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Five options to make the Internet on Android through a computer (aka BB, Big Brother): USB, wifi-adapter (or built-in laptop), wifi-router, Bluetooth.

0. General information
You have a phone based on Android. I really want to go for a walk with him in the internet, to have access to the Market to set up programs. And access to the Internet is only at your computer or home network. How to give the phone access to the world wide web through a computer or how to connect it to the home grid? There are several ways to do this (globally - 5 pcs.). Read below.

And if you need the opposite, get an InternetFROM phone (smartphone) ON computer, then the keyword to search for information: Tethering

A warning
  1. Before asking a question about your problem,read the FAQ. 90% of known problems and solutions are described there.
  2. Before you publish your "100% awesome simple the best cool easy way to connect your phone to an Internet",read the cap. It is possible that all this is already written.
  3. Before you publish your "awesome way to solve a problem,"read the FAQ. It is very likely that there is already infa about it.

If you are attentive and patient, then you have a lot of chances to get to the bottom of the way to solve your problem or create your own by sharing it with the forum. But even "manic" attentiveness and patience will not always be able to solve your problem. Internet from BB on android buggy, and this is a fact. Either have to come to terms with this, or buy a WiFi router, with which there is no problem (almost).

And if you are too lazy to read and dig yourself, or you feel sorry for wasting your time digesting information (and there is a lot of it), then you can always turnhere.

Five options to make the Internet on the phone through a computer:

1. Tel. connected to the computer via USB
1.0 Internet via PC from PC for Android 5+ (Windows 64) - modern (2019) current versionthanks, we sayvitall_k
1.1 Manual + software for PC and Android for "automatic" Internet reception via USB (Need Root! . A source . shared a link xaiyef )
1.2 With the help of the programВ® Reverse Tether. Need Root! (reference shared Steklorez )
1.3. With the help of the programВ® Android Reverse Tethering. Need Root! (reference shared aeromet ) Despite the very similar name, this is a different program than in paragraph 1.1.
1.4. We get internet via USB from a computer on Android. Only forRoot-apparates! Ruth needs a prog Wired Tether. (shared linkbrunen9 ). upd1. carefully type the script code, the code "route add default gw dev usb0" written in one line, not two, as on the screen (Clarified Dikkiy ). upd2. If the market does not work, use by advice from sl0nn
1.5 Throughterminal emulator "Android Terminal Emulator"(neededroot shared a link gidrokompot )
1.6. We get internet via USB without Root via HTC Sync(authoraviakot ).
1.7. Sharing the Internet from computer to phone. Only forRoot-apparates! (author_Tori_ ).
1.8. How to "raise" the network without including the "Internet modem" and "crutches" in the form of nc(authorAVATARA ).
1.9. ANDanother method(authorfgtmenow ).
1.10. Two internet connection optionsvia PC with Linux(authordik-m ).
1.11. Internet connectionvia PC with openSUSE(authordimonchik230 ).
1.12. Usb connectionwith a working market and other miracles (authorEvil-s
1.13. If none of the above recommendations helps you, you can use the "advice"zema7777.

Personal experience

- on HTC devices with official Android 2.3 and higher, the "End-to-end Internet connection" function is available by default;
- when using the above methods, CAREFULLY check yourself before reporting that the method does not help. It is enough to allow a single typo in the codes / commands and you, of course, will fail;
- do not forget that connection problems may be caused by features of the software installed on your device / PC, problems / features of hardware, etc .;
- it is impossible to grasp the immensity. Therefore, the above methods may not help you simply because your case may be specific.

For more information on this issue, see the archive topic -We get internet via USB from a computer (topic # 187390)

2. Using USB-WiFi adapter / PCI-WiFi-card / built-in WiFi adapter in laptop
1) Before you continue the theme further, first download the latest one.List of working / non-working wifi devices (below in this post), where look for proof of a successful / negative experience with your wifi device.
2) Which is better, Soft AP or Ad-Hoc?
1. In mode Soft ap (also called: access point mode, soft Access Point, soft AP, softAP, virtual WiFi, virtual router, virtual access point, AP Mode, access point mode, etc.)
Virtual Wi-Fi in Windows 7 (shared link kaiii ), the same, but briefly (author Foolwell )
Windows 7 as an WiFi AccessPoint (updated)(shared linkReactivator )
If the drivers of your WiFI adapter do not support Soft AP, then you can not read further this subtopic, but go directly to other points.
It can be indirectly determinedSo
In addition, Connectify, for example, will tell you about it:
Attached Image
Therefore, we are looking for any other method than 2a,because your wifi adapter is NOT SUPPORTED in soft AP mode, not only the Connectify program, but also Windows itself and further dances with a tambourine with soft AP are useless. Connectify, like other similar software, is just a convenient wrapper to the standard Windows virtual access point tools. I could not get my Intel 3945ABG to work through a virtual access point, but I couldn’t google it. Here is a list of "problematic" adapters known to me: (A source) :
Belkin F5D7050UK
Belkin Wireless G MIMO devices (as of version
D-Link AirPlus G DWL-G122
Gigabyte GA-WPKG 802.11g
Intel 3945 / 4965,2200BG (most Intel cards, unfortunately)
Mac Book Builtin Broadcom devices
Realtek RTL8187 (like in older 802.11bg USB dongles)--- upd. Work withwith the Windows7 InstallPackage (Beta) 1316 (Beta) 2010/10/6 driver. Info sharedTovaL,
Zydas ZD1211 (also in 802.11bg USB dongles)

Soft AP programs:
2.1.1. Connectify program (Windows 7,UPD: WinXP )

2.1.2. Virtual Router Manager (Windows 7)(shared linkkoordinator )
2.1.3. Virtual Access Point 3.1 (Windows XP) + Settings
2.1.4. Maryfi program (+additional info. linkssharedZa_Dolber)
2.1.5. Bzeek(personal experienceStawr1k, a link to Bzeek sharedLawlietb32)
2.1.6. Atheros AR9xxx chip solution(shared linkIzM @ iL)
2.1.7. Topic Wifi Hot Spot for Windows 7/2008 R2, alternative to Connectify
Personal experience
D-Link DWA-125

Internet distribution over Wi-Fi from Atheros 5xxx and 6xxx series adapters(authorVitalx)
We turn the adapter ASUS WL-167G into an access point. Part 1.(personal experiencespecx2 )
We turn the adapter ASUS WL-167G into an access point. Part 2.(personal experiencespecx2 )
Batch file for semi-automatic launch of Virtual Wifi using Windows (code to insert into the file wifi.bat and run it)(advice fromAzat-777 )
Wi-Fi USB adapter problemandWi-Fi USB adapter solution(personal experienceActionZzz , earned through static IP)
Setting up a virtual access point (soft access point) and WiFi settings on the phone(personal experienceFloraiD , earned through a static IP, shared a link o4kareg )
sometimes it helps to change software for organizing Soft AP(personal experienceAntifatalist )
earned through static IP(personal experienceGossai )
Wi-Fi Broadcom 802.11n Wireless Network Adapter + Connectify, Win7(personal experiences-aleynicov )

2. In mode Ad-hoc (also called: point-to-point, computer-to-computer, peer-to-peer network )
UPD. Ad-Hoc "regularly" is available in the latest CyanogenMod firmware for Android 4.x.x (ICS, Ice Cream Sandwich)
  1. For ad-hoc network needRUTH (root)!
  2. Do not forget to dobackup, if you change something in the system files!upd. A backup of only one wpa_supplicant file cannot help.
  3. Before overwriting wpa_supplicant (or other system files),Look at first using the Root Explorer attributesthat have this file, and write them on a piece of paper. After updating the file, check (Root Explorer) that the new file has attributes that were originally. If necessary, edit it with Root Explorer.
  4. When organizing Internet access to the phone using the Ad-Hoc network, then the process globally breaks down into 2 stages: first, you create such an Ad-Hoc network and make sure that it works. Then this Ad-Hoc network gives access to the global network (in other words, you set up routing, that is, you provide access to the "higher-level" network from your created Ad-Hoc network). Read morehere.

How to connect a phone on Android (Android) to Ad-hoc-network via Wifi(+ personal experienceLost sniper )
Setting up an Internet distribution on Android 2.2 using the WiFi Adapter and WinXP OS in ad-hoc mode(on Win7 / Vista is similar) (shared linkFouk method author vt2007 )
+ Correction(fromKonst @ nta
+ Correction of 02.27.2012, if iwconfig and / or wlan are missing from 02.27.2012fromSintetix

Configure ad-hoc wifi network(personal )
How to connect WI FI, dot dot(shared original articles in English is no longer)
Setting up Android 2.1 to connect to ad-hocandaddition(personal experienceask-list )
Wifi ad-hoc connection(personal experienceValat )
Ad-hoc connection method without file edits(working with T2870, RT3070 or Texas Instrument Wi-Fi modules, on other devices may not work!)proof[/ color]. Info sharedpetdnsandtemp0404)
Bzeek + AdHoc(personal experienceStawr1k, a link to Bzeek sharedLawlietb32)
We get internet via Wi-Fi on Windows XP(author5casper5)

Personal experience

Ready wpa_supplicant (it will not work - you can always roll back to the original wpa_supplicant, you back it up):
Ready wpa_supplicant - 1 (shared link orgasmotron ), tested on samsung galaxy
Ready wpa_supplicant - 2(shared linktoliks14 ), tested on a Chinese tablet
Ready wpa_supplicant - 3(shared linkandmail ), works for Froyo; works on gingerbread with some "features"
Ready wpa_supplicant - 4(shared a linkLera999), original source
Ready wpa_supplicant - 5(Galaxy Ace (s5830),Attention! only for version 2.3.3 and 2.3.4shared a linkSneds91. upd. for all versions, info sharedStawr1k)
Ready wpa_supplicant - 6(samsung i9000gt, firmware 2.3.6 jvz. Link sharedMorthvargr
Readywpa_supplicant on Android 4.0.1 (Tested on Texet-7025. Share a link ~ Abra ~ . upd. on sgs2 4.0.3 did not work .

3. C using a WiFi router.
I will advise the router with USB-ports, then you can share the printer, files, USB-screw or USB flash drive, even the torrents on such a router can be screwed, and not keep the computer for it on. I'd recommend ASUS WL-500gp, Asus RT-N16. Tons of information about setting up the router and deploying everything on it, right up to the torrents are on By the way, if you want, even a usb modem from Yota can be screwed onto the router's entrance to distribute Internet via WiFi (for small offices this is a very convenient solution): umnik:

There is also a very good Dlink DIR320 router for hardware identical to Asus WL-500gP, and you can also flash it in very advance-mode. Details are on the samehttp://wl500g.infoand more on
Thus, there are two quite good routers: Dlink DIR320 and Asus WL-500gP. Differences in price and in the number of USB ports (1 for dlink versus 2 for asus). Of the latter - a good option Asus RT-N16. I have stitched and configured all these routers, but what you need is up to you.
Which is better to buy a wifi usb adapter? (Post # 4148571)

TotalI personally recommend Dlink DIR320 or Asus WL-500gP or Asus RT-N16 (the latest model) .
Also in the subjectWhich is better to buy a wifi USB adapter or routerdiscussed the advantages / disadvantages of specific models

How to configure routers:
A brief manual on the settings of any router from W.Master
There is no money, but I want to be happy, we turn Dlink dir-320 into Asus WL500GP v2 Part в„–1
DIR320 + Yota + DynamicDNS; D-Link DIR-320 USB Hardware Hack; Firmware Asus WL-500W + Wimax; Firmware DIR320 + Wimax
A ton of information about configuring the router and stuff here:http://wl500g.infoso that Russian letters appear normally, read this:Encoding on the forum and other problems.
For beginners and lazy (a collection of useful links on the family of routers Asus WL500gp)
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions for the Asus WL500gp Router Family
Configuring Asus WL-500gP [Durak editions]
Instructions for configuring WL-500g Deluxe / Premium from scratch

Personal experience

4. Software access point under Linux (Ubuntu, Debian)
1. Under Ubuntu
Method 1. "Simple", through the utility Hostapd AP WiFi
Easy way to configure Ubunt on software up
WiFi Hostapd AP download here:
Shared linksleschiy06

+ add.linkon the software (sharedEvil-s)

Method 2. "Pens" -1. "Setting up an access point on the example of Live-USB Ubuntu 10.10"
Setting up an access point on the example of Live-USB Ubuntu 10.10(authornick2008 )
UPD1: Of course, all this can be done on a virtual machine (I am using VMware), so as not to keep the other computer with Linux on (or rebooting into the main Linux)
UPD2: adaptation for Ubuntu 11.10. Problem , decision

Method 3. "Pens" -2. "AP-Hotspot is another easy way to get internet through Wifi in Ubuntu"
AP-Hotspot is another easy way to get internet through Wifi in Ubuntu(checked on ubuntu 13.04 / 12.10 and xubuntu 13.04 / 12.10, shared a linkBrahner )

2. Under Debian

5. Via Bluetooth

Network security settings are the same for any Wi-Fi routers / adapters:
Network security settings.Where it is configured - see the instructions of the router / adapter, or follow the links of the web interface of the router.

q1: I need the opposite, get a mobile Internet FROM smartphone ON computer. How?
a1: Search in the settings. The USB modem or USB tethering function (in English terminology) is now implemented as standard on almost all devices on all firmware, since since Android 2.3, this feature is built into the Android itself (suggested Semyon )
a2: Use programs for Tethering

q2: Is it possible to distribute the Internet received on Android from a computer via USB or bluetooth via WiFi, for example, to another phone with Wi-Fi, or a laptop?
a1: If the Internet is received via USB, then you can do it regularly, at least on HTC phones: Proof + screenshots (idea belongs to nikita_Alex , + add on my own that the HTC Sync program should be installed on the computer to provide "end-to-end Ineta")
a2: To do this, simply use the USB modem function with the standard native Android USB tethering. The feature is available in almost all devices on Android 2.3 firmware. Details are described. here (found a way Semyon )

q3: Is it possible to distribute the Internet received on Android via WiFi to a computer connected to this Android via USB or bluetooth?
a: "I managed to implement it with EasyTether . Whatever connection is used on the android, at least wi-fi, at least 3G Internet will be on the computer. "(Shared the solution Chema84 )

q4: How to make the computer / laptop / phone be simultaneously a WiFi receiver and a WiFi distributor?
a: No
a2: Recently met a mention of the program В®fqrouter2 which in some way solves the problem "nothing", relevant for 2011.
a3: How to make the computer / laptop was simultaneously a WiFi receiver and a WiFi distributor.

q5: How to register the address of the proxy server (Proxy-server) on Android (Android)?
a: Here is So

q6: How to share the Internet from your computer to other computers / phones
a1: How to share the Internet via wifi
a2: How to share Internet access in Windows 7

q7: Why Android does not go online via wifi?
a: About the reasons for this very well painted W.Master

q8: Problems with the WiFi network. What to do, depending on your case:
a1: Android does not see the Wi-Fi network at all.
a2: Android sees Wi-Fi network, but does not connect
a3: Android sees a Wi-Fi network, connects, but the Internet does not work
a4: Android sees a Wi-Fi network, connects, but the Internet is very slow
a5: WiFi connection often breaks / Android constantly reconnects to a Wi-Fi network / Android cannot connect after waking up

q9: How in Windows on BB disaccustom a WiFi-adapter to chop off a network after some time? Power saving options are already turned off, but it does not help.
a: Disable the "turn off the display" option after a certain idle time. If you do not want the screen to light up at night, put a "blank screen" screensaver. Decision found Joker2112

q10: Which router mode is right for me? What is the difference between Access Point, Home Gateway and Router?
a: The following terminology is 100% valid for Asus routers. Other manufacturers may differ! Find the discrepancy, let me know.
The "Access Point" mode - lan, wan and wif ports are combined into one grid, the router in this mode works like a normal switch (hub), for a piece of iron there is no difference in WAN, LAN and WiFi interfaces, they are all "equal" in this context .
"Home Gateway" mode - the router works like a classic router (gateway, router) distributing the Internet to the LAN and WiFi (via NAT), which it received from the WAN or from USB.
Mode "Router" - the router works as a bridge, combining different subnets (LAN one address range, and WiFi - another address range, for example, and

q11: I want to watch movies on my smartphone and listen to music, but the content is on the computer. How to organize access to computer files via WiFi?
q12: I want to copy music, movies, games from computer to smart. How to organize access to smart files via WiFi?
a: Answer in the subject: Configuring access to files on the local network

q12: Those who in windows 7, windows 8, windows 8.1 have the program Connectify. And when I try to connect, I write the error "An authentication error has occurred". Or the connection is broken or there is no access to the Internet.
a: Android + PC = Internet (Post by kuka_mobile # 46233616)


What to buy. List of working / non-working wifi devices.
v.20 from 02/06/2013: Attached fileWifi devices for Android v.20.pdf (388.71 KB)

Prices are not indicated, because I have no desire and time to monitor the prices of dozens of different devices.
Questions on the choice of an adapter or router can be asked in the topic:Selection of network equipment
Past versions
Left for direct links to be kept during the repost, since when updating a file, its address becomes different.
v.19.1 of 10/19/2012: Attached fileWifi devices for Android v.19.1.pdf (378.77 KB)
v.19 from 08/01/2012: Attached fileWifi devices for Android v.19.pdf (378.27 KB)
v.18 from 30/05/2012: Attached fileWifi_devices_for_Android_v.18.pdf (349.3 KB)
v.17 from 04/11/2012: Attached fileWifi_devices_for_Android_v.17.pdf (345.89 KB)
v.16.4 from 04/03/2012: Attached fileWifi_devices_for_Android_v.16.4.pdf (338.46 KB)
v.16.3 from 02/03/2012: Attached fileWifi_devices_for_Android_v.16.3.pdf (333.49 KB)
v.16.2 from 01.20.2012: Attached fileWifi_devices_for_Android_v.16.2.pdf (335.08 KB)
v.16.1 of 01/19/2012: Attached fileWifi_devices_for_Android_v.16.pdf (332.41 KB)
v.15 from 12/20/2011: Attached fileWifi_devices_for_Android_v.15.pdf (323.68 KB)
v.14 from 12/16/2011: Attached fileWifi_devices_for_Android_v.14.pdf (312.2 KB)
v.13 from 12/13/2011: Attached fileWifi_devices_for_Android_v.13.pdf (306.5 KB)
v.12 from 02.12.2011: Attached fileWifi_devices_for_Android_v.12.pdf (297.18 KB)
v.11 from 08.16.2011: Attached fileWifi_devices_for_Android_v.11.pdf (272.27 KB)
v.10.2 of 07/08/2011: Attached fileWifi_devices_for_Android_v.10.2.pdf (260.76 KB)
v.10.1 of 07/01/2011: Attached fileWifi_devices_for_Android_v.10.pdf (258.68 KB)
v.09 from 06/29/2011: Attached fileWifi_devices_for_Android_v.9.pdf (256.87 KB)
v.08 from 06/23/2011: Attached fileWifi_devices_for_Android_v.8.pdf (252.33 KB)
v.07 of 06/22/2011: Attached fileWifi_devices_for_Android_v.7.pdf (250.49 KB)
v.06 from 06/15/2011: Attached fileWifi_devices_for_Android_v.6.pdf (245.17 KB)
v.05 of 06/14/2011: Attached fileWifi_devices_for_Android_v.5.pdf (243.48 KB)
v.04 from 06.10.2011: Attached fileWifi_devices_for_Android_v.4.pdf (239.43 KB)
v.03 from 04/05/2011: Attached fileWifi_devices_for_Android_v.3.pdf (212.91 KB)

Send me a personal information about your device. What to send:
1. Name of adapter / router
2. if the adapter, then its type (built-in laptop or USB or PCI, etc.)
3. works / does not work
4. if it works, then:
a) works through static or dynamic IP
b) encryption type
c) additional actions (if they did and what) to make wifi work

d) if it is an adapter, then how did the adapter work (Soft AP or Ad-Hoc is very important)
d1) if via Soft AP, then which program was used for Soft AP, the version of this program
d2) Version and type of Windows / Linux

5. any add. info, what would you consider necessary to inform

Personal experience
USB distribution method
All personal experience lies in the sections to which it relates. Highly recommended reading!

Progs on android phone to work with WiFi:
WiFi Manager, Manage WiFi networks + widget for home screen
A program for managing WiFi networks - search, connect, disconnect. The program has a very good advantage: it shows the load on the channels. On your router / adapter, it is better to set a free channel so that there are no delays / glitches during transmission / reception.

Wifi Fixer
if wifi has a habit of falling off

Wifi Static
The program will be useful for those who use multiple networks with static addresses Speed ​​Test
Ineta speed test, similar to

Testing software
List of programs for testing connections, ping, tracert (traceroute)

FTP server on a device running Android OS. Ability to receive and transfer files.

Other programs for WiFi:
Software catalog - Android OS(scroll with mouse up to subsectionˇWi-Fi)

And search, essno:
by keyword "wifi"
for the keyword "wi-fi"

Additional information for those who have not bought anything Wi-Fi at all (WiFi router / adapter), and are still thinking about it:
Initially, the computer does not have a wifi adapter. The Internet has ADSL (or any other option). What is better to buy: USB (or PCI) wifi adapter or router?
Davanatos @ 22.6.10, 11:37*
Initially, there is no wifi adapter on the computer. The Internet is less than ADSL. What is better to buy: a wifi card in a computer or a router with wifi support, or is it possible to connect an access point to my 4-port router of the twisted pair?

1. Wi-Fi PCI card to computer or usb adapter, see point 2 "Five options"
2. Wi-Fi router (for a normal Wi-Fi network), see point 3 "Five options"
but). buy an ordinary wifi router, cling it to a DSL router.
b). buy a router with built-in support for DSL. (a bit more simple to configure option)
This topic began once with this question. Now this question has long been removed by moderators, and once it was the first in this topic. And the current header is the third topic =)
I heard that WiFi limits the speed of the internet. It's true?

Personal experience, comments, additions, corrections are welcome. Send in lichku.

Shl. The forum is a collective mind. Correctly say "thank you" will help youForum the spoiler extract)
5. The reward system.
5.1. If a forum member gave you good advice that helped you solve your problem, do not post a message with the text “Thank you! You are super!!!". On our forum, it is customary to express gratitude by raising the reputation of a particular participant (the buttonAttached Imageunder the avatar).
5.2. The reputation of other participants can be influenced by any user who has collected 15 useful posts. If you do not have 15 helpful posts, ask the moderator to raise the reputation of the person who helped you through the buttonAttached Image(in the lower left corner of the post).

zy2. In PM, I do not give consultations on ICQ. All questions - only in this topic. For the simplest question, the answer to which is immediately in the FAQ, RTFM, Wikipedia, Yandex (believe me, these resources work the same as yours) - send to the FAQ, RTFM, Wikipedia, Yandex. You can take offense as much as you want. Either you are wasting your time studying the subject, or contacthere.

zy3. Write the questions clearly, and describe the situation in as much detail as possible. Attach error logs, screenshots. This will greatly increase the likelihood of a response and a positive solution to your problem. For example,So +screenshotsorSo(but notSoorSo). Then maybe positiveresult.

zy4. For those who are in the tank. Youhere =)

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Hello! A question. I am the owner of the list and I want to go to the Internet via a wifi connection from a computer through it. Initially, there is no wifi adapter on the computer. The Internet is in the DSL menu. What is better to buy: a wifi card in a computer or a router with wifi support, or is it possible to connect an access point to my 4-port router of the twisted pair? Thank you in advance!

Rep: (1770)
Davanatos @ 22.6.10, 14:37*
wifi card in PC

If you have Windows 7, then you can already organize a hot spot.
Davanatos @ 22.6.10, 14:37*
wifi-enabled router

It is doubtful if you already have a router.
Davanatos @ 22.6.10, 14:37*
connect my AP to my 4-port router

It seems to me that this is most reasonable - with the help of access points you can organize the removal of the network to a large area. This may be relevant for the long term.

Davanatos @ 22.6.10, 14:37*
Internet at me DSL
Are you set up so that the Internet is distributed to the entire network? I met a person who organized a network, but stubbornly connected to the Internet from a computer.

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I bought D-link 320. Now you can, please, step-by-step instructions on how to connect it to my D-link 2540U. Ie from the very beginning. How to set up both hardware and PC (the Wi-Fi interface sees immediately)

Rep: (246)
Your first piece of hardware, D-link 2540U, does not need to be customized in any way. Consider it a “provider” for your freshly purchased dlink dir 320. How to set up a router, see point 3 of “Three options”

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Reason for editing: update

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I have Internet from a card that looks into the world, it is distributed to a laptop (the second network card is installed, the network is named Notebook). In the settings of the first card it is indicated "Distribute the Internet to the Notebook network".

If I create another network, the Internet is not distributed to it, at least until you change the settings from the Notebook to Wi-Fi. Tried and Connectify, and generally in different ways. It is impossible to arrange distribution on 2 networks, only on 1.

Interestingly, ActiveSync distributes the Internet via Bluetooth to my Qtek S200 without any problems, although the Internet is shared for Notebook.

In short, how to be? How to distribute the Internet on Notebook and Wi-Fi at the same time? Without manual switching.

Yes, putting the router does not roll, on the computer should be a static non-local external IP.

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pmaker As far as I understand the computer with 3 adapters, 2 wired and 1 wireless. And you need to distribute the Internet for 1 wired and 1 wireless? If yes, then integrate the networks into the bridge where you will distribute the Internet and share the Internet connection to the bridge.

Rep: (0)
Can you please tell me how to connect SE X10mini via Wi-Fi?

There is a WL-500gP router (configured), distributes the Internet to 3 computers (wired connection) + on a laptop via Wi-Fi encrypted with WPA (with a key). When you try to connect the phone (with Android 1.6) it asks for a password, we enter, click - Connect ... and silence ... I tried even to explicitly specify the IP on the phone - to no avail.

Where and where to dig?

Rep: (246)
Pmaker @ 17.7.10, 21:06*
Yes, putting the router does not roll, on the computer should be a static non-local external IP.

Nuuuu. Obviously, for some kind of prog, you need this or to access a computer from external grids.
so what's the problem?

Here is a large office. it is necessary to make access from the outside to the heap of prog, to the heap of servers. so, to do a bunch of static ip and put a bunch of computers into the world wide access without firewall cover? no, everything is much simpler =)

On the router, port forwarding is done. that is, when a router from the outside receives a request on a certain port, it will address all requests to that internal IP (and port) that you want.
thus, the router (gateway, firewall) is one, and under it can sit any number of computers with different tasks. for example, on port 21 - forwarding to your own ftp server, on 3389 - access via remote desktop, 1723 - VPN server, etc. If you need to make access to several desktops, then we add any non-regularly used port (for example, 50,000) and do a pass-through on it.
those. setting such as:
incoming port: 21-22 local port: 21 local IP: (ftp server)
incoming port: 3389 local port: 3389 local IP: (remote desktop)
incoming port: 50000 local port: 3389 local IP: (remote desktop to another computer)

accordingly, a request for a remote desktop on port 5000 is as follows: (where is your real external static IP). specifying the port 50000 through the colon in the request, we will say this to the ruter in a clear way, and then it will give us a remote desktop from the local machine with the address

if you specify in the request just, then the request will go by default port 3389, the computer is configured on the root, it is we who will see it with such a request.
I hope a brief educational program will be useful.

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Den_ur @ 18.7.10, 15:27*
There is a WL-500gP router (configured), distributes the Internet to 3 computers (wired connection) + on a laptop via Wi-Fi encrypted with WPA (with a key). When you try to connect the phone (with Android 1.6) it asks for a password, we enter, click - Connect ... and silence ... I tried even to explicitly specify the IP on the phone - to no avail.

binding on makadresu NOT worth it? if not (nothing else has come to mind yet), then:
1. kill all created access points on the phone
2. reset the router to factory default
3. connect the phone to the root when it is in the default state (without any encryption, etc. problems)
4. gradually “increase” the security on the router, in order to understand what the phone stumbles upon. for example, he may not understand AES, but through TKIP he can work.

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Yes, really .... If the network is open (without a key), then it connects normally ... But this state of affairs does not suit me - I don’t want to distribute my Internet to everyone

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what, even with wep phone is not on friendly terms?

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Zamboga @ 21.7.10, 8:37*
what, even with wep phone is not on friendly terms?

Nah, not friendly. Only when WEP was disabled, it was possible to make friends with the home network.

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I have an asus laptop with wi fi, how can I make friends with acer liquid so that I bet on the acer Internet?

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read the 3rd post of this topic.

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There is a computer connected to the Internet via a network cable, there is a Bluetooth adapter.
Is it possible to use "computer" Internet from Android (LG GT540) via Bluetooth?

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Ideal1st @ 28.7.10, 22:25*
Is it possible to use "computer" Internet from Android (LG GT540) via Bluetooth?

Why not.
Then report, plz.

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No, nothing happens) You cannot do without step-by-step instructions)) There are no BT or USB Internet connection settings in the phone ... It’s pointless to climb into the network connections of Windows 7 ...

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Arguments in favor of the router - everything works like a clock

Phones and devices - users of WiFi-Internet:
- HTC Magic
- HTC Tattoo
- T-Mobile myTouch 3G
- Acer Liquid
- Nokia E60
- Sony PSP
- a pair of laptops

DLink DIR-655 router
Router settings:
MAC Address Protection
Protection and encryption: WPA-PSK, a 63-character key (it was possible more, but it turned out that the Sony PSP no longer accepts)

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Actually, the question) is the only thing that I have not yet understood from the reading)

You can buy any Wi-Fi adapter Tipo

And having Windows 7 and a special program quietly distribute to your android? the only question and everything is clear to me, and I will leave you alone))

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It is better to at least take an adapter with the ability to work as an access point, and not just as a client.

My The answer to your question is "... and quietly distribute to your android?" will be like this: I do not know.
For, as it was written (gathered in a bunch the experience of others) Ad-Hoc network with android - dancing with a tambourine. Read the links all topics. And then you say that I wanted to buy, and did not work;)

And you can also take an adapter in a normal large store, try it, and if it does not work out, then return it back within 2 weeks, keeping the packaging and presentation (so look for the adapter not in a sealed blister)

Well, with a router, as a rule, there are no questions. There is already a personal experience of heaps of devices.

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