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When publishing a question, describe the problem or malfunction most fully. Be sure to specify the model and characteristics of the laptop relevant to the question being asked, including the installed operating system and software in which an error occurs.

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* User1221,
Secure Boot is disabled?
Download priority with SSD worth?
Quick start tried to disconnect?
Was it immediately and did not notice or only the other day a problem appeared?
If you immediately check this flash drive, it might flew part of the loader
In general, just give influe.

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* DevidLans ,
I'll be able to just look about Secure Boot. In laptops, you can turn it off on all? And then there are few settings in Bios, I do not remember that it was. Only SSD is installed on the laptop, and loaded in the settings. All flash drives are disabled. Fast download did not disconnect, tell me where to do? Actually, the problem appeared only a couple of days after the software update and the firmware of the bios on a newer version. Also, the temperature of the processor has grown in loads by 10 degrees, and now it does not grow smoothly, and instantly jumps to high. And with the load, the processor began to toss, throw off frequencies.

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User1221 @ 30.10.20, 21:57*
I discovered an unpleasant problem, when launching a laptop is loaded for a long time on the HP logo, the circle is spinning (about 2 minutes). As soon as the USB power appears, Windows itself loads instantly ... and everything flies in Windows, it does not lag when loads. Tell me what could be the problem?

On Windows XP I will explain: you need to go to"device Manager"and in the properties of a USB ending, a network card, a cartriderator, -to remove "Automatic power management, shutdown it" . I had a similar problem, until I pull the SD card or USB flash drive, - the computer will not turn on!

Remove all ticks in the power menu!

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