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VideoReg | The program for recording on the video of your movement on the car.

Rep: (518)
Version: 7.1s

Last update of the program in the header:22.09.2016

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Short description:
The program is recorded on the video of the movement of your car.

Attached ImageDescription:
The DVR app records video from the camera of an Android device.
Saves technical information in the form of subtitles, such as time and date, speed, motion coordinates, altitude and G value of the sensor.
The video is recorded in the Temp folder, for which the maximum size is set and as it is filled, the old video materials are deleted, thereby not filling up the entire memory of the device and not requiring constant monitoring.
The most important video files are saved in the Rescue folder.
The program can write in the background with sound.
Car Dock support.
With incoming calls, the DVR does not stop recording and does not close, but continues recording in the background.
Displays a preview screen on top of all applications.
Separate recording modes for Day and Night, allowing you to choose more optimal settings for recording at night ..
Track G-sensor to save important video.
View video with maps and film.
Removing stop frames (one by one and a series) from the video being watched.
Creating logs with camera settings for a specific video file.
Save / restore settings.
The ability to install only the necessary add-ons that greatly extend the functionality of the DVR and not clutter it.
The site has groups for discussions, in which you can ask any question, as well as an idea generator, where you can offer the function you need, but which is still missing in the DVR.
Ongoing support and updated beta versions and releases of the application and add-ons, which you can follow on twitter, rss or email.
For Samsung Galaxy S2 (and for Note and tablets Tab) on Android 4 (ICS), you MUST turn on sound recording in both cases, without it it will be buggy and hang, and this problem is not programs, but Samsung drivers! Also, ICS does not support recording resolutions of 800 by 480 and 1280 by 800.
! For HTC to put the frames per second forcibly at 30 (if there will be auto-writing errors in ICS) and the bitrate is no more than 20mbits (for fullHD) and no more than 8 (for HD).
DVR program.
Implemented cyclic entry in the Temp folder.
For its size, the program monitors, as soon as it exceeds the specified, old files are deleted.
The most important video files are saved in the Rescue folder.
Also saved subtitles with the coordinates, time and speed of the car.
- auto recording of video when charging is connected, but only if it lies on a long edge (to prevent a false start when charging on the table).
-warnings sound about not included video recording at the beginning of movement, automatic start of video recording at the beginning of movement, both options are configured.
-mapping maps on the main screen (can be turned off).
- display of a large speed indicator on the main screen (can be disabled)
- display of a small window from the camera when working in the background above all applications (size, position and can be disabled)
- display of a large speed indicator on the window from the camera when working in the background (adjustable, can be disabled)
-Save KML tracks (can be disabled).
-display of captured files in the form of a gallery for quick access to fragments
-map of the map, track and video clips on the track when watching a video (can be disabled)
- displaying video storyboards when viewing a fragment for quick selection of a video recording moment of interest
- removal of screenshots (both one and a series) from the viewed video
-saving photos with the imposition of date / time / coordinates
Intents for working with Tasker:
"rubberbigpepper.VideoReg.StartRecord" - start recording
"rubberbigpepper.VideoReg.StopRecord" - stop recording
"rubberbigpepper.VideoReg.RescueVideo" - save important video
"rubberbigpepper.VideoReg.CapturePhoto" - photo shooting
"rubberbigpepper.VideoReg.ShowMainWindow" - showing the main window
"rubberbigpepper.VideoReg.HideMainWindow" - hide the main window
"rubberbigpepper.VideoReg.Exit" - exit from the program
"rubberbigpepper.VideoReg.ImportSettings" - import settings, if you specify the file name with the path in the Extra parameter "File name", the import will be from it
"rubberbigpepper.VideoReg.ExportSettings" - export settings, if you specify in the Extra parameter "File name" file name with a path, the export will be in it
"rubberbigpepper.VideoReg.HideMainButtons" - hides the main control buttons
"rubberbigpepper.VideoReg.ShowMainButtons" - shows the main control buttons
"rubberbigpepper.VideoReg.SwitchCamera" - switching cameras
"rubberbigpepper.VideoReg.GPSOn" - turn off GPS
"rubberbigpepper.VideoReg.GPSOff" - turn on GPS
- hangs when you start recording the second file on HTC Sensation / Evo3D / Pyramid / Amazing (maybe on others), the solution is to reinstall the camera in Problem Solving.
- the sound of the beginning-end of the recording for the LG GT540 and Motorola Defy (restrictions on the level of iron), possibly on other models, is not removed.
-HTC DHD does not work with GPS (platform glitch with Samsung camera module). But there is a solution! It is necessary to remove the cover with a flash, under it will be a black wire. This wire from the camera is the source of interference. It is necessary to wrap it neatly with paper-based foil (from a pack of cigarettes, for example) with paper up (so that nothing is short) and lay the wire away from the lid. On three phones - 100% success.

This topic discusses only the application itself. Everything else is discussed in an additional topic.
"How to contact the topic for help or with a question ..."
Dear forum users!
Beginners, old-timers, regular readers and rare writers !. Before asking a questionread the cap carefully.
We use the search on the topic required!
If you did not find the information you need in the header and topic,
either you ask for help thenIf you are so kind to contact us, indicate what version of VR you have installed, the name, model of the device, firmware and version of Android ", it is advisable to attach export settings to the post,VR logsand video ... Attached photos or screenshots, please remove under the spoiler.
Questions like: "(and how the program works and what optimal settings should be set up on the XXX device)", as well as messages: "(I do the same or do the same, support, I apologize, thanks, everything worked, etc.)" , you can list endlesslywill be deleted immediately . Appreciate your and other people's time. Do not forget that the forum has a QMS instant messaging system and private messages, you can solve many of your problems there, and not on several pages of the topic, so as not to clog the thread.
Who wants to share his settings, holders, videos and just hang around, just below right below the program description there is a link to the created additional topic. Welcome THERE .
Again you do not need to set the settings immediately to the maximum, start with a minimum, and better with what the program sets by automatic .

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Unfortunately, this product we can not test for performance, on all devices. Information here provided bysolely by you, and that is, the owners of the devices. Therefore, before you buy the program,weigh wellDo you need it and will it work on your device?
Device owners who decide that the program should work on all devices and firmware equally,deeply mistaken!
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In connection with the blocking of a developer account, all applications from Google Play have been removed, including the registrar.
For everyone who bought through Google Play and wants to restore the key:
1. Download the latest version of the registrar from here.
2. Go tohttps://payments.google.com/payments/homeand looking for a warrant with the purchase.
3. Send a screenshot of the order and a new IMEI to [email protected]
4. rubberbigpepper will send you the key. Please treat with understanding, everything is manually processed, there may be delays.
5. The wish of the author rubberbigpepper. Go tohttps: //support.google...googleplay/contactflowand ask to return the application and the developer back to the market.

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Additional topicVideoReg - Third Party Discussion Topics
Discussed: settings, mounting options, viewing angles, quality, etc. etc.

Attached Image The new version of the program and applications complement it:


When downloading, pay attention to this:
S - stable version. b - beta version.
On the Android Market are placed only stable.

A new version.
Version 7.1s:

The program to start the DVR to record in minimized mode:
Attached fileVideoRegAutoStart.apk(20,69 РљР‘)

Attached fileVideoRegAddon.apk(1.06 MB)

Past Addon versions:
Attached fileVideoRegAddon.2.3.apk(894.5 KB)

Attached fileVideoRegAddon_v2.0.apk(2.58 MB)

Attached fileVideoRegAddon_v4.8.apk(2.56 MB)

Attached ImageOptions and instructions for purchasing the program:
Most likely you are not buying a product, but with such a small amount you support its further development!

To purchase a program key through webmoney wallets or Yandex money you need:
1. Transfer 90-100 rubles (the amount depends on the method of transfer, direct transfer from wallet to wallet - 90 rubles, if via terminal, 100 rubles) to R2910718164 wallet, or a similar amount (90-100 rubles) to Yandex money purse 41001667863369, or 4WMZ to the wallet Z165054741130, or the amount in UAH equivalent to 4 US dollars to the wallet U152128645443.
2. When transferring from wallet to wallet in the payment notes, you must specify IMEI (or MEID, or serial number, that is, what the program issues in the key input window in the IMEI field) and mail for feedback. The key will be sent to the specified mail.
3. When transferring through a terminal (bank or other), scan a check (or a screenshot of the operation) by email to [email protected] along with IMEI (see clause 2). The key will come in response to the letter.

Attention.With Qiwi wallet comments and notes on the WebMoney do not come. Therefore, to obtain the key, you need to send a scan (or screenshot) of the operation or check, your IMEI, to the email [email protected]

If someone wants to buyAttached Imagein a different way (or get a license in exchange for advertising, a report, etc.),
contact the author in PM:
The purchased program through Google Play, is attached to the Account and will work on the new device under your Account.
Purchased not through Google Play, is attached to IMEI, it will not work on the new device.



Attached Image*** FAQ for VIDEO RECORDER.
Video instruction: HERE

What is a "DVR"?
The program "DVR", as the name implies, is designed to register traffic information, as well as additional information (speed, time, coordinates) while the vehicle is moving by recording video files.

How to install the program?
You can install by downloading from Google Play or this topic. If you do not have a key yet, there will be a restriction of work.

How to buy the program?
Read above

How to buy a registration key?
The key is automatically provided when you purchase via Google Play
To purchase a program key through webmoney wallets or Yandex money you need:
1. Transfer 90-100 rubles (the amount depends on the method of transfer, direct transfer from wallet to wallet - 90 rubles, if via terminal, 100 rubles) to R2910718164 wallet, or a similar amount (90-100 rubles) to Yandex money purse 41001667863369, or 4WMZ to the wallet Z165054741130, or the amount in UAH equivalent to 4 US dollars to the wallet U152128645443.
2. When transferring from wallet to wallet in the payment notes, you must specify IMEI (or MEID, or serial number, that is, what the program issues in the key input window in the IMEI field) and mail for feedback. The key will be sent to the specified mail.
3. When transferring through a terminal (bank or other), scan a check (or a screenshot of the operation) by email to [email protected] along with IMEI (see clause 2). The key will come in response to the letter.

Other payment methods (SMS, etc.) are not supported.

Is it possible to purchase a key otherwise?
All other ways are negotiated in a personal.

Can I use the program when changing the device?
Yes, it is possible, if the program is purchased via Google Play, when you log in with your account, it will automatically work.
If not, then no.

How to update the program?
The program can be updated via Google Play. And you can from here. Here we post the latest version.
Please note that Internet license is required to verify the license of your account.

How does the program work?
The program writes video files of a specified length in minutes to the VideoReg \ Temp folder on the SD card. The size of the Temp folder is set, if the file size is exceeded, the old files are deleted. Video files with important events are transferred to the VideoReg \ Rescue folder.

Is background work possible?
Yes, almost work does not differ from the usual.

My screen turns off while the program is running.
Try to put a tick in the program settings “Keep the screen always on”.
If you have the registrar working in the background and the navigator (or Yandex cards) turning the file off, the screen turns off, it’s enough to tick the checkbox "Do not turn off the screen".

I do not catch satellites. Or does not work in conjunction with additional navigation.
On this occasion, there are several options, some of them are laid out in the header in the section, all sorts of things. And the worst thing is that some devices or firmware do not allow navigation to work with the camera. This conclusion was made according to numerous reviews of device users. There is a small but, the program is tested by the author on different devices and he does not have such glitches, even after extensive testing.

Updated to version 6.2S. When you start the program, a white square appears in the upper left corner. What is it?
This is your current location on the map.Attention, eating traffic, with the included Internet. It is turned off in the settings:Map / Map Size ... / Do not show.

Can I use an external video camera with the program?
To do this, there are other programs (tinyCam Monitor) video registration, but they are not sharpened by the "needs" of drivers.

Can I record directly from two cameras?
Two cameras at the same time do not work on existing versions of Android.
Tested repeatedly on all my dual-chamber (and dual-core) devices.

Can I make an auto-record when the program starts?
Yes, of course, put in the settings "Start recording when the program starts." If you want the program at the same time rolled into the background, then put another "Minimize at startup." Similarly, the program starts recording and minimizes to the background when starting from the widget.Now instead there is a widget
Or a separate mini-application (look in the market) VideoReg Autostart

The quality of the recording is lame, solid squares.
The quality of the recording is controlled by the codec and the bitrate. Set in the "Set Bitrate" settings and select the bitrate (usually 1-2 Mbit).

What is the G-sensor readings?
These are the boundary readings of the accelerometer (g-acceleration of gravity), at which important video will be automatically saved. For example, in case of an accident.

Can I turn off sounds at the beginning and end of video recording?
No, this is a function of the system. You can tweak the system file (but this is at your own risk!), But this requires root rights.
(In the general settings, set the checkbox to "Turn off the sound at the beginning and end of the recording")
Sounds on some phones are not turned off.
But if there is a root, then you can remove the sounds once and for all (although it will be removed in the built-in camera too)
You need to go to / system / media / audio / ui and look for VideoRecord.ogg, Camera_star.ogg (well, and others ogg), listen to them, determine which sound of the camera and correct it for the sound of silence (sometimes you can just rename it). Record your sound silence and install it.

Recorded files with subtitles are played only by the program, the system player does not show them.
The system player generally does not know how much. Put something like RockBasePlayer with subtitles support. On the BB (stationary computer) any player (WMP for example) can play subtitles.

Is it possible to insert subtitles into a video file?
No, you can not programmatically. Install Addon.

What is an addon?
It is installed as a separate free application, (Converts a video file, overlaying subtitles on a video). Present in the Market.

Is it possible to reverse the camera?
Android does not know how to physically turn over the video frame (there are exceptions from HTC, but these are exceptions), he writes it as he writes, only remembers the flag in the file that the video should be flipped during playback. The player on the phone can read this flag, and on the computer so far only some players understand.
Look, here in the subject someone described which player on the computer can.
I myself am against coups, because it is a source of glitches.

Can recorded files be played on a computer or uploaded to YouTube?
Yes, download video files and subtitle files (SRT) to your computer and watch with any player. On YouTube, the video file is first downloaded and then the subtitle file is added to the video.

For those devices on which the program registers the path to the internal memory.
It is necessary to prescribe the path to the folder on the external card/ mnt / sdcard / external_sd / VideoReg.
For Android 4.4, the path should be for Samsung: /storage/extSdCard/Android/data/rubberbigpepper.VideoRegPro
You need to create only if you don’t have such a folder, to find out, go to the folder selection in the application and go to / storage / extSdCard / Android / data / - most likely you have it, see if there is a rubberbigpepper.VideoRegPro , and if for some reason you don’t, create such a folder: rubberbigpepper.VideoRegPro

If the program freezes?
It is necessary to put the camera re-initialization.

Solution to the problem of stopping the recording after falling asleep screen, thanks inferc.
VideoReg (Post inferc # 55198335)

If you have trouble focusing
Especially for SGS2
Implementation of continuous-video mode eksinosah generation SGS2 engineers realized wryly, because he flies on the glass, at the same time, to record in HD and FullHD mode is the only focus mode, which is carried out auto-tuning exposure images. Installing the Infinity mode to focus decides to focus the problem, but not with AE. Because for me the android 4.0 and above has been made Programmed exposure compensation, it is of course not entirely removes the problem, but at least reduces them.

Attached Image** FAQ on SETTINGS.
Codecs: Android system must support H.263, H.264, MPEG4 codecs.
This is in theory, but as practice has shown: rofl: is very different.
After installation and the first launch, the program will automatically detect the video settings. And put them on default. Further
all settings, purely at your discretion.
Optimal settings of the DVR can be exhausted from an additional branch : HERE under spoiler(Spoiler (+/-) (Optimal DVR settings (in the process of filling)))

The best quality is H.264 and MPEG4, again depends on the implementation in a particular device (and on a specific firmware).

The MPEG4 and 3GPP recording formats, the first one should be better, but files of greater length are also obtained.
And yet, when recording in MPEG4, some devices allow you to record at a higher resolution.

Bitrate If the checkbox is not set, the bitrate will be auto (as chosen by the codec), this is done for compatibility with some Android firmware 1.6 (for example, setting the bitrate on 1.6 on the GT540 takes off and you have to disable the checkbox).
If you check, the bitrate will be set to the value that is specified in the combo box.
The higher the bit rate, the better the image (but there is also a limit above which the quality does not increase anymore).
But the larger the file size and the most important is the load on the processor and memory (which may not be enough).
Therefore, the choice of bitrate is a kind of compromise between recording quality and stable work in the background.
For resolutions 352x288 it hardly makes sense to put more than 1 Mbps.
For 640x480, the most optimal is 2 Mbps.
For the permissions above you can put 3.
5 Mbps for HD, but the load will be very high, and other applications will slow down in the background as well.
Yes, the actual bitrate may differ slightly from the stated one (this is already a feature of codecs, the desired bitrate is set for it, and how it will turn out in real life is already decided, usually 20-30% less to be set).

For automatic day-night transition, a valid coordinate is needed (latitude or longitude), for this the algorithm takes the last coordinate known to the system, therefore, if the device was overloaded and there was no fix yet, then there is no coordinate, therefore the transition will not work.

Declared video formats that are supported by the platform. In reality, this is not all.
H.263 - 3GPP (.3gp) and MPEG-4 (.mp4)
H.264 AVC - 3GPP (.3gp) and MPEG-4 (.mp4)
MPEG-4 SP - 3GPP (.3gp)

To quickly check the capabilities of the device, you can download the application.LG Camera , and there you can play around with the video and bitrate settings (there you can set fantastic resolutions at 1920x1080 and bitrates up to 10mbit).

The most correct testing of the beta version, without removing the purchased and installed from Google Play? That would not lose the license.
Get the key from the purchased version: (run in normal mode, then go to the menu-about the program, you will see your key).
Then put the beta, run in normal mode (not from the widget! ), drive a key and everything, you have two full-fledged registrars, paid and beta.

For those who have questions about camera vibration and day / night modes:
To quench the vibration of the CAMERA, it must be securely fastened relative to the body. All these plastic crafts - for the pioneers.
Have you seen what tripods are used in DPS patrol cars? If not, look at the site of the developer of any shooters, barriers, etc. Well, or go to such a machine and ask
Yourself in a car you do not put this, because it's cumbersome. But it keeps thorough.
And also, so that the picture does not shake, take the camera with optical compensation ... hand tremor
The answer isv-oz

How should the BP icon in the status bar change when the day / night modes change?
A day with a yellow sun, a night with a blue star.

For those who believe that the recorder is not friendly with GPS:
I repeat once again for those who believe that the registrar is not friendly with GPS:
Launch Navitel or any other program that can speak in a voice that the connection with the satellites has disappeared.
Waiting for fixing coordinates, then turn off the program. Launch the built-in camera and start recording video. Waiting for the disappearance of the signal from the satellites.
Android has no options for working with GPS, it is the same for all programs.

What is the difference from the free DailyRoads Voyager
First: my program allows you to save GPS coordinates, speed and your text for viewing by external players, both on the phone and on your computer and download to YouTube accordingly.
Second: my program works more correctly in the background, does not stop when used simultaneously with navigators. DailyRoads freezes me, even in the settings dialog, it's unclear why.
Third: my program can control camera settings, set white balance and shooting modes. In this case, the pause between files is not 4-5 seconds, but only 1-2. Supported in 2.x android.
Fourth: my program has a widget that allows it to start and stop with a button on the main screen, plus it can start and collapse into the background during normal start, which allows using programs like locale to make a practically real algorithm of an external DVR (start recording in the background when the phone is fixed in the holder and recording stops when it is taken out of the holder).
Fifth: more flexible settings for recording, allows you to select the bitrate or the number of frames per second (if supported).
Sixth: in my program there is no photo shooting, since I believe that with such a realization in android (the photo can only be taken in the pauses between files) the function is useless.
Seventh: the program is updated much more often and buns are added naturally, too.

"Legal details of the design of video recording of an accident"
GIC RF. Article 67. Evaluation of evidence. The article was sidoy2271

1. The court evaluates the evidence according to its inner conviction, based on a comprehensive, complete, objective and direct examination of the evidence in the case.

2. No evidence shall have for a court a predetermined force.

3. The court assesses the relevance, admissibility, reliability of each evidence separately, as well as the sufficiency and interconnection of evidence in their totality.

4. The court is obliged to reflect the results of the evaluation of evidence in the decision, which contains the motives for which some evidence was accepted as a means of substantiating the conclusions of the court, other evidence rejected by the court, as well as the grounds on which one evidence was preferred over the other.

5. When evaluating documents or other written evidence, the court is obliged, taking into account other evidence, to ensure that such document or other written evidence comes from the authority authorized to present this type of evidence, signed by the person who has the right to seal the document with the signature, contain all other essential details this type of evidence.

6. When evaluating a copy of a document or other written evidence, the court checks whether a change in the content of the copy of the document as compared to its original occurred during the copying, with what technical technique the copy was made, whether the copy of the document and its original were guaranteed to copy the copy document.

7. The court cannot consider proved the circumstances, confirmed only by a copy of the document or other written evidence, if the original document has been lost and not handed over to the court, and the copies of this document submitted to each of the parties to the dispute are not identical, and it is impossible to establish the original content of the original document using other evidence.

Commentary on article 67.

1. Evaluation of evidence by the court at all stages of civil process, starting with the initiation of the case in court. The court determines the relevance, admissibility, reliability and sufficiency of the evidence. Under the relevance of evidence is the status, according to which the court should be allowed to explore and only the evidence which apply to this case, ie can confirm or deny those facts of the case referred to by the parties and other persons involved in the case (Art. 59 of the RF Code of Civil Procedure). The principle of admissibility of evidence is that the court can only be used statutory forms of evidence and certain means of evidence can not be used for certain categories of civil cases (Art. 60 GIC RF). The reliability of the evidence indicates that the information, which are confirmed by the evidence, correspond to reality. The sufficiency of the evidence suggests that on their basis it is possible to make an unambiguous conclusion about validity of certain circumstances.

2. Principles of evaluation of evidence are defined in Part. 1 of the article under. RF Code of Civil Procedure does not specify which of the evidence is more credible, convincing, etc. In assessing the evidence the judge must objectively review all the evidence examined, comparing them, and on the basis of inner conviction conclude. Objective consideration is the lack of interest in resolving court cases, bias in the evaluation of evidence. In case of interest of the judge he may be challenged. Do not expose the judges in any form for the purpose of obstructing the thorough, complete and objective consideration of the case. Comprehensiveness means taking into account the arguments of all parties involved in the case, investigation and evaluation of all the evidence.

3. The principle of immediacy is that judges hear and determine the matter, must personally and independently (without mediation) to take the evidence gathered, to participate in their research by hearing the parties, third parties, witnesses, experts, specialists, study and examination of written and physical evidence, etc. In legal proceedings outside the courtroom (eg, the need for inspection on the spot) these actions are carried out by the same judge who hears the case. The exception is the direction of the court orders, providing evidence. In this case, the materials of court orders submitted after the execution of the court, as well as materials to ensure that the evidence must be considered and examined in court.

4. None of the evidence can not be in advance of court precedence over others, including expert opinion. In Sec. 3 of the Resolution of the Plenum of the RF Armed Forces N 9 noted that the courts should bear in mind that the expert's conclusion is not the exclusive means of evidence, and should be evaluated in conjunction with all the other evidence. Assessment of the Court must be fully reflected in the decision. In this case, the court should indicate on what basis the expert conclusions, if they consider all the material submitted for examination taken, and whether their appropriate analysis is made.

If the examination is entrusted to several experts who have given separate conclusions, the motives of consent or disagreement with them, the court must be given separately for each conclusion.

5. All evidence must be weighed in aggregate. In Sec. 6 Resolution of the Plenum of the Supreme Court on October 25, 1996 N 9 "On application by the courts of the Family Code of the Russian Federation in cases of paternity and alimony" clarifies that an expert opinion on the question of the child's origin, in Vol. h. carried out by the "genetic fingerprinting", it is one of the evidence that must be assessed by the court in conjunction with other available evidence in the case, since in accordance with Part. 2 of the article under no evidence for the court do not have a predetermined force.

The reasoning part of the court ruling should reflect the motives on which the evidence of the court was based on some evidence, while other evidence was rejected.

. 6. h h 5 -. 7 of the article under the provisions listed previously are not covered by the CPC of the RSFSR, regulating in detail the procedure for assessment of written documents, their copies, which in practice is important. For example, in the already discussed certain judicial board on civil cases of the Supreme Court on 20 September 1995 the Court noted the inadmissibility of the justification of the decision handed down only copies of documents without providing originals or copies of the conformity of these scripts (see. P. 4 of the commentary to art. 60 CCP Russian Federation).

In continuation.

SRI specialists SpetsLab often asked how and with the help of which you need to burn to audio, video, valid? Can I use digital video recorders? On what media provide materialv Court? Practice ETSS (special laboratory Expertise Center) shows that the error is in the very formulation of these questions. For Themis does not matter that you have recorded, even if the nail on the bark - the main thing you have to prove the fact of etoyzapisi authenticity. And nenadeytesnaskazochnyevozmozhnostisovremennoy expertise, in most cases it makes an indefinite sentence, which is usually interpreted in favor of the Respondent. Therefore, if you are recording with a specific purpose - dokazatelstvakakih any facts -You should take care not only about dokazatelstvetogo that you write, but also proof of the authenticity of the recording itself. Years of experience shows low ETSS educate the public on this issue. Only 12% of the incoming audio and video received the highest rating of "genuine fake completely ruled out" for the last 2 years. Than 12 percent of these are different from the other 88? They are written in gold media? Everything is much easier ... For evidence almost does not matter any type of media or recording method. Examination examines, first of all, all the currently existing types of falsification. The principle of return. It sets it is possible to create a similar material specialists of the center of expertise with the existing technical base. If so, in what time frame and with the help of the equipment. Produced multiple control attempt. Next, about the same analysis is carried out by known organizations operating on this profile. Very often, for this purpose drawn film and videostudii.Chast funds to pay for the examination, as a rule, be sent back to get the official conclusion of the expert in this category. Each of these results is approximated to the allowable human potential that exists in the world of technology and the highest speed for the given process. In addition, the estimated probability of the existence of a hypothetical unidentified official science techniques and methods. However, we must admit that the last factor of all is interpreted in different ways, and very often it becomes a bone of contention of the two centers of expertise. But, as practice shows, the courts do not give it much importance. The main thing. During the entire procedure, there are two main factors: privyazkak place and time. Firstly, it is necessary to establish that the camera is there and it is in a position in which provides an overview of records, and all actions are performed with individuals who could not at the same time exist in other places. The determination of this factor is usually not difficult. Second, prove factor - time - is of paramount importance. To the great fallacy of the population, it is important not so much recording time as the date and time of its legalization. While in this world nothing can be manufactured in milliseconds. That period for forgery of a material is the basis to determine its authenticity. For example, if you showed the court a video half a year ago, he would not even apply to the examination (unless, of course, one of the parties does not insist), because as a result it is painfully known - authenticity will not be installed. But if the record given an hour later or the next day after the incident, the probability of a positive conclusion is extremely high. It will be the higher, the greater the volume of records and less time with her production to legalization. Any examination clearly say that the 10-minute video, recorded at 25 frames per second, it is impossible to forge a day. And absolutely it does not matter with the help of which it is recorded; the main thing - to prove the time of the event and during the legalization of material on it. But a natural question arises - how to provide the Court with a record 10 minutes after the event? The question of legalization - that's what should think in advance the person who installed the technical equipment for the registration of illegal actions. In criminal cases where the scene leaves the investigation team, it is better to send all the materials to her. Not recommended to transfer them to employees of the police units that are in place first, because then require treatment initiation material to the case. So that's how our bureaucratic laws that legalize the investigating authorities all evidence faster. But what to do in most other cases, even when no one is killed and can not robbed, but received audio, video, proving such intentions? One of the options - to fix the date of entry of existence - to show her two or three disinterested persons, who then will be able to witness the proceedings in order to prove to the Court. However, procedural rules, these readings are taken into account by the Court, and the pre-examination his verdict without such data. Therefore, even the judge will determine the possibility of forgery during this period, and in which side will be issued an opinion - one he knows. Hotyapo practice, it may be noted: the greater the thing is, the less faith witnesses, too likely to bribe various "entities" are at stake big money or life. In all cases, there are many organizational measures to fix the date and legalization. It is quite possible option: Put all real dokazatelstvav deposit box and do not touch them. Opening of the cell can be carried out by court order. Entries in the log the date and time of your last visit to the bank would be enough to recognize this fact legalization moment. "Stop the clock" and can be more technological ways. Adopted by the State Duma and Putin signed the federal law on electronic digital signature makes it possible to trust electronic information processed appropriately. Thus, since 2002, are proof of any computer data in which is embedded the electronic tsifrovoypodpisi technology. And this fact is contested in court is almost impossible. This is especially important for audio and video recorded using a computer. It is this way of logging traditionally causes mistrust. Therefore it is better to use the program, which already have the possibility of using digital signature technology. We have not seen a single case of deviations Contrary to the rejection of such evidence before the Court, in the last 2 years ETSS experts. Law is law! And the court, he recognized clearly. I must say, many skeptics caught prostoyperepiske, in which representatives of legally formed companies used this technology. Attackers reason were confident in their impunity, the inability of any evidence of common words sent over the Internet. This chain of dissemination now need to be especially careful. Each node on the Internet, through which your data packet is an independent witness to the date and time of its distribution. Perepriemnom on each item, whether it's your ISP or unknown proxy-server, real dokazatelstvaVasheydeyatelnosti remain in the form of logs, systematized on time. I must say that high-tech processes are more likely to receive evidence base before the Court, that is indisputable evidence about the prospects of computer logging systems. Thus, in order to Themis believe your audio and video content, you need not only to get them, but MAKE correctly.
Authenticity needs proof.

Links recommendations providedGrand1 .
Recommendations for the use of video from a legal point of viewHERE

How to make the recording of the autoregistrar become evidence:
1. Before driving, check the date and time set on the recorder.
2. When making a crash report to the inspector about the presence of the record made by the DVR.
3. Require recording of the DVR brand, method of mounting and location of video cameras.
4. If the inspector prohibits the recording of events, refer to the Administrative Regulations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, paragraph 25. "Traffic police officers should not prevent the use of video and sound recording equipment by a traffic participant".
5. If the inspector refuses, enter the information about the DVR and indicate the presence of the video in the written explanation of the participant / witness of the accident.
6. Report the refusal of the inspector to add the record to the case and indicate that you do not agree with the actions of the inspector in the protocol that you are to sign. Refer to the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation. Art. 26.7.
7. Make a copy of the video, if you have the opportunity.
8. After the copy is made, give the memory card to the inspector. Make sure that he sealed it in an envelope, inscribing the date and time of withdrawal, as well as the characteristics of the proof ("black SD memory card with video recording of the collision of two cars of the brand ...").
9. If a copy of the record could not be made, and the inspector’s impartiality is doubtful, leave the memory card with you, indicating all necessary information about its presence in the protocols and explanations.
10. Find out in which court your case will be considered.
11. Send the original / copy of the record by registered mail with a description of the attachment at the place of consideration of the case.

How to export / import BP settings and generate logs?
Details from respected:Grand1
Logging BP and Import / Export BP settings:
To generate logs, you must first enable the option "Write debug information ..." in the "Problem Solving". In the same place, you can send the necessary information to the BP developer on the soap.
Where the files will be located in the internal memory or on an external flash card (SD) depends on the Root folder you set in General BP Settings.
Logs of video files are written with them to the / mnt / sdcard / VideoReg / Temp folder (files with the * .LOG extension). With the video attached to the post, we attach the log file of the same name.
Export of BP settings is performed as follows:
Run BP ->Press the Phone Menu button ->Select Settings ->Press the Phone Menu button ->Select Export Settings.
The exported Settings.txt file will be located in / mnt / sdcard / VideoReg / ... The debug.log is also located here (this is where debugging information about the operation of BP is written).
Importing settings is performed in the same way, just first you need to copy the imported Settings.txt file to the root folder of BP ...
If the root folder of the BP is on an external flash card (SD), then the path will be / mnt / sdcard / External_SD / VideoReg, respectively ...

From a respected author:RubberBigPepper
WhataLogCat, how to use it.
aLogcat start, clear the log, start the recorder, wait for the departure or error, switch to aLogCat and export the log.
------------: CatLog - Logcat Reader

Useful chips and all sorts of things:
We read about the videos for more than a minute, this is for the "ideal drivers" fromGrand1
I have been stating here for half a year about this about "so as not to burn myself," but this is not enough, you need to write with minimal rollers for half a minute. I learned from my own experience ...
You can’t cut a 5-minute or more video clip with a traffic cop, whatever you want to show in your defense, so to speak ...
A banal situation, you walk along the highway where there are 100, where there are 120, and where all are 170-190 km / h. Of course, you overtake the waggons and all sorts of slow-movers, which travel no more than 100, and of course you do not always have time to complete the overtaking to the sign "Overtaking is prohibited" or to the solid ...
And then suddenly the traffic cop slows down, but I know for sure that the last overtaking, which he passed, I completed to the mark, although the intermittent had already ended exactly in time as I managed to complete the overtaking ...
He has already prepared for the right to withdraw ... He proved the last half-minute roller, although just a minute ago, he made a bunch of previous overtaking with violations ...
And there are a lot of such examples ... This also applies to speeding ...
Question, and so I showed him a 5 minute video? All their violations ..?

So, videos over a minute, this is for "ideal drivers" , and they will sometime burn on it ...
Today, in the Main Road, they talked about this ...

And pauses, this is a separate song ... Let it be better that something does not get into the video, than to show its violations ...

GPS signal test program:
Writes everything in the default settings, without specifying the bitrate in the resolution of 320 by 240.
Naturally no camera control.
Download: Attached fileTestDHDVideoGPS.apk (18,41 РљР‘)

What to do with it?
Wait for the GPS signal to appear and press the Start button, video recording will start, see if the satellites disappear, whether they will return again if you close the camera window with your finger. It is better to shoot everything on video with another phone and put it on YouTube and send the link to HTC or to another service, if of course someone else has problems with GPS.

Several useful pieces for fast and stable catch of GPS satellites.
First, who is DroidWall, turn it off when using programs with navigation. Since it blocks some resources, even if all the resources of programs and navigation are open.
Methods tested and tested on many devices, the results are positive.

The latest GPS stability settings:
  1. Samsung GT-I9100 - FAQ (Post # 13065768)
  2. GPS Test
  3. http://forum.samdroid.net/f28/working-gps-...2-1-2-2-a-3880/

second way.
the file itself:
Attached filegps.rar(207 bytes)

How to install the method (s):Samsung GT-i5700 - Firmware (OS 2.1) (Post # 4482749)
How to install method (b):Samsung GT-i5700 - I can not flash (Post # 4517317)
how to edit permissions:Samsung GT-i5700 - I can not flash (Post # 4517167)

and third way from: RedDiablo
Samsung GT-i5700 - Firmware (OS 2.1) (Post # 5368319)
Attached files to the RedDiablo method:
Attached filegps2.zip(661 bytes)

Attached filelibsec_ril_jf2.zip(155.63 KB)

And of course with best wishes to you:

Experiments conducted with settings fromWild tiger :

For fans of accelerations, decelerations and tests with cars.

Add-on for DVR (VideoReg)
Full automatic and manual control of the DVR allows you to immediately start everything you need.
briefly about it under the spoiler:

quick call of contacts + autodialing to your favorite number by the proximity sensor,
automatic SOS button and automatic creation of an accident archive with an encrypted copy,
autostart of navigation, player and radio programs, automatic Start and Stop recordings of BP,
Disable audio recording in video by proximity sensor, etc.

Attached ImageThe topic is cleaned, under the spoiler, the archive of the text version of the topic, in the format of DOC.Word:

Post has been editedavovik031 - 12.04.17, 18:39
Reason for editing: edit

Rep: (1249)
I remind you that only this program is discussed in this topic.
All posts related to the capabilities of different devices, discussions of other programs and containing only flood will be deleted, and the authors will be sent to the RO, at least a day.

Rep: (1343)
Timsssss @ 06/20/2013, 12:06*
up: not, freezes at the beginning of the recording))

Wait, did you set the auto frame format? He hangs, you have to try others

Rep: (88)
RubberBigPepper @ 06/20/2013, 11:10*
Wait, did you set the auto frame format? He hangs, you have to try others

Yes exactly. But damn on a computer in different players as it sucks vidos reproduced))

Rep: (170)
RubberBigPepper @ 19.6.2013, 11:53*
Video stabilization = true
Use fast switch = true
Try both off

It has become much more effective, although today it has created ideal conditions for BP. .. Only BP worked, the screen is off. But small twitches, periodically remained. ..

Rep: (1)
Good afternoon, dear developers!

When asked about the failure of auto-recording when installed in Cardoc from DANGER1979, the answer is not found.
When installed in a card, the program generates a recording error and tries to start recording again, then the program itself starts but does not record, gives a recording error again and tries to start recording again. Until you turn on the record, nothing happens.
tel. SGS2 (4.1.2) is all stock, even root is not right.

I tried to put various checkboxes in t.ch. auto-write at startup.
What to do? What settings still?


Rep: (11)
RubberBigPepper @ 20.6.2013, 10:05*
All three are more or less removed, in one case there are some problems with the focus.

According to 6.2, there are no questions at all okromya charge-discharge, and 6.3 use is not wise: happy:

Rep: (1343)
When asked about the failure of auto-recording when installed in Cardoc from DANGER1979, the answer is not found.

what else gets started with this? And what gives the task of a pause before starting?

Rep: (1)
Drivemode starts, there is no pause

Post has been editedsuperkok - 20.06.13, 10:51

Rep: (33)
RubberBigPepper @ 06/20/2013, 10:45*
what else gets started with this? And what gives the task of a pause before starting?

that does not start any more.
Everything even GPS is cut down.
But none of the autoruns work.

Tried to turn on and off 10 times charging.

At the beginning of the movement you need GPS or enough G-sensor?

Rep: (1343)
6.4 Beta 1
Fast photo saving now does not slow down the phone.
And how is it now on I9505?
Attached fileVideoReg_6.4b1.apk(1014.27 KB)

Post has been editedRubberBigPepper - 20.06.13, 12:59

Rep: (194)
not downloadable. : blush:

Posted on 06/20/2013, 12:57:

RubberBigPepper @ 06/20/2013, 12:38*
VideoReg_6.4b1.apk (1014.27 KB) Number of downloads: 2

VideoReg_6.4b1.apk (1014.27 KB) Number of downloads: 0
503 Service Temporarily Unavailable

Post has been editedgundin59 - 20.06.13, 12:58

Rep: (170)
That's what happens on sgc3 with your recommendations when only BP works, then it makes sense to achieve greater smoothness

Rep: (7)
The DVR started. Thank you very much.

Rep: (0)
Now we will test 6.3.1

For when downloading 6.4b1 gives error 503
503 Service Temporarily Unavailable

Post has been editedMitsuART - 20.06.13, 16:36

Rep: (23)
Alex112 @ 06/18/2013, 10:49 PM*
Hmm .. but I just can not get it together so set up .. Wait a new format card .. can it be in it? And by the way, write to sd or to internal memory?

I write to the SD card of the 10th grade. Check the recording speed when copying a large file what? Must be at least 10 MBytes / sec.

Rep: (1343)
But what is interesting is that for 2.3 you can implement a check of the file just recorded (using Android functions), such as opening it and reading a frame, if the file is broken, then there will be no frame .... well, just thoughts came. But what to do with it?

Rep: (23)
Alex112 @ 06/20/2013, 17:02*
RubberBigPepper, That's what happens on sgc3 with your recommendations when only BP works, then it makes sense to achieve greater smoothnesshttp://yadi.sk/d/xpTLx0Po603og

I also write the same kind.

Rep: (390)
Perezalete someone already on the file sharing extreme version. With the local server troubles.

Rep: (1343)
Poured syudy:http://rubberbigpepper.com/ru/node/2779

Rep: (170)
Maniac82 @ 06/20/2013, 19:29*
I also write the same

and have a little twitch? tomorrow maybe there will be no traffic jams on the Mkad. I’ll go and see ... they will be twitching or not at speed .. + I’ll load the tamagotchi with a navigator .., otherwise today the ideal conditions were !!! ;)

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