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Latest firmware version : 111.040.1511 from 27.08.2012
Previous versions : 111.030.0609, 025.007, 024.001, 022.014, 014.002, 013.016, 011.012

Nokia Belle operating system change your idea about smartphones. You can take advantage of its stunning features, install the software update on your phone. Nokia Belle available for the following models: Nokia N8, Nokia E7, Nokia C7, Nokia Oro, Nokia C6-01, Nokia X7, Nokia E6 and Nokia 500. With the new software, your phone gets a new, simple and expressive interface, more working screens new widgets, simplified customization. Simple menus, smooth screen transitions and the drop-down notification allowed to remain up to date and find information faster. Among the additions - the new status bar, a new toolbar and a new application "Maps NokiaВ», as well as improved video recording function, an improved browser and much more.


Flashing / downgrading the firmware version

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* Tigrakhaud Wearing hat phoenix version available.

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* Tigrakhaud , Thank, helped already put stock REFRESH, all without problems, do not know how, and to thank)

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For the good of the cause - perhaps someone will be useful infa - would be nice to install (and voice) of the reason for this Faile.

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* curiousus Even very much agree. I had a while to downgrade H8 until flashed drain Anna after the test, and only then custom arose.

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* Zekkan
I do not know what version of Phoenix in the header specified, did not look, but the 2011 version is the most stable firmware for S ^ 3 devices of the first generation. This Nokia N8, E7, C7.

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* Tigrakhaud Only one version for H8. I checked on his experience.

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* Zekkan
During the "Rollback" in the first operation, it is very important what kind of firmware "killed" the phone. Typically, this instruction from 025.007 Symbian Anna N8, so soon as it gets normal. All previous firmware end countdown during which the phoenix tries to turn the phone on. As I very much liked the firmware 013,016 because the settings menu it colored icons))) But this firmware normally did not get up, the process ended with a countdown. Tel. of course I turned on manually, but it does not suit me. So we had to choose Symbian Anna. At me several times during the modification of the firmware had to flash on Belle Refresh and return to Anna. In one of them I was too lazy to go through the whole process of 'back' in the first operation, a set Phonix 2011ubil bodies. firmware 013,016, after flashing "Scandinavia" again flashed when 013,016 Surprisingly the process is successfully completed, no countdown and Phoenix itself turned on the phone. The conclusion is that what firmware during the "Rollback" kill tel. that subsequently arise and standards.
Others, after flashing "The Scandinavia" by Nokia n8 completely remove Phoenix 2010 if you pour the latest firmware for your device with the help of Phoenix 2011 program- any "dead" phones will rise. Also verified by experiment)

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* Crazy doctor 808
Fill flash algorithm in both modes is the same. The "dead time" eliminates unnecessary identification device and firmware in it, which is more suitable for experienced users.

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Tigrakhaud @ 11.07.20, 20:30*
The "dead time" eliminates unnecessary identification device and firmware in it

This is so, however:

Tigrakhaud @ 11.07.20, 20:30*
Fill flash algorithm in both modes is the same.

Exactly exactly 100% identical? Or is there some subtle differences, though, are not listed in the log?
I is the fact that living in a dead phone flashing mode completely illogical from the point of view of the functional program.
If differences though minimum is, 10-50 pereproshivok on anything not affect, but 100-200 (to change one for the other fans)
- may eventually something and will not work as expected. Therefore, it is better not to test and follow the logic of the program.

Tigrakhaud @ 11.07.20, 20:30*
that is more suitable for experienced users

I not quite agree. Identification devices superfluous never (almost never) is not even an experienced user, tired in the evening, may mistakenly pour firmware of your model. And if the model like N8, E7 and C7 is easy to recover, the recovery Nokia 500 or FP2 devices can be a problem.

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* Crazy doctor 808
In "normal" mode after the connection, the device identification and the software version in it, after clicking on the book. "Refurbish" Phoenix off the phone. All this is necessary only in order to avoid mistakes! Immediately he fills the firmware which begins immediately after turning off the phone exactly the same, and can not be otherwise.
"Dead" because only in this mode, you can restore nevklyuchaemy phone. In this state, Phoenix can not establish a connection with your phone model and version of the firmware in the device is defined manually. In "Dead" mode after clicking on the book. "Refurbish" user connects off the phone into the USB port of the computer on which the previously installed driver. If the driver has not been installed, install in the same process (a second notification will appear in the system tray), then you need to disconnect the phone off or wait to turn off (up to three vibration) podsoedenit again when flashing process will start, click the book. "Ok" in the notification window.
PS. Firmware is rather complicated and responsible process, of course Phoenix allows you to "Normal" mode as much as possible to eliminate errors, but the mouth of the user better to relax of course =)

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* Tigrakhaud
Well, Phoenix on any turn off the phone before the firmware, regardless of the method chosen.
Between Software update, Refurbish, and SW reset there is a difference in the fill flash, so there is a hypothetical question, and between the living / dead modes.

Relax - if something catch fire, it does not lie down and sleep until you do :)

Tigrakhaud @ 11.07.20, 20:08*
As I very much liked the firmware 013,016 because the settings menu it colored icons))) But this firmware normally did not get up, the process ended with a countdown. Tel. of course I turned on manually, but it does not suit me.

Everything here is more mysterious than that "a firmware during the "Rollback" kill tel. that subsequently arise and standards. "In the development of Delight countdown caused:
- Irregular patches of some (completely non-functional with each other) binary disk Z, the phone was switched manually and worked fine. Others incorrectly modified binaries count did not cause, Phoenix wrote that the phone is on and the firmware is completed (but after the loading screen was either a black screen and that's it - almost a corpse, or a phone is also working standards).
- Incorrect xuikon edited files under drive C. Similarly - counting, manual activation, and normal flight.

Also, sometimes when the phone reboots or turn on the NOKIA logo appears, which then quickly disappears and appears on a new, and then there is a progress bar. Another variant of this scenario - NOKIA logo is dark and hangs, pressing the power button will activate the new phone, which succeeds. These bugs are rare, and their causes are not clear.
Once, Phoenix ran into this scenario (dimming logo after switching on), and then began the countdown. However, the firmware at the same time stood up as expected, the phone works as planned (after flashing without reference, nothing has changed in the parameters) ...

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