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Samsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S - Firmware and Modding
Firmware modding and Galaxy S.
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Discussion of the transfer to theSamsung GT-i9000 - Firmware and Modding

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Firmware Ficeto Deodexed JVP
The core of Dark Core2.7
flies phone.apk


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nurbek05 @ 19.06.2011, 19:54*

Search does not work? Samsung GT-i9000 - Flash and modding (Post # 7915660)

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He sets himself the phone from exile. Not cure.

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Pliz poke the muzzle in a good Russian CSC:
  • for deodeksirovannoyXWJSD c XXJPY modem(I do not know if this is important)
  • It is installed by CWM
  • and I had a good Russian / Ukrainian / English Swype!


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Added core GTO Ginger kernel alpha 3 Gingerbread 2.3.4 Version 2.2Samsung GT-i9000 - Flash and modding (Post # 7831089)
It does support these OC frequency.

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Simpl Honey went on 2.3.4 - I would like to note - works quite quickly, the subject still quite beautiful, the default is the kernel spidmod 15t8.

Among the few drawbacks that I found - gps sees satellites 6 but not to any prikonektilsya, will decide Altering modem. There is no default APN settings - not so problematic.

Install modzhno 3 versions (coasting on top of each other): simple - at least prog and 4 lock, medium - mostly need the bend to optimize your phone, spare parts, faster fix, etc. and full - all to the maximum - the browser from the stick, 9 locks and other goodies

Posted 19-06-2011, 22:40:

Question: spidmode to 2.3 worth cwm 2.5, to take on some modems cwm Version 2 (as it is written froyo based) or the same on cwm3 (gb based roms) instructions. Older modems from 2.2.1 to 2.3.4 will be used? such as JQ1 (perfectly proved at the time) and again choose which version

I9000XXJQ1 (Froyo)
Download for CWM2 (Froyo based ROMs) В»
Download for CWM3 (Gingerbread based ROMs) В»

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The Rotary lock jamb found. When the on / off the sound of the wheel shows the wrong znachok.
Replace ruteksplorerom in system / framework folder
Attached fileandroid.policy.jar(148.43 KB)

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Why deleted my previous message?
For two deleted messages it was written by HP, and even response has been given. All claims by HP.

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Who putAS i9000 MOD As it is to you?
How many shows quadrant? Anyway normally works?

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uzhs 19.06.2011, I9000XXJVP deodex_Paranoia_ext4 multiCSC + core GTO Ginger kernel alpha 3 Version 2.2 squares issued 3100))) is not any acceleration did)

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Something Simple Honey is not as fast - but I'll try lagfiks vklyuchite. Quadrant has issued about 1,500 parrots of all, I'm hoping somewhere in 1900. But looks nice, let's see how it will continue to conduct themselves

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PaWill @ 19.06.2011, 12:56*
Spoiler (+/-) (I recommend :)
Patch to optimize memory by Juwe11 (XDA). Install via CWM, then reboot.

who put a patch? there is an advantage? other modes can be put? : Sveta:
It was a good idea to put a description of him.

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Lay out a screen of this miracle, and even check, div x codecs in place, and it was at the core of damiana with otklyuchengymi codec that has issued the results of the transcendental

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vitalyi600 In firmware 18.06.2011, I9000XXJVP deodex_TW4_ext4 multiCSC found only syncmlds.apk; wssyncmlnps.apk.
Generally quadrant as being 2.2K and ostalsya.Operativki as 220Mb, so it remained.
But here's the feelings, Dunno why, but steel applications loaded quickly, in general recommend this fix.

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Shuricke1o @ 20.06.2011, 13:33*
Lord, I need help! Reflash on Ficeto Deodexed JVP 2.3.4, and there was just a few simple questions: 1. How to make a battery with interest? no matter what, a bagel or a cone, but at least Stalin with a shotgun, just to interest byli.2. How to put a third-party lock screen? In particular rotary - if vozmozhno.3. If you hold the power button used to be a wide range of options in the form of transition in daunload mode, reboot and enter the rekaveri, now only 4 basic options. Can I change it? Like everything. Thank you in advance.

I put adaptation AS i9000. rotary there do not remember the rest, except Stalin with a shotgun - was.

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pr0test @ 19.06.2011, 23:41*
Who put AS i9000 MOD, it you?
How many shows quadrant? Anyway normally works?

Quadrant outputs 1900 with the tail.
It works fine. Bit drained, namely:
1. Android keyboard is not working, "Vibrate" and was not "Greek" language. SetGingerbread ClaudiaWho "Vibrate" is not used can safely leave Android Claudia.
2. To avoid restarting the phone to lock 4Tab, after the firmware installation go to Settings -> Lockscreen Menu -> Lockscreen Settings -> Custom App -> Applications -> Messaging or any other application of your choice, but an icon on blocking will remain the same.
3. PutBLN Control Pro 0.10.26 alpha. Just downloaded a program, files and not needed. BLN works!

SetAS i9000 MOD
1. Battery with%
2. 9 locks, including Rotary
3. Off button "Extended"

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Need help - I can not decide what kind of firmware 2.3.4 I deliver. I would like to do certain things minimalistic with English interface, and possibly as little as possible wacky services to start-up. I have to switch from Native Vodafonosvkoy 2.2. Andes 2.3 left brake, but this jer batteries (but are Beautiful Widgets - small bar with the weather) but if before the battery kept almost 3 days with a small number of calls and several hours Vayfaynogo brauzanya a day, but now the clock 30 by force.

I read the whole topic, but the head around is the number of firmware, and drain a lot of unnecessary Memory that hawala.


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Youhere. There's plenty of firmware on Inglish.

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standing fashion from PaWill I9000XXJVP deodex_TW4_ext4 multiCSC. there were problems with the phone / on as many modes. He replaced. Samsung keyboard settings are not saved in multiple languages, we have to climb again after closing, can be replaced by equivalent. sometimes byvaetprilozheniya fly. but rarely. otherwise excellent all

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Please help on any custom firmware not shown power control widget.
To display a widget, "Power management" need to pull out the widget to the screen and reboot. Runoff Problem firmware 2.3.

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Also interesting reviews about this fashion Paranoid, please unsubscribe who put I9000XXJVP deodex_Paranoia_ext4 multiCSC

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