The assembly is not gaming PC / Computer to work \ study | which components are best tips for assembling

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The assembly is not gaming PC / Computer to work \ study

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  • In this topic we discuss only the assembly of computers.for work and other non-game tasks - for individual components and peripherals there specialized topics. If in the process of selection of components from questioning any questions regarding assembly or some of the components of the assembly, it is possible to ask questions in this topic and not go into the profile. All discussion and persuasion in their arguments with each other who helps select components questioner, conduct cultural and polite. And without fanatstva! Otherwise, the administration reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to punish holivar.
    Also, cases of abuseUser moderation.What has repeatedly warned in the themes. Check out the cases in which you can use this tool.
    We would like to mention an item fromforum rules.Although all know it should be (agreed upon registration).
    5.4. It is forbidden to use reputation for revenge or similar occasions. Reputation is not a means of fights!

    Due to the fact that the cases of the use of reputation as a violation of this paragraph, moderation of such incidents will be tough.
  • If you are building a computer for games, the discussion should be conducted in the subject.Build a gaming PC
  • If you need to collect the cheapest computer, the discussion in the topicBuild a Super Budget PC
  • Build the most compact PC in the subject:Building an Ultra-Compact PC
  • Questions to improve the existing computer in the subjectUpgrade / Improve your PC
  • Discussion in which specific store to buy components for the computer carried in the subjectWhere to buy spare parts for PC and other equipment , the nuances of buying in foreign stores are discussed here: Club lovers overseas shopping , questions of warranty service and other legal issues here: Service, exchange and return of PC and other equipment
  • PC problems - here we solve the problems with the PC hardware
  • How to quickly collect information about current equipment and show it in the subject

How to ask to pick up the assembly
Dear visitors! When making an application for the selection of components for a PC, please indicate in your application:
  • How much do you expect
  • City where you live or shop is to order
  • Link to the store for orientation in prices and assortment
  • Local currency so as not to calculate the final amount at the rate
  • Tasks for which the PC is assembled, system requirements for the software, the work in which is supposed to be on this PC
  • Do I need a monitor. If there is a monitor -name his model
  • If there are any components that you want to leave in the PC - name their exact models.
    Without this information, it is impossible to select components.
The application should look like this:

"Please pick up accessories for the PC. The budget for the purchase of 50,000 rubles \ hryvnia \ yuan. Shop XXX, city YYY. "
PC is needed to work in Sony Vegas \ Photoshop \ 3dMax (etc)
There is a Cooler Master Elite 331 case and a Dell P2317H monitor

Application type:
"Hello guys! Throw me a little collection so that everything flies"or "What can be collected for 50,000?"and similar contentwill be ignored.
It is also recommended that you familiarize yourself with the ready-made configuration options that are placed in the topic header.

Save your and our time. Thank you for understanding!
Configuration options
  • Assemblies are exploratory in nature.
  • These build patterns reflectapproximate combinationperformance / price, taking into account the compatibility and reliability of components.
  • All components of the following templates100% compatible.
  • Based on one of the templates, you can assemble the same or similar configuration in the desired store.
  • If you will build a PC with components that are different from those shown in the templates,make sure they are compatible. This is especially true of the motherboard and processor.
  • If it is necessary to assemble a PC in another currency, leave a request on the forum indicatinglocal shopsandlocal currency. This is necessary for orientation in the range and prices when choosing components.
Attention! Despite the fact that assemblies are constantly updated, prices may be irrelevant due to the unstable exchange rate.
In the process...
Topics on the choice of components

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Maksim_x3m @ 01/13/2021, 18:09*
All components new

Maksim_x3m @ 01/13/2021, 18:09*
HDD Seagate 500 GB 2 pieces

There are big doubts that these two HDDs are 500 new.
About the rest they wrote above.

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* Renegad ... ,
Renegad ... @ 14.01.21, 16:06 *
There are big doubts that these two HDDs are 500 new.
About the rest they wrote above.

Everyone is absolutely new. Now one HDD is connected, the second cannot fix in the case, there is no place. It is necessary to purchase SSD.

And please tell me, picked up a hard disk from the old systemist, Windows does not load, freezes on the screensaver of the Gygabate motherboard, it does not give the BIOS, it does not click on the keyboard, I do not enter the key, disconnecting this hard drive Windows loads.
Maternity Gygabate B450M H, Window 10.

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Maksim_x3m @ 01/15/2021, 11:14*
Everything is absolutely new

The difference in price between 500GB and 1TB is a maximum of 500 rubles, what's sense to take 2 through 500 I do not understand. Anyway...

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