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Poweramp | Audio Player for Android
External player control via automation via Poweramp API
Few people know, but the player has an API that can be used to externally control the player with third-party applications, including automation. Are they needed in the subject?
Yes necessary [ 1031 ] ** [65,05%]
No not needed [ 184 ] ** [11,61%]
No matter [ 370 ] ** [23,34%]
Total votes: 1585

Rep: (1419)
Version: v3-build-877

Last update of the program in the header:12.07.2020

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Short description:
Audio Player for Android 5.0+ with a huge amount of features (v2 for Android 2.3+).

FAQ on v3. Read This First!

Why was my post removed?

In the subject author of the application, please refrain from Varese!

V3 screenshots
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Screenshots v2
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This is a two week trial version (about 15 days ), differs from the full only limited time.
  • plays MP3, MP4 / M4A (+ loseless), FLAC, OGG, OPUS, TTA, WMA, WAV, APE, WV / ISO.WV, DSD (DFF / DSF), MKA, TAK, AIFF, MPC
  • audio engine supporting Hi-Res to 384kGts / 32bit, a through Float32 internal representation, Float64 DSP treatment (Hi-Res support audio output device dependent)
  • optimized 10-band graphic equalizer for all supported formats, separate tone control, equalizer presets (presets), the ability to edit and add presets, assignment for audio outputs
  • stereo expansion, tempo, balance, reverb (+ presets)
  • DVC (direct volume control) for extended dynamic range
  • cross fader
  • gapless
  • choice (sw, SoX) resampler
  • support up to 100 volume levels
  • Replay gain
  • plays Folders and Library
  • support for .cue files (separate and wired into the track)
  • .m3u, .m3u8, .pls, .wpl playlists
  • dynamic queue
  • view and tag editor
  • custom widgets
  • automatically downloads artwork covers and images
  • scrobbling
  • tag editor
  • skins (built-in + support from third-party authors)
  • many settings
  • and much more
Important information
  • There is a developer in the subject. .Please refrain from posting broken versions and discussing them.
  • All questions on the work of DVC must be addressed to the firmware or hardware. If the player is given the opportunity to use this function, he uses it; if not, he writes why it is inactive. Read the menu items that you poke (try to poke) carefully.
  • License issues are discussed on official forum
  • Versions v3 alpha and v3 beta (790) do not support skins!

How to properly report a problem:
  1. Specify the following parameters ( even if they are in the profile! ):
    • your device (and a specific modification, if any, for example Samsung S9 Exynos);
    • What is your firmware / kernel (Android version, official or custom, stable or beta / alpha);
    • version of the player (not the "last", and a specific number).If you irrelevant version, first upgrade to the latest ;
    • where did you get the unlocker;
    • what settings you use (especially for audio output).
    • If the problem with streaming playlist (m3u (8), HLS), be sure to attach the playlist.
    No need to upload screenshots of device parameters , lay them out in text form. If you do not want to rewrite it to solve the problem, then we want to do it even less. The report must contain answers on all counts!
  2. If the player initially worked fine, and then suddenly there were problems, then indicateafter what actions the problem appeared .
  3. If you haveunofficial firmware / core or firmware in progress alpha / beta test , the first thing we read: User FAQ on Poweramp (Post Radjah # 11303856)
  4. If the problem appeared after the official update , you may have to wait for the player version to be updated (the author releases such fixes rather quickly, as soon as OTA arrives at the test sample), where this problem will be fixed (especially relevant after upgrading to the new version of Android). In any case, write in detail on the first point, so the author will quickly find out about the problem and be able to solve it as soon as possible.
  5. After updating the firmware, a license check cache may occur. (but the player will not immediately inform you about this, it can work for a very long time without a verified license), so that there are no problems, give it access to the Internet for 48 hours when buying from the market and 24 hours when buying from the site.
  6. Messages that do not contain a detailed description of the problem and the device may not be answered . Competent and detailed description of the problem is the first step to its possible solution.
useful links
Managing external player (Poweramp API, automation)
Few people know, but the player has an officialPoweramp API
This is a powerful mechanism that allows osuschestvetlyat external player controls, which gives us increased functionality, and the ability to carry out the necessary automation of us (starting deytstvy of events and different conditions), even if it is not provided for in the player. To do this, you can either write your own plug-in (programming knowledge required), or use a variety of automator application, of which a sufficient amount for Android (you can cope without programming skills). I suggest in this thread to spread profiles for the most powerful Automator on Android -Tasker. These profiles can easily be "translated" by analogy to other automator that support reception \ newsletterintents. Mandatory requirement - profiles / tasks should be created with the use of Poweram API (Otherwise these profiles need vyklydyvat in Automator topic).
  1. This topic does not consider job Automator;
  2. in this topic does not discuss how the import profiles \ tasks;
  3. in this thread solely parse nuances with Poweramp API (for example Tasker).
All questions on work with Tasker inprofile topic.


Ask for \ lays out profiles in the topic or in QMS. I will (to the extent and complexity of doing / add spare time). Profileclever_man
In the 800 build, the purchase through the site is untied from Google services, the order number is checked. If there is no order number (for beta testers, "gift" licenses, for another reason) - please write in support with an email to which the license will be sent.

Version: v3-build-877 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-876 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-875 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-874 Poweramp

Play Beta Channel

Version: 2.0.10 build 588
Version: 2.0.10 build 589(x86)

Skins / Widgets for v2
Past versions
Version: v3-build-873 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-872 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-871 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-870 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-869 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-868 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-867 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-866 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-864 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-863 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-862 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-860 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-859 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-858 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-857 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-856 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-853 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-852 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-851 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-850 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-849 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-848 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-847 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-846 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-845 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-844
Version: v3-build-843
Version: v3-build-842
Version: v3-build-841
Version: v3-build-840
Version: v3-build-839
V3 version: build-836
V3 version: build-835
V3 version: build-834
V3 version: build-833
V3 version: build-832
Version v3: build-830
V3 version: build-829
V3 version: build-828
Version v3: build-827
Version v3: build-826
Version v3: build-825
V3 version: build-824
Version v3: build-823
Version v3: build-822
Version v3: build-821
V3 version: build-820
Version v3: build-819
Version v3: build-818
Version v3: build-817
V3 version: build-816
Version v3: build-815
V3 version: build-814
Version v3: build-813
V3 version: build-812
Version v3: build-811
V3 version: build-810
V3 version: build-809
Version v3: build-808
Version v3: RC-build-807
Version v3: RC-build-805
Version v3: RC-build-804
Version v3: RC-build-803
Version v3: RC-build-802
Version v3: RC-build-801
Version v3: RC-build-800
Version: 3 beta v3 (795)
Version: 3 beta v3 (792/793)
Version: 3 beta v3 (790) (5.0+)
Version: 3 alpha build 709
Version: 3 alpha build 703 (4.1+)
Version: 3 alpha build 708
Version: 3 alpha build 706
Version: 3 alpha build 705
Version: 3 alpha build 704(Android N, not recommended for others)
Version: v.3 alpha build 702 Poweramp (Post by Alex0047 # 48234745)
Version: 2.0.10 build 587 Poweramp (Post by Alex0047 # 48618499)
Version: 2.0.10 build 585 Poweramp (Post clever_man # 47980157)
Version: v.3 alpha build 701 Poweramp (Post crashjant # 48202212)
Version: alpha-build-700 (arm, 4.1 +) Poweramp (Post GH0ST # 45827138)

The curator is always ready to help you.clever_manthroughQMS

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Rep: (4029)
I remind everyone that the forum has a topic -Buying paid programs in the market
And it is there that all the nuances of the acquisition of any programs are discussed, incl. and this through the Market.
Let's not litter the topic.

Rep: (1419)
On the body, go to the next folder, then click on the headset on the next song track - the next song starts from the previous folder

Could not repeat it. How do you go on track. Track on the headset - long press, button>>double tap?
Note that if the folder repeat mode is on, the next after the last track will again be the first track from this folder, but the folder switches will still switch folders as usual.

Rep: (1419)
Warsteiner86 @ 11/18/2010, 12:33*
One and a half times louder

You can make it louder if you remove a strong gain of frequencies, of course.
Roughly speaking, when you strongly increase such as bass, the signal already reaches the maximum 16-bit value.
There will be 24bit DAC on the phones to set and attach API for this, it will be louder with an equalizer with a strong gain of frequencies.
Well, it depends on the amplifier in the phone. Hero / milestone screams so that maximum earphone volume can damage your hearing.

Rep: (1419)
Black_BG @ 11/18/2010, 12:08*
But with the old there is also a quick screen change (when flickering, after unlocking) ...

When you turn off the screen and a song plays PowerAMP, the command to display the PowerAMP lock screen is immediately given.
But since the processor at this point greatly reduces the frequency, it may take up to 10 seconds for the lock screen to appear.
For comparison, on HDPI devices, this takes (0.1s) 100 ms or less.

Yes, there is such a gap in performance between HDPI / MDPI and LDPI devices. Something can be polished, optimized, but not all.

Rep: (386)
moderators! write a pozh. In the header, when paying, the market removes 1 dollar to check the card, so there is about 190 rubles on the db card.
people like the program, are willing to pay, and many are ready for it for the first time!)
This concerns the purchase of absolutely ANY FIRST program on the Market.
And all this has long been chewed here:Buying paid programs in the market
And all users can only advise:
- do not try to solve all the problems in one topic !!!
There are separate topics on the forum and about "How to buy through the Market" and about the choice of headsets, etc.

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Rep: (1419)
2 SkorpEaGLe
PowerAMP uses a full random cursor for all the songs you have currently selected to play.
For comparison, the stock player has a history of mixing in 100 songs, then repetitions are likely.
Until all the selected songs are finished, there will be no repetitions. (Another thing is that duplicates of songs can easily be in the system library, but this is not about PowerAMP) /

Naturally, when you restart (or unload the player from memory for other reasons), the history of mixing will be lost and the list will be mixed again.

2 Black_BG
I do not yet have a LDPI device for testing, the simplest thing is - Hero and the increase in buffer was tested on it.
I think the next build will already be tested on LDPI.

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Rep: (1419)
Rebelalex @ 11/18/2010, 10:48 PM*
so he allowed to do mp3 with the bitrate up to 640.

This is not mp3 (mpeg1 / 2 layer3). The maximum bitrate standard mp3 = 320kbs. There, roughly speaking, in the header of the mp3 frame you can’t put a greater value.
(you can see herehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MP3and herehttp://mpgedit.org/mpgedit/mpeg_format/mpeghdr.htm)

Post has been editedMaxMP - 18.11.10, 23:03

Rep: (1419)
SkorpEaGLe @ 11/19/2010, 15:19*
Why not make a mini database in the player about what songs are in the folders / playlists and if the shuffle is turned on so that the player runs through this database and does not repeat those songs that have already been played until everything is replayed?

When you press the shuffle button, the player shuffles ALL of the currently selected tracks using full random. There will be a repetition only after you have lost ALL songs and you have turned on one or another REPEAT mode - that is, the list will be started again, but there can be no repetitions before, unless you have the songs themselves, of course, do not repeat (which can be in the system library).

If you make a new batch (by turning off / on mixing or by making Shuffle All from different menus in the library), the tracks will be shuffled by the new one.
Rescan will also cause new shuffle.

Stirring occurs over the complete list. Those. if you have exactly 2000 different songs, then the resulting list is also exactly 2000 songs, but with mixed order. After mixing, nothing can be added or subtracted into it.

Post has been editedMaxMP - 20.11.10, 20:12

Rep: (1419)
se77en @ 11/21/2010 3:36 AM*
you can get an official comment from you on whether the parallel ability to view folders and play files from them directly will be implemented

If you mean viewing as in file managers (hierarchical view), then this is planned for one of the following updates of version 1.0.
For more information on what is planned, you can see either here in the header or on the PowerAMP forum.

Rep: (1419)
2 disparo
1. will be in 2.0. Release date 2.0 yet.
2. in the topic you can find my answers, briefly - the paid version needs Internet 2 times - the first time you start and after 48 hours, you never need it again.
3. The utf-8 encoding is always applied to utf-8 data. The PowerAMP tag scanner is independent of the system scanner and its encoding problems, but serves
Only Folders and Home Screen. What you have in the Library is scanned by a system scanner.

Posted on 11/22/2010, 15:38:

2 SanSanych_S
I can not repeat your problem with the coup on Desire 2.2 stock.
Do you use any screen rotation applications? Substitutes Home Screen (Launcher Pro, etc.)? Your firmware?
(If possible, answer in PM. Thank you!)

2 exerunKHV
More? What should be pressed in what sequence, what would it happen? Direct Unlock on or off?
(You have something terrible written in the signature - I can’t support nonstandard firmware at the moment - but the problem may not be because of it).

Post has been editedMaxMP - 22.11.10, 15:42

Rep: (1419)
PowerAMP v1.0 build-276 (Trial / Full Version Upgrade)
Attached filePowerAMP_1.0_build_276.apk(2.53 MB)

Attention: this version most likely will not be posted on the market, because it fixes bugs for a small number of users. It is recommended to download only for those who have experienced the corresponding problems (for example, the lag when the screen is turned off).

- PowerAMP service now disappears after 30s of inactivity (time may depend on the state of the phone)
- cover skip now also works for singles
- acceleration of rescanning folders
- QVGA support
- headset buttons are now more sensitive for slower phones

- gaps when turning off the screen on phones without FPU
- random short-term screen on in sleep mode
- some mp3 files were not perceived by PowerAMP (thanks to those who sent test samples!)
- more than necessary memory consumption
- wrong bitrate definition for some mp3
- covers from some m4a were not always used
- 4x4 widget loses cover when coup was paused
- 4x4 animation is disabled for HTC Sense phones due to a bug in Sense
- reduced lag animation cover for SGS
- PowerAMP now skips unsupported 24/96 flac
- other fixes and increased stability

Known issues:
- on devices without FPU wma files can lag

Post has been editedMaxMP - 23.11.10, 19:11

Rep: (1419)
2 y
Why? In terms of functionality, nothing has changed, but now inactive PowerAMP takes up less memory.

Posted 11/23/2010, 21:19:

g-Anton @ 11/23/2010, 8:10 PM*
Italian tablet 10.1 "(flytouch2), android 2.1

And it is unlikely to be, since most of these devices (and some custom firmware) for some reason remove the binary compatibility with Android, and maybe just spoil it from lack of testing, "optimizations", removal of "unnecessary" things, other system compilation keys, etc. .
Such devices have no access to the Market. they did not pass the Android Compatibility Test Suite. The hack-hacked binary compatibility market does not add.

Rep: (1419)
2 iIndestructible

PowerAMP always records the position in the song during a pause, and should start (pause) from the same place the next time it starts.
Also, even when the service disappeared, the auto start should work when the headset is connected.
If this does not happen, then the PowerAMP process was unloaded completely from memory.
I tested it on HTC Hero and Wildfire - for me such a download does not happen, but this can happen if other heavy programs were used and the android decided to clean the memory.

Probably, for the "eternal" support for connecting headphones, you will have to submit a micro service that will wait for such a connection and start the main PowerAMP service to play the song.

Post has been editedMaxMP - 24.11.10, 17:18

Rep: (1419)
Black_BG @ 11.24.2010, 17:32*
then you do not need to do a mini service for the headset, write a postscript, that auto-enable works only when the service is constantly on

In principle, it is possible and so, less new code - fewer new bugs. Thanks for the idea!

Rep: (1419)
PowerAMP 1.0-build-285 (Trial / Full Version Update)
Attached filePowerAMP_1.0_build_285.apk(2.53 MB)

The same version will be posted on the Market.

- if "Play on connection" is enabled, the headset micro service will be used
- support for covers from FLAC

- some mp3 files were not perceived by PowerAMP (thanks to those who sent test samples!)
- improved definition of bitrate / length / mp3 tags
- improvement of work with the sound buffer when rewinding
- fixed problem with "Shuffle: all songs" for Genres
- fixed problem with stopping double / triple pressing of headset buttons
- other fixes and increased stability

Posted on 11/26/2010 00:16:

2 nerovinger
A standard media scanner slips the folder name into the album name if the album tag is missing in the file.
Before build 276, PowerAMP used this “substituted” folder name for the search. In fresh builds - no longer uses.
(But will try to find the cover for the "single" by track name and artist).

Rep: (1419)
2 rebelalex

Try to turn off (for a while) the cover download. If after that it becomes normal - the plug in the card (either other programs download something actively, write to it, or access to the card blocks the phone for various reasons).

Rep: (1419)
2 lameh
Not displayed in which mode (folders / library)?
Not displayed where (in the player, in the lists, everywhere)?
PowerAMP searches for local jpg covers only in folder mode, in library mode it will see if there is a picture in the library itself, or start a search on the Internet.

sgs closes the edit window and can't see

Naturally, the keyboard occupies the floor of the screen (in vertical mode), there is also a standard Next button just to move through the fields of the form.
But I will attach a scroller that would be more comfortable.

Post has been editedMaxMP - 26.11.10, 23:50

Rep: (1419)

The library is serviced by a system media scanner, which as a rule does not understand non-unicode tags.
PowerAMP scanner works in folders and main screen.
PowerAMP 2.0 will have its own library, so there will be no such problem.

Rep: (1419)
2 lameh

Ok, I'll post the translation of the FAQ part here, I hope the moderator will glue it into the header.
Perhaps this will clarify the situation with the covers.

Q. How is the cover selected?

A. Depending on the settings for downloading the cover (including the setting on Imperson the downloaded covers), for the main screen / widgets / lock screen
one of the following pictures will be shown:
=>cover of the track (more than 128x128)
=>cached previously downloaded from the Internet cover
=>folder mode: [album name] .jpg from track folder
=>folder mode: folder.jpg / cover.jpg / AlbumArt ... Large.jpg from the folder with the track
=>folder mode: any other jpg from the folder with the track (more than 128x128, less than 512kb)
=>library mode: cover received from the library (via the corresponding API)
=>will start searching and downloading the cover from the Internet

For the folder list, the first 3 tracks will be used to search for covers (3 tracks that are not sorted — that is, in fact, any 3 tracks from the folder):
=>if there is a cached thumbnail, it will be used (.pamp file in the folder)
=>if there is folder.jpg / cover.jpg / AlbumArt ... Large.jpg or any other jpg ->will be used
=>the cover of the first track 3 tracks, if found, will be used
=>otherwise, if album / artist tags are found in these 3 files, a search and a jump will be started

For library listings:
=>system library cover
=>otherwise, the search and download will be launched (according to the parameters from the library - there is always an album / artist there)

Search and download will not start if the artist and album tags are missing.

build-285: For singles, the search will be started if there are tags for the title of the track and the artist.

That is, you do not work off from a pause when you press the headset button?

Yes (shuffle).

If you mean switching with hardware buttons when the screen is off, then no. Pressing these buttons are not transferred to Android applications in the background or when the screen is off (unless you use ROM / root with remapping media buttons).

Post has been editedMaxMP - 27.11.10, 01:02

Rep: (1419)
2 zesaver
Trial works 15 days from the first launch and another 15 days shows a window, but it still works.
Installing a new version does not reset the first run date. Translations of hours (per day) on the phone can knock this code down, then it may stop working when it’s unknown.

Posted on 11/27/2010 23:39:

2 Spartak1245
So could not verify the license - the first time you start, you should have Internet + after 48 hours.
Throw please Order # in lichku, check if everything is in order.

2 Black_BG
As soon as the player receives a message from the android about pressing a button, it is immediately processed. But the Android itself on devices like wildfire / hero sends such an event to the player with some delay when the screen is off.

Post has been editedMaxMP - 27.11.10, 23:44

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