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Save SHSH for all iDevays

IOS firmware | Rollback and unlock instructions | iOS - First Aid | Jailbreak guide

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SHSH certificate ( Shsh blobs ) - digital signature, unique to each iDevice , Which is signed by the firmware file before it is poured into the device. SHSH Apple issues a special server ( in response to the identifier of the device sewn, sent him to iTunes. signing system debuted in the summer of 2009, with the release of iPhone 3GS. Starting with firmware 3.1.1, signing system was extended to the iPod touch 2G and 3G, and since the release of iOS 4.0 SHSH steel subscribe and iPhone 3G. For iPhone 2G, iPod touch 1G, and Apple TV 1G SHSH is not used, so these devices can always flash at any available version of iOS.

The operating principle of this limitation is simple. When you try to downgrade (downgrade firmware), iTunes server communicates with the company Apple and sends him some of the data on your device, including the unique identifier of its chip. The answer comes SHSH certificate is required for the load module (iBoot). If it does not, then iTunes will give an error and will abort the recovery process. If you have saved the certificate for the firmware to which you want to recover, then you will always be able to do it without going through Apple's servers.
Using SHSH in iOS 5
Up until the release of iOS 5.0 in the fall of 2011, the availability of SHSH provided a guaranteed opportunity to roll back any gadget to any old version of iOS. But then Apple significantly modified the firmware signing system.
But if before iTunes transferred only the device identifier and the firmware version to the Apple server, then before flashing the iOS device generates a random number, which also participates in the creation of SHSH. This new type is calledAPTicket .

Implications of the APTicket
The consequences were very serious. Previously, SHSH had no shelf life and could be used an unlimited number of times. Starting with iOS 5.0, any SHSH is valid only once. The next time you restart, the iOS gadget generates a new random number, and the old SHSH will no longer work for it. It is almost impossible to decrypt an APTicket — for this, you need to crack the Apple security key, and this can only be done by brute force.

According to the idea of ​​Apple programmers, APTicket will make it impossible to restore any Apple devices to unsigned firmware. However, it is not.

Anti-APTicket checkout
As it turned out, APTicket can also be bypassed, but only on devices with Apple A4 processors and weaker - on iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch 3G, iPod touch 4G, iPad 1G and Apple TV 2G. During the firmware of these devices, you can turn off random number generation and force iTunes to accept the old SHSH from the same device.

In addition, in all iOS 5.x firmware found a vulnerability that opens up additional opportunities for rollback firmware even on new Apple devices. iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPhone 4S can be flashed to any version of iOS 5.x from any other version of iOS 5.x under two conditions:

You must have SHSH from the version of iOS with which you are flashing and the version of iOS to which you are flashing.
The firmware that you have installed should not be installed via an update over the air. If you updated or restored to it through iTunes, then everything is fine.

Is it possible to roll back from iOS 6?
iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G and Apple TV 2G can be rolled back from iOS 6 (for Apple TV this is software 5.1) to any old version of iOS provided that you have there is a SHSH from this old version
iPad 2 can be rolled back from iOS 6 on iOS 4.3.x provided availability Shsh from fourth firmware
iPad 2 can be rolled back from iOS 6 to iOS 5.x while the presence of you Shsh from any firmware iOS 4.3.x and that firmware 5.x to which you want to roll back
iPhone 4S and iPad 3 roll back from iOS 6 is impossible , even with all the SHSH. For these gadgets firmware rollback is possible only within iOS 5.x
iPhone 5, iPod touch 5G, iPad mini and iPad 4 impossible to roll back with iOS 6 , because iOS 5.x firmware for these devices were not released
Using SHSH in iOS 6
If you have saved SHSH certificates for iOS 6.0 - iOS 6.1.2 in Cydia in order to roll back the firmware to the previous version, we hasten to disappoint you, but the saved data is completely unsuitable for use.

«Now, if you have a hacked device running iOS 6.0 - iOS 6.1.2, you can no longer downgrade "Saurik reported on its web page. All SHSH certificates of the latest version of iOS that were stored in Cydia have become useless. . Jay Freeman (aka Saurik) also provides some background information on how SHSH certificates work and what features and new limitations of the SHSH digital certificates blobs and APTickets have appeared.

Saurik removed broken iOS 6 certificates and improved SHSH retention

The following information is important for every jailbreaker user.If you own a relatively updated device, iOS 6 SHSH certificates are completely useless. If, before the release of iOS 5.0, the saved SHSH – certificates guaranteed the rollback of the gadget to any previous version of iOS, now this is impossible, since Apple has significantly changed the entire system of firmware signing. It is impossible to roll back to iOS 6.1.2 or iOS 6.0 from iOS 6.1.3 and higher for devices running on A5 / A5X / A6 / A6X processors .

If earlier, in order to make a downgrade, it was enough to keep SHSH certificates, now, before each firmware, your device generates random numbers, which later take part in the creation of certificates. This type of hash isAPTicket - digital signature.

It is this digital signature that was introduced into the updated iOS 6.1.3 operating system.Now users will not be able to use iOS 6 SHSH certificates to downgrade or upgrade firmware. . The user will not even be able to use them to restore the current version of iOS on his device. .

Saurik cites the following data: about 25.8% of jailbreakers suffered from this. The remaining 74.2% of iPhone users (3GS, 4), iPod touch (4G) will have no effect. But, if iOS 6 SHSH – certificates were downloaded locally, by using tools like TinyUmbrella, redsn0w or iFaith, you can roll back from iOS 6.1.3 for iPhone devices (3GS, 4), iPod touch (4G).

Original text ->

Who and on what firmwares need to save certificates:
IPhone owners (3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, SE), iPod touch (4G, 5G, 6G), iPad (2, 3, 4, Air, Air 2 ), iPad Pro (9.7, 12.9), iPad mini (1, 2, 3, 4) ->for all firmware.

Save SHSH is possible only for the latest, current at the moment firmware available on the Apple server!
At the moment it is>iOS 10.3.3!

Ways to save SHSH
For safety, send certificates to your email!

Using TinyUmbrella
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Tinymbrellarequires availabilityJava

Save the certificate.
Run TinyUmbrella, then in the upper left corner of the programConnected choose our device and click -> Fetch OTA for All . instruction

->Actual for iPhone (5S, 6, 6 Plus), iPad (Air 2), iPad mini (2, 3) with Jailbreak
TinyUmbrella allows you to save certificates (SHSH) from the version of iOS that is installed on your iDevice (with the A7 / A8 processor) regardless of its relevance, this requires the presence of ->Apple File Conduit “2”from Cydia.

By default, stored certificates are stored:
Windows XP - C: \ Documents and Settings \ UserName \ .tu \ .shsh
Windows Vista / 7/8 - C: \ Users \ UserName \ .tu \ .shsh
Mac OS X - ~ / .tu / .shsh

For safekeeping, send the certificate to your email.

[OSX] Attached (36.88 MB)
[WIN] Attached (35.74 MB)
[WINx64] Attached (39.1 MB)

Older versions
[OSX] Attached (1.71 MB)
[WIN] Attached (26.93 MB)
[WINx64] Attached (863.08 KB)
[OSX] Attached (1.71 MB)
[WIN] Attached (852.71 KB)
[WINx64] Attached (862.52 KB)
[OSX] Attached (1.71 MB)
[WIN] Attached (853.39 KB)
[WINx64] Attached (863.54 KB)
[OSX] Attached (1.71 MB)
[WIN] Attached (852.96 KB)
[WINx64] Attached (863.08 KB)
[OSX] Attached (1.69 MB)
[WIN] Attached (1.78 MB)
[WINx64] Attached (1.79 MB)
[OSX] Attached (2.92 MB)
[WIN] Attached filetinyumbrella-7.12.00.exe (3.45 MB)
[OSX] Attached (2.83 MB)
[WIN] Attached filetinyumbrella-7.11.00.exe (3.3 MB)
[OSX] Attached (2.55 MB)
[WIN] Attached filetinyumbrella-7.04.00.exe (3.05 MB)
[OSX] Attached (2.38 MB)
[WIN] Attached filetinyumbrella-7.02.01a.exe (2.87 MB)
[OSX] Attached (2.32 MB)
[WIN] Attached filetinyumbrella-7.00.00a.exe (2.76 MB)
[OSX] Attached (2.25 MB)
[WIN] Attached filetinyumbrella-6.14.00.exe (2.69 MB)
[OSX] Attached (2.24 MB)
[WIN] Attached filetinyumbrella-6.13.00.exe (2.68 MB)
[OSX] Attached (2.19 MB)
[WIN] Attached filetinyumbrella-6.12.00.exe (2.62 MB)

Using iFaith(not relevant for devices with an A7 / A8 processor)
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iFaithallows you to save certificates (SHSH) from the version of iOS that is installed on your device regardless of its relevance, as well as to keep the latest relevant.

Download certificates from Cydia server and save new ones.
->Actually for all iDevays
Launch iFaith ->Show Available SHSH Caches on Server , iFaith recognizes our device and prompts you to select the desired action:
1. To save certificates for the latest, current firmware, select ->Fetch the latest SHSH blobs Apple is actively signing .
2. If you have certificates that you need to send to Cydia server, select ->Submit SHSH blobs to Cydia for this device .
3. To save certificates from Cydia server, select ->Show list of available SHSH blobs on TSS server (s) . iFaith will show available certificates on Cydia server that you can upload -> Download all available blobs , then save them to the specified location and check. instruction

Extract the certificate.
->Actual for iPhone (3GS, 4), iPod touch (4G)
Launch iFaith ->Dump SHSH Blobs enter the device into DFU mode, waiting for the end of the process and get a certificate from the installed firmware. instruction
For safekeeping, send the certificate to your email.

Sign the firmware.
->Actual for iPhone (3GS, 4), iPod touch (4G)
Launch iFaith ->Build * signed * IPSW w / Blobs -> Browse for SHSH blobs specify the path to * .ifaith, * .shsh, * .plist the file (previously saved certificate), then iFaith will determine for which device, which version of iOS the certificate belongs to and offer to specify the firmware -> Browse for an IPSW or download firmware -> Download it for me . iFaith will verify the certificate and firmware. After successful verification, iFaith will offer to create a signed firmware -> Build ipsw . We are waiting for iFaith to sign the firmware. After creating the firmware, iFaith will offer to enter the device into DFU mode, then run iTunes ( version required no later than11.0.0 ), hold SHIFT (ALT on Mac OS) + “Restore” and specify the signed firmware (B5CD_iFaith_iPhone_4-4.3.3_ (8J2) _signed.ipsw) . We are waiting for the end of the firmware, we are happy. instruction

[WIN32] Attached fileiTunesSetup_11.0.0.exe (83.01 MB)
[WIN64] Attached fileiTunes64Setup_11.0.0.exe (84.72 MB)

Old topic ->iFaith

[WIN] Attached (4.75 MB)

Older versions
[WIN] Attached (4.75 MB)
[WIN] Attached (4.75 MB)
[WIN] Attached (4.73 MB)

With Beehind
Attached Image


Save the certificate.
Run Beehind as administrator ->Select mode -> Save SHSH -> Save SHSH

[WIN] Attached (22.79 MB)


Rollback for iPhone (4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus), iPod touch (5G, 6G), iPad (2, 3, 4, Air, Air 2), iPad mini (1 , 2, 3, 4) ->impossibleeven with SHSH certificates.
Rollback for these devicesimpossiblefrom 9.xx to 9.xx, 9.xx to 8.xx, 8.xx to 8.xx, 8.xx to 7.xx, 7.xx to 7.xx, 7.xx to 6.xx, 6 .xx at 6.xx, 6.xx at 5.xx, etc., rollback in any directionimpossible.
Rollbackis availableonly for iPhone (3GS, 4, 4S*), iPad 2*and iPod touch 4G with SHSH certificates.
*exclusively on iOS 6.1.3, using ->OdysseusOTA

I have an iPhone (4S*, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus), iPod touch (5G, 6G), iPad (2*, 3, 4, Air, Air 2), iPad mini (1, 2, 3, 4)
With iOS firmware (5.1.1, 6.0, 6.0.1, 6.0.2, 6.1, 6.1.1, 6.1.2, 6.1.3, 7.1, 7.1.1, 7.1.2, 8.x.x, 9.x.x)
All SHSH saved!
Will I be able to roll back to iOS (6.0, 6.0.1, 6.0.2, 6.1, 6.1.1, 6.1.2, 6.1.3, 7.0.6, 7.1, 7.1.1, 7.1.2, 8.xx, 9 .xx)?

No, you can not! The tool allows you to do this - no!

IOS 6 Certificate Verification
Launch iFaith ->Build * signed * IPSW w / Blobs ->Browse for SHSH blobs specify the path to the * .ifaith, * .shsh, * .plist file (the previously saved certificate) and see what the program says.

Work certificate
Attached Image

Certificate is not working
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Using redsn0w(currently irrelevant)
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Save the certificate.
Run redsn0w ->Extras ->Shsh blobs ->New, instruction(You will need to specify the firmware! If updated via iTunes, there is no need to download again ->Where does iTunes store firmware?)
redsn0w saves the certificate to the address ->C: \ Users \ UserName \ AppData \ Roaming \ redsn0w \ shsh ->It is advisable to send yourself to the post office for safekeeping.

[OSX]Attached MB)
[WIN]Attached MB)
Using 25PP(currently irrelevant)
Attached Image


Save the certificate.
Run 25PP ->Attached Image, then click on the umbrella ->Attached Image, choose our device and click ->Attached Imagewaiting for the end of the process and you will see a list of stored certificates, click ->Attached ImageA folder with saved certificates will open.instruction

For safekeeping, send the certificate to your email.

[WIN]Attached fileppsetup_2.3.5.4805.exe(19.69 MB)

Older versions
[WIN]Attached fileppsetup_2.3.1.4453.exe(20.07 MB)
[WIN]Attached fileppsetup_2.3.0.4394.exe(19.99 MB)
[WIN]Attached fileppsetup_2.2.2.4329.exe(19.3 MB)
[WIN]Attached fileppsetup_2.2.2.4306.exe(19.29 MB)
[WIN]Attached fileppsetup_2.2.1.4268.exe(18.62 MB)
[WIN]Attached fileppsetup_2.2.0.4174.exe(17.96 MB)
[WIN]Attached fileppsetup_2.1.0.4026.exe(16.97 MB)
[WIN]Attached fileppsetup_2.0.0.3636.exe(12.05 MB)
[WIN]Attached fileppsetup_2.0.0.3634.exe(11.71 MB)
[WIN]Attached fileppsetup_2.0.0.3631.exe(11.75 MB)
[WIN]Attached fileppsetup_2.0.0.3540.exe(11.29 MB)
[WIN]Attached fileppsetup_2.0.0.3539.exe(11.29 MB)
[WIN]Attached fileppsetup_2.0.0.3500.exe(11.29 MB)
[WIN]Attached fileppsetup_2.0.0.3457.exe(11.26 MB)
[WIN]Attached fileppsetup_2.0.0.3429.exe(11.24 MB)
[WIN]Attached fileppsetup_2.0.0.3373.exe(11.31 MB)
[WIN]Attached fileppsetup_2.0.0.3347.exe(11.31 MB)
[WIN]Attached filepp.exe(6.69 MB)
Using W | NbR3LL @(currently irrelevant)
Attached Image

W | NbR3LL @requires availability.Net Framwork 4.0

Save the certificate.
Run W | NbR3LL @ ->Check blobs, the program will check the presence of previously saved certificates and show the possibility of saving the certificate from the latest, current firmware ->Latest iOS - Apple, then select the latest version of iOS and click ->Download from Apple, the certificate will be saved in the folderAppleblobswith the program.instruction

For safekeeping, send the certificate to your email.

[WIN]Attached KB)

Older versions
[WIN]Attached KB)
[WIN]Attached KB)
Using iSHSHit(currently irrelevant)
Attached Image

->Actual for devices with jailbreak
iSHSHitallows you to save certificates (SHSH) directly from your device. This program automatically sends your certificates to Cydia's server, and can also send saved certificates (SHSH) by email. Download and install iSHSHit through Cydia in the repositoryBigbossabsolutely free.

Save the certificate.
Launch iSHSHit ->FirmwarechooseAll versions, we pressSave. After saving certificates ->Manage shsh, we pressSend Alland send to your email.

Main theme ->iSHSHit

[DEB]Attached fileishshit_1.1.5.deb(492.91 KB)

Old hat
Method в„– 1 - After Cydia

The easiest and fastest way.
We go in Cydia, we find the inscriptionMake my life easier, thanks! and click on it.
Attached Image
In this case, the certificate is sent to the servers of Saurik (the creator of Cydia) and after that you can breathe a sigh of relief. When you save certificates, on the main page of Cydia should appearThis Device Has a 3.1 / 3.1.2 / 3.1.3 / 4.0 / 4.0.1 ECID SHSH On File
Attached Image
If there is an inscriptionThis device has pendng TSS request - this means that certificates have been sent, but not yet processed.
Attached Image
Processing can take from several minutes to several days.

Method number 2 - Usbview and Umbrella

How to get and save ECID in Windows

To obtain an ECID:

1. Enter your device in Recovery Mode
A. Completely turn off the device with the Power button (at the top on the end).
B. Hold the Home button (round, below) and hold it.
C. We connect the USB cable, continue to hold the Home button until the image with the USB cable and iTunes appears.
iTunes should warn you that the iPhone is in recovery mode. Click OK.

2. Download and runAttached fileusbview.rar(30.18 KB)
and then in the menu in the "Options" section, select "Config Descriptors" (a check mark will appear next to it).
3. Press on the F5 (update) keyboard and scroll down to the “Apple Recovery (iBoot) USB drive” line, and click on it.
Attached Image

4. Rewrite the 16-digit ECID code.
5. Exit Recovery Mode by holding Home and Power for 10 seconds.

To save ECID:

1. Enter the device in Recovery Mode, connect to the computer and launch iTunes.
2. Download and runAttached MB)

3. In the ECID field, enter the number obtained above, and in the “SHSH Repository” box, enter Saurik-Cydia.
[attachment = "467725: iPadJailbreak.png"]
4. Click the “Submit” button, the file you need will be saved in the folder with the Umbrella utility.
5. Save and save this file if you do not want to lose the ability to roll back the firmware.

How to roll back the firmware:

1. Open the Hosts file (C: WindowsSystem32driversetchosts), after making it backup.
2. We add at the very bottom
3. Download the desired firmware, enter the device in DFU or Recovery Mode, then Shif + Restore and select the downloaded firmware.

Do not forget that later it will be necessary to remove the prescribed line in the Hosts file. .

Method number 3 - AutoSHSH RC2 (thank wesStyle )


Not so long ago, the iH8sn0w team posted an AutoSHSH program on its website, designed to help usersiPod touch 3G , iPhone 3GS or iPad with firmware 3.1.3 and 3.2 It's easy to get SHSH certificates for your firmware and save them to the servers of Saurik (Cydia). The program is an add-on for Umbrella Firmware (thanks Spuner 'u for opening)

The program is very important due to the release of user-landed DJSpirit

Download:Attached fileAutoSHSH_3.1.3_3.2__RC2.exe(1.25 MB)

A small FAQ:
Q: And what is this SHSH?
A: This is a set of certificates that allows you to install a specific firmware on a specific device, regardless of Apple's wishes: rolleyes:

Q: And how to use these?
A: Very simple: [FAQ] Rollback firmware.

Q: Is my SHSH suitable for other devices?
A: No, it is issued on a specific device and on a specific firmware.


After launching the program, you will be warned that the program requires an Internet connection and that it can work with only one device connected in Recovery mode.

Next, the program will ask if you have Java RunTime installed on your machine. If there is none, or for some reason you do not know what it is, then click "No". After that, the browser will open and the latest version of the java machine will be downloaded.
In my case, even with the java machine installed, the program gave an error, so I just reinstalled it by clicking "No"

After that, transfer your device to Recovery mode.
How to transfer the device to Recovery - mode?
To do this, connect the cable to the device and hold down the lock button with the central key until the device turns off (about 5-7 seconds). Then wait 3 seconds and release the lock button.
After a while, iTunes will report that it has found i * in recovery mode, and the screen will not be lit.
To turn on the device in normal mode, it is enough to hold down the two buttons again until the display lights up

Now you just have to click on the big button "Grab my SHSH Blobs Automattcalyy". After a while, you will be prompted to save your SHSH. I advise you to keep them in a safe place, not on the desktop;)
Everything, now you can not be afraid of updating / restoring the firmware and losing the Jail.

Method number 4 - TinyUmbrella (thank aristos86 )

Just say, TinyUmbrelladoes not upload shsh, but only downloads them, which means that it is useless to choose the firmware for which youdid not have time or could not save SHSH.If you want to get SHSH from the Sidia server, then choose only the firmware that Sidia saved (you can check it in Sidia itself), if you want to get SHSH from Apple, then choose only the latest stable firmware. Another you just will not give up.
Tinymbrella and as it turned out, it helps to upload SHSH files to the Saurik server, i.e. in cydia, from firmware 4.0.
And so here is the mini F.A.Q .:

1. First you need to download TinyUmbrella, and alsoinstall java machine.
2. After downloading and installing JAVA, connect your iPhone 3G / 3GS or iPod Touch 2G to your computer.
3. Now launch TinyUmbrella and click Save My SHSH.
Everything! Now you have SHSH files on Cydia servers, which will be useful if you ever want to downgrade an iPhone 3G / 3GS or iPod Touch 2G from iOS 4 to later firmware 3.1.2 / 3.1.3.
If you click on additional options in the TinyUmbrella interface, you can also save them locally on your computer.

Here is the program itself - Version 5.01.00 for Windows
Version 6.01.01 for Win 8 x64
1/6/01 for Mac

Here is a JAVA machineAttached fileJAVA_6.exe(854.28 KB)


1. Enter the iPhone (any) in DFU mode
2. Open TinyUmbrella
3. Click "Display SHSH", see if there are SHSH for 4.0 and 4.0.1, if there is no saving them, or if they are saved locally, then just copy SHSH from 4.0 on the path C: Users your account.shsh
4. Click "Start TSS Server", then go to C: WindowsSystem32driversetc open the hosts file using Notepad, if at the very end there is no, then in the very last line we add or fix it (I had, corrected the IP and it all worked)
5. Open iTunes 9.2, hold Shift and click Restore.
6. Select iOS 4.0 and wait for the process to finish.
7. After the end of iTunes will generate an error 1015, 1013 or 101, simply click "OK"
8. Switch to TinyUmbrella and click "Kick Device Out of Recovery", or run the RecBoot program and click "Exit Recovery Mode"
That's all.

For windows
For mac

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Reason for editing: iOS 10.3.3

Rep: (1285)
Here you have a general theme, which contains all the methods for SHSH preservation. The topic was created with the consent of the authors (indicated in the header) of previous topics.

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it's still not clear where I got shsh from 4.0, if I didn't set it up. Saved to the computer from 3.1.3 and 4.0

Rep: (84)
- = stranger = - @ 20.7.10, 18:30*
does not download SHSH, but only downloads them

What I said in that topic. And nobody listened to me: - [

- = stranger = - , it would be great at all if I had posted the FAQ on rolling back the firmware using the saved SHSH file :)

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here's a newer version of TinyUmbrella

Attached files

Attached fileumbrella_4.01.03.exe(2.86 MB)

Rep: (1285)
Spuner @ 22.7.10, 2:45*
- = stranger = -, it would be great at all if I had posted the FAQ on rolling back the firmware using the saved SHSH file

I will try to do as I return.
Ps. I am leaving for a couple of days, behave well here: D You will be a hooligan, as I come back, I will blow a hat. : acute: But sometimes I will try to get into the network as far as possible. : yes2:

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When I launch umbrella, I get a window with an error, it does not work for me!

Sori, blunted everything, downloaded the version of umbrella_4.00.06 and it all worked!

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But is it still possible to get these files for 3.1.3?
2-4 methods either give nothing or download for 4 axis) -:

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and where is sindy naito eto inscription Make my life easier, thanks! ???

Rep: (65)
Sidia no longer provides distribution of shsh certificates to 3.1.3
and 3 way than you did not suit?

Rep: (1990)
naym91 @ 23.7.10, 16:48*
and 3 way than you did not suit?

What I am writing save and no files appear) -:

Rep: (65)
Sori for the question ... but still .. jail that is? but it was a man who tried to save shsh without jail))
There is no make me life easier item?
try all the ways ..
how nice to see a girl on the forum))

Rep: (1990)
: blush: uh, so I wanted to make a jail, but it says
- = stranger = - @ 3.5.10, 11:22*
2. For owners of iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3G and iPad, I highly recommend to save ECID files first so that in case of failure during jailbreaking, you can roll back the firmware.

I have no sidium. Still not: sorry:

Rep: (65)
well, of course. First jail, save shsh.
what is your phone and firmware version)

Rep: (1990)
why is it written there in advance? : scratch_one-s_head:
3GS, 3.1.3.

Rep: (65)
This meant that you just in case should have shsh from previous versions of firmware for the possibility of rollback.
Well, you all just ..))) that's the topicSpirit

Rep: (0)
and how to roll back to 3,1,3 with AutoSHSH? Tell me?

Rep: (84)
Al090565 @ 23.7.10, 20:06*
and how to roll back to 3,1,3 with AutoSHSH?

AutoSHSH - does not roll back the firmware, but only saves the SHSH of this firmware, which you currently have. And roll back, you needby other methods .

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not adin from 3 options not saved SHSH
iPhone 3G ios 4.0.1

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I advise the author of the topic to add that TinyUmbrella helps with the rollback, this utility has the function "TSS Server" (ie, replacing the problem with the hosts file)!
Tested on 3Gs with a new boot, the first time without error 3149 or the server is full, try again later.

Posted 07/07/2010 22:02:

chiarelos @ 23.7.2010, 22:24*
not adin from 3 options not saved SHSH
iPhone 3G ios 4.0.1

So the fourth one helped?

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aristos86, manual in the studio, add.

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