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Latest firmware version : 111.040.1511 from 27.08.2012
Previous versions : 111.030.0609, 025.007, 024.001, 022.014, 014.002, 013.016, 011.012

Nokia Belle operating system change your idea about smartphones. You can take advantage of its stunning features, install the software update on your phone. Nokia Belle available for the following models: Nokia N8, Nokia E7, Nokia C7, Nokia Oro, Nokia C6-01, Nokia X7, Nokia E6 and Nokia 500. With the new software, your phone gets a new, simple and expressive interface, more working screens new widgets, simplified customization. Simple menus, smooth screen transitions and the drop-down notification allowed to remain up to date and find information faster. Among the additions - the new status bar, a new toolbar and a new application "Maps NokiaВ», as well as improved video recording function, an improved browser and much more.


Flashing / downgrading the firmware version

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What optics from Carl Zeiss - it is somewhere else used?
All the way through.

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* olegp65,
in today's "nokii" and will now be in the Sony Smart (starting with the Xperia 1 mark II).
At least Zeiss inscription there: D

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cotvic @ 24.06.20, 16:58*
And compared with some smartphones?

honor7. sonyZ2, vivo v17neo - these are devices that have been after the N8

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viktor714 @ 25.06.20, 15:36*
honor7. sonyZ2, vivo v17neo - these are devices that have been after the N8
* viktor714 ,
Well you do not have cell phones like unpretentious.
Is it really worse shoot ?! : Wacko:
And here you can put pictures? Interesting.
I just long N8 used as the primary camera :)
Also seemed that the steeper camera phone I did not. So many memories of good shots done.
But when it took Samsung S6, well, right now more and A20 Redmi Note 7 there. I have the impression that they are much better removed.
Do you like the characteristics abruptly smart.

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* cotvic,
If you look at your smartphone photos are quite good, especially on the AMOLED screen. But if you look at the monitor crop we see plastic person other than N8 (certainly in good light). For several reasons I am not ready to place a photo of people in public.

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* viktor714,
I just meant that on a computer picture looks better. By the shades to really did not watched the people, but the detail is better than the N8.

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Well, let's go through the list.
Honor 7 - 1 / 2.4 "- 20 MP
Sony Z2 - 1 / 2.3 "- 20.70 MB
Vivo V17 Neo - 1 / 2.8 "- 16 MP
All devices - Sony Exmor modules of different generations, by the way. Sadness, sorrow.

Nokia N8 from 2010 - 1 / 1.83 "- 12 MP

More questions? Newer and more tsifarki - does not mean better, that's all.
Sensor less noisier due to the lack of light, and megapukalok - even more.

In the case of Vivo, the pictures may be a little less horrible if you put ported guglokameru, shoot in RAW, process images on a PC ...
Nokia engineers have "sacrificed" slim in its camera phones, in order to put a normal optics. Modern manufacturers give several chamber modules, which try to compensate the main drawbacks.

There are enough interesting channel on this occasion.

https: //
If the 808 is still PureView brings modern top for detail, the N8 is still clearly better than average and slightly above devices.
Finns overdone, but we will only benefit today.

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* schiz01q,
The size of the camera matrix was known to me before. I just thought that progress had gone over the years ahead. It turned out there. Now N8 similar size have single camera, and I think they will be cost prohibitive. On vivo v17 neo guglkamera not be made.

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viktor714 @ 28.06.20, 15:51*
In vivo v17 neo

I found on Google vivo v17 camera, photos are much nicer obtained as for me

Posted on 28/06/2020, 13:02:

schiz01q @ 27.06.20, 18:29*
If the 808 PureView still makes

Did you enjoy it? There is a difference between the 808 and 909? Subjectively

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* DesaDuK,
On V17Neo processor MTK

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