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Poweramp | Audio Player for Android
External player control via automation via Poweramp API
Few people know, but the player has an API that can be used to externally control the player with third-party applications, including automation. Are they needed in the subject?
Yes necessary [ 730 ] ** [64,26%]
No not needed [ 135 ] ** [11,88%]
No matter [ 271 ] ** [23,86%]
Total votes: 1136

Rep: (1383)
Version: v3-build-862

Last update of the program in the header:09.03.2020

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Short description:
Audio Player for Android 5.0+ with a huge amount of features (v2 for Android 2.3+).

Short FAQ on v3. Read first!

Why was my post removed?

V3 screenshots
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Screenshots v2
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This is a two week trial version (about 15 days ), differs from the full only limited time.
  • plays MP3, MP4 / M4A (+ loseless), FLAC, OGG, OPUS, TTA, WMA, WAV, APE, WV / ISO.WV, DSD (DFF / DSF), MKA, TAK, AIFF, MPC
  • audio engine supporting Hi-Res to 384kGts / 32bit, a through Float32 internal representation, Float64 DSP treatment (Hi-Res support audio output device dependent)
  • optimized 10-band graphic equalizer for all supported formats, separate tone control, equalizer presets (presets), the ability to edit and add presets, assignment for audio outputs
  • stereo expansion, tempo, balance, reverb (+ presets)
  • DVC (direct volume control) for extended dynamic range
  • cross fader
  • gapless
  • choice (sw, SoX) resampler
  • support up to 100 volume levels
  • Replay gain
  • plays Folders and Library
  • support for .cue files (separate and wired into the track)
  • .m3u, .m3u8, .pls, .wpl playlists
  • dynamic queue
  • view and tag editor
  • custom widgets
  • automatically downloads artwork covers and images
  • scrobbling
  • tag editor
  • skins (built-in + support from third-party authors)
  • many settings
  • and much more
Important information
  • There is a developer in the subject. .Please refrain from posting broken versions and discussing them.
  • All questions on the work of DVC must be addressed to the firmware or hardware. If the player is given the opportunity to use this function, he uses it; if not, he writes why it is inactive. Read the menu items that you poke (try to poke) carefully.
  • License issues are discussed on official forum
  • Versions v3 alpha and v3 beta (790) do not support skins!

How to properly report a problem:
  1. Specify the following parameters ( even if they are in the profile! ):
    • your device (and a specific modification, if any, for example Samsung S9 Exynos);
    • What is your firmware / kernel (Android version, official or custom, stable or beta / alpha);
    • version of the player (not the "last", and a specific number).If you irrelevant version, first upgrade to the latest ;
    • where did you get the unlocker;
    • what settings you use (especially for audio output).
    • If the problem with streaming playlist (m3u (8), HLS), be sure to attach the playlist.
    No need to upload screenshots of device parameters , lay them out in text form. If you do not want to rewrite it to solve the problem, then we want to do it even less. The report must contain answers on all counts!
  2. If the player initially worked fine, and then suddenly there were problems, then indicateafter what actions the problem appeared .
  3. If you haveunofficial firmware / core or firmware in progress alpha / beta test , the first thing we read: User FAQ on Poweramp (Post Radjah # 11303856)
  4. If the problem appeared after the official update , you may have to wait for the player version to be updated (the author releases such fixes rather quickly, as soon as OTA arrives at the test sample), where this problem will be fixed (especially relevant after upgrading to the new version of Android). In any case, write in detail on the first point, so the author will quickly find out about the problem and be able to solve it as soon as possible.
  5. After updating the firmware, a license check cache may occur. (but the player will not immediately inform you about this, it can work for a very long time without a verified license), so that there are no problems, give it access to the Internet for 48 hours when buying from the market and 24 hours when buying from the site.
  6. Messages that do not contain a detailed description of the problem and the device may not be answered . Competent and detailed description of the problem is the first step to its possible solution.
useful links
Managing external player (Poweramp API, automation)
Few people know, but the player has an officialPoweramp API
This is a powerful mechanism that allows osuschestvetlyat external player controls, which gives us increased functionality, and the ability to carry out the necessary automation of us (starting deytstvy of events and different conditions), even if it is not provided for in the player. To do this, you can either write your own plug-in (programming knowledge required), or use a variety of automator application, of which a sufficient amount for Android (you can cope without programming skills). I suggest in this thread to spread profiles for the most powerful Automator on Android -Tasker. These profiles can easily be "translated" by analogy to other automator that support reception \ newsletterintents. Mandatory requirement - profiles / tasks should be created with the use of Poweram API (Otherwise these profiles need vyklydyvat in Automator topic).
  1. This topic does not consider job Automator;
  2. in this topic does not discuss how the import profiles \ tasks;
  3. in this thread solely parse nuances with Poweramp API (for example Tasker).
All questions on work with Tasker inprofile topic.


Ask for \ lays out profiles in the topic or in QMS. I will (to the extent and complexity of doing / add spare time). Profileclever_man
In the 800 build, the purchase through the site is untied from Google services, the order number is checked. If there is no order number (for beta testers, "gift" licenses, for another reason) - please write in support with an email to which the license will be sent.

Version: v3-build-862 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-860 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-859 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-858 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-857 Poweramp

Play Beta Channel

Version: 2.0.10 build 588
Version: 2.0.10 build 589(x86)

Skins / Widgets for v2
Past versions
Version: v3-build-856 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-853 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-852 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-851 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-850 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-849 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-848 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-847 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-846 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-845 Poweramp
Version: v3-build-844
Version: v3-build-843
Version: v3-build-842
Version: v3-build-841
Version: v3-build-840
Version: v3-build-839
V3 version: build-836
V3 version: build-835
V3 version: build-834
V3 version: build-833
V3 version: build-832
Version v3: build-830
V3 version: build-829
V3 version: build-828
Version v3: build-827
Version v3: build-826
Version v3: build-825
V3 version: build-824
Version v3: build-823
Version v3: build-822
Version v3: build-821
V3 version: build-820
Version v3: build-819
Version v3: build-818
Version v3: build-817
V3 version: build-816
Version v3: build-815
V3 version: build-814
Version v3: build-813
V3 version: build-812
Version v3: build-811
V3 version: build-810
V3 version: build-809
Version v3: build-808
Version v3: RC-build-807
Version v3: RC-build-805
Version v3: RC-build-804
Version v3: RC-build-803
Version v3: RC-build-802
Version v3: RC-build-801
Version v3: RC-build-800
Version: 3 beta v3 (795)
Version: 3 beta v3 (792/793)
Version: 3 beta v3 (790) (5.0+)
Version: 3 alpha build 709
Version: 3 alpha build 703 (4.1+)
Version: 3 alpha build 708
Version: 3 alpha build 706
Version: 3 alpha build 705
Version: 3 alpha build 704(Android N, not recommended for others)
Version: v.3 alpha build 702 Poweramp (Post by Alex0047 # 48234745)
Version: 2.0.10 build 587 Poweramp (Post by Alex0047 # 48618499)
Version: 2.0.10 build 585 Poweramp (Post clever_man # 47980157)
Version: v.3 alpha build 701 Poweramp (Post crashjant # 48202212)
Version: alpha-build-700 (arm, 4.1 +) Poweramp (Post GH0ST # 45827138)

The curator is always ready to help you.clever_manthroughQMS

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Rep: (1383)
Is headset supported? (two clicks - next song, one click - pause)

On HTC wired headsets there are 3 buttons, they are all supported + long click - this is a folder change.
Single-button headsets will only put / remove from a pause.
Added two clicks to TODO - next. single-track track.

Are tracks in albums sorted alphabetically only? Or can you include it by track number?

Settings ->Folder / Files sorting. But it only works for Mailboxes at the moment. For system media files,
default sorting is used (by name).
But nothing prevents you from adding customizable sorting for them. I bring to TODO for v.1.

when browsing the library Russian non-unicode tags are displayed in hieroglyphs.

Library is a system library (system database). That is, its contents (except for the Folder Playlists) are completely
on the conscience of the system media scanner.
Support of various encodings is possible only for Folders at the moment.

After unmounting and mounting the flash drive, the media search finds everything, but nothing appears in the library either in "all records" or in "artists-albums". Helps reboot. In the folder view, everything appears immediately.

Yes, Library is a system library, and is fully serviced by a system media scanner that scans
somewhere at the speed of 1 file per second.

For Folders, you use your own scanner (all files appear in Folders almost immediately).

In the case of entering the Library during a system scan, a progress bar should appear
and the corresponding message (System Media Scan is in progress).

when using a bluetooth headset for some reason, PlayerPRO starts up even if I unload it completely

Try to disable headset buttons support in PlayerPRO settings.
(On androids up to 2.2, the priority of the buttons of the headset was set by the developers of the players from “baldy”.
Theoretically, this number is up to 1000, but practically I saw values ​​like 65535 (mort player) and so on. Naturally whose
the number is bigger, that one gets the buttons :-))

2 redline15

For Galaxy S 2.1, internal memory support is implemented. 2.2 I have not yet seen on Galaxy, but the external card
should be visible, rather the problem will be from the inside.
And what can be seen in Settings->Music Folders? only internal folders?

2 X_plode
Yes, there is a problem in the songs in the root folder added. The player expects to see there other folders, and already in them - songs.
Will be fixed in the next. build

The remaining bugs / bumps were added to the TODO. For individual bugs asked in a personal.
Thanks for testing!

Rep: (1383)
So far, we are translating the date together.

And what does it bother to download build 113? : rofl: This is done faster than writing the walls of the text here.

2 vaprold
It depends on the version of Android. In 2.1, the priority is determined by two things - a certain parameter, which according to the documentation should be no more than 1000, and the full randomness from the Android side in calling the button event handlers. That is, if the player violates the API and claims priority 1001 (or, for example, 65535 :-)), then it will always receive a headset button press before PowerAMP. It only helps to turn off headset support in such a player.
If all the players installed on the phone API do not violate, and all have headset support turned on, it works with full random access.

In 2.2, the player who last played something gets priority.

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Rep: (1383)
Night_Maverick @ 11/01/2010, 1:16 PM*
that many Russian developers have a site and a forum with a site exclusively English

Stupidly no time for everything. The site did one day — it’s focused on the player itself now, I think the site will be a little better. At the forum, the Russian-language theme for the bug reports and other things created.

Rep: (1383)

At the time of release of the 68 build (which ended today), I planned to have a trial + paid version on the market today, unfortunately, today there will be only a trial version. In any case, each new (beta / trial) version is extended to work for about 2 weeks. This is a fairly common practice for beta versions, the first beta versions of any of them contain a bunch of bugs, new versions come out quickly and there is no way to support all old bug versions.

Rep: (167)
Mini-article about PowerAMP on droider.ru

Rep: (1383)

Nov 11 10:31 AM Authorization of the customer's credit card failed. Google has sent an email to them to update their card. If they fail to provide a valid card within 7 days, this order will be automatically canceled by Google.
Nov 11 10:30 AM Order received you received a new order. Google has sent the customer an order confirmation email.
Google order number: 211617789268615

Payment failed. I do not understand how you managed to download unlocker.

Rep: (1383)
Bell071 @ 11/12/2010, 00:49*
already grunted stol?

I tested the grunt version. It will stop working even earlier than the normal trial will end)))) Not talking about a bunch of bugs.

Posted 12/11/2010 06:24:

2 mrpuzo
I get 50% (2.5) from the sale. This is before taxes.

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Rep: (1383)
I understand that I'm probably in a hurry, but I really want to know when the next version will be and what will be in it?
Max, please tell me. I use 230 full build now.
thank you in advance!

The following updates are minor. For example in the next. Support will be improved m4a / ogg on devices without FPU (there will be a cod when the screen is turned off, and ape on the Tattoo should also help), other bug fixes, 4x4 widget for home and lock screen with 3 themes.
v2.0 (features are painted on the PowerAMP forum), it already requires about 1.5-2 months of work.

2 bgstalker
Do you use folders or library? Are there any songs in the PowerAMP folders?

Posted on 11/14/2010, 17:09:

2 shouts
Internet for verification is needed only when you first start after purchase (it is usually at that moment always there), and 48 hours after the first purchase.
After that, the Internet player is not needed, no more checks are made. This interval (48 hours) is set by Google, not by me.
However, for the second check in next. version I added extra time (24hours), during which the player will continue to work even without a response from the Google server.

Post has been editedMaxMP - 14.11.10, 17:09

Rep: (1383)
ivan_dsm @ 11/13/2010, 21:29*
Is it possible to increase the buttons at the bottom of the screen? The x10 mini is very small, not a damn thing is visible, it's hard to get into.

For smaller screens, I think skins will be made (by me and the community), but this is when support for third-party skins appears. At the moment, there is simply no place to push more skins in PowerAMP (and so codecs take up space). For separately downloaded skins there is no such problem - I wanted to download it, did not like it - deleted it, and unnecessary skins do not take up space.

Posted on 11/14/2010, 17:16:

fguy @ 11/13/2010, 10:15 PM*
So here are those who bought the same complain of glitches with activation, so maybe this is the problem of the droid end market and company

So far, all the messages about glitches, only on this forum (and I saw one on xda, but there people figure it out).
I receive 300 letters a day with all kinds of questions / wishes / bugs - not one about problems with the license.

Posted on 11/14/2010, 17:19:

Aradxxx @ 11/13/2010, 10:45 PM*
htc legend. 7-10 songs are played normally, then playback stops. It only helps to kill the process and start it again. Thus, the use of the player is impossible. In the beta, there was no such problem.

Yes, I already wrote above about this glitch, and about the fact that it is fixed and will be in the next update, which should be on Tuesday, if everything is ok with testing. Glitch applies only to phones mdpi and below.

Post has been editedMaxMP - 14.11.10, 17:19

Rep: (1383)
Gromadsky @ 11/13/2010, 15:28*
The player is potentially good, but as a commercial product, still clearly raw.

Someone can wait until PowerAMP is ripe and listen to other mature players (there are bugs and problems in all of them), and someone can already use PowerAMP on the whole reel now - this is a personal choice.

Posted on 11/14/2010, 17:28:

no player folders no songs

Try to select Folders with music in the settings (it is desirable that the music be in them) - should solve the problem.

Rep: (1383)
GarrriK_mobile @ 11/13/2010 05:51*
. I clicked on the track - it appeared on it [1], i.e. He will play after the current one. Clicked on another one on it [2], pressed the soft button - reset the queue.

Queue / queue is scheduled (I do not know yet, for 1.5 or for 2.0). Vomzozhno will look a little wrong in terms of UI, but the essence is the same.

Rep: (1383)
fguy @ 11/13/2010, 11:22*
Our subject remains active even after stopping and pulls the service. Further discussion is beyond the scope of the topic rules (comparison of broken and paid versions),

The broken version tries to be checked each time the track is opened / played. That is, she constantly knocks on Google's server, gets NOT_LICENSED, then the code that should show the window is bypassed by crackers. So watch out for traffic) (ps slightly violated the moderator's request in the header, but this point had to be clarified).

Post has been editedMaxMP - 14.11.10, 17:40

Rep: (1383)
fguy @ 11/12/2010, 11:28*
Prots no longer eat, the load is the same.
well, if not a percent and not a hardware codec, then who decodes mp3 - well, just a fairy tale

mp3 is hardware decoded (with a standard codec) only on the HTC hero and on other “simple” devices with weak percents, with small screens). mp4 / ogg - already programmatically.

On hdpi devices - everything is decoded always programmatically.
PowerAMP Codecs Equalizer can work as effectively (and often more efficiently) as a standard player WITHOUT an equalizer due to NEON support - these are additional hardware multimedia processing instructions in modern ARM processors (something like SSE on i386 big brother).
Here you can read more here (English.http://www.arm.com/products/processors/technologies/neon.phpRussian -http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/ARM_(%D0%B0%D...%83%D1%80%D0%B0- there you need to scroll to Advanced SIMD (NEON))

As I know, NEON stands in all devices with hdpi screens (n1, desire, SGS, Moto droid / milestone, etc.).

On devices without NEON, mp3 / flac / ape / mp4 alac / wv will usually be just as effective as standard software android codecs (but, of course, not comparable to the HTC Hero hard codec that plays only mp3, another question is what Also, the battery is eating, as far as - soon I will have the results of comparative testing). ogg / mp4 aac / wma will be less effectively reproduced on such devices, since require FPU even in its simplest version.

There is almost no protection yet, what you take for protection is the standard market licensing scheme (LVL). It is clear that many have never seen it here before) Where that day took up writing, another day for testing.

Post has been editedMaxMP - 14.11.10, 18:08

Rep: (1383)
2 Black_BG
It’s more likely that several lok screenshots (lock screens) from different applications usually do not work well with each other - this is not a standard case in android, it works completely differently on different devices.

Rep: (1383)
such a protection mechanism in the program leads to incorrect operation in the following places

At the moment I do not know examples of such incorrect work.

Rep: (1383)
2 Harley_K
Here you can readhttp://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Andr...en&start=80(eng.)
Briefly - cancel and download again.
(Some help to cancel the download, restart the phone, download again. Some - if after canceling the download, cache / market data is cleared).

Rep: (1383)
PowerAMP 1.0 build 269 (Trial / Full Version Update)
Attached filePowerAMP_1.0_build_269.apk(2.56 MB)
(will also be available within an hour on the market)

- Large (4x4 +) widget for home screen and for PowerAMP unlock screen. The widget theme matches the selected PowerAMP theme.
- support gestures on the lock screen
- equalizer controls are made more sensitive to dragging
- optional ticker in status bar when changing track
- support for large size covers for tablets (eg Galaxy S Tab)
- increased sound buffer for ogg / mp4 (aac) / ape formats on devices without FPU (eg HTC Hero, Tattoo) - to avoid distortion when the screen is turned off
- added Windows-874 (Thai) and Shuft_JIS (Japanese) encodings for tags

Known issues:
- on devices without FPU wma files can slow down

- fixed the problem with the headset buttons when the phone is in Quiet mode
- fixed the problem with not remembering the last track when rebooting the phone
- fixed a problem with incorrect reuse of AudioTrack on devices without FPU, resulting in stopping playback
- removed sound artifacts when rewinding mp3
- Fixed a problem with very fast presses of the player / headset buttons causing hanging
- fixed an alarm problem on HTC Sense Alarm when using the PowerAMP unlock screen
- other minor fixes and improved stability

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Rep: (1383)
CSKAchampion @ 11/17/2010, 21:43*
2 times for 1 dollar removed ..

$ 1 is a lock for card verification. they are then released (I really don’t know when).
Whether the payment passes or not can be seen from the letters that Google sends when paying.

Rep: (1383)
CSKAchampion @ 11/17/2010, 21:53*
mastercard from the contact paid ..

My mastercard from the contact in the market also does not work, althoughsavagemessiahzine.comthere were reports that earned from some November date.

Rep: (1383)
2 rasbora1
This is planned (see TODO in the header). But there are difficulties, for example, if a folder is being played and you have added something to the queue, does the folder finish playing? Does the folder return after the end of the queue? Etc.

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