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Do you lack the functionality and capabilities of your built-in smart TV, or you're using, going to buy a TV box.
Yes, I completely lack the capacity and functionality of the built-in Smart TV [ 185 ] ** [33,76%]
Lacks features and functionality built-in smart TV, use or intend to buy a TV box [ 255 ] ** [46,53%]
I have not decided yet [ 108 ] ** [19,71%]
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Good selection tests for the TV
TV Xiaomi
If you have a desire to buy a TV Xiaomi and you came in this topic to obtain the approval of his choice, for starters read the material that is presented below, if after that you still have this desire, then run to the store, if not ask in the theme, we recommend more decent options for this price.
Very informative post of full-length video examples
Mini review Xiaomi bought the TV from RC_Gremlin
Review of the 55-inch "intelligent" 4K LCD TV Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4S 55 "on Android TV
Mini review from phox
The whole essence of the TV xiaomi in a few lines from Andrei313
Selecting the TV small diagonal
Almost every day there is a branch about this question: advise the best, top-end TV diagonal of 43 inches. The situation is such that now the TV in the diagonal 49-50 inches to normal and the more high-end and do not produce in the store can choose any one you like, all of them on the image and characteristics are not and some sort of a top TV from Sony PCD 5-6 years old shows much better and there is a good 120 Hz. matrix decent brightness and contrast.
I advise you to use the distance table for different diagonals and permits optimum size and calculator tv depending on the distance and pay attention to from 49-50ti inch TVs.
Table of distances for different diagonals and permits.
Calculator tv optimal size depending on the distance
hdmi 2.1

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useful links best site for reviews of TVs, very thoroughly and tested to the smallest detail each model, unique to this resource is not even close, if this site has a review on the desired model of the TV, then you are lucky and you will know about this tv thoroughly everything and get a very objective and accurate assessment.
www.tvfindr.comA good website where you can find many TV tour, there is a convenient and visual comparison between the two models of different TV sets.
hdtvpolska.comPolish site with excellent and detailed reviews on TVs.

Poll results
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Dear friends and colleagues, created the survey "Smart TV or TV-box" with the current theme if you need a TV-box or functional capabilities and built-in smart TV is completely missing, please its position on this issue show in the vote, thank you all for your participation

Cap during filling with interesting, informative and useful suggestions, one should fast (can express their opinions about acquisitions in the TV) that were previously in the subject, please contact thelichku, thank you in advance
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Rep: (845)
oceanmen @ 20.01.19, 23:00*
All listed that we can easily take in Astrakhan.

Sony KD-55XE7096 budget-c VA matrix at 60hz, the normal contrast and brightness.
LG 55SK8100 middle segment with IPS matrix at 120hz, but with gray instead of black, and low brightness.

grosstraktor @ 21.01.19, 12:24*
something almost 40k link, or something I do not know

The campaign has already ended for 33-34k ...
spore666 @ 21.01.19, 12:25*
help with the selection of your TV within 70k.

Choosing good tv is not rich for the money.
Hisense H65U7A from 69K
https: //tmall.aliexpre...-ULED/32954564041.html
Samsung UE55NU8000 gray from Finland by 65k., The TV would be preferable, above the brightness of the HDR better, and Input Lag below.

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Rep: (0)
* full-length , Well, that's like a list of models that I have seen from a diagonal of 65 ":
LG 60UK6200
BBK 65LEX-6039 / UTS2C
Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 65
Thomson T65USM5200
DEXP U65D9000K.

Rep: (11)
* oceanmen,
Keep in mind that LG 55UK6450, LG 55UK6710, LG 55UK6510 55 RGBW diagonal matrix. Someone spits on her, who do not care. For example, a colleague satisfied with his 6450, but he took it to the Black Friday ... I LG 55UK7500 with honest RGB VA matrix of minuses pillars lit up with dynamic backlight (seen in a dark room). This nuance and we knew it was a reasonable decision, in its budget compared males and skiing. Samsungi seventh series 7xxx bleklovaty and viewing angles are fed. About Phillips xs, the wife did not want them categorically. The best picture will be from Sony, the question is that the available Sony KD-55XE7096 not a full smart, is not it the android. Because if you want to take, you have to re-buy the console.

Post has been editedEx_vandal - 21.01.19, 13:15

Rep: (845)
spore666 @ 21.01.19, 13:05*
Well, for example a list of models that I have seen from the diagonal 65

It ultrabyudzhetniki mediocre matrix and the low brightness, the majority do not have even uplavnyalki, and HDR for show.
Thomson T65USM5200 perhaps, but there ips matrix, if this fact does not confuse, then take it.

Post has been editedfull-length - 21.01.19, 13:22

Rep: (0)
I pick up the TV in the room the child, 4 years. Who is expected from him, only one - is to watch cartoons.
The wishes of - screen size of about 32-40 inches. Resolution - FullHD, better UltraHD. Budget - up to 40 thousand.
Of course, you want to maximize the good matrix.

Rep: (1)
full-length @ 21.01.19, 12:42*
The campaign has already ended for 33-34k ...

and nothing more worthy of attention in the same price range about there?

Rep: (4)
* Ex_vandal Only an honest IPS
LG 55UK7500

Rep: (15)
full-length @ 21.01.19, 13:42*
Sony KD-55XE7096 budget-c VA matrix at 60hz, the normal contrast and brightness.
LG 55SK8100 middle segment with IPS matrix at 120hz, but with gray instead of black, and low brightness.

So that it is preferable, if we consider that it is possible to supplement the media player, taking into account the view analog channels ??

Rep: (5)
Good day! Acquired TV LG32LK6190, I want him to connect headphones via 3.5 jack. Jack, but there are tulips, will it work 2hRCA adapter - 3.5 jack socket? If not, the alternative DAC through optiku- whether to adjust the volume via the TV or remote control need DAC? Thank.

Rep: (0)
Good evening. Please tell me what kind of TV is best to choose?

1. LeEco Super TV 4 X50 Pro 4K
2. Xiaomi Mi tv 4 55
3. sony KD-43XF8096

or some other model?
budget of 50-60 thousand.

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Rep: (0)
Hello, what I generally choose a tired TV, did not think that now because it's complicated) help advice asking criteria:
43 "
FHD well or 4k if possible)
Good matrix
Price tag 25-35k
The brand is not important, the best deal price / quality
Thanks in advance for your help

Rep: (0)
Help with a choice: Which is better to buy: 1) TV Samsung UE50NU7452 (matrix VA); 2) TV LG 50UK6750; 3) TV LG 43UJ701v (PMI 1900 Hz, 4K Ultra HD, Smart TV, Wi-Fi, HDR with Dolby Vision, Ultra Surround 2.0 20W)?

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Reason for editing: Added

Rep: (72)
What can you say about the company's TVs Haier? There is a discount of 5,000 rubles, so I think can take 43 '' ...

Rep: (0)
TV LG 49UK6200
Tell me there's a better price / quality?

Rep: (22)
I continue to deal with the functionality and features of the TV Hitachi 43HL15W64.

Here is the picture when the TV is located along the wall to 1.5 m from the window at right angles to it, while at the window day shines bright enough for winter sun, but without direct sunlight on the TV screen:
Attached Image
Attached Image

And here is how the image is already closed curtains that overlook some of the light (video filmed at the same time, which makes the photo above):

I connected to the TV via Bluetooth headphones Remax RB-200HB ( "Sound" menu ->"Audio Connection"):
Attached Image
Attached Image

I draw your attention that the pair the devices is completed when the power indicator changes color from gray to blue.

If you try to control the volume with the volume buttons on the TV in Bloetooth headphones does not change, but the change if it directly manage the buttons on the headphones . In the sound ( "sound" menu), the parameter settings change "headphone" (N2 in the screenshot) on the volume in the headphones do not affect, the parameter value "headphone / line output" (N3 in the screenshot) indicated headphones. When you connect headphones item "volume" (N1 in the screenshot) becomes available for change:
Attached Image

Besides,Track switch button on the headset is switched TV channels (sequentially) .
In the evening, I try to connect the same headphones via a wire to the line-out without connecting via Bluetooth to see how it will adjust the volume in this case.

If you are interested, headphones look and sound in conjunction with a TV set as follows:
Attached Image

Video with sound:
Attached fileVID_20190121_185600.mp4(21.44 MB)

Noticed a glitch that after pairing the headphones and the TV or switch channels or adjust the volume begin to work on more than once, and after a while. But in the end, and then it starts to work.Changing the parameter "virtual remote control" ( "Settings" menu ->"A") on the possibility of controlling the TV with headphones does not affect.

Who have connected the headphones to the TV as you work? The same or different? Those. there is a connection between HYPOTHETICAL TV control functions and the volume of the headphones and the type earphones connected and in what way? I think it would be interesting to know those who are eyeing this model.

And one more thing I should mention, in contrast to my previous one the TV, this function is active when "Mute" on the screen in the upper left corner is always on the corresponding indicator and a few seconds does not go out:
Attached Image

On my quite complete, it is not convenient, because prevents viewing the image. And this regime I used when the sound is output from the Yamaha Receivers (connected through optical output) on the acoustics. Now I just turn down the volume to zero volume buttons.

Post has been editedRiddler-nn - 22.01.19, 16:46

Rep: (31)
* Riddler-nn , Well on this TV is worth ips matrix, it is not surprising that the sun brightness is acceptable, he now also want to buy a bluetooth headset, choose until Ali, the other question, I can not find the cover on the remote, Ali ordered until termousadachnuyu film, you yet without a cover?

Rep: (22)
partak2145 @ 22.01.2019, 18:33*
* Riddler-nn , Well on this TV is worth ips matrix, it is not surprising that the brightness of the sun acceptable
Yes, about a matrix of IPS there is often mentioned. And, as far as I remember, there were questions how the screen behaves in the sun or under strong ambient light. By the way, the brightness was 50% (the default setting). Perhaps these photos and videos will help someone to better understand how television shows. With papravkoy that filmed on a camera phone.

I can not find the cover on the remote control ... you do not yet cover?
I have all the consoles without covers :-) And since a lot of them that I bought a few programmable devices. I started on it all the basic functions, but when you have something very rare to do, then pull out the native console. This versatile, too, without a cover and totally different looks. If any contamination begin to appear, simply wipe it.

Rep: (31)
* Riddler-nn That for the remote?)

Rep: (0)
* full-length,
* fcr,
gurus television (which can be more, but have not yet reached) for your advice already out with a series of Samsung 55NU7400, to continue to MU6400, and now set to NU8000. There is a modification in 8000 on data interpolation 2500 and (like 8070) 2600 ... Is this noticeable difference, and saw gutted if wi-fi at 5 GHz? About the sound and DTS codecs avishnyh files too in the course and not a lot of regret, but in Ukraine not get Hisens H55U7A.

Post has been editedYXSergeyXY - 23.01.19, 01:25

Rep: (22)
partak2145 @ 22.01.2019, 19:46*
* Riddler-nn That for the remote?)

Universal remote One for all Essence 4 URC 7140 model

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