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Samsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S - Firmware and Modding
Firmware modding and Galaxy S.
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Discussion of the transfer to theSamsung GT-i9000 - Firmware and Modding

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CHAare styledINasks and answers (FAQ) (If you have questions / problems - read here)

  • 1. I installed the firmware, but do not see the action lagfiksa / performance gains .: Make sure you have installed proper kernel and included lagfiks in CWM (only sztuppy cores), or delete disable_lagfix at VooDoo.
  • 2. I have an error during setup mode via CWM (line 79/80): This is a setting error on the included lagfiks. Now all the fashion generally contain scripts that allow their installation on lagfiks, but maybe this is not possible. Make wipe data / cache of rekaveri, turn lagfiks and try installing again.
  • 3. I have a setup error fashion via CWM! What to do? You have disabled lagfiksy? If not, re-sewn. If you do not help - contact the subject or in a personal supervisor.
  • 4. Heard about losing IMEI / Product Code when moving to 2.2. It is true ?: You can read about itProblems with the loss of IMEI, SIM lock, CSC and codes localization.
  • 5. Some fashion / uskoryalki I do not swing and fly on xda-developers site with a strange mistake! What to do ?: register onxda-developers forum.
  • 6. I have a problem with the connection to the computer devaysa. What to do ?: First read thisSamsung GT-i9000 - FAQ (Post # 4922702)If not help - try to establishSamsung driver.
  • 7. I have a problem with the battery consumption in my GHS. Where can I read about the improvement of energy consumption and to ask questions to you here ?:Using battery. Optimization Samsung GT-i9000


  • 1. How to stop scanning media files at boot time ?: Watch here.
  • 2. What kind of function in CWM? What are they doing? And what they eat ?:Description CWM functions. Description tweaks in CWM.
  • 3. How to speed up your device so that as much soul in the heel and the left brain is severed ?: SpeedMod download the latest core data set and dbdata to ext4, cache on ext4nj, convert the system to ext4. select Mount options Faster mount, turn on all the tweaks. (It's all done through the CWM rekaveri)
  • 4. What isVoodooSoundandGalaxyTuner?: You thereWhatVoodoSound & GalaxyTuner ?.
  • 5. How to install a mod throughCWM, egDarky: Once selected in stepinstall from sdcard ->choose file. A detailed review will be announced later.
  • 8. What is DarkyROM Configurator? And how do you use ?:Read here.

  • Clean whether the topic ?: Yes, once every three days.
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rasul51savagemessiahzine.comI gathered this assembly:

Added Russian swipe and replaced launcher about the purchased version

Somebody put it, everything is OK? I understand that the difference is only in the paid-launcher that will allow them to update, right?

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alexremn @ 21.10.2010, 21:12*
When installed the mod, it runs standard LauncherPro. Simply click on the Home-key, and you will drop the list launcher. Pick and place "always use".
If you want to change back, visit Settings>applications>application management, select your launcher, and click to select "Data Wipe". However, this method is bad that erases all data and have to be reset, or use TB (Titanium Backup).

Ie if I have now is a launcher pro and I want to change to another I have to remove it? Just a real negative I noticed that the menu scrolls down, and I got used to the left / right scroll ego.A 1 more question is it possible to change the color of the panels (gray) to any other?

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No, no need to remove. Deleting data - cleaning launcher settings. He's just become so, if you put it just now.
About the panel - yes, you can.
Here iseg. Black carboxylic top and bottom.
Installation: rename it to and run in rekaveri fashion through the install from sdcard:

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alexremn @ 21.10.2010, 21:29*
No, no need to remove. Deleting data - cleaning launcher settings. He's just become so, if you put it just now.
About the panel - yes, you can.
For example. Black carboxylic top and bottom.
Installation: rename it to and run in rekaveri fashion through the install from sdcard:

Now I will try and make the menu as a default on the 2.1 does not happen? This problem launcher as I understand it? And what difference do these 3 launcher?

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alexremn @ 21.10.2010, 21:34*
It can be done. TW Launcher - The default 2.1 (TouchWiz).
The difference in comfort, speed.
My selection - pro launcher. He has no equal, and to the "toilet paper" menu, I was already used and very convenient.

So it will have to get used to, because the speed priority.
And the last question for today as you have a gps this firmware?

ZY a donut battery will be on this version?

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Frankly, I do not know about the battery, for me, like this, and I use all the same widgets to display percent (habitual).
With SBS good catches quickly.
I advise you to try more ADW Launcher (not installed). There flipping, and the rapidity of the same kind.

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Strangely, I catch and very good.
I was a little blunt with disabling voodoo and had to start jm9. Now I try one modification, Juan moment.

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Darkys Raw Steel Edition v2.2 Lite by Rassel ;)

Attached Image
Attached Image

Removed from the original update:
Attached Image

Remove excess graphics and graphic resources of remote prog.
LauncherPro is also deleted!

I added some graphics frommy update
Screw the Russian Swype
Unfortunately battery is not complete (i.e. no 98-99-100 0-1-2 -...-% and 80-100% -...- 0-10-20)

Link to update:
Remote program in one archive:

Post has been - 22.10.10, 00:08

Rep: (157) @ 22.10.2010, 00:50 *
(I.e. not -...- 0-1-2 98-99-100% and 80-100% -...- 0-10-20)

and that so bad? Nuka get yo mare, correct.
the desired scripts, graphics, varied and all.
try -framework_res.apk(6.53 MB) Max downloads: 6

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The people need help. Download Firmware JPM / JP6 Multinational Custom ROM. I put onthisInstructions: moved to the flashing mode, connected to a computer, run one, selected all firmware files from the archive, only the first time forgot to put a checkbox re-partition. It throws an error set the checkbox and press start again. As a result, already 15 minutes in this state and nothing has changed:
Attached Image

What to do? More precisely: what else can be done, or all bricks?
PS: before this was pure firmware JP6.

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Voodoo Doctor Edition v2.0 is a very interesting, thoughtfully assembled lagfiksy can choose to install from Clockworkmod Recovery. Native Tachviza not only launcher Pro. With Voodoo Fix very bystraya.Russkoy localization is not at all. To me, I would call it megasuperlayt, for all that it was possible to throw-threw, even filemanager. Prosha like, but in the evening I beg something else. Not on Feng Shui in our time on the English locale sit: beee:

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alexremn @ 22.10.2010, 08:32*
Einperegrin, unplug the phone, reboot download mode, turn on again. If not - do it a couple of times since. It will work.

It did not help much as tried.
helped update bootloader - became sewn again. And, interestingly, when switched on battery power was almost nil, although fully charge before flashing.

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No, do not fix to fix, and in combination.
In rekaveri fashion (CWM), you can choose what to include (lagfiksy, uskoryalki, BLN).
Competent rum, but I do not use because of the lack of large truncatedness and Russian.
Here is a link to 1.3, based on the JPM / JP6 (Russian / swipe).Here it is.

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alexremn @ 23.10.2010, 00:47*
Here is a link to the 1.3,

me what is this hodgepodge annoying.

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Darkys Raw Steel Edition v2.2 Lite by RAssEL: the fastest and without lag (still number 1).
I can not put the remote on it:

4.Very udobnyyk a task manager (which do not find in the archive)

And other important applications from the archive (application of the put). If I understood correctly deleted system application and the conventional method is not put back. Plz tell me. How to put back some of the system applications.
Firmware masthead demolished hochyu.

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Write to the author of this mod. He participated in the forum. :)

Updated Voodoo Doctor Edition and Universal lagfix [EXT4, JFS] and tweak kernel [BLN].

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I realized that it would seem sorely lacking in the header of this theme :)
The same as in the subject of uskoryalki ... - user reviews. And the eyes diverge from that amount of mods and not know what to do to sew not sew ..

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Spread a revised framework forDarkys Raw Steel Edition v2.2 Lite by Rassel ;)

battery version B
Attached Image
Download: Attached fileframework_res.apk (7.22 MB)

battery versionD
Attached Image
Download: Attached fileframework_res.apk (7.33 MB)

Installation: You can throw it into a system / framework folder or push in itself an update of tomuzhe way.

Post has been - 23.10.10, 19:12

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alexremn @ 22.10.2010, 04:52*
JPM / JP6 Multinational Custom ROM (root + custom csc + post-flash kitchen) (Editor's Choice)

Lord recently asking poyuzat already - I want to thank: thank_you: there swype ransacked and everything - it's the real firmware today, so if anyone is looking for the latest and stable - this is it;)

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