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I started embedding ipaq (3870) in a car, and not just anywhere, but in the dashboard, behind the glass. The overall goal is a stationary navigator, plus, perhaps, some functions of a trip computer, and in general everything else that comes to mind and what program skills are enough for.

Accordingly, it is completely disassembled, incl. the touchscreen was removed, because the touchscreen behind the glass does not make sense
but still there is an idea to use it - to lengthen the train, and put it on a different surface - a sort of analog of a graphic tablet will work

The question is that I did not understand what conditions for its installation:

those. on the dielectric surface, it does not work at all
on the metal surface, it reacts, but it is completely inadequate somehow

Does anyone know the correct answer?


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you burn !!! That's just the touchscreen in my opinion should be placed only on the screen, since the screen itself is part of the touchscreen if I'm not mistaken ...

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plab You can put a touchscreen anywhere;) there is simply no special meaning in it if it is not on the screen. But you can put anywhere

itim , glass - dielectric;) So it is strange that the touchscreen did not work for you. But what is inadequate on the metal, then I suppose that the strips on the cable can close

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itim , and why those sobsna touchscreen ??? plug the mouse in and unpair

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Okay, I'll play with more options ...

unfortunately without a touchscreen we can’t do without, after a hard reset, the compac displays its welcome screen
On which it is necessary to tap (calibration, it crawls through welcome.not, and nothing can be done about this screen ...)

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itim , calibration after XP can be cut down;) somewhere was ...
But how about managing a PDA without a stylus .... hmm .... but there was some identity too :)

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itim , and mine will have less problems if you put in a PC auto. : D
And the film is just a conductor, there are sensors on the screen that react to the touch of the film (where it is subtracted).

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Carelessly reading - calibration after XP can be canceled, and I know how.
But the ascent of the unkillable by nothing, except for poking into the screen, a full-screen window of the following content:

you can use expansion jackets
Click on the screen to get started. "

can not be canceled. At least I have not found a way and I think that no one knows him.

As for the mouse ... it's a pity not to use the touchscreen controller at all, since it is in the system.
For him, you can write a driver that turns it into a touchpad. And the touchpad is more convenient than the mouse.

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firstly if you think that there will be less problems - you are cruelly mistaken
rather they will be true and less, but

- I don't need PC potential for the machine (especially in multimedia terms)
- TomTom Navigator for PC does not exist, and it is not known whether
- PC is at least 7 "display, I do not need so much
- structurally more complex (honest reworking of the console and / or torpedo)
- the budget is not comparable

You can still continue, but it's off topic ...

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itim , yes, I read inconsiderately: rolleyes:
And about sabzh - mosht should reconsider the design? shove the pda not under the glass, but where is the next? tada and touchscreen do not have to tear off
Well, this is for example;) a lot of places in the car

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I thought about it, but alas, with all the wealth of choice of places there are not so many
in order to preserve the readability of the screen you can not put it far or at a blunt angle
the place is really perfect, and in general I will manage without a touchscreen
so, simply, it was interesting to use it after all

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but in my opinion a very interesting idea. left to think where to apply it. You can certainly do without a touchscreen, but it is also very convenient to use it.

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By the way, more about the PC. No PC monitor is transreflective. Yes, and in general, from PPC 3870 - this is one of the most decent PDAs with bluetooth and transreflective screen. And I think it is not necessary to explain the senselessness of navigation, if not a damn under the direct sun can be seen on it.

There are people who build insane lighting systems when installing PCs, I have super-bright LEDs with liquid (!) Cooling to solve this issue ...

In general, there are still a lot of questions:

1. avtoran backup from the card field hard reset
2. software for controlling the PDA from the infrared remote control (everywhere on the contrary - PDA as a remote control)
3. power off / on
I came to the conclusion that it is easier not to turn off the PDA at all. I will turn off the LCD inverter on the relay, thus removing the backlight after turning off the ignition, especially since the bluetooth will work constantly.
In general, it is very interesting what is the maximum uptime the system will have on Windows Mobile =))

4. text input is required (search for appointments, etc.) - will the BT keyboard work simultaneously with BT GPS? although
In the extreme case, I can roll back to serial GPS, since RS232 is good in ipaq honest.

5. Having disassembled ipaq, it is fashionable to see that the D-Pad, or the joystick has not 4 positions, but 6, because The joystick's vertical offset is interpreted as pressing, and horizontal pressing is perceived through the buttons on both sides of the joystick. Those. the horizontal deviations of the joystick are ignored as if - it’s interesting if they have their own scancodes - if so, 2 more free hard buttons appear =)

Well, like everything from the main ...

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Will BT keyboard work simultaneously with BT GPS? although

it will be, but why, because you can assemble the usual com clave

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For whom the keyboard is quite a pair of pairing interface, I saw this branch, theoretically, of course ...

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Want a solution?
Ask me: How?

Generally you go here
you buy (Mini-SD) Video-Out


then you come here

You buy a Super TV with a VGA input (you can also buy a TV at Savelovsky)

and now you have a mobile solution for a car media center.
: rolleyes:


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The media center will not work anyway, since these video output devices have a small refresh rate.

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Generally you go here
you buy (Mini-SD) Video-Out
then you come here
You buy a Super TV with a VGA input (you can also buy a TV at Savelovsky)
and now you have a mobile solution for a car media center.

and all this taratish 13000r at the price of a shared PDA 9000r

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And if you do this:
use the touchscreen controller, but we write firewood for it - as I understand ititim You can do this without any problems. And then we connect a separate touchpad, for example from a laptop. It may well turn out.

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And then we connect a separate touchpad, for example from a laptop.

))) but where will you connect it ??
if so, then you just need to make a separate device that will emulate the touchscreen ... and the mouse will actually be connected to this devas .. but this is a difficult job, there is no way to do without a programmable mic ...

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Isn't it better to insert a PDA without disassembling into the hole of the central deflector? There will be enough space and you can make a pda holder pivoting (on the axis).

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