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Voting for the best 4K TV in 2020 from 50dyuymov above.
Best budget TV
Hisense A7300F / AE7200F [ 1 ] ** [0,57%]
Hiesens A7500F / AE7400F [ 19 ] ** [10,86%]
Hiesens U7qf [ 35 ] ** [20%]
LG 50 "/ 60" UN7100 (VA Chotnaya diagonal matrix) [ 31 ] ** [17,71%]
LG 55 "/ 65" UN7100 (IPS odd diagonal matrix) [ 2 ] ** [1,14%]
samsung TU7100 [ 5 ] ** [2,86%]
samsung TU8000 [ 4 ] ** [2,29%]
samsung TU8500 [ 17 ] ** [9,71%]
Xiaomi Mi TV 5s [ 8 ] ** [4,57%]
philips PUS7805 [ 3 ] ** [1,71%]
panasonic HXR800 [ 5 ] ** [2,86%]
TCL P715 [ 1 ] ** [0,57%]
TCL C715 [ 2 ] ** [1,14%]
Not vote in categories / other. [ 42 ] ** [24%]
The best medium budget
Hiesens U8qf [ 19 ] ** [10,86%]
lg Nano80 [ 1 ] ** [0,57%]
lg Nano85 [ 8 ] ** [4,57%]
samsung Q60t [ 7 ] ** [4%]
samsung Q70t [ 59 ] ** [33,71%]
sony XH8096 [ 8 ] ** [4,57%]
sony XH8596 [ 13 ] ** [7,43%]
philips PUS8505 [ 5 ] ** [2,86%]
philips PUS9005 [ 2 ] ** [1,14%]
panasonic HXR900 [ 1 ] ** [0,57%]
TCL C815 [ 1 ] ** [0,57%]
Not vote in categories / other. [ 49 ] ** [28%]
lg Nano90 [ 6 ] ** [3,43%]
Lg Oled BX [ 26 ] ** [14,86%]
samsung Q80t [ 30 ] ** [17,14%]
sony XH9096 [ 6 ] ** [3,43%]
sony XH9505 [ 41 ] ** [23,43%]
philips PUS9435 [ 1 ] ** [0,57%]
philips Oled755 [ 4 ] ** [2,29%]
panasonic HXR940 [ 4 ] ** [2,29%]
Not vote in categories / other. [ 57 ] ** [32,57%]
samsung Q90t [ 21 ] ** [12%]
Lg Oled CX [ 54 ] ** [30,86%]
sony A8 [ 23 ] ** [13,14%]
philips Oled855 [ 1 ] ** [0,57%]
panasonic HZR1000 [ 4 ] ** [2,29%]
panasonic HZR2000 [ 16 ] ** [9,14%]
Not vote in categories / other. [ 55 ] ** [31,43%]
Total votes: 175

Rep: (2731)
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Good selection tests for the TV
TV Xiaomi
If you have a desire to buy a TV Xiaomi and you came in this topic to obtain the approval of his choice, for starters read the material that is presented below, if after that you still have this desire, then run to the store, if not ask in the theme, we recommend more decent options for this price.
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Selecting the TV small diagonal
Almost every day there is a branch about this question: advise the best, top-end TV diagonal of 43 inches. The situation is such that now the TV in the diagonal 49-50 inches to normal and the more high-end and do not produce in the store can choose any one you like, all of them on the image and characteristics are not and some sort of a top TV from Sony PCD 5-6 years old shows much better and there is a good 120 Hz. matrix decent brightness and contrast.
I advise you to use the distance table for different diagonals and permits optimum size and calculator tv depending on the distance and pay attention to from 49-50ti inch TVs.
Table of distances for different diagonals and permits.
Calculator tv optimal size depending on the distance
hdmi 2.1

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useful links best site for reviews of TVs, very thoroughly and tested to the smallest detail each model, unique to this resource is not even close, if this site has a review on the desired model of the TV, then you are lucky and you will know about this tv thoroughly everything and get a very objective and accurate assessment.
www.tvfindr.comA good website where you can find many TV tour, there is a convenient and visual comparison between the two models of different TV sets.
hdtvpolska.comPolish site with excellent and detailed reviews on TVs.

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Dear friends and colleagues, and that's coming to an end in 2020, so the main set, the poll "Vote for the best 4K TV in 2020 from 50dyuymov and above", please select the best TVs in the four categories, thank you all for participating.
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Rep: (526)
Riddler-NN @ 24.01.19, 11:57*
In other words, how to understand what the user is achieved at the HDR TV at the expense of 8-bit + FRC technology or due to a full-fledged 10-bit technology? Not only on this TV, but also on any other?

Almost no. Even profransfers cannot do this with 100% confidence. In order to determine the Test 10 bits of gradients to determine the TV. And only in some places in the transitions there may be small shoals. Therefore, the same rtings says that in real contente, in general, the eye difference between the present 10 bits matrix and 8 + FRC cannot be distinguished. Therefore, I believe that there is no point in steaming about this. But the real 10bit is now basically only in top TV. And in budget sense, this is not, since most of the budget TV even the SDR is essentially pulled out due to low color coverage and bad black, so there is no sense about HDR there. Just program emulation, HDR parody.

Riddler-NN @ 24.01.19, 11:57*
Now it remains to find out the model of the matrix, and, accordingly, how the HDR mode is achieved on it

Just as in the other budget TV, HDR is just marketing. In essence, this is a regular software emulation. TV shows something remotely resembling HDR, but in fact it's just his parody. People after all want to get something that is in expensive TV, so manufacturers go to such tricks, instead of setting high-quality matrices, backlight, etc., which in itself will make TV more expensive, just create visibility to software way. As I have already repeatedly led an example with sausage. There is sausage from meat, and there is from soybean and toilet paper, but it looks like it almost the same way, and sometimes it looks like something: D

Rep: (18)
We read carefully, the TV has the second alternative name.https: //

Rep: (63)
TB960 @ 01/24/2019, 17:44*
We read carefully, the TV has the second alternative name.https: //
Once again I am convinced that for 20k it is worth Hitachi 43hl15w64

Rep: (22)
TB960 @ 01/24/2019, 16:44*
We read carefully, the TV has the second alternative name.https: //

According to the link model 43hl15w69 and we talk about model 43hl15w6 4 . Does anyone know what does the last figure mean in the model name?

In addition, according to the link it is written that the TV is 3 USB and 4 HDMI, and in our TV 2 USB and 3 HDMI. (This can be seen in the photos that I laid out).

Then, according to the link it is indicated that all HDMI version 1.4, and we have 2.0 (as I understood).

The backlight on the link is written - edgeled, and in our as far as I know - Directled.

Post has been editedRiddler-nn - 24.01.19, 21:14

Rep: (31)
* -GA_fLy- , Plus creepy, bought myself, my parents wanted to see how they buy, then friends wanted to, but the action was over, even though 24 thousand not a bad price, but the toad strangling to take for that amount, he took for 19500

Rep: (63)
Riddler-NN @ 01/22/2019, 17:26*
Who else connected headphones to the TV, how does everything work for you? Also or differently? Those. There is a connection between the affordable features of the TV and the volume of the TV and the volume in the headphones and what headphones are connected and which way?

He helped the same to Hitachi 43hl15W64 on the HV-203 wishes. In the same way through "Sound / Audio Connection". It is also controlled in the same briefly on the sound button on the ears - switching channels, long time adjusting the sound. The remote with the sound connected to the sound does not respond. When disabling, I did not notice any jambs. But in the process sometimes the sound stutters, did not figure out the reasons

Post has been edited-GA_fLy- - 24.01.19, 20:32

Rep: (63)
Alekseii_sanch @ 01/11/2019, 22:17*
Perhaps almost in the subject, I ask you hard not to kick.
Customize ForkPlayer on TV Hitachi 43HL15W64.
Menu Configuration - Setting up the network / Internet - Advanced settings - Server DNS 1-
1. Close the smart TV (market).
2. We go to the VewD App Store application, open.
3. We find the WOWTV application and run (you can immediately add to favorites ;-) It starts the already familiar fork for you.

The method stopped working ((. DNS is visible
Here are applications and in which these DNS work
Attached Image

Post has been edited-GA_fLy- - 24.01.19, 21:21

Rep: (22)
-Ga_Fly- @ 01/24/2019, 20:26*
He saddled the same to Hitachi 43hl15W64 on the HV-203 ears ... briefly on the sound sound button on the ears - switching channels, long time adjusting the sound
I have on the contrary :-) I probably depend on the headphones.

-Ga_Fly- @ 01/24/2019, 20:26*
The remote with connected to the sound does not react
Try to make this:
1. Turn on the TV, connect BT headphones.
2. Go to Sound Settings Change the "Headphones / Linear Output" parameter from headphones to a linear output (Remove headphones, and when a warning appears, click "OK").
3. Also in the audio settings, select and change the value "Volume" (main, not headphones). It is possible from the buttons of the console also rolling, but I did through the menu.
After this, the sound on the TV appears, but also in BT headphones remains too :-)
At the same time, if the value of the "headphones / linear output" parameter is back to the "headphones" then the volume in BT headphones is returned to the same level, and the sound on the TV remains. The situation is fixed with the new compound of headphones and televisions. Those. This method is relevant for one session.

-Ga_Fly- @ 01/24/2019, 20:26*
... in the process sometimes the sound stutters ...
I have no such, but through BT-headphones, the sound comes with a small delay from the image. But these are wine headphones, because they wrote about them that there are such sinners behind them. It does not bother me.

Rep: (18)
Riddler-NN @ 24.01.19, 18:42*
According to the link model 43hl15w69, and we are talking about the model 43hl15w64.
Similarly, etc. Models may have alternative names.

Rep: (11)
Tell me please, Armv7 * 2core 1.2Ghz is quite poor for smart TV with 4K?

Rep: (22)
TB960 @ 01/24/2019, 21:24*
Similarly, etc. Models may have alternative names.

I wrote what differences between them.

Rep: (0)
I choose a 32-inch TV with a smart to 25,000 for parents. While stopped at the Samsung UE32N5300Auxru, it is worth it or better look something else?

Rep: (26)
* -GA_fLy- until the prefix came to see through the URL-Loader. (You must unlock the developer mode), if I wonder if I can write a small instruction :-)

Rep: (18)
Riddler-NN @ 24.01.19, 21:29*
I wrote what differences between them.
I do not write about a specific model. And about the fact that the models happens to several names.

Rep: (22)
TB960 @ 01/24/2019, 22:16*
I do not write about a specific model. And about the fact that the models happens to several names.

So I did not really understand you. I wrote a week ago in Hitachi on this TV, but there is no answer yet. Maybe they will answer.

Post has been editedRiddler-nn - 24.01.19, 22:29

Rep: (473)
Friends, advise TV withbest receiving a Wi-Fi signal, a diagonal of 40-43 inch, preferably not for space

Rep: (63)
Alekseii_sanch @ 01/24/2019, 22:40*
* -GA_fLy- until the prefix came to see through the URL-Loader. (You must unlock the developer mode), if I wonder if I can write a small instruction :-)

So it won, the message above in the colleel app + DNS earned. But the additional info does not hurt

Rep: (862)
Partak2145 @ 24.01.19, 19:45*
But already the toad is choking to take for this amount

Even for this money, nothing close with such specific characteristics.
Riddler-NN @ 24.01.19, 22:29*
Maybe they will answer.

You search for.
People with Hitachi, create your own theme by Vestel and its copies (Hitachi, JVC, Toshiba, Finlux, Hyundai, Procaster, SEG), and there please discuss ...

Post has been editedfull-length - 25.01.19, 10:02

Rep: (26)
* -GA_fLy- ,
Hello. Now would be a small guide on ForkPlayer run on TVs Hitachi and Sony, in a smart TV which has the Opera TV (VEWD AppStore). This method allows you to access ForkPlayer without manipulation of the DNS addresses, and third-party applications.

Let's go:
1. You need to create an account onthe site
2. For future work, we need the device id. To do this, open the app on TV VEWD AppStore. Go to the settings tab "About". There you'll see your device ID (lot numbers / letters).
3. After creating and confirming the account, you must log in tothe siteAnd go to the section "Paired Devices".
In the "Custom Name" field, enter the device name (any), in the "Device ID" field enter the device ID, which we found in paragraph 2.
4. In case of success in the VewD AppStore application, a new section "Developer" will appear with the "URL Loader" application (you may need to restart the TV).
5. Open the application "URL Loader", enter in the address bar: must enter 1 time, then it will all be saved). Choose "GO current window" and click OK and you have loaded ForkPlayer.
P.S. Will write questions in a personal
P.S.2 Who can create a topic for TV Hitachi, judging by the number of comments by the owners, a lot is quite :-)

Rep: (2)
And what will be the Forkplayer-A Adjunation before the Kinopub-Ohm?
I, too, at the beginning I wanted to put Fork on Sony (as before on LG), but then I learned about Kinopab and it was enough for me.

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