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What is the OS on your iPad 2 device?
(you can select multiple if the device is more than 1)
iOS 6.1.3 [ 75 ] ** [10,16%]
iOS 6.1.3 + JB [ 56 ] ** [7,59%]
iOS 7.1.2 [ 20 ] ** [2,71%]
iOS 7.1.2 + JB [ 18 ] ** [2,44%]
iOS 8.4.1 [ 40 ] ** [5,42%]
iOS 8.4.1 + JB [ 50 ] ** [6,78%]
iOS 9.3.5 [ 481 ] ** [65,18%]
Total Votes: 738

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the iPad (2010), the iPad 2 (2011)
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DescriptioniPad | iPad 2

How to install older versions of applications that require a newer version of the operating system.

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written about him

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It's a pity :(

It's running iPhone OS 3.2.

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So I see it. I have an iPhone 3G, I can call. Would buy for study as a replacement netbook. But what about without CSS? How WITHOUT transfer files? You can’t enter the text with the stylus either :( There is no Multitax. I have to think. Or wait for the update of both the OS version and the hardware ... The beginning is good.

IPhone in 2007 also with 3G does not compare. Will wait ... Prospects are great.

Shl. while hp pavilien is better suited to study ...

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Personally, I would take .. I am interested in the price in the Russian Federation and when he will get to us .. By the way, on the presentation video on the offsite, at the end the inscription flashes, so to say: The device is not yet authorized as it should be by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission.

But the price with the terms is tenth - the main thing for me is that the ShortBook was on it (which I doubt for some reason), because I have been wanting to buy an e-book for a long time, but I am confused by the lack of highlight in budget options and the price is in non-budget ones, and iPad easily I would have replaced this business + media player :)

Posted on 1/27/2010 23:43:

herd, There is a cable, there is synchronization with tuna, there is a bluetooth (but which one), than not transferring files - one fig before making final conclusions, you have to wait for the device and normal review, and not be content with just an advertising presentation from Apple.

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Well, I am watching the presentation, all upset? For me as quite a good product. As for the scope, I'm sure if it had been quite thin, everything would have screamed after sales began and what to keep? About wasps. Probably very problematichnoportirovat poppy wasps (including battery consumption, size, etc.), and with iwork on iphone os pretty good, not a fairy tale but still. The price is very culpable (huckster in Russia does not count). Battery 10h Pts nice video chip, apparently there are older ... the service is excellent, with an average salary in the US is quite cheap and convenient. Anlim for $ 30 ... I think many will soon be walking with Daddy (covers) in the hands. IMHO the device will show itself after sales. But not for Russia (

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In the sense of how to change files with PC users? Without usb entrance to the iPad. + No stylus recognition recognition text. Let's look at hp pavilion - the main feature of multitouch + recognition of introductory text. I'm tortured to print lectures on my iPod: (Sorry, sorry.

I'm not saying that ipad crap. I myself had an iPhone 3G, right now I bought 3G. I am delighted with the iPhone + thinking about switching to a poppy.
Aypad - SUPER design, mini revolution. But there are not a couple of important features - usb port / sd card slot, stylus with recognition of the introductory text.

Is there an output to the external screen?


ok, don't care for the text input style. But usb or card reader IMHO is a necessary thing ... A little embarrassed by the aspect ratio 4 to 3. 16k9 would be more stylish. Plus, the design itself is a little funny, like a big iPhone ... The Home button is not very good. Looks at the iPad, unlike the iPhone ...

No multitasking! How to work, without asi and soap in the "tray"

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Display on the screen as well as on the iPhone. The cable will probably go separately.

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In short, what I lack:

* usb slot and / or card reader
* multitasking! Asya, music, email client should always work. I have.
* Flash! Flush on almost all sites, as without it?

To go in C ++ / Java is also impossible on it, right? For iPhone OS ... And for me to study C ++ you need ...

---- save pastes:

So why would I get a netbook?

Full fledged os
Keyboard (much faster)
I dont need to jailbreak my PC
I want to make it anyway.
"free" software
more storage space.
Can install OSX
Can Install Windows 7

Is it reasonable?

There is a live ipad discussion. It is very interesting to listen


We read:

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I would refrain from early conclusions ... No one really knows what kind of device it is, what it can do, how it will behave in real life ...
Early to draw conclusions

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By the way, you can call via Skype. There is a microphone, Skype online too.

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In general, the whole tablet like. But I would not take)

Rep: (77)'s opinion is not difficult to predict, again excuses that this is not a tablet, but in the soul of the insult that no one has told him to the end ... Well, the opinion is hard, but I agree in many respects ...

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Generally iFail

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Apple surprised everyone by repeating what they did 2.5 years ago only in gigantic sizes, what's the point?
oh yeah, in the hands of not diarrhea, 9 "this is unreal much, with thumbs you can’t hold a pill
+ The epla's love to quickly change devices, 100% by next February will already have an iPad 2g, improved, etc., and this will upset the previous customers every year and force them to throw out 500 (700-1000) to the wind every year

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devaysina bit useless! Apple missed here and strongly. if it is a tablet, where the stylus? a stylus such size besmyslenno. It can print, with dubious, convenient, and if someone draw and so on, the finger is not convenient. where full axle? unwieldy for the phone, there is no system for plansheta- and necessary functions of any. bluetooth usb card reader. and why is it connected to a computer, when he he, in fact, should be? : Blush: -Software of e-trimmed means ponotsenno nelzya.- work from a practical point of view.

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Well, I think this thing will buy many ... many fans of the brand.
Pts a good option in the poll "Why is it"
This is something like a mid ... clearly not a netbook (
They just took the iPod touch up to 9 '
This thing would be able to connect your device ... and not iPhone, but what is the thread at least average between iPhone and MAC
So far, I do not see the point, IMHO is the same iPod touch, which you can’t put in your pocket :(

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also disappointed because I expected more
normal os
normal screen and not 1024
Normal memory

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When can you buy this magic?

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jasoor @ 28.1.10, 11:46*
When can you buy this magic?

sales from June

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jasoor after 2 months and after 3 with 3G.

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