within the agreed time, the sender may claim reimbursement of the full cost of delivery. Delivery is carried out by FedEx courier service.
Flytexpress Sorting Center
Track numbers that start at A0000 *********** (11 digits after zeros)
Sending international mail
Information about the structure of the track numbers
The first two Latin letters indicate the type of mailing:
RA-RZ - registered departure (parcel, small package (up to 2 kg);
LA-LZ - unregistered shipment (exception LL, LM, LZ);
VA-VZ - value-added letter;
CA-CZ - international parcel (more than 2 kg);
EA-EZ - express shipment (EMS);
UA-UZ - unregistered and untraceable shipments, but which are required to undergo customs procedures;
ZA-ZZ - SRM shipment (from simplified registered mail), a simple registered package.

Two letters at the end - the letter code of the sending country:
US - USA, GB - United Kingdom, FR - France, RU - Russia, UA - Ukraine, CN and HK - China, IL - Israel, etc.
It can also mean the code of the postal service, for example, YP - Yanwen Logistics, YQ - King Wah Tat Logistics
Club membership:
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  2. DM_FARK
  3. Dde11
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Attention! There is a possibility that will not charge cashback if you use a red coupon Aliexpress or a coupon seller

If you have a very long order delivery, then:
You can not wait, but it will be more effective to wait. If you wait, you get tired - do not wait, but then watch the movement of the track and wait

Moderator WarningClub of fans overseas shopping (Post Dyushka74 # 75871609)
PANDAO - discussion of the service
Instructions on group purchases in Chinese stores and the action "With friends is cheaper"

Shipping info from Singapore

Attention! AliExpress ceases to pay for all goods neaffiliatnye cashback services.

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Reason for editing: New club members

Rep: (55)
Opium07 @ 21.05.20, 15:41*
excellent kitchen knives

Jamie Oliver in the Ribbon on the labels! They are the same Tefal. excellent knives. I just like that. For the price of tapes is nothing better can be found. Operations 700 r, 600r coring, etc. For all occasions.

Rep: (49)
* Opium07 In Citylink still there, but the prices are not very forgiving steel, used for skidosam there rules dishes compete

Rep: (410)
hmm. Annex Ali in the morning was something new zamanuha cultivation in addition to the tree, and looked not anymore. Choyt quickly covered

Rep: (358)
d -_- b @ 21.05.20, 14:56*
Choyt quickly covered

I had some kind of weed to grow.
Gave 20 coins

Rep: (206)
* d -_- b ,
Club fans overseas shopping (Post antigloballist # 96703361)

Post has been editedknopex1 - 21.05.20, 15:10
Reason for editing: P

Rep: (410)
knopex1 @ 21.05.20, 15:01*
Or go to the old game of growing wood.
there is nothing besides the tree, but the link has gone.
We hid for some reason,

Rep: (87)
* supir,
In our Feeds muhosranske there unfortunately)

Rep: (206)
* d -_- b Yes in a tree looking removed, there was a pop-up link to go.

Rep: (32)
Opium07 @ 21.05.20, 16:41*
Tubers, who took excellent kitchen knives? Share :)

Club fans overseas shopping (Post Kolajn777 # 90352091)

More so I retained as it is also advised to like here
To find гЂђ446.19 rubles. 72% OFF | XYj kitchen knives set of one-piece stainless steel structure 7cr17 Fruits utility knives Santoku chef knife slicing bread cookingгЂ‘ code # _eNWdiF # on AliExpress, copy the whole sentence, and open the app.

Rep: (1138)
Opium07 @ 21.05.20, 15:11*
In our muhosranske no tapes

And where does the tape? Recommended certain models of knives, and they must be sought.

Rep: (87)
* antigloballist
Given that there are cheaper decent label. I'll deal. thank

Rep: (203)
Bad04 @ 21.05.2020, 14:32*
Updates to the play store no, I have the latest version 3.7.4 (21262).
I have 3.7.5 (21263)Sportmaster (Post gorand39 # 96534649)

Post has been editeduti_putin - 21.05.20, 15:52

Rep: (931)
Well, all the passes issued? If not, the self-isolation of more extended, have not completed even before the end of the census ...

Rep: (55)
Opium07 @ 21.05.20, 16:11*
no tape

I Tape took only 2 or 3 blades. For many years such use. Everybody is alive. But I use them only as directed and do not scoff. I bought in Metro, Citylink, connected (online), like in the M-Video on the action. I do not remember. I love to cook, so I have a tool for all occasions. And one of the best, I think.

Rep: (154)
* uti_putin ,
in the now "matches" on the site.

Rep: (2)
Hurray! Finally, the parcel arrived from Singapore to Ukraine, with no movement 03/21/2020 was: sveta:

Post has been edited36Vovan - 21.05.20, 16:39

Rep: (501)
* ronandrey ,

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Attached Image

Rep: (260)
regiki deshmanskie safety also closed. clocked cont orders and did not even leave a review. Tele2 also mosheyniki .perevodyat its delicious fare with orange 1p. per minute to all operators in the voluntary compulsion on classic fare with 2.5r. to all operators.

Post has been editedthe_m0nster - 21.05.20, 16:50

Rep: (931)
the_m0nster @ 21.05.20, 19:46*

22 bucks that? It seems to have sent.

Rep: (260)
* brutus-som,
2 bucks that

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