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Poweramp | Audio Player for Android
External player control via automation via Poweramp API
Few people know, but the player has an API that can be used to externally control the player with third-party applications, including automation. Are they needed in the subject?
Yes necessary [ 980 ] ** [64,52%]
No not needed [ 175 ] ** [11,52%]
No matter [ 364 ] ** [23,96%]
Total votes: 1519

Rep: (1416)
Version: v3-build-875

Last update of the program in the header:14.06.2020

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Short description:
Audio Player for Android 5.0+ with a huge amount of features (v2 for Android 2.3+).

FAQ on v3. Read This First!

Why was my post removed?

In the subject author of the application, please refrain from Varese!

V3 screenshots
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Screenshots v2
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This is a two week trial version (about 15 days ), differs from the full only limited time.
  • plays MP3, MP4 / M4A (+ loseless), FLAC, OGG, OPUS, TTA, WMA, WAV, APE, WV / ISO.WV, DSD (DFF / DSF), MKA, TAK, AIFF, MPC
  • audio engine supporting Hi-Res to 384kGts / 32bit, a through Float32 internal representation, Float64 DSP treatment (Hi-Res support audio output device dependent)
  • optimized 10-band graphic equalizer for all supported formats, separate tone control, equalizer presets (presets), the ability to edit and add presets, assignment for audio outputs
  • stereo expansion, tempo, balance, reverb (+ presets)
  • DVC (direct volume control) for extended dynamic range
  • cross fader
  • gapless
  • choice (sw, SoX) resampler
  • support up to 100 volume levels
  • Replay gain
  • plays Folders and Library
  • support for .cue files (separate and wired into the track)
  • .m3u, .m3u8, .pls, .wpl playlists
  • dynamic queue
  • view and tag editor
  • custom widgets
  • automatically downloads artwork covers and images
  • scrobbling
  • tag editor
  • skins (built-in + support from third-party authors)
  • many settings
  • and much more
Important information
  • There is a developer in the subject. .Please refrain from posting broken versions and discussing them.
  • All questions on the work of DVC must be addressed to the firmware or hardware. If the player is given the opportunity to use this function, he uses it; if not, he writes why it is inactive. Read the menu items that you poke (try to poke) carefully.
  • License issues are discussed on official forum
  • Versions v3 alpha and v3 beta (790) do not support skins!

How to properly report a problem:
  1. Specify the following parameters ( even if they are in the profile! ):
    • your device (and a specific modification, if any, for example Samsung S9 Exynos);
    • What is your firmware / kernel (Android version, official or custom, stable or beta / alpha);
    • version of the player (not the "last", and a specific number).If you irrelevant version, first upgrade to the latest ;
    • where did you get the unlocker;
    • what settings you use (especially for audio output).
    • If the problem with streaming playlist (m3u (8), HLS), be sure to attach the playlist.
    No need to upload screenshots of device parameters , lay them out in text form. If you do not want to rewrite it to solve the problem, then we want to do it even less. The report must contain answers on all counts!
  2. If the player initially worked fine, and then suddenly there were problems, then indicateafter what actions the problem appeared .
  3. If you haveunofficial firmware / core or firmware in progress alpha / beta test , the first thing we read: User FAQ on Poweramp (Post Radjah # 11303856)
  4. If the problem appeared after the official update , you may have to wait for the player version to be updated (the author releases such fixes rather quickly, as soon as OTA arrives at the test sample), where this problem will be fixed (especially relevant after upgrading to the new version of Android). In any case, write in detail on the first point, so the author will quickly find out about the problem and be able to solve it as soon as possible.
  5. After updating the firmware, a license check cache may occur. (but the player will not immediately inform you about this, it can work for a very long time without a verified license), so that there are no problems, give it access to the Internet for 48 hours when buying from the market and 24 hours when buying from the site.
  6. Messages that do not contain a detailed description of the problem and the device may not be answered . Competent and detailed description of the problem is the first step to its possible solution.
useful links
Managing external player (Poweramp API, automation)
Few people know, but the player has an officialPoweramp API
This is a powerful mechanism that allows osuschestvetlyat external player controls, which gives us increased functionality, and the ability to carry out the necessary automation of us (starting deytstvy of events and different conditions), even if it is not provided for in the player. To do this, you can either write your own plug-in (programming knowledge required), or use a variety of automator application, of which a sufficient amount for Android (you can cope without programming skills). I suggest in this thread to spread profiles for the most powerful Automator on Android -Tasker. These profiles can easily be "translated" by analogy to other automator that support reception \ newsletterintents. Mandatory requirement - profiles / tasks should be created with the use of Poweram API (Otherwise these profiles need vyklydyvat in Automator topic).
  1. This topic does not consider job Automator;
  2. in this topic does not discuss how the import profiles \ tasks;
  3. in this thread solely parse nuances with Poweramp API (for example Tasker).
All questions on work with Tasker inprofile topic.


Ask for \ lays out profiles in the topic or in QMS. I will (to the extent and complexity of doing / add spare time). Profileclever_man
In the 800 build, the purchase through the site is untied from Google services, the order number is checked. If there is no order number (for beta testers, "gift" licenses, for another reason) - please write in support with an email to which the license will be sent.

Version: v3-build-875 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-874 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-873 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-872 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-871 Poweramp

Play Beta Channel

Version: 2.0.10 build 588
Version: 2.0.10 build 589(x86)

Skins / Widgets for v2
Past versions
Version: v3-build-870 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-869 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-868 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-867 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-866 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-864 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-863 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-862 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-860 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-859 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-858 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-857 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-856 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-853 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-852 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-851 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-850 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-849 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-848 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-847 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-846 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-845 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-844
Version: v3-build-843
Version: v3-build-842
Version: v3-build-841
Version: v3-build-840
Version: v3-build-839
V3 version: build-836
V3 version: build-835
V3 version: build-834
V3 version: build-833
V3 version: build-832
Version v3: build-830
V3 version: build-829
V3 version: build-828
Version v3: build-827
Version v3: build-826
Version v3: build-825
V3 version: build-824
Version v3: build-823
Version v3: build-822
Version v3: build-821
V3 version: build-820
Version v3: build-819
Version v3: build-818
Version v3: build-817
V3 version: build-816
Version v3: build-815
V3 version: build-814
Version v3: build-813
V3 version: build-812
Version v3: build-811
V3 version: build-810
V3 version: build-809
Version v3: build-808
Version v3: RC-build-807
Version v3: RC-build-805
Version v3: RC-build-804
Version v3: RC-build-803
Version v3: RC-build-802
Version v3: RC-build-801
Version v3: RC-build-800
Version: 3 beta v3 (795)
Version: 3 beta v3 (792/793)
Version: 3 beta v3 (790) (5.0+)
Version: 3 alpha build 709
Version: 3 alpha build 703 (4.1+)
Version: 3 alpha build 708
Version: 3 alpha build 706
Version: 3 alpha build 705
Version: 3 alpha build 704(Android N, not recommended for others)
Version: v.3 alpha build 702 Poweramp (Post by Alex0047 # 48234745)
Version: 2.0.10 build 587 Poweramp (Post by Alex0047 # 48618499)
Version: 2.0.10 build 585 Poweramp (Post clever_man # 47980157)
Version: v.3 alpha build 701 Poweramp (Post crashjant # 48202212)
Version: alpha-build-700 (arm, 4.1 +) Poweramp (Post GH0ST # 45827138)

The curator is always ready to help you.clever_manthroughQMS

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Reason for editing: 875

Rep: (1416)
PowerAMP was tested with volumes up to 42-44GB (sgs + 32GB sd card) - no problems were noticed. Including all the songs in one folder, as well as an option with hundreds of folders.
Here it’s more likely with a cifs ball (it slows down with a very large number of files or some other problem).
A preliminary scan is needed to sort and speed up work with folders in general (try entering the file manager on an ardroid in a folder with at least 1000 files).
What specific program do you use for balls?

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Rep: (2)
Or you can choose others
MaxMP @ 10.15.2010, 23:40*
2. Alternative payment methods (webmoney, paypal, credit card and others) - QRhttp://powerampapp.com/buy-poweramp

Not using a credit card or using to pay another way. : yes2:

Firstly, you didn’t quite answer that
Secondly, herenot discussing the purchase of the program ! It discusses the player, its work, bugs, features, wishes, etc.
To discuss purchases, payment methods, pitfalls, etc. etc. there is a separate topic -Buying paid programs in the marketor you can get into the program’s website and click "buy" and look there, but the easiest way to get into F.A.Q. On the purchase, which is in the header, everything is written there for a long time!
Please, let's not try to resolve all issues in one topic. :)

if you know how to help, but it’s not entirely off topic, help a person by writing in a personal: yes:

Post has been editedBlack_BG - 10.02.11, 20:15
Reason for editing: not the topic. Payment Methods

Rep: (1416)
Is it possible to do something so that the poweramp process does not hang in the background?

In Android application does not equal the process. This component as a "process" does not exist in Android API (there are, for example, service, activity, event handler, and so on.). The app can be fully discharged, but Android will keep the process from resource utilization of memory, images, layouts - in order to quickly open the next time the application is started, the battery spend less CPU loading and so on. process of life - completely on the conscience of Android, if the process is killed when Android is not expecting it, it will periodically restart the components that were gone, along with the process.
The PowerAMP player service automatically unloads after 30 seconds. inactivity (if "Do not unload service" is not enabled).

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Rep: (1416)
PowerAMP opens read-only files during playback / scanning. This means that nothing can be written to this file descriptor by PowerAMP (and it is not necessary).
PowerAMP opens a file for writing briefly if you manually edit the tags. So far, there have been no reports of problems like yours after editing the tags.

I advise you to connect the phone as a usb carrier and check for errors. Better yet, save the info from the card and format it. True, the files already beaten due to the SD card will remain broken.

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Rep: (1416)
Black_BG @ 02.15.2011, 10:09*
next If we ask the author to bother with this and that, we will all be united in answering what firmware it is and offering to install it and not to bother in vain

The standard android volume button does not transmit to the application when the screen is off, etc. - as described more than once. Xs than they thought in Google when they made this restriction. If there is a root, you can reassemble the buttons with a remapper or similar programs - it will work on any firmware.

Rep: (2)
W.Master @ 02/15/2011, 13:51*
You were sent to this topic.

I repeat that there is no solution to the described problem in that topic, and it is this problem with the purchase and installation of this player. Perhaps a person from the developer team, or maybe one of the members of the forum will tell you how to solve it. here by the way more data, maybe they will open their eyes to someone:
Feb 15
Failed to withdraw USD 4.99 from VISA xxx-5926. You must update your billing information within 7 days. Otherwise, your order will be canceled.
Feb 15
The order was successfully paid through VISA xxx-5926.
Feb 15
Failed to withdraw USD 4.99 from VISA xxx-5926. You must update your billing information within 7 days. Otherwise, your order will be canceled.
Feb 15
You placed an order on Feb 15. (seller: PowerAMP). A copy of this check was sent from Google Checkout to [email protected]

My personal assumption is that as a result of my chaotic actions, the market turned off.
There is no answer there? So he is not in this thread !!!
And you need to look for THERE.
And the author has nothing to do with it, you do not need to contact the author of the program, but contact the "author" of the Market - Google.
Market bumblebee? Moreover, this topic has nothing to do with it.
Turn on the logic.

Post has been editedW.Master - 15.02.11, 17:08

Rep: (386)
wait ...
if I understand correctly, it turns out that you made a purchase ->debited money ->canceled the purchase, but have not returned the money yet. so I just don’t remember, someone wrote that they don’t return money to the virtual machine, but they returned it to me (I don’t really follow the balance on the virtual machine, there’s a trifle but a hundred (the price of the program) seems to be added) so wait ... and if you really want to buy, buy through the player’s website.

I ask you not to write more about this topic about the purchase! there is a special topic for thisBuying paid programs in the market. Messages on the topic of purchase I will rub! if anyone knows how to helpmaskaradus write in a personal.
and so cluttered with messages off topic ...

Post has been editedBlack_BG - 15.02.11, 15:19

Rep: (1416)
I strongly advise you to look closely at other programs that can / should scan / change something on the map (all with rightsMemory ).

I am wondering if it is possible to write an application alone that would lead in sales in Russia?

PowerAMP # 1 in the list of non-gaming paid applications of the Market in all the presented markets, not only in Russia.

SDV1991 @ 02.16.2011, 13:55*
please make it possible to change the order of the songs in the playlist by simply dragging and dropping the song

Scheduled to be.

Post has been editedMaxMP - 16.02.11, 17:58

Rep: (1416)
Satanic @ 02.17.2011, 14:41*
So all the same - why in this player you can’t use (and even suggest similar) a hardware decoder adapted by the device manufacturer for this device?

At the moment, the hardware decoder with a stock player (only for mp3 and part of mp4 aac) on androids is used only on phones like htc wildfire / hero / legend, that is, on Kvalkomovsky chipsets with cpu 500-600 MHz. There is a suspicion that this is generally implemented only on htc. On phones like htc desire / desire hd, nexus 1, sgs, nexus s, moto droid - all formats are always decoded by software codecs (by the way, they are very different in different androids 2.1 / 2.2 / 2.3).
This is most likely done in order to unify the android audio subsystem and allow you to receive the decoded audio stream in the program itself for further processing (which, by the way, is possible only in 2.3), speed up porting the android to new devices, and the hardware decoder is not free in terms of battery.

Re: parametric eq. Make it technically possible (because the graph. Equiv. Manages the DSP, which is essentially a parametric equalizer). Another thing is that we need a new UI for this integration in the existing infrastructure (. Presets, etc.), plus parametric EQ can be, for example, is achieved in the auto-excitation (ie, there is feedback in the equalizer), hard wheezing, etc. - diverting EQ for the design parameters. I will think about his inclusion in version 2.1+. Now a set of features for the 2.0 is already closed.

Post has been editedMaxMP - 18.02.11, 11:47

Rep: (1416)
More precisely, it is difficult to say - it is necessary to test.
Bass / treble are shelf-type filters — they cannot work to decrease in this case. By the way, on household (often analog) equipment, these controllers, as a rule, also work only to increase (do not change the sound by 0).

Rep: (386)
SteeLeT, read the forum !!! what is that !? they wrote a hundred times about the volume buttons and why it’s impossible and how it can still be implemented on android!
better buy an adapter with a button and a microphone.
and really it's time for the hat! all who are not too lazy to ask, but the forum is too lazy to read, at least the author’s posts or a couple before. pages

Rep: (1416)
Satanic @ 02/19/2011, 16:54*
WM8994 Multi-Channel CODEC is present and for this chip there is Project-Voodoo.
Can I (if yes, how) completely turn off the DSP in PowerAMP (leave only decoding) in order to use the hardware capabilities of my device?

This kind of chips are in all Android device (adc / dac) - all devices are able to play and record sound. Some chipsets (but not 8994 chip), support hardware decoding of many formats, but as a rule, is not involved android, like many other hardware features of chipsets / processors. Usually the iron support this or that steper sound processing, EQ Bandpass and different degrees of merit, but all this is not standardized, so, apparently, and not included in the AOSP, poddeozhka such features - for vendors.
In the same 2.3, the standard equalizer is implemented programmatically (and not very optimized).

You can completely disable PowerAMP's dsp by disabling EQU (EQ) and TONE - you just get the output from the decoders as is.

Rep: (1416)
What playlists do you have - (just) playlists or folder playlists?

when I finish talking music starts playing again without headphones

What is your phone / firmware, are there any third-party players, alternative dialers / SMS programs?
This problem is not reproducible on my test phones, but they are "empty".

Black_BG @ 02.25.2011, 14:06*
Max, you can somehow make working with the headset faster and more stable, especially after the player is idle. Remember that in one of the previous. versions everything worked with a bang!

I will test old + new versions on wildfire, it’s possible to improve something for this device.

SGH-U600 @ 02.25.2011, 21:38*
and will be in the library "last added"?

Will be.

Post has been editedMaxMP - 26.02.11, 14:05

Rep: (148)
here it’s better to put a plus sign in a person’s turnip (or ask someone in PM to do it for you) than to clog the forum with posts with thanks: yes2:

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Reason for editing: does not carry a semantic load

Rep: (386)
comrades, will there be any comments on the player’s work? or here we will express only our joy from the purchase?
in principle, this is not bad, although not quite on the topic, but if this phenomenon becomes widespread, I will rub such messages and put a minus in turnips!
do not abuse please.

Rep: (1416)
If by telephone, then the amp is not clamped on the milestone motorola, which allows, of course, to squeeze more out of the equalizer (especially bass), to the one who needs it. And in the iron audio part, there is almost no difference between HTC devices on 8xxxx chipsets. There is a difference with the Kvalkomov 7xxxx chipsets (these are noisy if you play through a wired headset).
And so, a big difference in the perception of sound is achieved rather with different headphones and headsets. The difference is striking and immediately noticeable. Stock htc headphones vs monster turbine vs hd515 vs bt se mw 600 - well, a very different sound with the same phone (the mw 600 was amazing by the way).
Well, a flat sound (or rather, with dips below and above) of the native player is hard to listen to. You should not wait for audiophile sound from stock players just because there is no equalizer and, like, there is no additional sound processing. A flat frequency response in all paths can be expected from equipment that is very different from phones.

PS I’m monitoring a branch)) On the topic of PowerAMP development, it was decided to implement many things from TODO v2.0 in 1.x - cue, true gapless, crossfade, etc. 2.0 will bring new skins and a new library. These 2 things require a good study, so it was decided not to delay because of them new features, and release them in updates 1.x.

PowerAMP does not currently support extracting images from ogg - personally, I have a serious drawback of such ogg for testing (literally 2 pieces). Considering that in ogg a picture can be placed in almost a dozen ways, support for pictures has not been added. PowerAMP understands any jpeg in folders, with some priority (<album name>.jpg / cover.jpg / albumart.jpg / *. jpg) and some size restrictions in mb and in pixels.

but it seemed to me that if the factory HTC player copes with displaying in the widget as playback progress,

HTC cheated, this is not a widget (you will not find it in widgets if you install an alternative launcher), and the "extension" of the HTC Sense desktop is appropriate, there is no limited API for widgets and everything is done optimally.

Post has been editedMaxMP - 03.03.11, 22:37

Rep: (1416)
Answered in lichku.

A long “Authorization” means that the card cannot be authorized (see letters from Google with a description of the purchase status) - there is not enough money
or some other problem.

Rep: (386)
Have a conscience. offtop tag at least put! : kindness:
What does the choice of headphones suitable for this particular device have to do with the work of the player (I emphasize work)?
This is a separate topic! If it is not on the forum, invite the administration to create. What's the question? Why are you trying to solve everything in one topic?
Please do not litter the forum. There are one hundred and five hundred different headphones, as well as headphones.
The next one who will try to write "I like these headphones or these, but these do not sound on this unit, but sound on that" will receive a minus from me personally in the turnip and the message will be jammed!
: butcher:

I do not observe such a problem ... I make playlists from folders. Are you from the library?
Malganis, troinoy No need for harvesters!

Post has been editedBlack_BG - 04.03.11, 12:29

Rep: (386)
no, but it will be! read the hat !!
Everyone who will ask questions, the answers to which are in the header, I will award a minus to the reputation!
alexlex9 the first. who is next? : butcher:

Post has been editedBlack_BG - 04.03.11, 16:28

Rep: (386)
Actually, youBuying paid programs in the marketask there again.
And for good, I had to erase this message.
but see really pressed ... once even registered

if anyone knows here, help the person in PM necessarily, please!
You can buy through the player’s websitehttp://power-amp.info/. generally there are no locks.

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