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Firmware Version:
- Bada OS XXJL2 (With Russian languages).
- Android 2.2 (With Russian interface, but with en keyboard).

1. BadaOS XXJL2 - A completely clean version of the firmware, with an integrated Android image in the phone's memory. After flashing, 93 megabytes is free on the phone.
- Standard games.
- Standard pictures.
- Many standard tunes.

2. Android 2.2 - in general, everything works except: a modem, GPS, recognition of battery charge and accelerometer.

All actions you take at your own risk, the author does not bear any responsibility.

Actually the firmware itself:

Download: Android + Bada OS Beta 2

1. Before flashing: charge the phone at 100%.
Flashing time: 10-15 minutes.

Stitch according to the instructions.

After the firmware, to install Android, you need:

1. Turn off the phone.
2. Press the key combination (Reset call + Diamond + Volume up).

Next comes the installation, no need to touch anything. In this state, you can not press anything on the phone and get the battery!
You need to wait until the phone turns itself off!

3. After the phone turned off. You can run Android:
holding down the following shortcut (Call + Reset call)

Actually that's all. Now you have Android + Bada OS.
Thanks for attention...

Modified by: Dmitry Zheleznyak. (Concurrently Damba).


Full version: Kies (03/08/2012)


Full version: Kies (05/30/2012)


Full version: Kies

XP USB driver

Download: Attached fileUSB_Driver_XP.rar (619.89 KB)

*#0*# - menu testing "iron" (HW module Test).

*#1234# - showing the phone firmware version (SW Version).

*#7412359# - engineering menu.

*#5239870*# - admin menu

*#06# - show IMEI phone (unique international identifier for mobile equipment).

*#1111# - showing the software version (revision) (FTA SW Version).

*#2222# - showing the version (revision) of the hardware (FTA HW Version).

*#0842# - vibration test.

*#0289# - test dynamics.

*#0782# - showing hours.

*#0228# - display information about the battery.

*#232337# - showing Bluetooth MAC address.

*#197328640# - service (engineering) debugging menu, where tuning and testing of various parts of the device are performed.

*#0002*28346# - press the "Back" button several times and get into the service (engineering) debugging menu.

*#03# - unique number.

*#0011# - information on cellular communication.

*#7465625# - personalization status, check for SIM lock.

*#5239870*# - Administration mode:

*#27236*# - Pre-configuration: Administration mode

*#7092463*# - Internal mode: Administration mode

*#36287# - Camera Firmware update - Press 3 then wait for 4 min

Attached fileGT_S8500_Manual_RU.pdf(3.23 MB)
- User Guide (Russian).

Attached fileS8500_firmware_write.pdf(439.41 KB)
- Manual for firmware S8500 (Russian).

Attached fileGT_S8500_Training_Manual_SW.pdf(806.86 KB)
- S8500 firmware manual (English).

Attached fileService_Manual_GT_S8500.pdf(3 MB)
- Service manual.

Update phone firmware, without losing data using MultiLoader:
Attention! Before starting the firmware, be sure to save all data in the phone (files, contacts, calendar, notes, etc.).

Attention! Before starting the update, be sure to read these instructions several times so that unforeseen unforeseen situations arise.


Successively perform all the steps described in the instructions using MultiLoader, except for the Following:

4 the item must be ticked in the item Lsi - for S8500 / S8530, BRCM2153 - for S5380D, and BRCM2133 - for S5250 / S5330 / S5750 / S7280.
In pointBoot change and Full Download tick is not necessary !!!

5 item in the instructions to include all the following files:
Amss - amss.bin (for S5250 / S5330 / S5750 / S7280 it may not be)
Apps - apps_compressed.bin
Rsrc1 - Rsrc file with * .rc1 extension
Rsrc2 - Rsrc2 file with * .rc2 extension (if there are 2 of them, select Low)
CSC - CSC file with the appropriate extension
SHP APP - file

Attention! Do not connect the folder Boot and File Factory FS

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10 ways to save battery on BADA 2.0
How to reset a password
Firmware, instructions - all in one place

Submitted material is unofficial! In case of unsuccessful firmware or destruction of the device, the author of the software and the Administration of the resource of responsibility are not responsible!
All actions are performed at your own risk!

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Here I am a felt boot, instead of 8530 I launched 8500 ... I fixed the error, the result is positive. Thank!

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Good day to all!

And who can tell the thread - is it possible to return the bodies to Badadroid - only Bud? I tried to flash it - but I beg your android remained.

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* Nickspirit , Fulldownload tick postavte and should normally earn

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