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Firefox | Mozilla developer browser

Rep: (3091)
Version: 80.1.3

Last update of the program in the header:10.09.2020

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Short description:
Browser from the developers of Mozilla.
| Screenshots
Phone Screenshots
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Screenshots from the tablet:
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E| Description

Developer: Mozilla
Homepage: https://www.mozilla.org/firefox/mobile/
Google Play (release): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.mozilla.firefox
Google Play (beta): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.mozilla.firefox_beta
Google Play (nightly): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.mozilla.fennec_aurora
FTP (all versions): https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mobile/

Your web surfing will be fast, smart and personal. Firefox is an independent browser that puts people first. It was created by Mozilla - the leader in privacy among Internet companies. Update now and join the hundreds of millions of people who use Firefox for more personalized web surfing.

FAST. SMART. Your own
Firefox is tailored to your needs and gives you the opportunity to gain control over your web surfing.
That's why we develop a product with intelligent features that make assumptions based on your visit history.

- Firefox anticipates your queries and intuitively displays several suggested and previously sought-for results in your favorite search engines. With every search.
- Quick access to search engines such as Google, Yandex and Wikipedia.

- Your privacy has been enhanced. Private Browsing with Tracking Protection blocks portions of web pages that can track your activity on the Internet.

- With a Firefox account you can access the history, bookmarks and tabs opened on your computer from a smartphone or tablet.
- Firefox also provides secure storage of passwords on all devices, so you do not need to remember them.

- Intuitive visual and numbered tabs allow you to easily find content that you may want to open in the future.
- Open as many tabs as you like without losing the pages you open.

- Spend time reading your favorite sites instead of searching them.

- Take control of your web surfing by setting Firefox with add-ons such as ad blocking, password and download managers, and many others.

- Firefox remembers your recently used apps to help you easily share information on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype and other services.

- Send video and web content from your smartphone or tablet to any TV that supports streaming video.

Mozilla exists to build the Internet in the form of a public resource accessible to everyone, because we believe that openness and freedom are better than secrecy and control. We create products like Firefox to promote choice and transparency and give people greater control over their lives on the Internet. Find out more athttps://www.mozilla.org
| System requirements
Firefox 20 (android) system requirements (updated 04/03/13)
  • ARMv6 processor and above (if the conditions specified below are met)
  • Android 2.2 and up.
  • 384 MB and more RAM.
  • 600 MHz and higher processor frequency.
  • 24 MB and more free memory to install.

Adobe Flash maintained with version 14
| Useful information

Russian interface: Yes
Android required: 5.0 and higher

How to choose the right version?
Important information on upgrading to the new FireFox

Version: 80.1.3 of 10/09/2020 (iMiKED)
Version: 80.1.2 of 01/09/2020 (iMiKED)
Version: 80.1.1 of 28/08/2020 (iMiKED)
Version: 79.0.5 of 18/08/2020 (iMiKED)
Version: 79.0.4 of 14/08/2020 (iMiKED)

Version: 68.11.0 (4.1+) of 22/07/2020 (iMiKED)
Version: 47.0 (2.3+) Firefox (Post abelenki # 50231766)
Firefox Developer Edition 42: Firefox (Post ARGEST # 42303395)

Version: 4.7.1 Firefox (Post denrusvrn # 98509313)

Past versions
Version: 79.0.3 of 11/08/2020 (iMiKED)
Version: 79.0.2 of 01/08/2020 (iMiKED)
Version: 79.0.1 of 31/07/2020 (iMiKED)
Version: 79.0.0 of 29/07/2020 (iMiKED)

Android 4.1+:
Version: 4.6 AndroidTV Firefox (Post iMiKED # 91487227)
Version: 68.11.0 of 22/07/2020 (iMiKED)
Version: 68.10.1 of 07/07/2020 (iMiKED)
Version: 68.10.0 of 26/06/2020 (iMiKED)
Version: 68.9.0 of 28/05/2020 (iMiKED)
Version: 68.8.1 of 19/05/2020 (iMiKED)
Version: 68.8.0 of 30/04/2020 (iMiKED)
Version: 68.7.0 of 04/04/2020 (iMiKED)
Version: 68.6.0 of 11/03/2020 (iMiKED)
Version: 68.5.0 (Build в„–201568004x) on 07/02/2020 (iMiKED)
Version: 68.5.0 of 05/02/2020 (iMiKED)
Version: 68.4.2 of 21/01/2020 (iMiKED)
Version: 68.4.1 of 09/01/2020 (iMiKED)
Version: 68.3.0 of 03/12/2019 (iMiKED)
Version: 68.2.1 of 14/11/2019 (iMiKED)
Version: 68.2.0 of 19/10/2019 (iMiKED)
Version: 68.1.1 of 14/09/2019 (iMiKED)
Version: 68.1 09/03/2019 (iMiKED)
Version: 68.0.2 from 08/15/2019 (iMiKED)
Version: 68 dated 07/10/2019 (iMiKED)
Version: 67.0.3 Firefox (Post iMiKED # 86296734)
version: 3.9 Firefox (Post iMiKED # 85916174)
Version: 67.0.2 Firefox (Post iMiKED # 86127626)
Version: 67.0 Firefox (Post iMiKED # 85501824)
version: 3.8 Firefox (Post iMiKED # 85314917)
Version: 66.0.5 Firefox (Post iMiKED # 85098422)
Version: 66.0.4 Firefox (Post iMiKED # 85038399)
Version: 66.0.2 Firefox (Post iMiKED # 83808367)
Version: 66.0.1 Firefox (Post iMiKED # 83644932)
Version: 66 Firefox (Post iMiKED # 83525145)
Version: 65.0.1 Firefox (Post iMiKED # 82339226)
version: 65 Firefox (Post iMiKED # 81825145)
Version: 65.0 beta Firefox (Post Buldozer3131 # 80077851)
version: 64.0.2 Firefox (Post iMiKED # 81114152)
version: 64.0.1 Firefox (Post iMiKED # 80169356)
Version: 63.0.2 Firefox (Post iMiKED # 78796026)
version: 64.0 beta Firefox (Post Buldozer3131 # 78393612)
version: 63.0 Firefox (Post iMiKED # 78246858)
Version: 62.0.3 Post # 7670 by iMiKED
Version: 63.0 beta build 2015585321 (4.1+ arm64) Message в„–7662, author And_RU
Version: 63.0 beta (OS 5.0 arm64, OS 4.1+ arm, x86) Message в„–7499, the author Buldozer3131
Version: 62.0.3 (4.1+ arm64) Message в„–7666, author And_RU
Version: 62.0.2 (4.1+ x86) Message в„–7609, the author Buldozer3131
Version: 62.0.2 (4.1+ arm, arm64) Firefox (Post And_RU # 77250505)
Version: 62.0.1 (4.1+ arm, x86) (5.0+ arm64) Post # 7531, by iMiKED
Version: 62.0 (4.1+ arm, x86) (5.0+ arm64) Message в„–7473, author iMiKED
Version: 62.0 (arm64, OS 4.1+, nodpi) Firefox (Post And_RU # 76481996)
Version: 61.0.2 Firefox (Post And_RU # 75889805)
->Past versions (All in one place)
Past versions of mods

For questions and suggestions for filling caps contactcaptain topics through QMS .
How to do it correctly, to be understood from the first time, is well described.here .

Activity in the topic

Post has been editediMiKED - 10.09.20, 13:59
Reason for edit: Update: modification of the lite version 80.1.3

Rep: (15)
Who put what you say?

and why binding to Mylston?

Rep: (3)
because of the keyboard probably ... virtual may not support

Rep: (9)
On Gizmodo flashed already infa - and the truth, while not supported. Same videohttp://gizmodo.com/5505557/try-firefox-fen...droid-right-now

Rep: (82)
Brake hogwash.

Rep: (548)
and what actually differs 3 proposed files? Mda razmerchik too tight for the browser ... chezh they ponamihali real port with a PC chtoli.

Rep: (124)
Rubakaz @ 31.3.10, 1:34*
and what actually differs 3 proposed files?

Versions with the letter D contain some debug information. But I don’t know what makes Fennec different from Firefox.

Rep: (83)
User fГјr Downloads: fennec
Passwort fГјr Downloads: android

add to cap

mdja .. everything in the phone is deleted for one browser))

they bent with a size unequivocally)

Post has been editedramaxa - 31.03.10, 01:33

Rep: (2)
If there is no flush, this is into the furnace, and even under 1 phone.

Rep: (5)
And who knows when it will be for hero, etc. ????

Rep: (9)
I honestly do not understand, what for in general is such happiness. On the PC, Firefox has one advantage - the flexibility provided by the plugins. That generally speaking, for a pocket browser is not necessary, here the priorities are different. From the point of view of rendering, the WebKit engine is the best, Fox Gecko is not without jokes.

Rep: (2)
What's the difference of these 3 apks?

Rep: (1062)
The ones with "D" contain some kind of debug info

Post has been editedfreemsk1 - 31.03.10, 09:49
Reason for editing: typo)

Rep: (17)
gut where the world is heading .... if browsers go that size .....

Rep: (14)
I do not think it will come out of beta.
For WinMob Fenek already turned.
The project stalls in my mind: (

Rep: (2)
And what's the difference of fennecD and firefoxD?

Rep: (79)
DarkClaus @ 31.3.10, 12:02*
The project stalls in my mind
because the Windows died, and on vinmo7 there are no possibilities for implementing the browser, something like that ...

And the size is huge - they have a crazy engine)) For example, a cross-platform multi-protocol instant messenger (ICQ, etc.) with extensions (Instantbird) for poppy weighs 17 meters, generally unpacked 51: blink: Of these, 30 mb - fileXulresponsible for the markup.
In Feneke too: libxul.so 25.7 mb)) And on Android, sishny modules (written with NDK), when installed, are unpacked separately for speed, so that + 32mb more by weight: wallbash:

It is necessary to take an example from the Opera, which aspire to a single movement for all devices, with a small size. However, they are also criticized for many of the costs arising from version to version associated with this.

Post has been editedArt roman - 31.03.10, 13:29

Rep: (0)
so what about flash?

Rep: (18)
41Mbyte Installation

Usrazza : lol:
Nafig he even needed? when wifi is more convenient to the native browser, if you save traffic - Opera.

Rep: (79)
Paikiller @ 31.3.10, 16:29*
Nafig he even needed?
Plugins, plugins, plugins ...: hemp :))) Avid fans of FF will appreciate)

By the way, Fennek is cross-platform, you can download and try it on the desktop.

Post has been editedArt roman - 31.03.10, 16:36

Rep: (82)
DarkClaus @ 31.3.10, 12:02*
I do not think it will come out of beta.

Comrades from Mozilla are trying to port their share on mobile phones already knows how many years. I remember from my head two attempts and this one is the third. And all died because of the brakes dvigla. Alas, Gecko is a terribly unoptimized engine. Worse current in MS could do (:

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