Build a non-gaming PC / Computer for work | what components are better assembly tips

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Build a non-gaming PC / Computer for work
FAQ on the choice of components for the PC

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  • In this topic we discuss only the assembly of computers.for work and other non-game tasks - for individual components and peripherals there specialized topics. If in the process of selection of components from questioning any questions regarding assembly or some of the components of the assembly, it is possible to ask questions in this topic and not go into the profile. All discussion and persuasion in their arguments with each other who helps select components questioner, conduct cultural and polite. And without fanatstva! Otherwise, the administration reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to punish holivar.
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  • If you are building a computer for games, the discussion should be conducted in the subject.Build a gaming PC
  • If you need to collect the cheapest computer, the discussion in the topicBuild a Super Budget PC
  • Build the most compact PC in the subject:Building an Ultra-Compact PC
  • Questions to improve the existing computer in the subjectUpgrade / Improve your PC
  • Discussion in which specific store to buy components for the computer carried in the subjectWhere to buy spare parts for PC and other equipment , the nuances of buying in foreign stores are discussed here: Club lovers overseas shopping , questions of warranty service and other legal issues here: Service, exchange and return of PC and other equipment
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How to ask to pick up the assembly
Dear visitors! When making an application for the selection of components for a PC, please indicate in your application:
  • How much do you expect
  • City where you live or shop is to order
  • Link to the store for orientation in prices and assortment
  • Local currency so as not to calculate the final amount at the rate
  • Tasks for which the PC is assembled, system requirements for the software, the work in which is supposed to be on this PC
  • Do I need a monitor. If there is a monitor -name his model
  • If there are any components that you want to leave in the PC - name their exact models.
    Without this information, it is impossible to select components.
The application should look like this:

"Please pick up accessories for the PC. The budget for the purchase of 50,000 rubles \ hryvnia \ yuan. Shop XXX, city YYY. "
PC is needed to work in Sony Vegas \ Photoshop \ 3dMax (etc)
There is a Cooler Master Elite 331 case and a Dell P2317H monitor

Application type:
"Hello guys! Throw me a little collection so that everything flies"or "What can be collected for 50,000?"and similar contentwill be ignored.
It is also recommended that you familiarize yourself with the ready-made configuration options that are placed in the topic header.

Save your and our time. Thank you for understanding!
Configuration options
  • Assemblies are exploratory in nature.
  • These build patterns reflectapproximate combinationperformance / price, taking into account the compatibility and reliability of components.
  • All components of the following templates100% compatible.
  • Based on one of the templates, you can assemble the same or similar configuration in the desired store.
  • If you will build a PC with components that are different from those shown in the templates,make sure they are compatible. This is especially true of the motherboard and processor.
  • If it is necessary to assemble a PC in another currency, leave a request on the forum indicatinglocal shopsandlocal currency. This is necessary for orientation in the range and prices when choosing components.
Attention! Despite the fact that assemblies are constantly updated, prices may be irrelevant due to the unstable exchange rate.
In the process...
Topics on the choice of components

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Well, your help in choosing the components ... Everything is 30-40 thousand rubles.
I have already reviewed some of the components, for example, a video card:
Video card 256Mb / PCI-E / Gainward Bliss 7715 GF7900GT VIVO / 2xDVI (256bit) Price 12 102СЂ.

Manufacturer Gainward
Model Bliss 7715 (7900GT)
NVIDIA chip maker
G71 chipset
The technical process 0.09
Number of conveyors Vertex conveyors: 8
Pixel conveyors: 24
Vertex Shaders 3.0
Pixel Shaders 3.0
Memory capacity 256 Mb
256 bit memory bus
450 MHz core frequency
Memory frequency 1320 MHz
1.4 ns memory access time
PCI-E 16x interface
DirectX 9.0
Opengl 2.0
DVI-I, 2 pieces
TV out Yes

Video card 512Mb / PCI-E / nVidia GeForce 7900GT 256 bit, DDR3, 2 DVI, TV-Out  Price 10 148СЂ

Well, you can of course and cheaper ...: rolleyes:

There is a question with processors: many people say (somehow it already becomes ridiculous) that it is not profitable to take a dual-core processor now, anyway applications are not designed for its architecture ...
In short, I want to update the video card, processor, motherboard, memory and hard drive ... So, offer your options, but do not forget about the budget ...;)

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Pektin , about two nuclear processes, depending on what the computer is for, if it makes no sense to play 2 nuclear games. And if you encode video, work in 3D, etc., then 2 nuclear will love (at the very Athlon X2 3800+: P)
Vidyuha principle is normal. Take a hard drive of at least 320GB (cost from 3k rubles), memory - 2x1024 (I find it difficult to answer about the manufacturer)
Protz and the motherboard can be immediately taken under the socket AM2 (if you will sit on the amd)

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And what video of these two? I take for games, video, and sometimes photoshop, but the main focus is the game ... And the percent to take is Intel or AMD?

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In principle, you can take vidyuhi with 512 meters of memory (some games are demanding). Well, I don `t know the percentage of sales ...
Ask here: (not advertising)

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Thanks for the link :)

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Probably this one:
Video card 512Mb / PCI-E / nVidia GeForce 7900GT 256 bit, DDR3, 2 DVI, TV-Out  Price 10 148СЂ

Even the difference is only in price. Damn, although I recently lost all in the gland! :) I do not have time for everything
And the 2 core percent is nothing;) I generally sit in Photoshop on my beech with 1.7 GHz and fine.

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A percent 2nudern nothing I'm generally in Photoshop on my beech sitting with 1.7GHz and fine.

So I'm on the next version ... and suddenly ... :)

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Hmm ... so many pages on that forum, I do not master ...

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Pektin , there is a special forum for the selection of components, create a topic there

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Ahhh, so there is a whole section dedicated to each component ...: yahoo:

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Pektin ,

And mine, taking vidyuhi from 512m on board does not make deep sense. 256 is enough. The main thing is very careful with noname. And it’s better not to mess up at all, it may be more expensive.

Dual core percent IMHO now is not very necessary, in fact, now there are few applications that use threading. Hypertrading doesn’t make much sense to that old man. Only rar, encoding movies, in games, so you can generally get a decrease in performance. And something tells me that it’s not soon that the optimization for the two cores will be set not in a stream in the near future.

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dual core solutions
Because There is absolutely nothing for them to do in the same way as 64-bit amd.
zero sense except the number of parrots there is nothing ...
So - nah.

512 memory on board is a good thing. current is not needed. Take the best with the core and the memory is faster and you will be happy.

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512 memory on board is a good thing. current is not needed. Take the best with the core and the memory is faster and you will be happy.

Well, then what to take? : huh:
And then you do not know which percent is better to take?

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PEKTIN @ 08/23/06 09:44:58
Video card 256Mb / PCI-E / Gainward Bliss 7715 GF7900GT VIVO / 2xDVI (256bit) Price 12 102СЂ.

Video card 256Mb / PCI-E / Gainward Bliss 7715 GF7900GT VIVO / 2xDVI (256bit) Price 12 102СЂ.

Well, this is a normal vidyaha. Only you can search without VIVO, this is a video input. IMHO is not very necessary.
And so good percent, wide tire and fast memory on GDDR3. Beauty. Also a sufficient number of additional blocks of abrobotki.

What exactly I will not say.
But I would take a modern, single-core solution, with a frequency of not more than 3.2, ideally 2.8. And broke up :) Efficient and cheap. But if you are not going to drive that 3.2-3.4. Above you do not get money. Well, what about the manufacturer then Intel, I use only them. Only do not take it. According to the synthetic type tests, they are not far behind, and in real life up to 40%, in some applications. Socket dictates you mother, I just do not know what the current moment. Last time I collected another npa LGA775.

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ShamanKing ,
Only do not take it.

Vsmysle collected sistemnik? : huh:

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Pektin ,

No, no;) Celeron. Pentium Trimming

Rep: (143)
So I have a trim right now, only from AMD ...

Rep: (321)
Pektin ,

In the sense of? Duron or something :) And where did you get it? ;)

Rep: (143)
Semprom ...

Rep: (321)
Pektin ,

Got it. I just love the full versions more. Although the difference in price corresponds well to performance. There is still a nuance, if you nevertheless stop on this vidyahe, then with tselerona you can not use its capabilities to the fullest. A weak percent will not let her work.

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