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When publishing a question, describe the problem or malfunction most fully. Be sure to specify the model and characteristics of the laptop relevant to the question being asked, including the installed operating system and software in which an error occurs.

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I bought a laptop, with a fool I formatted and post-2003. Well, a professional habit :) Now I can not find my own firewood. Onlinehttp://www.vaio-link.comThere is only for VGN-FE21H, and I have VGN-FE21HR. By the way, I did not understand the difference. Firewood from VGN-FE21H does not fit all.
Maybe someone knows where to find the full package on the VGN-FE21HR?

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Thanks for the advice, you probably do not know what a province is.

Everything is whitewashed except the zine tooth. Can someone tell me where to get or who will share Toshibov's firewood?
All the trial in the network, and the fact that he downloaded from the site of his native vaio, doesn't even want to repack, says no rights. Strange ... why is that, even if he asked .., and then there is not all.
Tried from widcomm, did not work, does not see the device.

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mgeee not. Only support MPEG2 and WMV9.

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I filled it with water and hello to the laptop ... where does Mona order a new mother?

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Most reliably - in the corporate SC, probably.

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Better on parsing cheaper saw in kings such a mother recently.

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Tell someone where you can find the mother on the Acer 2300, the child flooded the laptop} -) I disassembled it and found below where everything died. I couldn’t find the mother anywhere in the Internet.

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On Toshiba 440cdt, the settings indicated the number of display colors. When changing colors from 256 to 16, I asked for a reboot and then the screen stopped working.
Help both in the "blind mode" to make a reset or how to revive it.

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Boot into safe mode (F8) and select the recovery of the last successful configuration there or something like that.

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There was a problem
I deleted the prog (zaglyuchila) by the method of demolishing the folder and the autoload shortcut. And now I can not install it in place. Writes to remove components and reboots after the same.
Tell me which folder to clean?

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$ martovod, And in the control panel, where is the removal of programs, the link to the program remains? If so, try removing the tails from there. If not removed, write here what the program, and give a link to it.

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$ martovod,
I’m adding a bit to a respected colleague, try cleaning the registry with the help of the same CCleaner or RegCleaner. F in general, the UninstalTool program is the most optimal and painless way to remove software.

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Oh, another question for which I was looking for an answer for a long time :)
In general, there is a laptop - toshiba m700. It has an accelerometer, you can run a 3-D viewing program and see the position of the hard disk in space + its state (spinning or locked). Also, he changed the display orientation.
But due to some incomprehensible actions produced by another person along with the SC (month 3), where the motherboard seems to have changed, it no longer works.
And in the program of 3-dimensional viewing it says that the laptop is not equipped with a position sensor in space. However, if you shake it - the disk will stop in the program. But most likely this is due to the fact that the hard disk itself is equipped with a sensor that blocks it ... And Windows will know about it ...
But! There is also an optical drive protection, which is also activated from the sensor. In this case, you can achieve in order to block the optical drive (there, apparently, the sensitivity is higher) but not the hard drive. So there is still an accelerometer: D But I don’t know how to turn it on :(
Does anyone know which way to dig?

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Actually I would like to update the driver, I think that when updating thereof goes some glitch in which hangs the picture, but everything else is working, but have been unable to find the driver itself and have no idea what it's called. Video Mobile intelВ® 945GM Express Chipset Family. On the off. The site is just a blank page with a driver, and I would like to update. And the normal driver, I think it would work poduskoril video. And indeed interested in at least some sort of optimization of this Note, 14fps in WoWe this misery which is: thank_you:

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In the device manager, find your vidyuhi, right-click on it in the drop-down "Properties" window, and go to the "Details" tab. There in the drop-down box, select the "Device ID" and copy it. Then beat this ID in Google search.

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official firewood for your laptop for XP lie hereMobile IntelВ® 945GM Express Chipset Family.
This is the official Panamanian website acer. In general, all the firewood of your laptop for Vista and XP arehere

Posted on 04/27/2009 07:56:

choose a model and go ahead

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I would also like to know the optimal settings for the video in the driver, tell me, how is the same vidyuha. Or they do not play much importance?

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The optimal desktop settings for each are determined independently by taste and color, and as for games, the optimal for embedded video card view will be that at which the game does not lag. As a rule, for optimal comfort, we first reduce the image quality, and only then the resolution.
PS: do not forget that the card is made for office applications and it will not be possible to squeeze a lot out of it, because it is very weak in hardware.

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I'm sorry that a little bit is not the topic, but since we are talking about dravah, I would like to know where to swing the wood on the modem for "acer aspire 4720z"? modem bus High Definition Audio

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fadin @ 27.4.09, 20:38*
de swing the wood on the modem for "acer aspire 4720z"

I spoke above. A lot of drivers (includinginterested inyou) arehere. The driver that I indicated for Vista, but often they are suitable for XP. If it does not work, then do not be afraid to put on other models.

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