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ColorNote | Functional notebook

Rep: (67)
Version: 4.2.3

Last update of the program in the header:16.11.2020

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Short description:
Functional notebook

Easy-to-use notebook for notes, shopping lists, and calendar maintenance.

"ColorNote"- this is an easy-to-use notebook. With it, you can easily and quickly edit notes, whether they are regular draft letters, shopping lists, or planned cases.

"ColorNote"allows you to record the thought that came to mind easier than any other application!

Additional Information
• Organize notes by color
• Color widgets
• Supervised shopping list
• Calendar and Scheduler
• Password protection
• Backup and Sync
• Reminder in the status bar
• Notes via SMS, Email, Twitter
• Colored notes to classify records
• Online backup and synchronization with cloud services

About permissions
• Internet access: for backup and synchronization online
• "Modify / delete SD card" for backup to sdcard
• Wake your phone from sleep mode, control vibration, automatically launch an application when the system boots for reminders

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
How to place notes on your desktop?
Select "ColorNote" in the list of widgets of your launcher. Note in the settings of the widget there is a choice of color for the note

Why don't the widget and notification features work?
If the application is installed on the SD card, widgets, reminders, etc. will not work properly. You must move the application to the device’s memory and restart the phone.

Where is the data stored after backup to SD card?
Search your SD card: / Data / colornote

After reinstalling the application and restoring data, the program requires you to enter a password, although I have not set any password
Try entering the default password: 0000

I forgot my password, how can I change it?
Menu ->Settings ->Master Password ->Menu button->Clear password

Transferring notes from ColorNote to a text file on a personal computer
Do you have a question on the topic? Use the search, perhaps it has already been answered before
Be sure to read the FAQ before asking something.
Follow the rules of the resource

Homepage: ColorNote - Best Notepad & Notes App
Blog: Social & Mobile, Inc.
GooglePlay: https: //play.google.co…pps.notepad.color.note

Version: 4.2.3 Message в„–1919, author And_RU

Past versions:
Version: 4.2.2 ColorNote (BehemothXxx)
Version: 4.2.1 ColorNote (BehemothXxx)
Version: 4.1.9 ColorNote, GP, 12/07/2020 (VernyjPes)
Version: 4.1.8 ColorNote, GP, 07/07/2020 (VernyjPes)
Version: 4.1.7 ColorNote, GP, 06/07/2020 (VernyjPes)
Version: 4.1.6 ColorNote | GP (Alex0047)
Version: 4.1.5 ColorNote | GP (Alex0047)
Version: 4.1.4 ColorNote | GP (Alex0047)
Version: 4.1.3 GP (Katafrakt)
Version: 4.1.2 ColorNote | GP (Alex0047)
Version: 4.1.0 GP ColorNote (Post VernyjPes # 83991518)
Version: 4.1.0 Rus ColorNote (Post kureichyk # 85699804)
Version: 3.11.11 Mod ColorNote (Post by teodim # 58999690)
Version: 3.11.9 Mod ColorNote (Post puresin # 57097791)
Version: 3.10.6 (2.3+) ColorNote (Post dnka # 53520151)
Version: 3.10.2 mod ColorNote (Post by Kirhe # 47016043)

Version: 4.0.7 Message No. 1542, author Alex0047
Version: 3.11.16 Rus ColorNote (Post kureichyk # 68057515)
Version: 4.0.6 ColorNote (Post isaaknuton # 72586861)
Version: 4.0.5 ColorNote (Post Alex0047 # 72219289)
Version: 4.0.4 Message в„–1490, author Alex0047
Version: 4.0.3 Message в„–1463, author VernyjPes
Version: 3.11.16 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/d...ColorNote_v3.11.16.apk
Version: 3.11.15 GP ColorNote (Post VernyjPes # 67408670)
Version: 3.11.15 Rus ColorNote (Post kureichyk # 67442884)
Version: 3.11.12 Rus ColorNote (Post kureichyk # 62699829)
Version: 3.11.13 GP ColorNote (Post VernyjPes # 62749511)
Version: 3.11.12 GP ColorNote (Post VernyjPes # 62682451)
Version: 3.11.9 Rus ColorNote (Post kureichyk # 55821641)
Version: 3.11.11 GP ColorNote (Post by aleks12 # 57344789)
Version: 3.11.9 GP ColorNote (Post VernyjPes # 55821193)
Version: 3.11.8 GP ColorNote (Post VernyjPes # 55615069)
Version: 3.11.8 Rus ColorNote (Post kureichyk # 55635647)
Version: 3.11.7 GP ColorNote (Post kureichyk # 54089001)
Version: 3.11.6 GP ColorNote (Post VernyjPes # 54082024)
Version: 3.11.5 GP ColorNote (Post VernyjPes # 54051106)
Version: 3.11.4 GP ColorNote (Post Alex0047 # 53771050)
Version: 3.11.3 GP ColorNote (Post VernyjPes # 53498426)
Version: 3.11.2 GP ColorNote (Post VernyjPes # 53423834)
Version: 3.11.1 GP ColorNote (Post VernyjPes # 52399049)
Version: 3.10.3 ColorNote (Post by Alex0047 # 47954995)
Version: 3.9.92 ColorNote (Post by Alex0047 # 44953175)
Version: 3.9.82 ColorNote (Post by sword2612 # 40196045)
Version: 3.9.81 ColorNote (Post pyshnyi # 40140832)
Version: 3.9.80 ColorNote (Post LOR1964 # 40085681)
Version: 3.9.70 ColorNote (Post LOR1964 # 39100021)
Version: 3.9.60 ColorNote (Post # 35193253)
Version: 3.9.51 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/d…/ColorNote__3.9.51.apk
Version: 3.9.30 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/3441868/ColorNote__3.9.30.apk
Version: 3.9.20 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/2933223/com.socialnmobile.dictapps.notepad.color.note-2.apk
Version: 3.9.17 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/2562449/ColorNote+3.9.17.apk
Version: 3.9.15 //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/2445911/ColorNote_3.9.15.apk
Version: 3.9.13 ColorNote (Post # 18667498)

Beta versions:
Version: 4.2.4 update from google play market (gorand39)

Post has been editedSlav_nsk - 16.11.20, 12:58
Reason for editing: Update: Beta 4.2.4 Update from Google Play Market

Rep: (32)
Thank! What I have been looking for a long time - notes, lists, reminders, widgets - all in one, and also beautiful, convenient and fast)

Rep: (1)
One of the first prog that you installed on the phone. cool notebook

Rep: (2)
I have already installed it from the market - it is convenient, simple and beautiful! super!

Rep: (32)
And it seems to me, she added lately. When I switched to android, I looked for good "notes" in the market and was convinced that I put this program (at the end of last year), but then I was not thrilled.

Rep: (37)
great program !! Especially checklist is convenient.

Rep: (5)
for such a leaky cathelle as my very thing, it is easy and convenient, I have been looking for a long time !!!! ;): rolleyes:
keep a plus sign: thank_you:

Rep: (0)
Thank! Thats

Rep: (15)
Is there any synchronization with Google or any other service?

Rep: (5)
I wonder why when restoring from the backup, the already existing notes are deleted? In this case, the program honestly warns about the removal. Because of this demolished.

Rep: (9)
And what would happen if they were not removed? After recovery would have a complete set of notes in 2 copies?

Backup - he is a backup. His task is to save everything. And restore - in case of anything - everything is exactly up to the same state in which the data was at the time of the backup. This is not an export-import.

Rep: (67)
I agree. Backup for this is intended: yes2:

Rep: (0)
Beautiful notes, but deleted, because:
- editing takes place in 2 clicks (first open a note, then click on editing),
- you cannot import / export, but I need access to notes from a computer and I just want to fix it from Astro sometimes.

Rep: (0)
Thank!!!!!! Simple and tasteful: yes2:

Rep: (18)
A good convenient program, without unnecessary frills, what you need, thank you! : thank_you:

Rep: (1)
I also stopped at this program. Everything is convenient and simple.

Rep: (18)
rmntsv @ 22.7.10, 20:51*
Is there any synchronization with Google or any other service?

There is no sync.

Rep: (0)
I wish it in Russian

Rep: (0)
she has a backup and where rest?

Rep: (0)
Human Thank you
: rofl:

Posted 08/23/2010 10:02 AM:

: thank_you: Human Thank you
: rofl:

Rep: (37)
Damn it, accidentally deleted, but the new one is not installed anymore !!!!
Writes: "application is not installed." It turns out that the one installed on 2.1 works on 2.2, but on 2.2 it is no longer installed.

I am saddened

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