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GPS - Help | GPS troubleshooting

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GPS issues will be discussed here.

Many began to complain about the work of GPS, now we are discussing this problem here.

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In general, I bought an iPhone, I use the second day, I decided to install a couple of Navi programs (sygic, navigon) In Navigon, it says that there is no signal, and I’m looking for a signal in Sijik looking for 20 minutes! And she doesn’t find anything, what could be the problem, maybe I’ve set what’s wrong? IPhone 3g with jail, officially unlocked. I really hope for your help, suddenly someone faced with such a problem!

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1. you need an open sky to receive
2. What does the built-in Maps feature show?

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1. Do everything in the street under the open sky!
2. Google place position determines

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Take a lookSolving problems with iGO, Navigon, TomTom, Sygic etc

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Looked did not help (When I put a daw - iPhone GPS sidzhik writes a search for GPS (but does not find anything), and if I return to default, then there is no signal.

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Solid Snake 13, edge turned on?

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3G is turned on, but EDGE does not automatically turn on, just did not find in the settings where it turns on?

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Solid Snake 13, The access point must be configured. Settings - Basic - Network - Cellular data network.

Download MotionX GPS and see if it determines your coordinates.

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The access point is configured, I download the desired program only in the evening!

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Solid Snake 13, and in GPS Serial exactly put the iPhone GPS? I just had a similar problem, installing an iPhone GPS helped ...

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Yes, definitely worth the Iphone gps.

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to -deemON-
On your advice, downloaded MotionX GPS, the location determines, on the map also shows! But it seemed to me that he determines it at the expense of Ineta, and not according to gps or am I wrong?

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Solid Snake 13, determines via GPS.
I have no more thoughts ... The only thing I can advise is to install xGPS and see how the GPS module is displayed there, maybe GPS Serial is buggy ...

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There is a status line in MotionX GPS - where he writes that he is searching for satellites. So he does not find them and offers to switch to indoor mode. And opposite the graph, the latitude and longitude after the numbers are questions, is this normal? In short, I think I have a dead GPS: (

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-deemON- @ 21.8.09, 19:20*
The only thing I can advise is to install xGPS and see how the GPS module is displayed there, perhaps the GPS Serial is buggy ...

Put xGPS. I go to the installation>GPS>and there instead of iphone gps stands xGPS module, also in the line state GPS is written disabled. Although in the settings set to turn on the GPS! When I change the xGPS module on the iphone gps, the line of the GPS state changes to connected. Also, in both modes, go to GPS information and observe zeros?

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I really have the same theme! Just for what? Maybe because of the location? In Google, the earth immediately finds, but sometimes for a couple of blocks is wrong! I downloaded the compos on 3G, it shows the coordinates. Writes + - 49 meters. I think that it is not dead gps, it would not be determined at all

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and I think this is determined by you with the help of base stations, otherwise towers or acres: rolleyes:

PS Who uses gps on the iPhone, tell me how is the quality in Moscow? badly wrong? My friend is tied with these satellite ideas. He speaks poorly in Russia with accuracy up to tens of miter, does this happen to our background? Or is all the norms of 1-5 meters wrong?

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Dim`S @ 28.8.09, 3:54*
Writes + - 49 meters

Limitations pendosov, GPS, as is well known military development above all! Therefore, they wanted so much back these 4 HAMERA, which Russia took from Georgia, on them (on HAMERAH) there are receivers with an allowed error of 1-5 meters and show their locations.

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Jleo | - | @ 28.8.09, 15:07*

My friend lives in Pindos. He says when walking from one corner to another on the map is shown.

When working with GPS, GPRS and EDGE are disabled only WIFI that comes from aDSL. Strange all his life a couple of times caught.
Maybe what I’m in Adygea)))

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MotionX GPS shows coordinates at me, but does not catch a satellite. And if there is a program for Ipfon shows connected satellites? Just trying to do it all. And when you start some kind of GPS program, the phone becomes hot!

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