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When publishing a question, describe the problem or malfunction most fully. Be sure to specify the model and characteristics of the laptop relevant to the question being asked, including the installed operating system and software in which an error occurs.

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* Nero_13, Cleaning from dust, change thermal paste, thermal staples. It is possible that you have overheated, for example. Check if the cooler is spinning.

* Evgeniy_Anatolyevich, When does it start to display anything?

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Peligroso @ 26.09.20, 19:01*
The screen gives anything?

Yes, as usual after switching on, the laptop itself begins to work, fan, hard disk, etc. Then everything turns off.

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Hello everyone! I have a laptop Acer 5542G, which is 8-9 years old, do not even remember when I bought it, did not turn on. The service was told that the south was died, offered two options, the rebel or replacement of the south to the new (supposedly). Refused the repair, because the first version is expensive, the second strididor. My laptop completely satisfied, it became a question to restore it. Plowing on the net, thought about this option, to order with Ali Chip, and send to the masters to replace. Probably this is the only option, as the rebel as I understand it is 50/50. Now the question is, it is worth bothering? Or the rolling of the south to the worker will not solve anything for a long time? Or is it not profitable?

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Digma19 @ 27.09.20, 00:58*
Since the rebar as I understood it is 50/50. Now the question is, it is worth bothering?

So the replacement is 50/50. Looking at the competence and honesty of masters. If correctly and honestly diagnosed the fault, you can change and change.

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* digma19,
If seriously - the laptop is time to change. Today, south, tomorrow I still fall off. There is a repair, there is a repair and a bunch of nerves in the appendage. Do you need it? Both of your option 50/50. Well, the master price was not in vain, alas, but clients with old laptops are some of the most desirable guests in services))))))

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* Evgeniy_Anatolyevich, Video is the opportunity to remove?

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Peligroso @ 09/27/20, 14:07*
Video is the opportunity to remove?

He began to record and he earned, requested the veneration. The battery was 0%

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* DevidLans , * Kostyanuri4 , Of course it is sad! If you know, because of what is falling off south? If the paste and gaskets change constantly, then only because of time?
What firms of laptops will advise? I do not play games, except that it is very rare, there is a console for games. It is better to consider laptops on PGA or BGA?

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Digma19 @ 09/27/20, 16:46*
If you know, because of what is falling off south?

Usually overheating / closure.
Digma19 @ 09/27/20, 16:46*
If the paste and gaskets change constantly, then only because of time?

.... It depends on what, good on the wrong laptop once every year and a half, more important to keep with clean. Pads .... Well, I change for the company when I clean, but not always. After all, they stuck and forgot.
Digma19 @ 09/27/20, 16:46*
What firms of laptops will advise?

Taste and color .... Personally, I last years in general, few laptops like it. Well, not bad many laptops. Acer Nitro and Geliki -
They are better, Lenovo Legions, Asusi ... Personally, I have more and more questions every year. HP - I do not digest, but you can find not bad model classes. Looks on lovers. The remaining mention does not make sense.
It is better when PGA was, but now most of the market, if not all on BGA. Therefore, I do not see the point.

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Tell me, please, what variation will be better for games laptop Acer Aspire 7: i5 9300H + GTX 1650 Ti or I7 9750H + GTX 1650 Ti

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* Horoshiiplohoii,
Videoto help.

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I ask for your help, dear specialists, on a laptop 15 HP DA 0520 UR.
When using the Internet via WiFi, the sections of the same site are periodically open with delays.
So, for example, Yandex Schedule in one direction opens instantly, and in a different way, it slows down.
There are no problems from the provider (according to him). Loading, ping, speed. Everything goes uniformly and without failures.
Replaced equipment (router). And even the laptop. In the past was a similar situation, but there the Internet disappeared for an hour and more.

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* peligroso
Already repaired, thank you, before that the driver of discrete vidyuhi updated

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Good evening. There was a problem with a laptop asusn53sv. All light bulbs are glow when connected to the power unit and nothing does not work only. What could be with him?

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Good day, there was a problem with ASUS X553M laptop (processor - Intel Pentium N3540 2160 MHz; Memory - 4 GB DDR3, HDD - 500 GB; Integrated video card), namely it was Windows 8.1, I decided to clean it CCLEAN and REG ORGANISER, performance Improved and at the end put AutoCAD 2020, to work, Windows requested a reboot, after the dark blue screen was highlighted and where time flashes, and where the launch flashes WiFi, I can not use the restoration, since I can't do it before I can not even go to the safe mode, it is not desirable to interrupt it, since there is the necessary files on the disk C. Advise what you can do.

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* Valerian24,
Just install Windows without formatting and that's it. Then from the OLD Windows folder on the disk with copy all the necessary files. Or boot from LiveCD or Winpe (how to record them on the USB flash drive and run 100500 instructions on the network). Go to C disk and copy the data you need. All.

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* a1eksan6r,
Disconnect the battery, open the laptop and the BIOS battery to 5 minutes, too, disconnect. Then the battery in place, then the battery and try to run. It is possible to block the memory, so if it does not help with batteries, try to remove on one bar and just in case rub the contact with eraser. Look can be started with one of two. If it is helping then the determinant by rearrangement of the planks in what the problem is in the planks or in the connector.
If this does not help then in the service.

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* DevidLans , Thank you. Did not help)

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Hello everyone, I have no battery on the laptop, just lost the light and turned on again, but I no longer load the SCS system. I am trying from the flash drive, but somehow it slows down very much. There is an image of the system, but there is no CZD in BIOS, what can be done?

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