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ADATA [ 165 ] ** [6,8%]
Addlink [ 4 ] ** [0,16%]
Apacer [ 73 ] ** [3,01%]
Goodram [ 24 ] ** [0,99%]
Goldkey [ 5 ] ** [0,21%]
Intenso [ 5 ] ** [0,21%]
Kingston [ 549 ] ** [22,63%]
Lexar [ 38 ] ** [1,57%]
Leef [ 28 ] ** [1,15%]
Oltramax [ 45 ] ** [1,85%]
Panasonic [ 17 ] ** [0,7%]
Samsung [ 568 ] ** [23,41%]
SanDisk [ 685 ] ** [28,24%]
Silicon power [ 137 ] ** [5,65%]
Smartbuy [ 151 ] ** [6,22%]
Sony [ 145 ] ** [5,98%]
Team [ 24 ] ** [0,99%]
Toshiba [ 75 ] ** [3,09%]
Transcend [ 558 ] ** [23%]
Verbatim [ 34 ] ** [1,4%]
Total votes: 2426

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  1. Always, before disconnecting a memory card from a computer or other device, choose "Safely Remove"!
  2. Backup memory cards, you can do specials. utilities, but it's easier to use cloud storage, or just copy the entire map to a PC.
  3. The most important recipe for problems with the card is formatting in a digital camera, often coping better than all utilities. Or low-level formatting usingSDFormatter4 (v5.0) orHDD L.L.F.T.
  4. When temporarily “disappearing” the memory card, freezing, etc., it is recommended to thoroughly blow out the card slot, clean everything, you can even with alcohol (but very carefully) - both the contacts of the card and the contacts of the SD slot.
  5. If you do not record new data on the card, and the old ones after deletion appear again and the formatting does not help - the card is dead and it will not be possible to restore it, even though it is read! Bury?! She does not believe!

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AlexandrProfit @ 10/28/20, 22:50*
3 months of work, money for wind

Not really - "money - for 3 months": yes2:

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I have such a question, I have 3 micro SD, 2 of them does not see the size, although one 4GB other 8GB appears without size, does not format the computer, writes the type "Windows cannot complete the formatting", I think I am spoiled them on the auto-projector, And 3 flash drive ordered 128GB on Ali, it sees her good, but it does not give anything to write anything in the Th2Test program, which will advise you to try to do with them ???

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* 2701944 , imho(And this is a keyword for minusators) throw away and buy high-quality media from a good manufacturer, even with some overpayment for the brand. EVO (not yet plus) 64 GB from the Korean manufacturer, bought in one day with the second yoga of the first parties, survived it with merciless use in the tail and in the mane, and continues to serve without complaints, T-T-TFT. The following acquired 2 EVO + - do not redecess.

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This is a case, a long time map stood in PS Vita and worked without complaints. The map from the SiliconPower volume corresponds. But in the end, it became a little and changed it on 512, and this to a smart console through the plug card reader, movies to watch it and it seems like everything works, but I wanted to throw a few films on it turned off from the console, connected to the PC and the card stopped opening . Display as on screenshots. Not formatted. In the course of the read or something like that. It would have thrown 32-64 and everything, and this is a little sorry. Did anyone be able to save such a map or in trash?

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Photon9 @ 30.10.20, 10:59*
I connected to the PC and the card stopped opening

What were connected through? Is there another adapter adapter?
Photon9 @ 30.10.20, 10:59*
For a long time stood in PS Vita and worked without complaints.

Can you connect to check?

Rep: (262)
Rusigor @ 30.10.20, 11:37*
What were connected through? Is there another adapter adapter?

I tried several adapters, inserted a card reader into the PC built into the PC. One result. In Vitu, so simply not to connect that it defines the card, you need to prepare it, format in FAT and cluster 64, which can not be done. All adapters and cartriders checked with 32 and 512 cards work as expected. So the problem is clearly in 256 gig cards.

Rep: (1694)
Photon9 @ 30.10.20, 18:11*
So the problem is clearly in 256 gig cards.


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So I thought. And sorry, all the same 250 GB: Hysterics:

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Gentlemen, tell me programs for formatting a SD in the body itself.

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* ciacia if you try to use the search in profile topic - You can turn out to be sooo pleasantly surprised. And this is not the only source on our forum))
And for the start -В® AParted (Sd Card Partition)

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* Leprec0n, Parted Magic flash drives did not see, namely Gparted saw nothing! Sorry!

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Good time of day. Bought Scandisc High Endurance 256GB Memory Card. I test in Crystal DiskMark 8. The first test writes the speed of 93-95 reading a record of about 83-85 If you test a couple of times in a row, the speed shows 23 reading 23 recording. If you remove the card from the built-in cartrider, it will again show the first 1 or 2 times 93-95. What's the catch. Card just bought from Amazon. From the purchase was already formatted. Files never wrote there. Three times tested the result of the same. Card bought under the DVR, he is still on his way.

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* jakutchenko. No matter what is not catching. Self wait for the region and use. If you are lucky, it will successfully live a year old, maybe two. Happiness if 3.

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I understand it to format the map only by the registrar. And what is the real speed of the card? . It can not differ in more than 4 times once again. None in any review or the description did not see something like that.

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* jakutchenko. This program pumps the card in Banch with different packages, different sizes and "lengths" .. Those who at least once practiced a carrier on a carrier of packets with cards and other increments of any navigation systems in the know, how sometimes a medleyneenno flies thousands of files with landscapes , sound prompts, drink and other trifles. And, if you also get a slow medium not a reception then you will have enough sleep. Total: Your Banch tried different types of packages, showed how your card will work in different options for recording and playing with your packages and just. The card is already yours, you can't change anything, there is no pedals and process regulators, put it in the registrar and use it. If the believer is praying for "long summer", if an atheist is simply use .. there are problems, you will think further.

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Guys what could be the problem please tell me, writes micro SD 8GB:
LBA: 3072.
Error 1110.
Format does not give

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2701944 @ 03.11.20, 12:20 *
Format does not give


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Posted on 03.11.2020, 13:52:

* rusigor , windows

Rep: (1694)
2701944 @ 03.11.20, 12:52 *

By itself, or a utility from p.3 caps?

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* rusigor , Writes Windows fails to complete formatting

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