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Samsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S - Firmware and Modding
Firmware modding and Galaxy S.
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Discussion of the transfer to theSamsung GT-i9000 - Firmware and Modding

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Reason for edit: Update 29.03: Added modems.

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I like to get 2e recovery ...........
Still does. Fashion will have to handle through Root Explorer throw

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DOOM BRINGER @ 03.04.2011, 22:21*
Root Explorer throw

me more plz ... and CWM also did ...?

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Setthis is the coreondeodeks fromPawill .
I have this combination works flawlessly.

Post has been editedrareARROW - 03.04.11, 22:47

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please give a link to the firmware Darky's v10.0 RC3

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2 rareARROW
and recovery2 there ?

Post has been editedDes1990 - 03.04.11, 23:08
Reason for editing: 2

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webser16 @ 03.04.2011, 23:05*
please give a link to the firmware Darky's v10.0 RC3

Hold on

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In deodekse fromPawill 3rd recovery. After the kernel firmware from supercurio will CWM recovery.

Post has been editedrareARROW - 03.04.11, 23:30

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Darky 9,5 put on a clean body, for the transition from 9.4 still buggy. CUT calls not picked up 3g Internet, cut down all of a sudden ...
Now I try to catch the asshole who consumes about 5% proca in sleep mode. Can not. Sistemmonitor bluntly shows that devour, and who is silent. Per night from 15% to 50% both in the bush!
Waffle cut down ... off the body charged to 100 and did wipe battery. One hell, zhruny not calm down. Titan suffered only program that I need and setting gmyla, Internet, sms and vayfayki. The core of the Dark 1. Who would have suggested much sap .. Thank you!

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IMHO - they oochen raw core problems from it are very different. My advice to you beg kernel voodoo or sidmod should help

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Bug! @ 04-04-2011, 00:01*
IMHO - they oochen raw kernel

It seems as done voodoo, just stuck to his own tweaks ... not?
Bug! @ 04-04-2011, 00:01*
My advice to you beg kernel voodoo or sidmod should help

Sedna at night alter k13D try it;)

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pliz tell me, I can not determine what lutche proschivka by Gingerbread-GT-I9000-stock-kernel + hacks or popuure, and what The Code and deodeks, explain pliz?

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rareARROW @ 03.04.2011, 23:30*
In deodekse from PaWill 3rd recovery. After the kernel firmware from supercurio will CWM recovery

Thanks normal flight sim card ...... the truth had to be removed with a 1 time undecided ((

ps took anotherdavlin cache, loogfix, waipYuntil all goood highly recommend
rareARROW @ 03.04.2011, 22:46*
Put it in the core of deodeks PaWill.

2.3.3. + CWM without any mods .....

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do not drive on Darky 9.5, and the previous generally the same, all your problems are mainly from krivorukost not vnimatelnosti.ibo otherwise is sin only on the unit itself, as some have absolutely all right (I have is among other things, and it was so with all its except not to install some applications on 9.4, but it solved a basic level) while others have permanent glitches ... the way the battery is really eats 9.5 noticeably smaller, and it is the first of its events in which I did not change the kernel, since I do not see smysla.poslednee time before enjoyed voodoo, in extreme speedmod not satisfied with the work of Auto Brightness, otherwise hardly notice the difference between the nuclei.

Post has been edited3STST - 04.04.11, 01:20

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guys tell me is worth SpeedMod k13s makes sense to put k13d or not? : Thank_you:

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Bug! @ 04.04.2011, 2:01*
IMHO - they oochen raw kernel

Are you sure? I have no problem with their core. 4% per night. What am I doing wrong?

Posted 04/04/2011, 7:29:

NEOgorez @ 04.04.2011, 08:13*
guys tell me is worth SpeedMod k13s makes sense to put k13d or not?

If you are satisfied, it makes no sense.

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Gameday do not tell. Worth firmware 9.9.5 from the kitchen Doc on js8. and the core speed 13d-250hz. We are satisfied but the buttons on the phone only English letters. How to make and Russian have been, and then used the name iskatt contacts.

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NEOgorez @ 04.04.2011, 07:13*
guys tell me is worth SpeedMod k13s makes sense to put k13d or not?

Personally, I have the battery quickly became squander so rolled obratno.No maybe had to wait a few tsiklov.a so the difference vizulno nikakoy.Esli no pathological race for numbers, it is necessary to type all the latter, then there is no sense in changing the kernel.

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animal-on @ 04.04.2011, 08:40*
guys tell me is worth SpeedMod k13s makes sense to put k13d or not?

The 13d corrected disables Wifi. Rare was the problem, but it is unpleasant. It includes only after rebooting or switching radio.

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PaWill @ 17.01.2011, 23:59*
After the firmware if neohodimo, switch the CSC to the desired country by entering into a dialer code * # 272 # * vash_imey:
SER - Russia
SEK -Ukraine
SKZ -Kazakhstan

tell me how to Belarus looks ......

Rep: (172)
Des1990 @ 04.04.2011, 14:18*
tell me how to Belarus looks ......

Belarus, unfortunately not. We suited Russia. Market is also not paid in the Republic of Belarus. So we put the SER and think it's for us.

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