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Discussion of the transfer to theSamsung GT-i9000 - Firmware and Modding

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Before you put the Dark 9.2, take a look atbugs.

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The link 9 bugs.0 .2 instead of 9.2

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Take a good look, it's 9.0.2

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You look at the date !!!!! [ROM] [04.02.2011] Darky's v9.2 Extreme Edition вШЕ XWJS3 вШЕ ||>>BIG UPDATE<

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DIMBUH @ 05.02.2011, 12:11*
2. To not be afraid for the external USB flash drive, make a copy of its contents to a computer. Even if something will overwrite the firmware in time, recover on time.
3. Simka network operator to change is not a problem.
4. What else can you lose? Contacts on the SIM card. They also need to zabekapit.

: Rofl: Yeah easier to remove)!
Especially this one item I liked)
3. Simka network operator to change is not a problem.

Well at Funny)
PS.Tak have the same option \ disable the external memory card \ may-be it just makes sensedisconnect? Have you tried?
Bug! @ 05.02.2011, 12:27*
I never pull out - but the contacts are synced with Google, may overwrite

Contact I synchronize with a computer and flehoy, are satisfied, and reliability) That is how to jam, then still have some conflict!

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Medvedkovo @ 05.02.2011, 17:29*
You look at the date !!!!! [ROM] [04.02.2011] Darky's v9.2 Extreme Edition вШЕ XWJS3 вШЕ ||>>BIG UPDATE<

but still accordion
Flashing and modding Galaxy S (Post # 6466026)

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And yet, who will give a link to the band and the dialer? turnips with me

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Bug! @ 05.02.2011, 16:59*
And yet, who will give a link to the band and the dialer? turnips with me

Well here's something to think there really is a stripsoftware modification and embellishment for Samsung Galaxy S (Post # 6376308)
So you have been such that contact rubbed clean, or is it only an assumption?

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No I did not exactly - I had business contacts that jammed by firmware glitch - overloaded bodies and all poudalyat with Masov force klozed. And when flashing I have not removed those contacts chtosinhronizirovany, but one that would add - he jammed

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Well, yes, sim card contacts to be synchronized with my by Google - they are not overwritten

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Bug! @ 05.02.2011, 17:59*
And yet, who will give a link to the band and the dialer? turnips with me

You can pull out of the Dark 9.1 ( \ system \ app \) files DialerTabActivity.apk and Contacts.apk and shove in the same folder topics

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I have not been to this topic and in the firmware 9.2 to shove, well try this :)

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Beetle! Soon after will adaptitsiya from ArieSLV There'll be (:

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I have such trouble, when the kitchen assemble, forgot to note Voice Search, according to his I do not have a need. So there are 2 options to install it, 1) Pour a directory prog, and mouth. conventional agriculture. 2) Log in
1 tab Base Rom push
2 Apps select Voice Search.
3 click Generate.
4 Pour on the phone and install via CWM
Such a question, if I mouth. it through CWM, wipe with voice search to retire? On deodeks beg after the mouth. final updates from rska64 medley and wipe do at all impossible, otherwise the phone will ship only to savers and vibrate, so that's how this state of affairs with miniature apdeytikami, such as that described above me (voice search, in this case, wipe should not be force majeure?

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ExtravaganZza @ 05.02.2011, 18:16*
Beetle !, soon after will adaptitsiya from ArieSLV, everything will be (:

Maud will be tomorrow, and tomorrow will be in the evening at home. Respectively shall put myself :)

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SchA will also put itself 9.2)

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DeXX86 @ 05.02.2011, 15:58*
Sew on Poppuri and PaWill Rom Black Edition JS3, there was a poser, interface language on the entire Ukrainian how to make the interface in Russian ???

"Settings" - "Language & input" - continue to choose ...

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Reason for editing: 1 from DeXX86

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software modification and embellishment for Samsung Galaxy S (Post # 5591741)
software modification and embellishment for Samsung Galaxy S (Post # 6441197)

question - whether there is any of the launcher Darko 9.2?

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Put 9.2, I got well. Russian CSC and everything else under the Russian fell well. Svayp Thu swears is true, but not especially trouble.
Nothing flies and Laga yet.

Put through DarkysROMResurrectionEdition, my problem she did not dare (

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PaNcHeR28 @ 05.02.2011, 18:22*
Such a question, if I mouth. it through CWM, wipe with voice search to retire?

No, do not leave. When a wipe to clean the section "data", a "system", which is installed voice search remains intact.

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