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Voting for the best 4K TV in 2020 from 50dyuymov above.
Best budget TV
Hisense A7300F / AE7200F [ 1 ] ** [0,57%]
Hiesens A7500F / AE7400F [ 19 ] ** [10,86%]
Hiesens U7qf [ 35 ] ** [20%]
LG 50 "/ 60" UN7100 (VA Chotnaya diagonal matrix) [ 31 ] ** [17,71%]
LG 55 "/ 65" UN7100 (IPS odd diagonal matrix) [ 2 ] ** [1,14%]
samsung TU7100 [ 5 ] ** [2,86%]
samsung TU8000 [ 4 ] ** [2,29%]
samsung TU8500 [ 17 ] ** [9,71%]
Xiaomi Mi TV 5s [ 8 ] ** [4,57%]
philips PUS7805 [ 3 ] ** [1,71%]
panasonic HXR800 [ 5 ] ** [2,86%]
TCL P715 [ 1 ] ** [0,57%]
TCL C715 [ 2 ] ** [1,14%]
Not vote in categories / other. [ 42 ] ** [24%]
The best medium budget
Hiesens U8qf [ 19 ] ** [10,86%]
lg Nano80 [ 1 ] ** [0,57%]
lg Nano85 [ 8 ] ** [4,57%]
samsung Q60t [ 7 ] ** [4%]
samsung Q70t [ 59 ] ** [33,71%]
sony XH8096 [ 8 ] ** [4,57%]
sony XH8596 [ 13 ] ** [7,43%]
philips PUS8505 [ 5 ] ** [2,86%]
philips PUS9005 [ 2 ] ** [1,14%]
panasonic HXR900 [ 1 ] ** [0,57%]
TCL C815 [ 1 ] ** [0,57%]
Not vote in categories / other. [ 49 ] ** [28%]
lg Nano90 [ 6 ] ** [3,43%]
Lg Oled BX [ 26 ] ** [14,86%]
samsung Q80t [ 30 ] ** [17,14%]
sony XH9096 [ 6 ] ** [3,43%]
sony XH9505 [ 41 ] ** [23,43%]
philips PUS9435 [ 1 ] ** [0,57%]
philips Oled755 [ 4 ] ** [2,29%]
panasonic HXR940 [ 4 ] ** [2,29%]
Not vote in categories / other. [ 57 ] ** [32,57%]
samsung Q90t [ 21 ] ** [12%]
Lg Oled CX [ 54 ] ** [30,86%]
sony A8 [ 23 ] ** [13,14%]
philips Oled855 [ 1 ] ** [0,57%]
panasonic HZR1000 [ 4 ] ** [2,29%]
panasonic HZR2000 [ 16 ] ** [9,14%]
Not vote in categories / other. [ 55 ] ** [31,43%]
Total votes: 175

Rep: (2731)
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Good selection tests for the TV
TV Xiaomi
If you have a desire to buy a TV Xiaomi and you came in this topic to obtain the approval of his choice, for starters read the material that is presented below, if after that you still have this desire, then run to the store, if not ask in the theme, we recommend more decent options for this price.
Very informative post of full-length video examples
Mini review Xiaomi bought the TV from RC_Gremlin
Review of the 55-inch "intelligent" 4K LCD TV Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4S 55 "on Android TV
Mini review from phox
The whole essence of the TV xiaomi in a few lines from Andrei313
Selecting the TV small diagonal
Almost every day there is a branch about this question: advise the best, top-end TV diagonal of 43 inches. The situation is such that now the TV in the diagonal 49-50 inches to normal and the more high-end and do not produce in the store can choose any one you like, all of them on the image and characteristics are not and some sort of a top TV from Sony PCD 5-6 years old shows much better and there is a good 120 Hz. matrix decent brightness and contrast.
I advise you to use the distance table for different diagonals and permits optimum size and calculator tv depending on the distance and pay attention to from 49-50ti inch TVs.
Table of distances for different diagonals and permits.
Calculator tv optimal size depending on the distance
hdmi 2.1

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useful links best site for reviews of TVs, very thoroughly and tested to the smallest detail each model, unique to this resource is not even close, if this site has a review on the desired model of the TV, then you are lucky and you will know about this tv thoroughly everything and get a very objective and accurate assessment.
www.tvfindr.comA good website where you can find many TV tour, there is a convenient and visual comparison between the two models of different TV sets.
hdtvpolska.comPolish site with excellent and detailed reviews on TVs.

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Poll 1. Voting for the best TV 2019.
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Poll 2. Smart TV or TV box, finished 21.10.2020g.
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Dear friends and colleagues, and that's coming to an end in 2020, so the main set, the poll "Vote for the best 4K TV in 2020 from 50dyuymov and above", please select the best TVs in the four categories, thank you all for participating.
If it is not found in the list of TV 2020 model for which you would like to vote, write and add.
Own Flowers Thank You to helping in the preparation of the survey, users:totenleben, ksifon, dim-kos

Cap during filling with interesting, informative and useful suggestions, one should fast (can express their opinions about acquisitions in the TV) that were previously in the subject, please contact thelichku, thank you in advance
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Rep: (26)
* Garr1lla , Kinopaba did not use, but as far as I know this service is sharpened to watch movies and serials. Forcpleer has a wider range of possibilities. For example, I watch twich through it :-)

Rep: (-1)
* alekseii_sanch , and I have a question not on the topic, because on all these online viewing services video overwhelming do not? Even if you choose Full HD difference with downloaded just huge. I mean people soaring a 10-bit matrix, xdr, etc. And then include browsing online ...

Rep: (0)
Tell me what matrix on TV Sony kd-55xf7077 and kd-55xf7005? On the Internet who is in the forest, who on firewood: then VA, then IPS ...

Rep: (2)

On kinopabe, there is very good quality, and for example, on netflice, even steeper, as for me.
As it compared the downloaded passengers (something about 50 GB version) and did not see the difference on netflick.
So, personally, I now only watch the streaming services - time saving and there are no extra movements.
About 10 bits and 8 bits of matrices, so not only there are films, games in all use HDR and the difference between 8 and 10 bits is very visible there.

Post has been editedGarr1lla - 25.01.19, 13:15

Rep: (26)
* he3abicimi Who all of these bathe does not buy tv for 20k :-) For me, this service is first of all it is Tweich. Yes, I watched a couple of films in 1080p quite a normal quality :-)

Rep: (0)
hitachi 43hl15w64
The question of those who figured out in this miracle.
What is SMART for this TV? TV connected over the wire to the local network.
Next, that I could find out myself.
1. There is a huge NetFlix button on the remote control, which offers to enter a kind of paid application.
2. There is a "My button" button on the remote control that runs the "YouTube" application
Actually a question;On this Internet in this TV endedor there are any opportunities
Set some applications and see the computer of my computer to start from there different videos?

Rep: (26)
* Valentin_630 , look just above my post. By running the forkleer will be able to get an additional feature :-)

Rep: (0)
There is a Hisense 50m5010uw TV, there is a Magicsee N5 TV box, there is an Internet optics 100 Mbps. What to buy a router to watch online 4K movies without pickers, long loads and other situations that spoil viewing? and yes, a gigabit Internet is not able to connect

Rep: (0)
Alekseii_Sanch @ 01/25/19, 14:15*
Valentin_630, look just above my post. Launching the forkplayer

Unfortunately my main question: how to put at Hitachi at least some application?
What set of buttons and their sequence to activate the installation process?

Rep: (0)
Good afternoon. I plan to buy inexpensively 4K TV (+ - $ 650), the TV will be used mainly for Xbox One X, YouTube. This is what I saw himself:LG 55UK6450.. Is there a better analogue of 4K TV for this amount under the prefix?

And yet, in this TV, the frequency is 50 Hz, and 60 Hz is recommended for 4k games on the Xbox One x. Do I understand correctly that the TV I chose is not suitable under the Xbox One x?

Rep: (31)
* Valentin_630 , There is a shop in the smart, which you can install applications that are present there, third-party applications does need a prefix to this android tv.Dlya to open a shop, the red button in the center console, and then something like app icon blue

Post has been editedpartak2145 - 25.01.19, 16:12

Rep: (63)
Full-Length @ 01/25/2019, 10:49*
People with Hitachi, create your own theme by Vestel and its copies (Hitachi, JVC, Toshiba, Finlux, Hyundai, Procaster, SEG), and there please discuss ...

I support 200% but only anyone will not create ((there you need to make the caps and specialists on TV here are real here 2-3 people, the rest questions are asked. Maybe you can create the topic? We will make a curator from this topic as regards to Hitachi to make it Well, they make it yourself there. And then IMHO here, of course, Fuld comes out. The topic is chosen TV and not how to use Hitachi))

Rep: (0)

Displays characteristics can be viewed on this site.
https: //

Rep: (18)
Dear Guru TV! Is there a TV with 40 diaganal with an IPS matrix? Or tell the TV with good corners. 925 mm wide is limited. In the fall I bought Sony, you can only watch from one point on the sofa.

Rep: (0)
Hello! Tell me what is better to take and why? The difference is almost 2000 UAH.


Rep: (2)
Hello! The choice of LG 50UK6710 and KDL-49WF804. 4k not fundamentally. Smooth clip art, convenience, fast smart. As I understood, the memory is more at Sony + the ability to record. Waiting for advice. Price
41999 and 48999.

Rep: (526)
Dim4791 ​​@ 01/26/19, 12:04*
Smooth clip art, easy use, fast smart

If only this, then skiing. In Sonya, the ceiling is not at all, in the ski, at least one parameter, eliminates the degree. But the smoothness will not be there not there, smoothness with matrices of 120Hz and a complete ceiling. And the rest of the smart in the ski one of the most comfortable. But not as functional as Android.

Rep: (2)
FCR, thank you. And the dynamic scenes and sports in Sonya are comfortable to watch?

Rep: (151)
dim4791 ​​@ 01/26/19, 16:02*
FCR, thank you. And the dynamic scenes and sports in Sonya are comfortable to watch?

How can you comfortably watch the dynamic scenes on the TV where there are no workers?

Rep: (7)
Good day, gentlemen and ladies
Relatively recently acquired myself this modelDigma Dm-LED32R301BT2S
The functionality has fully arranged, and at the price of 8300, in general fire;)
In this model, Ala Smart TV, through Andryusha 4.
Weakly, but the price of quality will go.
Infuriates the firmware curve, and a trimmed anhyda.
There are any thoughts like this body to transform into a normal tel.
Maybe some kind of launcher ..
MALI 400 MHZ * 2 video screen
Memory 4 (free 2)
I will be glad comments

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