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XBox 360 - Discussion | General questions on the topic
LT firmware nuances
Is it worth it to make a topic of recording disks for lt firmware in the topic header (nuances and which disks are better)?
Yes [ 325 ] ** [80,65%]
Not [ 78 ] ** [19,35%]
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Xbox 360 XBOX 360 Owners Club

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The Xbox 360 is Microsoft’s second gaming console that followed the Xbox. The Xbox 360 competes with the Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii as the seventh-generation gaming system. Some of the main features of Xbox 360 are represented by the Xbox Live service, which allows you to play over the Internet, as well as download a variety of content — video games, demos, trailers, music, TV shows, etc.

I decided to create a temka for owners of XBox 360, I want to collect here information on the upgrade, modifications of this console.

Types of modification
Drive firmware
The console with firmware can run games from both licensed discs and pirated discs purchased in the store, as well as games downloaded from the Internet and recorded on discs.
The prefix with the latest firmware version (LT + 3.0 or LTU) retains the ability to play through the Xbox Live service, using licensed discs, as well as most pirated discs.
The ability to play even those games that are not available in the license form in your city. These can be rare games or those that were intended for sale in another country. The second is especially important for those who purchased the console abroad (NTSC-U, NTSC-J).
The Xbox 360 firmware will allow you to collect a collection of exactly those games that you are interested in - even if they have not been sold for a long time.
With the Xbox 360 stitched in, the player has the opportunity to get access to the newest games immediately after their official release, and sometimes even earlier. In the form of a licensed game can appear on the shelves much later.
The firmware does not impose restrictions on the installation of official updates, that is, you can update the console both from Xbox Live and from game discs, without fear for the operation of your set-top box and firmware.
The main function is the launch of unlicensed games from hard drives (both from internal and from USB), USB flash drives. You just need to download any game on the Internet, copy to the media and connect it to the console.
The console with Freeboot allows you to store a collection of games on the internal hard drive. Games can be copied from external media (via the built-in explorer) or via the network (via ftp).
When you start games from external and internal media, the regional binding is not taken into account, that is, you can run games on the console not only of the region for which you intended.
Also Freeboot allows you to install add-ons (DLC) to any games and play XBLA (Xbox Live Arcade) games without buying them through the Xbox Marketplace, but simply by downloading them on the Internet.
You can run additional applications written specifically for Freeboot, (Homebrew) - such as: emulators of outdated game consoles (Dendy, SEGA, PS One, Nintendo 64, etc.), video players, browser, etc.
Freeboot uses an additional convenient shell (FreeStyle Dashboard, Aurora), which has, in addition to the ability to run games, many other useful functions: built-in file explorer, fan speed control, network capabilities, temperature display and other important indicators, as well as many other things.
Freeboot has the function of copying games from DVD (from a license, and when the drive is flashed — from pirated discs) to the internal memory of the console and allows you to continue playing games without using a disc in the drive.
Playing via Xbox Live with other players on consoles with Freeboot is not possible. However, it is possible to play multiplayer games (multiplayer mode) through unofficial servers (for example, using the XLink service).
X360key is a drive emulator running on the Linux operating system, by installing which you can run games from any USB drives.

Xkey consists of two parts - it is a chip that is installed inside the console, and the external module is a special USB port into which the media with games is inserted. Optionally, the x360key can include a remote control with LCD display.

Xkey is installed on all Xbox 360 models, including Slim and Fat, regardless of the dashboard.
Dual nand
Installing Dual Nand will allow you to squeeze out of the console all that it can give.
You will get 2 consoles in one, i.e. You can run the console with and without Freeboot.
To do this, you will have to use a switch, which in one position will load Freeboot, and in the other, a normal, not cracked console.
When installing Dual Nand you can play Xbox Live, but you have to buy games / flash the drive, or install x360key.
Also, you can run DLC and Arcade on Freeboot, in general, you can use everything that Freeboot can give you.
Dual Nand is the best solution if you need full access to the console, as well as the ability to play over the network.
Nobody argues that you can get access to Live and play pirated discs with x360key, but there’s no share of what the Dual Nand Freeboot console can give you.

How to know if Freeboot is installed (XELL bootloader)?
Turn off your console, and press the drive tray open button on the hook lamp.
If a blue or dark screen with Xell and Free60 is loaded
Attached Image

Congratulations, you have a modified console.

How to get into the native NXE deshbord, and from NXE again to FSD?
It's simple, there are several ways:
1. When launching the console, when the first logo appears (Xbox ball), hold the RB and hold it, NXE should boot
2-In any game or in the FSD itself, press the central joystick key, then press Y, then hold down RB and select YES (A)
3-To exit NXE to FSD, press the center key then press Y (or select the xbox panel item)

How to make FSD see games
- Add paths to game folders (directories) in the Setup menu
- Settings
- Content settings
- further in Manage Game Paths (Paths to content)
- Select Change Path (Choose path)
- Specify the directory where we store games
- For example,
HDD1: / games - xbox360 games unpacked by Xbox image browser
Usb0: / games - xbox360 games on external media
Hdd1: / xbox1 - games from the first xbox
HDD1: / emulators - various emulators
Hdd1: / content / 0000000000000000 - games unpacked by ISO2GOD, live arcade (xbla) and DLC on the integrated HDD
Usb0: / Arcade - live arcade on external media
- Click Select Directory (Select Directory) (Y)
- Save the selected path Save (X)
- Click Back (B) and exit the settings menu
- restart the shell. If freestyle is on autorun, then press the central button of the gamepad, select the xbox start page, answer Yes
- Freestyle dash will restart.
- Go to the Library - Xbox 360 games, Xbox live arcade and further, depending on what you copied to your hard drive.

Video instruction

Link (playing online)

Xbox original emulator on freeboot
Emulator requires built-in HDD.
USB media and memory cards are not suitable.

- Copy hdd compat partition fixer to console hdd
- Run the default.xex from the copied folder
- Press A
- the HddX partition required by the emulator is formed on the hard disk
- reboot xbox 360
- Copy the Compatibility folder from the archive into the HddX section with file overwriting

You can copy, for example, through Xexmenu
- we start Xexmenu
- Use the X button to select the HddX partition (attention - not Hdd1)
- and put the Compatibility folder in the HddX section

- If the HddX partition is not visible via an FTP connection, go through the file manager on the console and create any folder in this section (then HddX will be visible via FTP)
- Create an xbox1 folder on your Xbox 360 Hdd1 hard drive
- Open the configuration settings FreeStyle dash 3 (right in the FSD shell, in Content Settings)
- specify the path to xbox-one games, for example hdd1: / xbox1 /
- unpack Xbox1 image using XboxImageBrowser
- copy the game folder to hdd1: / xbox1 /

Most games come in 4/3 format and require pal-50 mode.

For the xbox original emulator to work on freeboot, you must put a dash launch

32gb limit removal

FAQ how to deal with short resets and not launch fretbut on the Xbox 360E (4gb)

Retail Nand from a donor

Retail Nand easy way

Creating RetailNand with AutoGG

Dashlaunch 3.12-change the background to your

XeBuild GUI build dump 48mb (for Corona 4GB)

Nand 48mb>16mb. Instructions

Faq Xk3y (x360key)

Freeboot parental control

Option remove parental control and activation 11n WiFi mode to slimkah

Using the clock board gamepads XBOX 360 PC

Unbreakable model differences
Starting July 1, 2014, Microsoft released a new revision of the Xbox 360E - "Winchester". This revision is currently not susceptible to any "hacking". The definition of this revision by date is not a 100% guarantee, since come across and "flash" model. The only way out is to look visually.

On the new revision installed a new processor, which can be distinguished by their appearance - it has the upper hand is made of PCB, as in phat consoles. At the same sewn - it is entirely metallic. Also, in the new revision is set smaller capacitors and their location is different, the quartz resonator is shifted to the left. To see all of this - you need to remove the side decorative cover from the DVD drive, and carefully look at everything through the iron mesh sidewall, highlighting the flashlight. Details and audit differences with a photograph.
Attached Image

Xbox 360 troubleshooting
After updating dashboard, the drive does not read discs.

FSD hangs and brakes
Go to Settings ->The main settings are>Reset ->Along with resetting the settings, click Delete database. After that many faults will disappear. Also, all downloaded covers and other additional information regarding FSD content will be deleted. There is nothing wrong with that.

Solving the problem with the broadcast video.

Does not load FSD covers
It is necessary to register in launch.ini
liveblock = true
livestrong = false

Another solution:
modified default.xex for fsd 775

Put Aurora

Error codes

Solution for flashing lights

Error updating Xbox 360. How do I know which version of dashboards is needed?

Games GOLD
May Xbox 360:
- Sega Vintage Collection: Streets of Rage
- Vanquish

Definition installed 2.0 or 3.0 firmware
Games recorded for firmware 2.0 on Lt 3.0 will not be played, as games recorded under Lt 3.0 will not be played on LT 2.0, games recorded for other firmware will be played in both cases. try to start, if the disk does not start, then the firmware of the drive is Lt 2.0 or lower.

Topics Curator:punisher89 For all questions about filling the topic's head, please QMS

Do not forget to use the search Picture
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General F.A.Q
Where to download Dashboard updates to burn to CD-R or USB-Flash, if Xbox Live! banned or on the console there is no access to the Internet?

How to correctly and simply burn a game disc for x360?
1. The firmware of the drive does not bypass the regional protection, so for example the PAL set-top box (European) will only read games PAL and region-free (region-free), and not NTSC. Remember this, in order not to waste pigs.
2. For recording, you must use an excellent free program.Imgburn
3. You need to write only on DVD + R DL discs, preferably at a speed of 2.4x. Book-type in new firmware is not important. To avoid any problems write to normal blanks, such as Verbatim.
4. Run the program, select File ->Browse for a file, go to the folder with the unpacked image of the game.
5. In this folder there will usually be two files: * .iso and * .dvd. Open * .dvd.
6. Select the write speed in the write speed field.
7. Click the record button. All is ready! Naturally, the recorded disc will be played only on a set-top box with a DVD-ROM drive that has been flashed.

Do xbox360 games from the first xbox?
Yes but not all. You also need to understand that because games run through an emulator, glitches of varying degrees of criticality are possible.
List of compatible games (periodically updated):

Will the usual pirated copies ("stamping") of the original xbox work on the "flashed" xbox360?
Not. To work on xbox360 images of games from the first xbox you need to shoot differently, especially for x360.

Will the original (licensed) games from the first xbox work on the xbox360 firmware?
Yes (if they are on the compatibility list).

I have an image of the game from the first xbox to run on x360, which fits on a single-layer disc. Will the game work with a single layer or do I still have to write to a two-layer one?
A single-layer DVD + R game will start on the old firmware version (up to Xtreame 5.3 inclusive). On new firmware versions this feature was removed, because this is easily determined by M $ and is the cause of the ban. That is why this is not recommended.

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here foundA link for a flashing and a small factwho knows more interesting options please upload

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Xbox360 disassembly

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additions toto this

F.A.Q. on firmware
Why flashing it? Will they arrest me for this?
The license disk is not eternal ... And someday it will be scratched or cracked. Therefore, it is better to make a copy, and the original disc is not used for safety. But the copy runs only the stitched Xbox 360. For this and sew.
The firmware itself does not violate the law. You bought the prefix, do what you want. But the purchase of "pirated" discs is already a violation. But at the moment we are only flashing

Q: What do you need to do for this?
A: There are two ways: reprogram the console itself or flash only the DVD drive.
The prefix itself can only be cracked on the Dashboard version 2.0.7xxx and prefixes until June 2009.
Q: How to find out what drive I have?
There are 2 ways to determine DVD drive.
Method 1. You need to open the tray DVD-drive and compare the trays drives. The LiteOn and Benq drive trays are almost identical.
Attached Image

Method 2. If for some reason you cannot open the tray, you can determine the drive by a small hole in the drive itself.
First remove the front panel of the console.
Attached Image

Now look at the hole marked in the picture.
Attached Image

If you see a red wire, then this is Samsung.
If you see a white wire, then this is Benq.
If you see the yellow wire, then this is LiteOn.
If there are no wires and you can see the plug, then this is Hitachi.
Attached Image

General information on drives
At the moment, 4 versions of drives - Samsung, Hitachi, BenQ and LiteOn - are put into the Xbox 360. Only LiteOn, BenQ and Hitachi 79 are put into the new consoles with HDMI port.
Toshiba / Samsung TS-H943. There were 3 versions of the Samsung drive - ms12 (the very first consoles), ms25 and ms28. Until June 2006, Sasmung versions of ms25 were installed, starting from June 2006, ms28 was sent. Now Samsung drives are put only on regular Premium versions, in the new Xbox 360 consoles with HDMI port Sasmung drives are no longer installed. All versions of the drive are stitched programmatically.
Hitachi / LG GDR-3120L. There were a huge number of revisions of this drive. Until August 2006, revisions 32/36/40/46/47/58/59 were in progress, after August 2006, revision 78 was sent and, starting in January 2007, revision 79 went. drive versions are stitched programmatically.
Philips / BenQ VAD6038. There are 2 revisions of this drive - 62430C and 64930C. This drive is placed only in the Xbox 360 console with HDMI output. All versions of the drive are stitched programmatically.
Philips / LiteOn DG-16D2S. All revisions of this drive are stitched.

Q: How to find out the version of Dashboard?
A: Go to the console in the settings - console settings - system information. The version will be written below. DK: 2.0.xxxx
Q: How to disassemble the console?
A:like this

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Q: I heard it will be necessary to open the tray, and where is the button?
A: The drive tray open button is located in the lower left corner of the disassembled console

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Q: How to prepare a computer for firmware?
A: Find the SATA cable, remove the computer cover, connect the cable to the free connector on the board. Connect the other end of the cable to the XBOX 360 drive; leave the drive power supply standard. DownloadAttached fileJungleFlasher.0.1.74.Beta.rar(348.05 KB)
and unzip files to any folder.
If you have a 32 bit system: just run the latest version of Jungle Flasher
If you have a 64-bit system: restart your computer, press F8 when booting and select Test mode. After this, run Jungle Flasher
Go to the MTK Flash 32 tab and find your drive among the ports (top left). After the reboot, the Test mode will already be turned off, consider this.
Do not forget to connect a video cable to the console (if it is HDMI, then it is also connected to the TV) so that the console does not turn off after five minutes.

Q: Jungle Flasher not starting
A: The program uses Net.Framework libraries, check if you have at least the second version? Also, the new version of Jungle Flasher is trying to connect to the Internet (why xs), try to disable it
Q: What is a connector to the drive for?
A: In order not to suffer from turning on / off the console when the drive is restarted, so as not to be afraid for your XBOX 360, because when inserting power when the box is turned on, in some cases the south bridge can burn. And so as not to mess with the console and cables, everything works from the computer.
p.s. It's better to suffer with the on / off of the console

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Q: I have a XXXX drive (for example, Samsung) and in the jungle it is defined as UUUU (for example, Lite On). What to do?
A: Sew according to the instructions for your model (Samsung). The way it appears is unimportant. Just before there was another drive and it was necessary to give a new drive for the old one.

Q: Okay, I asked, now how to write discs?
A: DownloadImgburn, launch and press any button in the main window (for example, Write Image to Disk)
Click Tools - Drive - Change BookType
Choose a manufacturer, select DVD + R DL from the list
Change the DVD + R DL booktape to DVD-ROM. If this is not available, take a chance to write it down, for many it is initially worth it.
ImgBurn downloadAttached fileSetupImgBurn_2.3.2.0.exe(1.5 MB)
(he writes both DVD-R DL) and ABGX 360, for image verification. First we launch Abgx 360, in the third tab we select 3 level, on the last tab we select Check SplitVid, repair if has not, open our image and poke a large button below.
We look that we have red:
Wave 2 (Should be wave 3) or something like that means the image is patched. If the program has a sample video section, it will restore it. If not, download from here or extract from the normal image with the same wave. If you have an Internet connection, the program will fix everything that can in the image.
CRC does not match, and so on, a bunch of red text - the checksum did not match, most likely you have a “Perat” remake game, for example Russification.
After checking you can record. Install and open ImgBurn. We need double-layer discs, DVD +/- R DL, you can have both a plus and a minus if your drive pulls them (mine doesn’t pull minus ones). We press Options - Write, there, in the LB section, we tap the User specified item and enter 1913760, turn on the Use Layer Jump Recording checkbox.
Now you can and start recording. Select Write Image to Disc, open the .dvd file next to the image, insert the disk, set the 4x speed (optimally, you can choose another one) and click Write. Disable antivirus, it can interfere with recording, and wait for 20-30 minutes.
p.s. for the test alsoAttached fileSetupImgBurn_2.5.1.0.exe(4.4 MB)

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Q: I heard something about the meticulous image verification for LT, explain how exactly to make an image protected.
A: Downloading SS Patcher 1.5 and PFI.BIN, open our image in SS Patcher, Hit Tools - Patch Image, we press on ... and choose PFI.BIN then press Patch. Now run ABGX 360, put Autofix Level 3, open the image and hit Launch. After all the nasty things written and numerous tests, the Launch again. At this time, if there is written type video partition wave 2 - should be wave 3 download the necessary archive with video section with abgx360.net and unzip Stealth Files folder next to the program

Q: I heard something about the meticulous image verification for LT, explain how exactly to make an image protected.
A: We download SS Patcher 1.5 and PFI.BIN, open our image in SS Patcher, click Tools - Patch Image, click on ... and select PFI.BIN then click Patch. Now run ABGX 360, set Autofix Level 3, open the image and click Launch. After all the dirty tricks and numerous checks, run Launch again. This time if it is written likevideo partition wave 2 - should be wave 3then download the required archive with the video section withabgx360.netand unzip to the Stealth Files folder next to the program
Attached filess_patcher_v1.5.zip(597.54 KB)

Attached filepfi.rar(18.05 MB)

Attached fileabgx360_v1.0.2_setup.exe(4.83 MB)

Q: I have a licensed game, how to copy?
A: Dump licensed drives using XBOX 360 with Ixtreme 1.6 firmware

The easiest way to copy the game already with ready-made sectors.

1. Disassemble the console. If you don't know how,read here
2. Connect the drive to the computer via SATA cable
3. Turn on the console, press the pull tray button.
4. Turn off the console, hold the drive tray so as not to stop.
5. Slide the tray in half and turn on the console (the tray will stop).
6. Turn on the computer, wait until the drivers are installed on the new drive.
7. Download Xbox Backup Creator 2.9 Build 0306Attached filexbc.v2.9.0.306.rar(387.79 KB)

8. Insert the licensed game disc in the console, run Xbox Backup Creator,
9. In the Options tab, select the drive model and set the speed to 5x so as not to hum.
10. On the Read tab, select a drive letter and click Start.

Select a folder where to save and wait for the process to complete (approximately 32 minutes at a speed of 2.7x)

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Q: How to copy pirate?
A: Run ImgBurn, click Create Image from Disc and click start.

Q: What are Xell, Freeboot and Xbreboot?
A: Xell = xex loader, loader unsigned software, using an exploit in the program the processor to run. Freeboot and Xbreboot - just that unsigned software, redesigned dashboards allow you to run games without the disc, insert any hard in the xBox 360 and much more other features. Freboot used with only two memory chips, it is necessary to buy, solder, etc. Xbreboot therefore preferable, it does not require too much, started with a single chip and now almost everything on it, and sit.

Q: I connected the hard from Xbox 360 to my computer, now it is not readable. What to do?
The method works exactly. Thanks to him, you can erase all the information from the screw and write down the box you need to determine. In my case, it helped after Fujitsu 60gb covered itself after connecting to the computer. I read somewhere that this happens because the motherboard (I have Gigabyte) is changing the LBA.
Required: Winhex (Registered), MHDDAttached filemhdd32ver4.6iso.zip(449.33 KB)
orAttached filemhdd32ver4.6archive.zip(113.43 KB)

You will need to remove hddss.bin from the oblique screw using xplorer360Attached fileXplorer360.beta6.rar(55k)
(if she sees it) or using HDDhackrAttached fileHddHackr_v1.22_Build_20091022.rar(26.51 KB)
or you can download the appropriate size and brand hddss.bin (although I'm not sure about this method). Then you need to write the mhdd ishnik to disk, or rewrite the mhdd files to a boot disk or flash.
1.Connect the box screw to the PC.
2. Start the computer and open Winhex.
3. Select Tools ->Open Disk (or press F9). Select a screw from the “Physical Media" list. Then Options ->Edit Mode (or F6) ->In-place Mode (= editable) ->ok->ok->Edit ->Fill Disk Sectors->Fill with hex values: 00->ok->ok. Now wait until the screw is filled with zeros.
4. Click File ->Restore Image. In the file name box, type *. * And press Enter. Now choose your hddss.bin>ok->ok. In "Physical Media", select the XBOX 360 HDD->ok. Check options:
- Write pattern for restored source sectors (not selected)
- Simulatenous I / O (selected)
- Avoid damaged areas. Skip Range (not selected)
- Start Sector: 16
- Copy Entire Medium (selected)
The Notepad window will appear, close it, restart the computer and boot from the MHDD disk. If MHDD does not start automatically or you use the flash as a boot drive, type MHDD and press Enter. A list of hdd should appear, select your box screw. You will see mhdd>type NHPA and press Enter->Do you want to set Native LBA address (y / N)? ->y->Native Maximum LBA address: xxxxxxxx Continue (y / N)? ->y.
Now, perhaps you will see the message:
Fail. Try to re-power HDD.
Without disconnecting the computer, unplug the power cable from the xbox 360 hdd, wait 10 seconds and plug it in again. Then type NHPA (press Enter) ->Do you want to set Native LBA address (y / N)? ->y
It should appear:
Working ...
Now, first unplug the power cable from the CDM, then the data cable.
5.Connect the screw to the Xbox 360, select Settings->Memory. You should see an unformatted disk, format it. Next you will be asked to enter the serial number of the console which can be viewed in the system settings.
That's all!
FAK on restoring the original VITAC HITACHI 60 GB (if the box does not see it).
At 20/120/250, it will also go but you need a corresponding hddss.bin (it can be removed from the working disk of the Xplorer360 prog)
You will need the following tools:
- WinHex (registered as a specialist)
- MHDD (ISO to disk or unpack the archive on the flash preformatting Bootable_USB_Drive_Creator_ToolAttached fileBootable_USB_Drive_Creator_Tool.rar.exe(9.3 MB)
- Original hddss.bin from Hitachi to 60-bit screw
one archiveAttached filehdd60.rar(2.2 MB)

1. Connect your original 20GB drive to your computer
2. Open WinHex
3. Press F9
4. Select a hard disk from the list in the "Physical Media" section.
5. Press F6
6. Select In-place Mode (= editable) and press ok.
7. ATTENTION warning pops up, press ok.
8. Press CTRL + L
9. Pop up the plate Fill with hex values: 00 click ok
10. The next warning, click ok.
11. Wait 20 minutes (different volume, different time)
12. After completion click choose File ->Restore Image
13. In the line of the file name, set *. * And press the enter button!
14. Choose hddss.bin
15. Get a warning, click ok, then another click ok
16. Select a hard disk from the list in the "Physical Media" section.
17. A sign will pop up. Set the following parameters:
- Write pattern for restored source sectors (uncheck)
- Simulatenous I / O (tick)
- Avoid damaged areas. Skip Range (uncheck)
- Start Sector: 16
- Copy Entire Medium (tick)
pressed ok
18. Get a warning click ok
19. Open the notebook, close it, and close WinHex
20. Reboot the PC boot from the bootable MHDD or USB CD. (You may need to make changes to the BIOS to boot from a CD or USB Stick, your SATA ports should not be configured for AHCI or RAID, however they must be set to Legacy IDE Mode)
21. If MHDD does not start automatically, unplug the dvd, and the PC hard leave the hard Xbox and type MHDD and press enter.
22. MHDD will identify the hard drives connected to the computer. Enter the number corresponding to your Xbox 360 HDD and press Enter
23. Type NHPA and press Enter
24. Will the message wake up? Do you want to set Native LBA address (y / N)? - press: Y
25. The following message Native Maximum LBA address: xxxxxxxxx Continue (y / N)? - press Y (in place of the X in each its own number)
26. You will receive the following message: Done
27. Unplug the power cable from your Xbox 360 hard drive (without turning off your PC) and wait 10 seconds and plug it back in
28. Re-type NHPA (and press Enter)
29. Looking for a message Do you want to set Native LBA address (y / N)? - press: Y
30. You will receive the following message: Working ...
31. Now turn off the power and cables from the Xbox 360 HDD (in that order: first the power cable, then the data cable) and connect the hard drive to the Xbox 360.
32. Formatting !!!))

I did it all)

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Well, since such a topic, then I request information on the new firmware (April).
I know that removes the ban from the HDD, and still allows you to record games on a flash drive.
Sobsno main question: Is it possible to use this feature with a flash drive as a thread to run, for example, downloaded add-ons, or a game patch?
I was looking for it myself, they say it is impossible, but suddenly ....

Posted on 06/02/2010, 17:14:

Denlarik @ 1.6.10, 18:47*

By the way, if my memory serves me, you can install it only on the console with the old dash (the volume where there were no avatars yet), but otherwise, alas.

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about HDDread hereif you're interested in transferring here.
about the firmware, it depends on the drive, the last, according to my information for Lite On iXtreme Lite Touch (LT) 1.1
I can’t say anything about the flash drive, I will look ...

Rep: (314)
Denlarik @ 2.6.10, 19:46*
What about HDD razban read here, if you're interested I will transfer here.

Um ... I am certainly grateful that you raised such a topic, but apparently you are a bit behind the life)) If the HDD is banned, it is enough to update the firmware on (April), after which the ban is removed. No need to solder anything.

Denlarik @ 2.6.10, 19:46*
about the firmware, it depends on the drive, the last, according to my information for Lite On iXtreme Lite Touch (LT) 1.1

That is, but it does not give such goodies as Xbreboot (which allows you to install patches, add-ons, codecs, etc.).

In general, I have only one question left: Do you personally have an Xbox?

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Metalik @ 2.6.10, 22:20*
Do you personally have an Xbox?

No, I gave it to my son ...

What is XBReboot? It hacked firmware, and not drive as before, and most of the motherboard XBOX360. Bay this firmware can play games with the discs, the internal hard drive (without a disk in the drive), from USB drives. It is also possible to unlock Live Arcade trial to the full version for free (it's illegal!). + The ability to run third-party applications such as emulators of old consoles, powerful media player, Linux OS, and so on. In this case, Xbox live service will be lost forever!

So, you are ready to upgrade your firmware.

There are limitations. The first thing you should pay attention to is the release date of the console. Before June 2009, they are suitable for us, later it is very dangerous, better not try.
In Microsoft, they found out about the hole and closed it. In the summer, the Xbox360 was released with an already closed hole, but still with the old version of the firmware. Later, firmware update 8955 was released, where Microsoft closed a hole in all previously released consoles. Only if you are not updated in the summer, you can do a flashing. There are no ways to lower the firmware!

The second condition is the firmware version. If it starts on 7xxx, then the prefix is ​​amenable to firmware (despite the fact that the release date is earlier than June 2009). If the firmware starts at 8xxx - then this device is NOT amenable to flashing.



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I would not let my son turn it into a vegetable: / Sometimes I sin myself, but only in the mortal kombat and nba :)

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if you have any questions, ask, I will answer

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I decided to share one link, do not count for advertising.
Many people face the question: where is it cheaper to buy blanks for recording games?
I discovered for myself such a company in St. Petersburg:


Verbatim DVD + R DL 64 rubles (in the computer world, for example, the same disk costs 150 rubles), with purchases from 20 pieces 59 rubles.
Delivery of 200 rubles in the city :)

I ordered them myself, they brought everything, everyone is happy :)
So I recommend.

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Good balvanki firms HP (65p per piece.) Already a dozen games recorded and never nebylo jambs!

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Please advise what to buy: Xbox 360 (firmware version LT 1.1) or a Playstation 3 + PS3 Jailbreak. I want to buy for games in pirated versions :). Separately interested in Live mode in Battlefield Games: Bad Company 2 and Call of Duty. Knowing about bans Xbox Live, I address to you for advice about buying a console. Of course at first glance it seems advantageous to buy a Playstation 3 + PS3 Jailbreak and play my favorite games in the Online Mode, but is it possible that the new games that will come out, they will only work on the new firmware, and then there is PS3 Jailbreak nepomozhet, but in order to play in the old say on Live mode also need to update the firmware console. Thank you so much! :)

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I know for sure that they are now flashing XBOX with such firmware that you can play Live. I can not say anything about ps

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Lamersky question: why in the xbox (well, or PS3 :) the whole question is the same) built-in hard drive? What benefits will it give me? (I immediately say - pour the films and then watch from it - for me personally, nifiga is not an advantage :))

I'm going to take xbox slim, there are variations 4 and 250GB .. So I'm trying to figure out if it makes sense to overpay. In the future, when the firmware appears, I will probably go to the pirate one. But as I understand it, pirated games go anyway with dvd-balvok. So why does she even need hdd and is 4GB enough?
Thank :)

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