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Voting for the best 4K TV in 2020 from 50dyuymov above.
Best budget TV
Hisense A7300F / AE7200F [ 0 ] ** [0%]
Hiesens A7500F / AE7400F [ 10 ] ** [10,99%]
Hiesens U7qf [ 24 ] ** [26,37%]
LG 50 "/ 60" UN7100 (VA Chotnaya diagonal matrix) [ 17 ] ** [18,68%]
LG 55 "/ 65" UN7100 (IPS odd diagonal matrix) [ 1 ] ** [1,1%]
samsung TU7100 [ 2 ] ** [2,2%]
samsung TU8000 [ 1 ] ** [1,1%]
samsung TU8500 [ 7 ] ** [7,69%]
Xiaomi Mi TV 5s [ 2 ] ** [2,2%]
philips PUS7805 [ 1 ] ** [1,1%]
panasonic HXR800 [ 3 ] ** [3,3%]
TCL P715 [ 0 ] ** [0%]
TCL C715 [ 2 ] ** [2,2%]
Not vote in categories / other. [ 20 ] ** [21,98%]
The best medium budget
Hiesens U8qf [ 9 ] ** [9,89%]
lg Nano80 [ 1 ] ** [1,1%]
lg Nano85 [ 3 ] ** [3,3%]
samsung Q60t [ 3 ] ** [3,3%]
samsung Q70t [ 37 ] ** [40,66%]
sony XH8096 [ 3 ] ** [3,3%]
sony XH8596 [ 9 ] ** [9,89%]
philips PUS8505 [ 2 ] ** [2,2%]
philips PUS9005 [ 0 ] ** [0%]
panasonic HXR900 [ 0 ] ** [0%]
TCL C815 [ 0 ] ** [0%]
Not vote in categories / other. [ 21 ] ** [23,08%]
lg Nano90 [ 2 ] ** [2,2%]
Lg Oled BX [ 17 ] ** [18,68%]
samsung Q80t [ 17 ] ** [18,68%]
sony XH9096 [ 1 ] ** [1,1%]
sony XH9505 [ 22 ] ** [24,18%]
philips PUS9435 [ 0 ] ** [0%]
philips Oled755 [ 4 ] ** [4,4%]
panasonic HXR940 [ 2 ] ** [2,2%]
Not vote in categories / other. [ 24 ] ** [26,37%]
samsung Q90t [ 9 ] ** [9,89%]
Lg Oled CX [ 32 ] ** [35,16%]
sony A8 [ 14 ] ** [15,38%]
philips Oled855 [ 1 ] ** [1,1%]
panasonic HZR1000 [ 1 ] ** [1,1%]
panasonic HZR2000 [ 13 ] ** [14,29%]
Not vote in categories / other. [ 19 ] ** [20,88%]
Total votes: 91

Rep: (2731)
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Good selection tests for the TV
TV Xiaomi
If you have a desire to buy a TV Xiaomi and you came in this topic to obtain the approval of his choice, for starters read the material that is presented below, if after that you still have this desire, then run to the store, if not ask in the theme, we recommend more decent options for this price.
Very informative post of full-length video examples
Mini review Xiaomi bought the TV from RC_Gremlin
Review of the 55-inch "intelligent" 4K LCD TV Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4S 55 "on Android TV
Mini review from phox
The whole essence of the TV xiaomi in a few lines from Andrei313
Selecting the TV small diagonal
Almost every day there is a branch about this question: advise the best, top-end TV diagonal of 43 inches. The situation is such that now the TV in the diagonal 49-50 inches to normal and the more high-end and do not produce in the store can choose any one you like, all of them on the image and characteristics are not and some sort of a top TV from Sony PCD 5-6 years old shows much better and there is a good 120 Hz. matrix decent brightness and contrast.
I advise you to use the distance table for different diagonals and permits optimum size and calculator tv depending on the distance and pay attention to from 49-50ti inch TVs.
Table of distances for different diagonals and permits.
Calculator tv optimal size depending on the distance
hdmi 2.1

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useful links best site for reviews of TVs, very thoroughly and tested to the smallest detail each model, unique to this resource is not even close, if this site has a review on the desired model of the TV, then you are lucky and you will know about this tv thoroughly everything and get a very objective and accurate assessment.
www.tvfindr.comA good website where you can find many TV tour, there is a convenient and visual comparison between the two models of different TV sets.
hdtvpolska.comPolish site with excellent and detailed reviews on TVs.

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Poll 2. Smart TV or TV box, finished 21.10.2020g.
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Dear friends and colleagues, and that's coming to an end in 2020, so the main set, the poll "Vote for the best 4K TV in 2020 from 50dyuymov and above", please select the best TVs in the four categories, thank you all for participating.
If it is not found in the list of TV 2020 model for which you would like to vote, write and add.
Own Flowers Thank You to helping in the preparation of the survey, users:totenleben, ksifon, dim-kos

Cap during filling with interesting, informative and useful suggestions, one should fast (can express their opinions about acquisitions in the TV) that were previously in the subject, please contact thelichku, thank you in advance
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Lord judge has a question about Samsung 49NU7300 extremely weak satellite shows (except HD). The only mode in which he shows his more or less normal Auto Motion Plus + LED clear image, but then it turns gray and apparently flickers. This is the norm for these samsungov?
Just taking into account the fact that 90% of the time tv sharpened by satellite broadcasting are thinking about buying a LG 49UJ / UK 63__ they have satellite TV?

Rep: (19)
partak2145 @ 01.01.2019, 16:20*
All the action in taking over a Hitachi 43-inch, two had ordered)

And I could not order any, vat such trouble was (((
Attached Image

Posted on 01/01/2019, 17:48:

JJsmall @ 01.01.2019, 17:24*
Lord judge has a question about Samsung 49NU7300 extremely weak satellite shows (except HD). The only mode in which he shows his more or less normal Auto Motion Plus + LED clear image, but then it turns gray and apparently flickers. This is the norm for these samsungov?
Just taking into account the fact that 90% of the time tv sharpened by satellite broadcasting are thinking about buying a LG 49UJ / UK 63__ they have satellite TV?

I have a Samsung 6300 Series only last year, the same miserable image

Rep: (12)
To how many TV sets brought with take-ru? There is a chance that brought prematurely planned delivery?

Rep: (31)
* Yasha1308 Exactly at the time specified in the order, before there

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Dear forum. Tell me if there is a decent oled TV set with a diagonal of 55 inches? Which to choose? And if right now, with Finn ordered, it will be cheaper to gallop official sales? Thanks in advance.

Rep: (258)
* tanyaha,
To start a conventional hard drive is enough.

Rep: (0)
Tell me that it is better to take. , Samsung 8000 or 8070 at a price approximately equal.

Rep: (455)
* Sangvinnik , Differ only slightly in the second control other more.

Rep: (0)
Good afternoon. Mom decided to buy a modern TV as by cable TV turned off her favorite channel. And the question confused me with a twinkle, if a monitor is clear, they direct write about this "flicker-free", with the TV difficult to get information and what could be found that the flicker is present and very strong. Is there a flicker-free full hd acceptable in quality and price with up to 25k rubles. Thanks for the answer.

Rep: (167)
* test1112 ,
Telefunken 43 "
Telefunken 50 "

Rep: (1470)
* basicland,
you want to say that they do not flicker?

Rep: (0)
* Rachuga I also have in my city could not order, came to the city for 100 kilometers from my book, already there is a way

Rep: (7)
Welcome all! In the new square is thought to take successively with a time Extension 2 tv. Of course I want to take just 2 huge and steep, but the budget is not elastic, and in addition there is a TV where the money to spend.

Tk it comes to buying the first TV I would like to just take a good. After reading the topic and reviews I am in some confusion. The initial aim was for 49 to 55 inches and it is desirable to shove it in 40-50tys, so you can comfortably watch movies. 43 can also be a whole if will significantly cut the budget (for example to 30-35tys) with good quality, but preferably 49-55. Subsequently, the console may appear, but so far only movies. After reading the topic glozhat doubt - rather than whether to take something more abruptly (as an option to take the first cheap, and already the next abruptly).

From what abruptly
LG oled (B8 ~ 80tys, C7v ~ 85tys), samsung (UE55NU8500U curved ~ 66-70tys, UE55NU8000U ~ 80tys and qled, but they are more expensive), Sony KD-55XF9005 ~ 85tys
I understand oledy COX even those that are cheaper. In what sense then to other manufacturers to look at all, if the price of the same? In the opinion of marriage is found (dead pixels, glare and all garbage) and the like often ... I would not want to shell out a lot of money, and then, with service centers

out of the ordinary that looked
samsung UE..NU7400U 51tys \ 42tys (55 \ 50 ", respectively) UE..NU7100U 43tys \ 36tys LG 49SJ810V 45tys

Maybe even on some models it is worth paying attention to? The brand is not tied much, the main thing that worked. There is also wifi AC and Gigabit network. In general, do not disdain, and if it is necessary to put the TV box

Rep: (19)
hisense H43A5100
haier LE43K6000SF
people which of the TV will be better ???

Rep: (0)
When viewing certain channels, every 3 minutes the sound is stuttering / pictures for half a second ...
My brother and parents is a problem also occurs. Brother experts said that the problem - with a built-in decoder. What if you buy an external decoder, the problem will go away.
Why is it not evident on all channels and on different channels is shown in different ways? On the second TV such problems are not noticed!
Can cost to return the bodies in such cases?

Rep: (1)
Advise pliz want to take xiaomi mi tv 4s 55, worth it or not? Maybe there is something interesting for the budget + 40K? Thank you! Happy New Year

Rep: (0)
Help me choose between
Philips 49PUS6412
LG 50UK6300PLB
samsung UE49NU7100UXCE
Or...? Budget 40.000 + -

The presence of the android does not matter (that is, Boh).
Important lack of bugs, lags, and other things
And of course the quality of the picture.

Rep: (0)
! Hello guys help choose something from this list:
hisense H43A6100
TCL 43DP600
toshiba 43V5863DG
Thomson 43UC6306
hisense 43M5010UW
Maybe someone yuzal models such as the brain was boil the choice.

Rep: (1454)
Floonn @ 02.01.19, 09:25*
I want to take xiaomi mi tv 4s 55, worth it or not?

I mentionedherethis TV ...
I draw arrows, which he ran in search of 32 "and more:
1. Forum of TVs.There is also bringing in "gray".
2. Ixbt- for geeks and those who are just in addition to the recommendations, wants to get answers giblets, functionality, software and so forth.
2.2. Home Theater: TV and projectors

I should add that these resources came from this thread. : Thank_you:

test1112 @ 01.01.19, 23:31*
question embarrassed me with a twinkle

herethere's an answer?..

* Rachuga

Suddenly someone does not knowsavagemessiahzine.comlarge modelTV theme.

Post has been editedanton7758 - 02.01.19, 13:01

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Good afternoon, there is a question of buying a TV for watching movies on the internet and for the game on the PS 4 pro (all offer 4k). Diagonal desirable 40-55. Price up to 45 thousand rubles. We would like to high-quality picture and the film went on hurray.

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