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Installing and creating your own BootAnimation
Note from the author's themes (Darkei)


Before carrying out experiments on the device - create a backup copy!
All manipulations with your device - you do at your own risk!
Only you are responsible for your actions, and if you are not sure about your actions, do not do it!

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q

Questions and answers

Known Issues

  • A bootanimation file of more than 20 megabytes on some devices gives a cyclic reboot when loading
  • When using Notepad to create / editdesc.txt Butanimation may not start. I advise you to use other text editors, such as Notepad ++ or AkelPad
  • The reasons for which the animation does not work:
    - the degree of file compression is not 0%
    - extraneous files in folders with pictures (Thumbs.db interferes very often)
    - no extra line break at the end of the desc.txt file
    - completely wrong text encoding in desc.txt
    - permission of the file "letter G" (code 644) is not set
    - folders with pictures do not lieright awayin the archive: folder "bootanimation"need not

Ways to install bootanimation:

Method # 1:
Directly from the device by anyrootexplorer. Put the file in the / system / media / or / data / local / folder and set permissions on the file with the letter "G" (0644).

Method # 2:
ThroughDarkei`s Bootanimation Manager

Method # 3:
Creating to install Bootanimation
Downloadscript to create in English[Xda-dev discussion] Requires java

Method # 4:
Through one of the applications for the Android platform (see list below)

Android-software for changing butanimation
Independent creation of bootanimations
How to remake Samsung bootanimation from QMG to ZIP
Rework, please standard Samsung butanimatsiyu in zip

Standard file format in the animation SAMSUNG * qmg - not editable !!!
to look for the file with picturesjpg, png, gif ... or you can try collect animation from video But then the source should also be of good quality

useful links
Programs for working with animation

* Those who wish to use the Pro version of the program - "Torrent Edishen" to help


PhotoScape - for mass processing of images (framing, numbering, etc.)
Faststone - combine for batch conversion
Gimp - bitmap graphics editor
WinZip - archiver
FastStone Image Viewer - creates gif'ki
VirtualDub - lays out gif-animations into frames
Free Video to JPG Converter - breaks video into frames in jpg format
Boot Animation Preview - Program for viewing Bootanimation from the zip archive
Easy GIF Animator - a program designed to create and edit animated images (gif-files)
Gif movie gear - analogue of the previous one
Convert zip animations to mp4 (By vadolaz)
Online converter123apps - the converter, even in Africa Converter


File Manager for recovery AROMA Filemanager - filemanager with access to the system files from a rekaveri!
X-plore - multifunctional file manager
Zarchchiver - archiver, able to pack Uncompressed

Butanimations from our Dear Users

In a message asking you to create / edit bootanimation,be sure to specify the screen resolution you need (ShxAT)
(in the message for editing, we leave a link to the archive with bootanimation) and, if necessary, we will describe in detail additional requests:
(format *.zipor *.qmg(for samsung), portrait or landscape orientation; replace background with ...; add text / logo, etc.)

If a forum member gave good advice that helped in solving your problem, do not post a message with the text “Thank you! You are super!!!".
On our forum, it is customary to express gratitude by raising the reputation of a particular participant. Just press the buttonPicturenext to his reputation.
If you do not have 15 helpful posts, ask the moderator to raise the reputation of the person who helped you through the buttonPicture.


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Gallery Bootanimation

Just for installation via recovery:
Several options for different models

Report broken links personally to the curator.


A selection for screens 854x480

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Creating BootAnimation Step-By-Step ByDarkei

Is required :
  • Adobe Image Ready CS2 & PhotoShop CS2and older(starting from version CS3 imagereadycalled Fireworks CS and installed SEPARATELY!Integrated into Photoshop. Thanks to the user Alexufo2 )
  • Gif-animation or the idea of ​​this animation + picture
  • Zip-archiver (for example WinZip or WinRar)
To begin with, we need a sequence of png files that will form an animation on the eccpc. There are two ways to get it:
Path one: creating a sequence of frames from a * .gif file
1) open the gif file in imageready: Menu: File в†’ open
2) further we adjust as we need. (see tutorials on ImageReady and PhotoShop)
3) Menu: File в†’ Export в†’ Animation frames as files
4) use as a profilethis
5) file names should be set to<Word><4 or 5 digit frame number>
Second path: creating a sequence of frames from * .jpeg (png or some other) file
1) open the file in PhotoShop or ImageReady:
Menu: File в†’ open
2) further we adjust as we need.
3) Menu: Window в†’ Animation. Animmation panel will appear.
4) Using the "new frame" button, we make another frame of the animation (see the PS and IR lessons)
5) creating a sequence of frames, if required, transfer the file to IR (Menu: File>Open in IR)
6) Menu: File в†’ Export в†’ Animation frames as files
7) use as a profilethis
8) file names should be set to<Word><4 or 5 digit frame number>
Having a sequence of png files, you should proceed to create desc.txt
create an empty text file named desc.txt and fill it in by mask
picture_ by_ width space__ size pic___ height_space space number of frames per second translate_string // written once
character (Latin) _ "p" space how many times_repeat_show_files_from_apfolders (0 = infinite) space delay_capsulation spaces space folder name line feed // repeat by the number of folders in the display sequence

for example
480 800 30 // picture will stretch to480 wide and800 in height, per second will be displayed30 frames
p1 0 cat//oneshow files from foldercatwithout delay
p 01loop // show files from the loop folder without delay until the download is completewith a delay

now that everything is ready, we pack it with any archiverin zip without compression(otherwise there will be no witchcraft!)

The mirror of the file Bootscreen.rar -CLICK-CLICK!

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BOJIKOJIAK @ 22.5.10, 14:31*
If it's not difficult, please post the bootscreen native to the nexus in the first post is, I think she

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Did you mislead a special person?

And I advise you to readcarefullyinstallation instructions in the header:
G_Technik @ 20.5.10, 23:51*
adb remount
adb push /system/media/

In your case, you need to write like this
adb remount
adb push /system/media/

I would put this boot from the Xian 0.7d firmwareAttached MB)

put in teams
adb remount
adb push /system/media/

with ADB-windows.exe (or just ADB.exe) dealt with?

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And the archive that you insert is normal, not broken?
Try to open it on your computer, see the pictures.

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And on the highscreen zeus you tried to fill in a custom bootscreen? there is a specification forrmcc forumbut there is no fill procedure. I found custom pictures in one of the patch patches, but I don’t understand how to do it by analogy and don’t mess up the phone

adb push does not want to upload pictures to the hidden folder

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and so, I tried for the LG GT540 like this:

adb shell
#mount -o rw, remount -t yaffs2 / dev / block / mtdblock3 / bootimages
adb push bootimages / bootimages
after which adb successfully replaces them. But after rebooting, the system recovers everything back. what is my joint?

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on the command line, the progress is displayed. and then and explorer on the phone sees everything. I will try android commanderom. The sound when turned on thanks to it changed)

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And if you put the RO attribute?

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Interestingly it turns out, I delete the animation files and the system immediately recovers them

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There are two thoughts:
- hanging in memory (which is not logical)
- there is somewhere a place with copies, search and replace ....

yes yes K.O.

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I also tend to backup option. I will look for

upd: didn't win

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And if you try to do something like and fill it through rekoveri?

On the pinch pick the firmware file on the BB and rebuild, is it worth it?

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Here is a slightly reworked bootloader from the Nexus One, I turned it 90 degrees (now the animation is full screen). set via recovery. I checked everything on my own spoke)))Attached MB)

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I'll upset you, on Liquid animation is not full screen, but only on a piece of 256x512 by the way, if you need I can build SFX ala "installing Superboot (root) in one click" if I am too lazy to mess and packer for such a crap x) tomorrow is the last day of the session, so there will be plenty of time.

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Attach here, pick up the hat.

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Darkei Well, the speaker has a screen resolution of 320x480, so the animation is full screen;) ...

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A small addition to the manuals:
  • should be an archivewithout compression(with compression 0, store only is called differently).
  • You need to put it in / system / customize / resources (in the same place as android_audio.mp3) - then it will be with sound. Works on firmware with Sense for sure. If you put in / system / media - there will be no sound. is easy to do.
1. Create a folder structure:
META-INF / com / google / android /
system / customize / resources /

2. In META-INF / com / google / android / update-script (without the extension) write a couple of lines, the content may be different for your device. If there are problems with updating the recovery, under the spoiler addition:
show_progress 0.1 0

# delete old animation and sound
delete SYSTEM: customize / resource / android_audio.mp3
delete SYSTEM: customize / resource /
# copying new animation
copy_dir PACKAGE: system SYSTEM:
show_progress 0.1 10

If you suddenly have problems when applying your
In the update-script of some devices at the very beginning there is a line:
assert compatible_with ("0.2") == "true"

Perhaps you should add it to the beginning of update-script. If it did not help, throw via adb push.
The occurrence of such errors is unlikely, because they are often ignored by romodels.
3. In system / customize / resources / throw your and optionally android_audio.mp3
4. Throw in the zip the resulting folder structure (here the compression is not important), call to taste.
5. Sign the received archive
6. Apply to rekoveri, like any other

Attached my mod for 7hero, for example (320x480):
Attached MB)

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About, of course useful, but not easier through the "Adb push"?

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Darkei @ 2.7.10, 12:13*
About, of course useful, but not easier through the "Adb push"?

Adb push on Desire does not work.

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